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  1. Thank you for the replies System specs are as follows Windows 10, Intelcore i7-8700 3.20hz, RTX 2060. Just flying the 320/310. Will also try the suggested tonight, cannot believe it was OK with SU10 and not 11
  2. All, Since SU11 have major frame rate degredation on flights of over 1-2 hours from a steady 38 down to unflyable single digits. Tried the Inibuilds A310/Fenix with same results A310 on approach to MkV Gatwick addon last night. Fenix over the ocean today same results. SU10 was smooth all the way with gradual F/R loss on approach to the aforementioned Gatwick but still very flyable. Something is amiss with SU11 other than the servers I think at least in my case. Can anyone suggest any work arounds please?
  3. Makes sense will be interesting to see what its like when all the downloading of the 40th is done,
  4. Hi guys, Does anyone out there think the photogrammetry ground textures look a little washed out/soft since the SU11 dropped. The buildings and textures do not seem as sharp as they did in SU10 a little soft around the edges, also seems not as colourfully dynamic as they were previously. Thoughts? Regards
  5. I cannot select live weather at this time. It just switches back to clear skies....will investigate. Worked ok yesterday after quick test flight after update. Update for me long periods of internet connectivity issues
  6. Think I have sorted a missing tick in the Realtek Audio Manager. Thanks for all the help guys. Regards
  7. Guys All sound outputs match tests fine in Realtek Audio Manager (AC 97 Onboard sound) as before with all speakers where they should be in relation to sound, also ran trouble shooting in Windows settings page and tested once again all working as advertised. However played YouTube music no vibration, also tried Re-entry an orbital simulator no luck there either, so so I am at a bit of a loss. Checked manuals and positive I have everything right??? Regards
  8. All, Had my Buttkicker for years and it was working fine with MSFS202 until recently .It works with the Realtek Audio Manager with all 5,1 speakers working as they should, including the subwoofer and the Buttkicker. No joy however in MSFS 2020 I cannot recall altering anything in the Audio settings. Can anyone help out?? Thank You Nic
  9. Once again the guys step up to the plate...Thank You. Regards
  10. Thank You Guys as always a superb update Regards
  11. As always thank you for your work on the continuing updates it really is appreciated. Regards
  12. Hi All, Anyone out there tried this new headtracking hardware, if so what were your thoughts? Looking to replace my rather worn TrackIR. (31) 6DoF HEAD TRACKER: A VR ALTERNATIVE? AIMXY REVIEW | DC DESIGNS F16 VIPER MSFS - YouTube Regards
  13. Would these settings also be usable with Track IR??? Thanks in advance for any advice
  14. Hi All, Thank you for your replies my navdata centre did not have this heading so I redownloaded and there it was. Thank You Once again.
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