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  1. Hey again @guenseli Just to note that - for me - the Heading Bug Dec and Inc, and the Heading Bug Sync functions in the AAO script are not working. All other functions in the script work great (Nav, Hdg, IAS, VS, Alt Dec/Alt Inc, etc). Cheers.
  2. @guenseli - Not for the first time, you have no idea how much your skill and work has made my day / weekend! Thank you so much.
  3. Hey ATR flyers, Just bought the bird and, although I haven't flown it yet, I am mightily impressed with the visuals and audio! Just one alarm going off for me - have others found that not a single AP key shortcut works with this plane? I know a number of planes that have custom APs will not use the standard key shortcuts, and I can live with that. In fact there's only one set of shortcuts that I personally cannot live with, and that's the heading bug. I've never come across a single plane in any MS simulator - since the Airsimmer A320 in 2009 - where the key shortcuts for the heading bug - and + do not work ...... until now. I'll be gutted if this is not addressed, as I just cannot enjoy any aircraft where I am fiddling with the mouse every time I wish to turn the heading bug. I'm sure (read: absolutely praying) there will be a AAO script out soon for all functions, but I'm astonished absolutely no FD / AP functions work with shortcuts; not the modes, not the altitude, not the VS, and not even the heading bug.
  4. The A310's sounds before and after this update are quite dire. It's frustrating as it's such a good solid airliner, but I don't use it as sound is as important to the fidelity as visuals for me. The FTSim+ sound mod wasn't any improvement to my ears either. It's odd as I owned the A310 by inibuilds for X-Plane and the sounds in that were stellar. I don't think INI have quite got a handle on Wwise yet. I check vendor sites weekly for a good addon sound pack for the A310!
  5. I'd recommend you try out the FBW A32NX first - as @flyhalf said, it is very close in terms of features (and in some areas surpasses the Fenix in my opinion. And as it's free, it would seem worth trying it out before spending money on a similar model. Re: performance with the Fenix. It operates like no other plane in MSFS, in that the core of the systems are provided by an external app that runs in the background, external to MSFS. The app also runs the aircraft's displays. It is this architecture which can cause performance problems. I'm sure you would run it fine but my experience was one of decent FPS but awful stuttering. I bought it on the day of release and it's now permanently retired. The FBW model is now so good that I'm no longer driven to put up with the unenjoyable performance with the Fenix, when I get super, smooth performance with the FBW. Here is the link to the FBW if you wish to try it:- https://flybywiresim.com/
  6. Thanks for clarifying. I didn't realise the dropdown would work and the map wouldn't (considering they are two ways to do exactly the same thing).
  7. There's no default key assignment for it sadly. There is an AAO script on FS.TO which otherwise works great but, although it includes scripts to zoom the map, they don't work! So as far as I know, no way of doing it other than with the mouse at the mo. Are you definitely targeting the correct knob? The zoom does work, but it sure is fiddly to change during flight. The clickspots are very small. Oh I've just thought, do you have 'lens correction' on in the MSFS graphics settings? If so, it makes clickspots even smaller (acknowledged bug), which in this case would make them almost impossible to operate!
  8. Any flight plan created in an external planner, will not have any gate/stand information. If it's a plan that has it's own format (eg. Simbrief OFP), simply place your aircraft at your required gate, then open the plan via the aircraft or it's EFB. If it's a planner that has exported a MSFS PLN file, then, from the map screen, hit 'more', then 'load/save' and choose the plan. It will load onto the map but as stated, will be from a runway. Use the map to click on the gate you require, but change nothing else. If you do this, the externally-created plan should be maintained (rather than MSFS changing the plan to a direct course) and the origin will now be from your chosen gate. If you change anything else (eg a waypoint, or any of the destination info, runway, etc, MSFS will replace the plan with a direct course.
  9. The CJ4 is a beauty... often overlooked since the Longitude was overhauled with AAU1 and became not just flyable, but extremely good. The CJ4 is on par IMHO, and (again IMHO) has nicer hand flying characteristics than the Longitude.
  10. As much as I loved the RealAir planes and Rob/Sean's talents, why would you want to effectively overwrite the custom turbo engine work of BlackSquare, with a freeware mod limited to some CFG file tweaks? I would bet my last penny that the engine and performance modelling offered here goes over and above that of Rob's turbo mod.
  11. Certainly the incompatible mods thing can be relevent. I flew the CJ4 yesterday and found an old cockpit textures mod for it, so tried it out. I then found I had no autopilot modes whatsoever... from a texture mod! The reason was, the texture mod had modified the PFD screen and, since it changed in AAU1, the mod was using an outdated file. It turned out, the AP itself was actually working, but there were no AP modes showing on the PFD whatsoever, as a result of the outdated mod. I was checking my keyboard assignments, Axis & Ohs profile.... everything, to discover why the AP was 'broken' and not engaging any modes.... I then compared files between the mod and CJ4 AAU, saw the problem, removed the CJ4 Texture Mod, relaunched and there was my AP back, working perfectly again. Had someone suggested a texture mod would prevent an AP from working, I'd have struggled to see the logic there, but there you go! 🙂 The MSFS ecosystem is amazing - but very sensitive.
  12. I noticed something similar after AAU1. I eventually got VNAV working fine and the only thing different I did to assure this was activating VNAV on the AP a little earlier than I had originally wanted to. In other words, you see the TOD on the MFD, all looks good VNAV-wise in the FPL screen... if I waited until I was say 2nm from the TOD and then hit VNAV on the AP, I'd get nothing... just as you describe. No descent scale on the PFD and the TOD would just pass on by without a descent! I found that engaging VNAV on the AP at least 10nm from the TOD and it would engage, with the PFD descent indicator displaying and all fine and dandy.
  13. That addon's been out for about a year. But yes, it's amazing for freeware and definitely the best C172 around.
  14. My lord, how did I not know about this! The hours of my life wasted watching the Asobo and Blacksquare flash vids! 😄 Thanks so much Mace. Just popped it in a BAT file and worked a treat.
  15. Go into your weather settings on the fly, and reduce Humidity.
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