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  1. The Milviz 732 in FSX was a lot of fun. Although the cockpit geometry appeared a little odd and the texturing wasn't their finest. Still how many years ago was that. I'm sure this will be a great option for the older generation airliner. Personally, I would love to see a 300/400/500 series; a la IXEG in X-Plane. 😎
  2. That problem with that though, is that then all sounds will be subject to that bass boost - that means naturally high frequency sounds, like A/C hiss will be getting a 6db boost at 60-100Hz (not good). What we really need is engine sounds and other bass-heavy source sound files to have that boost in the low frequencies. That will then give good 'separation' between those sounds, and others that are naturally spectrally-placed in the mids or highs. (Former mastering engineer, flexing here 😄).
  3. Lack of bass frequencies is a general problem is FS addons across the platforms, I find. That's why I love the Zibo 737 in X-Plane: in the sound options in the EFB it has full EQ spectrum adjustment for the engines. I have the bass turned up high and you can feel it in your stomach!.
  4. Things I'd rather see Asobo working on, rather than a nice P3D-style fella with a freshly-pressed white shirt and "footsteps" sound effects:- Improved ATC Improved / fixed AI Computational Fluid Dynamics (currently evil, in relation to ground convection effect) Ability to dynamically change aircraft within a session (available in FSX) Lighting; which is generally impressive but with some nasty borks Everything else
  5. ........or, perhaps they just could not replicate it. After all, I can't replicate it. The NAV tracks perfectly for me. Some mild overshoots, which as others have said, are a flaw in the stock Asobo GPS NAV function but not one bit of zig zagging. Have you checked controller sensitivites? Perhaps an axis is intermittently 'nudging' the plane and disturbing the AP.
  6. Perhaps these things depend on monitors, because my experience is very different to this, David. It used to be that eye_adaption in the CFG set to '0' or '1' made no difference whatsoever. And then, having read in this thread that it seems to have started working since one of the last updates, I set it to '0' again yesterday and there was a significant reduction in the effect. I'm personally not seeing any difference in speed of the effect. Just that set to '1' I get awful contrast glare when moving my head (TrackIR) between looking at the panel, and looking out of the glareshield. With it set to '0' the same effect is still there (with the same depiction speed) but the effect is reduced by about 80%.
  7. Which GPS / AP version is that with? (GN530 or PMS 750 or TDS750, and analogue AP or GFC605?).
  8. Only when my darn puppy jumps on my knee just as I'm rotating! 😄 Other than that, never seen any in the sim, although admittedly I've never looked for them.
  9. Just tried it. Well the great thing is, to my eyes, the effect is definitely greatly reduced now which is fantastic! I can still see the exterior being brightened somewhat when I move my head down into the panel (TrackIR) but I'd say it's about 20% of what it was, before the eye_adapation=0 tweak started mysteriously working. Great find!
  10. This "effect" is literally so irksome that it's causing me to use XP11 more than MSFS ...... and overall, I'm of the opinion that MSFS is by far the better sim. But this "effect" is just a killer. As someone else said above, it's effects are more apparant when you use TrackIR, and your headmovements from panel <> windshield are faster and more dynamic. The most frustrating thing about it, is that there is that "eye_adaption=1" entry in the User.cfg that does not work!
  11. Absolutely every comment from that user is like that. Without exception. Always condescending, uber-negative and cantankerous.
  12. I find the problem can mostly be overcome by setting a realistic zoom level (around 70-80 in MSFS Zoom settings), and increasing Render Scaling in MSFS Graphics Settings a little (as much as you can, before performance becomes unacceptably impacted). 90% of FS YouTubers seem to fly with a Zoom level of about 30-50 😄 meaning they're sitting so far back from the panel that they're virtually in the back seat. If this is indicative of the majority of users, then most people are flying far too 'zoomed out' and readability of panels and gauges will naturally be affected. NB..... One further advantage of a higher zoom level is more FPS and fewer stutters. Try it for yourself! Sit in a typical location in your cockpit and check out performance with a zoom level of 50...... and then with a zoom level of 100. for me, I see greatly increased performance. I guess because the sim is rendering less, per view. Everything's nice and big and lovely! 😄 .... I personally wouldn't go above 80 and I typically use 75. The downside of a higher zoom level is that, if you like your C172 to appear as though it's doing 200kts on your take off roll - when it's actually doing 40kts - you will lose that 'effect'. 😉
  13. +1000000% ! The otherwise beautiful FSReborn Sting S4 suffers from this MSFS artifact really badly - and it's due to it's light weight and there's nothing the dev, Simbol can do about it at this time. Very frustrating. He, myself and many others are hammering Asobo about it, on a thread in the official forum. The Parallel42 Kitfox also suffers terribly from it. It started with SU9 when they brought in something called CFD, which is (trying, badly) to simulate convention effects from the ground. It's a good, realistic function to have in the sim - but they depicted it awfully! ..... with these super jerky, inertia-lacking, utterly constant, relentless movements, that just look like the sim is broken! The worst of it is, there is currently no setting for it. You can set zero wind and zero gusting or turbulance and still get the relentless 'effect', because it comes from the ground. The only way I have found currently, to get rid of it, is to fly between 20:00 - 05:00 local time, which obviously means being limited to evening/night, lower light flights. 👎
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