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  1. Did a short fligt tody 60nm ESNK i get vectored direct to Lpv and cleared for LPV 17 from sweden control but ESNK has no tower the flightplan i made for simbrief , yes it should work i used tbm850 for that flight, ESNN/34 N0267F060 DCT NK852 DCT ESNK/17
  2. here is the test from Toms H that turbomax linked to, if you read the 7800x3d test you see this, and my tests with booth cpus is very close its 7-8% diff Iam not blind i clearly see the difference, but if you not tested booth it can be hard to know
  3. The Screen shot is from a bugged test by some youtuber , the 7950x is 4% faster then the 7800x3d if you run i the 7950 " in 7800x3d mode" 7950x3d is higer binned cpu and the std max boost is 200mhz higher , i have both cpus run my 7950x3d in bclk mode ( async ) and use 8 cores 7800x3d mode the bosst is 5600mhz contra 5300 for the 7800x3d , If money dosent matter the 7950x3d all day long ,
  4. he recomend AMD X3D for MSFS2020 even as Intel record holder https://www.guru3d.com/story/liquid-helium-cooled-intel-core-i914900kf-oc-reaches-over-9-ghz/
  5. when i migrate from intel to a 5800x3d i get a 13900k to test in msfs , and now i run a 7800x3d. i have long talk with my friend what he think , he shall vsit me next week when he is home an a visit to swe. he is a very good overclocker and working for differnt brands in asia think he have the oc record on 14900k goggle him you understand Elmor.
  6. I use ECLK on my 7800X3D the max boost on std is 5050mhz you hit that with good cooling and or use undervolting (curve optimizer) with ECLK set to 105 it boost to 5300mhz that is 100% stable for me , have custom water cooling , when run Cinebench R23 multicore it boost 5070mhz in MSFS 5300mhz had a 5800X3D and that one only boost to 4550mhz with undervolting ( curve optimizer) ,. the 7800X3D is a monster cpu compared to the 5800X3D very happy with the uppgrade paired with a 3000mhz 4090 at 4K ultra settings FG with a LG C2 120hz G-Sync i have 80-120fps a Fly tampa EHAM run PSXT ai and vram usage 19500mb
  7. the 7950x3d is a higher binned chip and ccd0 the ccd with extra cashe used for msfs, is have a 200mhz higer clock if you mimick a 7800x3d disable ccd1 in bios you get a approx 4% faster cpu in msfs the only way to oc is with eclk need a 670e MoBo that support eclk my 7800x3d run at bclk2 106mhz boost to 5350mhz the 7800x3d runs at max multiple 50.5 the 7950x3d 52.5 coclusion the 7950x3d is faster but cost the extra 300usd is up to the user , for me not. ram 32gb is ok i have a 48gb set its hader to get to 6200mhz with desent timings on amd 4090 some vendor have the swich silent or normal and other normal and oc basic the same bios with differnt fan curves, my card run at 3100mhz watercooled with the silent bios
  8. Nice system and that you use PBO and curve optimation , free performance I have done some optimations on my system , fine tune the cores have a weak core nr7 that a run +5 the rest -5 I use ECLK not evry MoBo have it ASUS have it on the 670E not on the B650 line up My Bios settings on ASUS Crosshair 670E Hero, Infinity 2100mhz, mems 6200mhz cl30 PBO enabled , Curve -5 and +5 on core7 Asynchronous mode bclk1 100mhz , blck2 106mhz on this settings it boost 5300mhz (max 5350mhz) most of the time , my max temp when run Cinebench R23 multi test is 75c and at MSFS 62-65c CB23 score multi 18831 single 1937 Is the extra performance worth it +6-7fps in MSFS ? , for me yes
  9. not really, i play with temp and good cooling it works like the nvidia boost for the gpu as you know the max boost for 7800x3d is 5050mhz 7900 5150mhz 7950 5250 a good 7950 can do 5500mhz as max , if you find a good 7800x3d the max is less then 100mhz to 7950x3d that on the CCD0 V-cache CCD (CCD0) that used for MSFS in my case i dont use a positive or negative curve i use std voltage in my case it can boost to 5350mhz 106 x 50,5 = 5350mhz a 300mhz higher clock the hole boost register. It can do 107 ECLK with positive 10 curve 5400mhz but iam not comfortable with that 24/7, to clerafy negitive 30 curve the max boost is 5050 example : you set negative 20curve and rise the bus speed to 105 it be unstable and crash to little voltage to the cpu it can do 5050mhz but not 5300mhz yes i run the infinity at 2100 it booth at 2200mhz but not stable , i get the mems from friend how compite in the G-Skill event at Computec think he was second.
  10. Ryzen 7800X3D is a very nice cpu much more parameters to optimize, you canOC it the old way with Bclk or the new name ECLK i get some new G-Skill 2x16 and 2x24gb ES sets from Computec the 48gb set is tricky MoBo Asus Crosshair 670E Hero run at bus speed 105mhz ( boost 5300mhz) mem 6200mhz cl30 FCLK 2100 100% stable in MSFS 2020 paired with a Galax 4090 at 3100mhz Custom wather cooling on CPU GPU my old system with 5800x3d was nice but not close to the 7800X3D system
  11. i wait to get one of this livery http://www.linjeflyg.info/flygplan/f28b3.htm
  12. this video give you the answers
  13. here a nice roundup on 4090 cards , the cheap ones with weak vrm i not recomend even if they ar well known brands
  14. to be honest, have a reverb g2 and run 2D at 4k, my 4090 is overclocked to 3100mhz core 1500mhz mem its like word not allowed dont like FG and Vr to little raw power. Need a card thas approx 50% faster then 4090 for VR and hope to run 2D at 4k 60hz without frame generation my 5800x3d is ok for now paired with a 4090
  15. toms hardware https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-9-7950x3d-cpu-review/6
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