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  1. I live at the coast in middle Sweden on a island closest, airport ESNN the ice coverage is qutite good here, inside +-1km from RL. the border frozen open wather can change very fast , wind and current have more effect then the temp. if you have 2-3 weeks with lower then -15C and calm winds the ice coverage increase very fast on other hand the coverage dont change much with calm winds and +10C for a week.
  2. I like this bird , have problems to control the NXI with the mouse decided to do a NXI box . I had 2 spare Elma encoders with center push and 2 single encoders with push , used a Bondar BBI-32 used all 32 keys, on the top knobs i have range for MFD Baro CDI and cheat B on left rudder trim, rest is NXI PFD MFD works really great, i know that is complete NXI devices with monitor out here but they cost a lot and i run 55inch 4k and not need a device with extra monitor, i start to construct this a week ago its not perfect yet. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qrdepjudgusjdu5/20220101_220313.jpg?dl=0
  3. i use fullsreeen browser from google store for aviaworx cdu.s crj MSFS and for p3d for years PMDG and all his CDU.s , works perfect with FBW remote MCDU . Use a Galaxy Tab
  4. its not about money or what i can fix until they release it, its about customer care most of other resellers have the uppdate released. iam not alone that p....offed at JustFlight
  5. Yes, and shall spend some more today probaly buy a second copy of the Kodiak from SimWorks Studios to be sure i get further uppdates fast.
  6. They lost my money planned to buy the PA-28 bundle sale 45E , spend 80E instead on ORBX sales wait for the Uppdate dont seen it yet , i regret my buy of the Kodiak at Justflight , ORBX Simmarket or SWS have been better ,
  7. time spy not use all cores , its more GPU Bench. heres my gpu test from a couple of days ago https://www.dropbox.com/s/zpn0nk7dg8utp09/oc-gpu1.png?dl=0
  8. in timespy its better with smt off with 5950x, think you go + 16k cpu score with your mems at 3600 cheers hasse
  9. Iam very impressed buy your work Rob. Do you run SMT disabled and what brand of your 3090? I run my 5950x and Galax 3090 on custom water cooling, have some crapy B-die without heatspreaders run them 3200mhz C16. No critic but i suspect that your super mems is to much for the cpu memcontroller you ar 600 points off eatleast on the cpu score. my score with default auto settings no SMT and no OC on the GPU TimeSpy score 20.047 , cpuscore 15.530 , gpu 21.132 Cheers Hasse
  10. the 3080ti is very very good , think they have the 12gb vram to not kill the sales of the 3090, i have tested a ES 3080TI with 24gb ram it was very very close to the 3090, it was in the middle of march this year, but not impossible that they release a card with 24gb after, if the rumored 3090ti gone be released.
  11. thanks Noel it take much more Vram now what gone happen 18nov Dx12. dialed in the settings a want with a GPU usage from 82 isch to 99% to get the to less then85% a OC the gpu +100 and mem500 2150mhz boost all flight. went from 90 to less then 85% , the vram was topping at 14gb. Short flight from Orbx ESSB-ESSV Bob and Abrams_tank , Overclocking CPU and GPU not harm MSFS if you know what you do , as a hardware tester for 20years and beta testing even today.
  12. a small hint, i run AMD 5950x on main sim its better then the 10900k equal to the 11900k i was lucky to have test the 11900 before it released not under NDA now, probaly i change to intel soon after start testing ddr5 but cant say anyting yet. To be honest start with the GPU , the cpu is not that critical very small dif even to amd 3xxx series or intel from 8700k compared to the newest cpus if you sit on a 8700k or newer cpu is a waste to uppgrade now very late to the table with ddr4 when much faster things is close to be released and the new standard for MSFS
  13. its easy, check when the lovly 2070 super was the no 1 card think it gone be the 3080ti now if we follow Noel
  14. In EFB calibration set single or dual axis next on reverser axis set TH has no reverser ( gray not green) then assign Decrease Throttle in MSFS to your preferd button
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