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  1. How to eliminate the traveling cameras from cockpit to cabin, wing views etc? would like to just "pop" to my views
  2. the airplane is too filthy I prefer the clean look or private versions of all the jets I fly... otherwise I am impressed! no performance issues like the 310 has... .hmmmm
  3. This could be my most favorite release ever, not kidding. Perfect looking visuals to a tee, nothing out of scale or misplaced. Absolutely stunning to look at and gawk at. Ryan's paints are A+++, I must use FSRealistic's reverse sounds as this one has none by default. the real lear has a loud roar with air and ac vents adjusting to the reverse, I wish a sim could replicate these sounds, but sadly, nobody is able to do a good default reverse roar, that works on engine rpm.... oh well... thank god for FSRealistic otherwise a perfecto addon!!!
  4. I used know an a300 pilot he always said what a dog it was, barely able to get above FL290 heavily loaded for a few hours until lighter! He hated it.
  5. hitting 10,000fpm is easy, and realistic, I hit 10,000fpm in the big challenger 300 I fly for a job, whenver I feel like it, kinda high deck angle 20 degrees so we don't do it often unless empty for fun
  6. been simming for a week with no issue using FSTL as traffic while disabling asobo built in native traffic ... so I think native live traffic was the issue
  7. ME TOO OMG OMG I WAS PULLING MY HEAR OUT!!! i JUST bought my best pc of my life, ASUS rog strix 4090 laptop beast 64 ram etc etc. Of course bloatware NV Experience installed the newest drivers and one of my first flights with live traffic becasue my other laptops werent stong enough to run live traffic, anyways here I got everything full maxxed and was able to get 50-70FPS at LAX with live traffic (unheard of before ... ) and I was so excited then pow, flights that froze ! In my life since 2020 released I had never had a freeze but than again, I never ever used live traffic! Now I reduced to a video driver like 547 I think... from November and I did get another freeze, shut OFF live traffic and let the computer either sit all day or flying on autopilot with NO freezing!!! Got to be defalt live traffic!! Now I tried FSTL and no crash !!! I am so glad I am not alone in this I was fearing my new laptop was bad or I dunno... panic was setting in..... so FSTL works and it is so nice anyway.. the hell with default traffic Peter James FLYING magazine sim author
  8. me too 100% stuck on that unpacking item that even restarts won't fix, yet others I know restarted the sim and it booted, but not mine, restarts only go back to unpacking
  9. a reason to be in the beta then, none of this will happen ..hmmm, maybe I'll opt in...
  10. i write about these sims for FLYING magazine now but featuring XP12 with it shimmers and poor AA is gastly sometimes and hard to frame shots that don't look hideous.... ugh, once this is fixed both will be great.. and I do love XP for its feel of flight and realistic compete jetliners.. etc... i still USE XP11 cuz to me it looks overall superiour clean and smooth like FS2020
  11. Replicating a Simulated 'Queen of the Skies' - FLYING Magazine
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