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  1. i have V4.5 as main SIM , and V5 as testing , when HF2 and FSL PMDG and some other is there a switch. MS 2020 is no go yet , iam on mobil internet live in rural area with no fiber. its 3G-4G for me i hope that we have 5G in the end of this year as promised
  2. I agree , this is one of the reasons i made me a FGP and CCP shall do the CCP soon https://www.dropbox.com/s/o2jza5dugoqp8lw/350i-AP.jpg?dl=0
  3. i see it when migrated from 6700k to 7700k that have downclock option for avx in bios. dont remember witch version on p3d
  4. agree, what i did was enabled HT and downclocked 200mhz with EA and be sure to have a 100% stable system
  5. Rule 1. yes I run my 9900k at 5.2 ht on ( binned CPU ) Rule 2. yes
  6. its qutie good. i put QW 787 in the hangar its not FSL but the best in its class
  7. 5.1-5,2ghz on water with chiller 5.3-5,4ghz, LN2 it do 6,9ghz all cores ht on , that with a good chip no golden . ( MoBo ASUS APEX XII )
  8. i can get this if i OC the vram very hard , then if a get it little more vram volt it disipear. i run a Galax 2080TI OCLab with XE bios ( can change core and ram voltages ) is the mems on the 2080ti samsung or micron? the micron can degrade over time. have you test to downclock the vram?
  9. If you run with 4k res you probaly be GPU bound even with a 2080TI. I happens to have 2 P3D systems up and running both with similar hardware. GPUS 2080TI ,mems 3600mhz 32gb , NVME 1TB on both systems. the diff is MoBo and CPU , PC1 Intel 9900k OC 5.3ghz , PC2 AMD Ryzen7 3700X 4.3ghz very hard to see any difference if any, atleast at 99.8% of the time a fly. what you think is best is up to you , this is my personal thougts tested the way i like to have my sim , its funny its lot of guys outhere that know intel or amd is the best without having a 9900k or AMD Ryzen speculating on new INTEL or AMD cpus.
  10. think it very nice to fly . the Ap works much better know, it handels RNP good , you can fly a RNP with vnav from TOD down to minimums if you need AT to fly, its noting for you
  11. i have 2 p3d sytems both with 2080TI , 32gb 3600mhz mems i see no dffrence at 99.5% of the time flying , same P3Dsettings and 4k res. pc1 the good one Intel 9900k @5.3ghz , the other almost as good AMD 3700X
  12. the mems is ok, cpu " little stronger mem controller clock probaly same as a very good KS ," time will tell , cryptic yes , ha ha
  13. Its nice , some bugs they work on its worth the 80usd the best king air and its gone be better , the diff to other King Air is huge more like FSL to Abacus A 3xx fleet
  14. I thought you had the Win installed , try to set the mems down to 2133 with xmp when install . you can install win with one stick preferd A2 (4 sticks high binned B-die that not run at +2.1v probaly not damaged 1 to 4 that its a good stick if one is bad) the usb with win10 can it be some corupted files, longshot
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