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  1. Fantastic pictures Harald, in an interesting and often neglected part of the world. Man, I used to love those Dreamfleet birds!
  2. I must admit, when she was first talking, I never associated her voice with any aircraft aural warnings - but wait until she starts giving some samples!
  3. Ah sorry, I misunderstood Andreas - thought you just meant the 'seat height'. I'm not sure how you'd adjust the full VC height. Contact points perhaps? ..or possibly more complex and model-limited.
  4. @caleb1 A fellow user here on AVSIM requested my GTN750 integration for the Orbx Lanceair, for use in P3Dv4. I advised I'd not tried the aircraft (nor the mod) in P3Dv4 yet so wasn't sure if it would work. He reported back that the Lanceair worked fine in P3Dv4. @Pease_W - Migration of addons from FSX to P3Dv4 is not that "black or white", and there are many aircraft developed for FSX that function perfectly in P3Dv4. As I type, I'm flying the old FSX Carenado C210 (released c.2010) in P3Dv4 and it functions perfectly.
  5. Browse to the 777's aircraft.cfg. Open the file and browse down to :- [Eyepoint] There are three values shown; the last of the 3 is for your eyepoint height in the VC. The values relate to feet. So I'd suggest adding 0.30 to the shown value which will you a nice few inches boost. Some trial and error will be needed to get it where your happy. I'm rarely happy with the eyepoint height in any addon aircraft, and usually tweak them all!
  6. Great pics! Loving the snow capped mountains :)
  7. It might well be - just check the 747's FMC key assignments page and you'll find out. I have no issues disconnecting the AP, but I use a completely different custom assignment for the QOTS ('X' key). The PMDG birds do not use any aspects of the default AP, so worth checking as it certainly won't 'read' any default AP assignments from the sim.
  8. Kindly received the dropbox link from Bill, but it's now showing "404 - File has been removed". Will keep trying in case he is mid-upload! :)
  9. Did you assign a custom function in the FMC's "Autopilot" section for A/P disconnect? From memory, the default assignment is not 'Z' (so as not to clash with default FSX/P3D assignments). So you'll need to set a custom function.
  10. In the options of the FMC.
  11. More X-Plane 11 users than FSX and FSX:SE put together?? Hmm....
  12. Surely the tool will track changes to configuration files only, and AFAIK, a configuration file is not a propietary piece of software. It's a file that makes changes to a proprietary piece of software. (The recent debate re PTA and ENVSHADE relates here). I cannot believe for one moment that the proposed new tool here will have the ability to decompile or in any other way 'hack' DLL files and such, revealing their content (and such propietary software). Surely it's just tracking config changes to the sim? As such Simbol, unless your software consists of solely configuration changes to existing Lockheed Martin propietary software, I doubt this proposed tool would have the ability to reverse engineer or other reveal true code. Again, the PTA / Envshade situation is relevent to this. Matt considered the changes that PTA makes to LM's shaders, propietary. TOGA felt they weren't and that the Shaders themselves were the propietary property - not config changes to them made by other software. To suggest that this new proposed tool can reverse engineer and reveal propietary code is a little like suggesting it can hack into and 'reveal' the source code of P3Dv4. If it could truly reveal true code changes, why couldn't it also reveal all inherent code changes and content in P3Dv4 itself. TL:DR - I don't think software developers have anything to worry about, regarding their propietary content being 'revealed'.
  13. IAS certainly seems spot on with the Cheyenne III (a first!). It generally works ok on the PC12 (well good enough to use, which can't be said for IAS mode on all Carenado planes) but as softreset said, does generally hold speed a little lower than the set value.
  14. Whey aye man! The Newcastle accent reminds me of the Newfie accent!