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  1. westman

    How much RAM do you have for P3D v4

    you read right that was with a customloop, run it on a AIO Fractal 360 now, with at lower vcore 1.45v 5.5ghz HToff mem 4400 c18 for P3D-V4 its stable no ctd or ntdll crash with the FSL A3xx , tested the stability with aida64 6hours and occt.
  2. westman

    How much RAM do you have for P3D v4

    2 x 16gb is no problem only enable XMP as with 2 x 8gb , thats if you dicide to stay below 4000mhz
  3. westman

    MK Studios EKVG Vagar for P3D v4.3

    its very nice, like it the ils rwy30 with 3.5deg angle and 1800m runway , rnav rwy12 is fun to , FSL A319 work nice
  4. westman

    How much RAM do you have for P3D v4

    your 4400 is better binned kit, its a speed hype now ,your 4400c18 as mine 4600c19 kit do 4266mhz 16-17-17-36 with 1.475v that what i run today it performs better than 4400-4600 with deafault XMP Edit: i run 32gb on X299 and 16gb Z370
  5. My teammate tested a quite good 9900k (no Delidd) on a XI Gene with 4400mhz mems cooling AIO X62 no problem 5.4ghz HT off Cinebenc R-15 , temps ok 87-90c its not setup for flightsim ,think its capable to do 5.4 with a customloop +5.5 with Chiller in P3D (HT-OFF)
  6. Dont use the CPU-Z voltagemesure not accurate, cpuz is set to XOC, always use Fluke multimeter for the vcore. Real Vcore 1.44V its a low lekage cpu
  7. I have test 4 kits of this ram, not want to be rude " the worst DDR4 kits i ever test" the G-Skill 3200 c15-c16 is much better.
  8. My second PC , siming and play with res 2560x1440. No fancy cooling no big Chassi. fractal R6 , 8700k (delidded) Ht off, AIO Fractal 360 (3x120 rad) , mobo Asus Z370 Apex, mem Gskill, GPU 2x1080TI cooling NZXT G12 with Kraken X42. Cinebench R-15 single tread 240 (239-241) Stabitility test AIDA64 https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1y1fn0m8xadwns/8700K-Aida64.png?dl=0
  9. with better VRM......and.............wait.........you be lucky😶
  10. price/perf P3D think 9700k or 9600K ( only slightly longer load times) the fps should be the same with equal FRQ, but its up to you to decide.
  11. Your apex is better then all 4slots Z390 mobos with a 9700k-9900k(mem OC) and the FRQ OC the same no need for a new MoBo, you run easy 4600mhz with right mems Here is Romans video,
  12. played with one 6weeks ago, IPC no difference, imc like a good 8600k-8700k fhats all the soldering is not as good as we think , delidd with condonaut give you 10c lower temps.
  13. Think your right, and the 2070 is probaly without SLI (Nvlink) Orderd a 2080TI and cancelled but have orderd 2 x 2080Ti watercooled from Galaxy they ar not ready before end of november. then the P3D is DX11 or? and lock at DX11 benchmarks i can live with the 1080Ti for 2months its often better then the 2080 and not far away from the 2080Ti
  14. westman

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Have the FSL A320-A319 and the AS 318-321 suit , i only Fly The FSL A319 i can agree with Nyxx and the other
  15. Hi rob tested with your high settings , not same addons CPU I9 7920X 10 cores all synced @5.1ghz ( disabled 2 cores in bios) Gpu 2 x 1080Ti Galaxy little overclocked. Its very close to your result, the playback file ar not exactly the same but tryed to do it as close as possible. https://www.dropbox.com/s/64hw4kyipu08yjq/ESNQ-test.png?dl=0 In dx11 the diff to a 1080Ti is not as big as in DX12 if you lock at FireStrike extreme tests now thats that is not P3D. Add-Ons active: Orbx ESNQ (with Dynamic Lighting) Orbx FTX Global ORBX VECTOR ,Have not// Orbx Norway Orbx OpenLC EU Have not// Orbx HD Trees PILOT's FS Global Ultimate 2018 Mesh PTA RD preset TOGA Projects ENVTEX and / not /ENVSHADE (set to Quality mode) ECZA //FSFX Packages (OldProp)