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  1. This amazing app I was a beta tester on is now out, it's fabulous and adds so much that is missing by default (like runway sounds, wind, reversers noise, turbulence, gear drag and more). Now it has the same head effects that we all on XP-11 got used to!! A must have I would say..... but yet there will be those that claim it's not necessary.... I spend my life flying a 30 million dollar corporate jet - I can tell you from this and anyone watching youtube cockpit videos, aircraft and runways are loud and rattly.
  2. MSFS2020 has no head shake by default or anything good. you must use FSRealistic to get that stuff!!
  3. not even close to PMDG 737 performance on my system, not even close very disappointed
  4. horrible when compared to PMDG 737 I am disappointed
  5. FS REALISTIC adds turbulence effects quite well
  6. anyone crack the code on how to use a key or key press to move mfd zoom in our out or zoom level? I'ts annyoing and one we use in real life all the time while flying...
  7. How can this be? Im on an old 3 year old asus rog 703gi gaming laptop (1080 card) i9 (maybe i9 is the key) and I run fs2020 on ultra default sliders all the way, pmdg 737 gives me locked 39 everywhere.... no stutter.... far better than the example on a newer pc.... and I am on a laptop!!
  8. I agree 100%. I started flight simming in 1981. Made Flight Unlimited III as the lead designer in 1999. Then worked on FlightSim.com until 2002 maybe, then became a charter and jet pilot. I have never experienced more flightsim and joy until the other day. August 20, 2020. And now, May 9, 2022. I fly a real challenger 300 for a job and look forward to my hotel trips so I can use PMDG 737!!!! BBJ lives!!!!! Peter James
  9. you can certainly create traditional cabin views, you walk etc... just edit the camera.cfg on the aircraft first to position the initial viewpoint... set cams, reset viewpoint after
  10. reversers I like volume of 80 at a reverser choice of ether 1 or 3 mostly, touchdown again , maybe 80 volume, shakes of 60 or so.... ground roll about a volume of 50-80 rattle 7 is my favorite on runways, it's fantastic product, can't live without it
  11. this was x-plane's biggest issue in the world was unrealistic interpretation of metars... 10 miles is sucky, smogy filthy skies were i live in MA in summer.... the east coast on the worst summer days have 10 miles....10 miles is lousy..... they should rig it at 10 miles to be 50 to 100, at 9 miles leave it at 9.... too much haze is not good, I prefer pre SU7 as a jet pilot, I see often 100 to 200 miles in western USA.... the Rocky Mountains have brilliant air.... but even the other day I saw 100+ over Manhatten NY..... so the 10 mile thing must go. it's a disaster looks amazing but not real....
  12. the seasonal tree add-ons (on simmarket or the one on the MS STORE via content manager was causing my post SU7 slowdown! removed it and all is well... It was noted on their forums that pink textures were caused by this add-on although since, I believe it has been patched now to accomodate SU7 but I am not trying it since I finally got FS to run good again....
  13. I got rid of the upper screen glitches by installing the nvidia driver that came out yesterday.... but in europe especially FR is terrible... and in USA it's down to about 25 in a320 where in ultra I always had 40-50.....
  14. anyone having trouble, I lost about 40% FR now, graphical glitches top of screen like my card is going bad, but don't have this issue in other games..... all poor FR after this update... anyone else? i9 asus laptop 1080 .... I had 50fps before, 22 now in default a320 all on default.
  15. Incredible addon just as grand as it was for X-Plane.... so customizable, works fabulous on airliners ...adds in all the sounds Asobo "forgot"... ie, reverer roar that changes with engine power, wind, flap levers, touchdown shake and rattles, runway thumps etc... just absolutely the best, works easy, no performance hit and is just so darn good..... congratulations to the team at FSRealistic ....
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