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  1. Re-installed the above update and a very quick flight using same aircraft appeared to be fine, however flight only lasted 35mins or so, so not definitive proof. However maybe the update first time round had a corruption during download. All this obviously carried out before todays update. Regards
  2. Done a bit of R&D on this I think it is associated with a recent windows update (KB5032007) uninstalled it no stutters on 50 min flight. Will re-install tomorrow and see if they return.. hopefully this is the culprit. Regards
  3. Hi Happened to me also since the last sim update, same scenario, same symptoms have recent drivers (536.99) and the same GPU as yourself. Does not happen with Horizon Sim -9 but noticed it with FBW A320 in clear weather. Regards
  4. All, Sorry for any indiscretion caused didn't realise it was indeed a file sharing site. Regards
  5. I have just purchased the above airport from the MSFS Market place and would like to remove the static aircraft which is included with the scenery. I have been on a site which sates the following. Note: To remove various objects on the airport, copy the following file to “pyreegue-airport-egnx-east-midlands\scenery”, replacing the existing one: • Remove static aircraft: pyreegue-airport-egnx-east-midlands\Contrail\src\statics-off\egnx-derby.bgl • Remove static aircraft and clutter for ultra performance: pyreegue-airport-egnx-east-midlands\Contrail\src\ultra-perf\egnx-derby.bgl. I do not know where to find this file in order to carry this out or is this not possible as I bought the airport on the in sim market place. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I follow the exact same procedure as Magnar but without the result???
  7. Tried all of your suggestions in my many attempts however will revisit tomorrow just in case, thank you for your reply.
  8. All, Recently downloaded the latest version of the ATR and have a problem. I really thought I would get to to the bottom of this, as i used to fly the ATR in FS 2004 back in the day.....however here I am asking advice. I cannot get engine light on E2 on either aircraft to use HOTEL mode..... the majority of the time. I have followed various checklists to the letter and have had success 20% of the time. In short I power up from Cold & Dark, Batts, External Power, place route in FMC, check fuel follow checklists etc. Fuel pump 2 to run starter to A, B or A&B push starter 2 button, wait for NH to increase above 10% and place condition lever into feather position, I get no light. Looking on the PFD it is not showing any fuel flow % to the No.2 engine. I cannot think for the life of me what I am missing, other than the obvious no doubt which I am hoping one of you will point out to me. Thank you in advance Regards
  9. Thanks for all the repies guys think I have it sorted did a fight into EGSS last (CAT 3 Landing) all was fine. Will try at the offending airports where this issue occurred (Maccosim EGCC & MKV EGKK) tomorrow to see if l have anymore issues. Regards
  10. More than likely Bob will revisit and try again. Thank you all for your replies. Regards
  11. Could it be a result of the latest avionics update do you think?
  12. Hello all, Has anyone experienced any ILS landing issues recently predominantly using the Fenix/FBW A320s? Have yet to try the default ac. Everything is set up for landing, intercepting G/S from beneath at the required altitude tracks fine laterally but aircraft just stays at the FAP altitude. Positive i have not missed any steps for the approach phase. Tried Cat I & III landings both APs single AP to no avail only just got back into the sim after a few weeks away it was all working fine prior to this week. Any suggestions guys & gals? Thank You Regards
  13. Would anyone know why the HF 8 has stopped working after updating to new NVIDIA driver??? EDIT suddenly started working after a few minutes, all good. Regards
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