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  1. P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Oh yes. With the flight plan loaded into the GTN750, the CDI selector set to "GPS", pressing L NAV on the J41's airport will follow the flight plan route.
  2. CaptainSim 757 Released!

    Did you miss the big bold writing at the end of my post that said [EDIT], and went on to say that CS have suggested the missing sounds are a bug, experienced only by some ?
  3. Lovely pics @HLJames ! I love that little Serverka airfield - one of my best little bargain purchases recently. Lovely for winter flying up to Moscow, as you too have discovered here :)
  4. CaptainSim 757 Released!

    Everything was sounding wonderful, until this useful post from Erich! ..... Sound is a critical part of the immersion for me, so with no knob, button, ambient sounds, this one definitely isn't going on my list just yet. Hopfully they'll improve things, but then CS have not previously been strong in the ambient sounds area. [EDIT : Just read on, that this may be a bug, and button sounds etc, are supposed to be there].
  5. I have both, and just yesterday updated to the new version of the vFlyteair Arrow. Both are very very good aircraft in XP11! The JF model is perhaps slightly more polished in terms of visuals. The vFlyteair flies a little nicer in my opinion. Both have good FMOD sounds but the engine sounds on the vFlyteair are a little lacklustre. Although the JF is a little more polished, the VFA just 'feels' that bit more authentic, so I'd personally put that one in the lead, but only by the hair of a horse! Ultimately you can't go wrong with either.
  6. A2A christmas sale 25%

    Personally I think the A2A aircraft are worth every penny. I enjoy a number of Carenado aircraft but comparisons between A2A aircraft and Carenado are missing the point. Carenado aircraft consist of a beautiful set of textures, along with (usually) mediocre sounds and more or less 'default' level systems. A2A long term rent (or already own) every real world aircraft that they're planning to simulate. They go through them with a fine tooth comb, record the sounds of every switch, etc. Systems representation is unmatched for the GA FS sector. Don't need or want that level of detail? No problem, save some cash and buy Alabeo/Carenado! ... but that doesn't mean that the A2A products aren't value for money. Just that they're not for everyone. Incidentally, A2A price their P3D products in line with the LM licencing options. However, their academic and professional versions aren't in any way 'locked' to the respective versions of P3D. I am not suggesting anyone deliberately buy or use the 'wrong' version; but it is perfectly possible that someone may own a P3D Professional licence, but require a A2A product solely for purposes that match the academic licence. Lastly, comparisons between P3D addons and anything to do with DCS are again missing the mark; you could write all day about DCS's ability to drop bombs here and there, dogfight with your mates, and drop armaments over Berlin in 1941 ...... but for those utterly disinterested in military/combat aviation, DCS doesn't come close to comparing with P3D. No worldwide coverage, and.... well I don't think I need to continue with the lack of provision in DCS for GA/commercial flight sim enthusiasts. (Not even a criticism of DCS - it's supposed to be limited to military and combat flight).
  7. Best Aircraft for P3dV4

    I don't like to get involved in any conflict here on AVSIM, but I'd like to say that I find both "Daves" great members of this community; both helpful and with useful contributions. I hope this can be chalked up as a communication breakdown and that both of you guys are good. DaveTC, certainly please don't stop answering questions on the forums! Your help to me and others has been valuable and appreciated. DaveM's a great guy too - very knowledgeable and passionate about his airliners! I suspect just a bit of Brit humour coming across as a more serious than intended in the written form. All the best guys!
  8. Well done Carenado!

    Very good point Bill. They definitely deserve positive recognition for providing free updates for P3Dv4.
  9. Fantastic pictures Harald, in an interesting and often neglected part of the world. Man, I used to love those Dreamfleet birds!
  10. I must admit, when she was first talking, I never associated her voice with any aircraft aural warnings - but wait until she starts giving some samples!
  11. Height of cockpit when on ground

    Ah sorry, I misunderstood Andreas - thought you just meant the 'seat height'. I'm not sure how you'd adjust the full VC height. Contact points perhaps? ..or possibly more complex and model-limited.
  12. Orbx Lanceair in P3D v4

    @caleb1 A fellow user here on AVSIM requested my GTN750 integration for the Orbx Lanceair, for use in P3Dv4. I advised I'd not tried the aircraft (nor the mod) in P3Dv4 yet so wasn't sure if it would work. He reported back that the Lanceair worked fine in P3Dv4. @Pease_W - Migration of addons from FSX to P3Dv4 is not that "black or white", and there are many aircraft developed for FSX that function perfectly in P3Dv4. As I type, I'm flying the old FSX Carenado C210 (released c.2010) in P3Dv4 and it functions perfectly.
  13. Height of cockpit when on ground

    Browse to the 777's aircraft.cfg. Open the file and browse down to :- [Eyepoint] There are three values shown; the last of the 3 is for your eyepoint height in the VC. The values relate to feet. So I'd suggest adding 0.30 to the shown value which will you a nice few inches boost. Some trial and error will be needed to get it where your happy. I'm rarely happy with the eyepoint height in any addon aircraft, and usually tweak them all!
  14. Great pics! Loving the snow capped mountains :)
  15. Hey Jose, Is this a standalone sim? Looks interesting!