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  1. Well, I installed the FSL A320 in P3Dv4.1 (a completely fresh install). I'm running FSUIPC, Orbx Global and LC editions, REX Texture Direct, OpusFSI, and around 5 addon airports for now. For me, it's absolutely divine! I've never heard sounds like it in any sim. It is staggeringly immersive. I managed to get the upgrade from FSX for $40 so very happy with what I paid, to get this new updated version in P3Dv4.1. Performance - For me, the priority with this aircraft is enjoying the fidelity of the actual aircraft and everything it offers. I have a modest system and I'm running P3Dv4.1 with medium settings, no HDR, no AI, but still a very acceptable outside environment. I am perfectly happy with the performance I'm getting, with this philosophy in mind. I took off from UK2000 Manchester with around 36 FPS on the ground, with all systems up and running. In the air and en route I was in the 40s. Buttery smooth (with TrackIR and Vsync running). Arriving at FlyTampa Vienna, I landed and parked up with 38-40FPS. Just an absolutely divine experience. I don't by any means dumb down my P3Dv4 for it, I just set the sim up so that I know I am going to enjoy butter smooth performance in the FSL - and it seriously rewards me for that!
  2. FSX-MS

    I don't think I'll ever 'get' the desire to commit to and use a single sim. Even if you choose to only buy addons for one platform going forward (I totally get that), I can't see the logic in deleting software that has all that investment in it, and that can still provide much enjoyment. I'm a P3Dv4.1 user too - love it - but I'd never 'delete' FSX. What's to gain in that? (except disk space). I bought the NGX for P3Dv4.1 but as much as I love the NGX, soon regretted all that money spent on a product that for me, is indistinguishable from it's counterpart in FSX. Thus, when I fly the PMDG T7 and 747 QOTS II, it's in FSX. The bonus is that, unlike with a "P3Dv4 only" philosophy, I also get to fly the J41 and MD-11 !! Not to mention that I'm still enjoying the MJC Q400, where P3D only users have been pining for it (and the same with the FSL A320, although as of this week, I have that in P3Dv4.1 too). Most of my flying is in P3Dv4 and XP11 but I still love FSX and there are experiences and products I get to enjoy in FSX that P3D and XP11 can't provide. Relationships with sim platforms do not need to be monogamous!
  3. Sounds great - I'll be checking them out! Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough in this area to help (plain ol' Ortho4XP rendering is the limit of my knowledge) but just wanted to say I love the work you're doing here, and I love your attitude. That sort of passion and determination will win! I have no doubt you're onto something fantastic here. Stick with it and keep that spark! Keep us updated!
  5. I can't see how the quoted figures can be deemed a "high upgrade" price, by any measure! The time it's taken to rebuild into P3Dv4 is testament to the work that's been involved for the small Majestic team. They are absolute gents and obsessed on quality - they deserve to not have to work for free. They already provided an update from FSX to P3Dv2/3 for free. It's perfectly reasonable to charge a small cost for the significant upgrade to 64 bit. It's not like it's a full re-purchase as it is with PMDG, A2A, etc. Those could be deemed high upgrade costs - but not this.
  6. Excellent anecdote, thanks Jose. I am mainly an XP11 user these days but still enjoy P3Dv4. I haven't updated to 4.1 yet but reading your post here has made me excited to do so (ready for the FSL A320!!!).
  7. Type 1 diabetic here too. Since I was 17 years old and I'm now approximately three times that.... The key to diabetes I've found is very regular monitoring. This helps prevent the long term problems with high blood sugars and the acute risks of a hypo (low blood sugar). I've had to have two rounds of laser surgery on my left eye, for diabetic retinopathy but have excellent vision. The retinopathy is a risk to fluid (leaking from diabetes-damaged blood vessels in the eyes) damaging the optic nerve (and killing off sight) rather than causing a progressive sight deterioration. Apart from that I'm in good shape and my docs tell me my 'numbers' are great. The key is very regular blood monitoring - I test at least 6 times per day. (Sometimes up to 10, depends what I'm doing). Before every meal is a must, as is before bed and on waking in the morning. And perhaps most importantly, before driving. Bill's comment about the podiatrist is a very wise one too - nerve damage can progress quickly if blood sugars run too high. The feet are the furthest 'extremity' of the body and thus get the least blood flow and are highest risk for nerve damage.
  8. Wow! I flew the latest version of the 717 in P3Dv4 after a long break last night, and my word. For me, it's the best airliner sim I own now. Just stunning in every way (engine sounds could use a tweak!) and the latest FDE make it even more a dream to hand fly. This rain / ice effect will just take it up a further notch. Well done TFDi - now on my 'instabuy' list - I'd buy anything else you release.
  9. A "quid" is the UK eqivalent of a "buck" .... (£1 / $1). Slang for the main centenary unit of currency. ---------- Things certainly are rather quiet in terms of the 787 release. But one possibility is this..... think back to the original TFDi 717 release - lot's of bugs and problems, lot's of noise. Then the FSL .... lot's of initial performance issues in the FSX version.... lot's of forum noise. AS CRJ .... LOT'S of problem!! Lot's of noise. The 'silence' regarding the 787 might just be that most flyers are too busy enjoying it to post about it! (here's hoping) Certainly the users flying it on the Twitch streams I've watched have described as 'a beautiful bird' and there hasn't been a lot of talk or visibility of bugs.
  10. You read my mind! It's crazy how some people are making wild and baseless speculation ("It will be at least 3-4 years" !!!) without knowing anything about QW's development and release map for this product. For all we know, they may have a release candidate ready now for the 787 for P3D, but are waiting to pick up initial 'cross-sim' bug reports from the FSX base, before releasing to P3D. P3D release could be tomorrow - or it could be in 9 years - nobody other than QW have the facts on this, despite the hyperbole and 'facts' presented by some.
  11. My word! This has to be the most stunning freeware development ever released. Just beautiful. Thank you so much to the team for all your hard work. Downloading now, excitedly!!!!
  12. Do you mean the C182 ? Make sure the CDI is set to GPS or NAV/LOC as required. If you're trying to follow a GPS course but the CDI is set to NAV, the AP will do odd things.
  13. As mainly a XP11 and P3Dv4 user, I also have a nice little FSX:SE installation that is only used for the FSL A320 .... think I'll be picking the QW 787 up to sit alongside it there
  14. I was thinking exactly the same when I read the description for this, @SpiritFlyer. "What Canadian Greenland territory?!". I doubt the Danes would be happy.
  15. To be fair, Carenado are stating that the G1000 in this plane is a brand new version/development. It has synthetic vision, which is a first for a G1000 simulation in domestic sims AFAIK. It also apparantly has other new added functionality, including advisory VNAV, although I say "apparantly" because I don't own it yet! I'm not sure any 172 is going to surpass the XP11 C172 with REP (for me).