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  1. this video give you the answers
  2. here a nice roundup on 4090 cards , the cheap ones with weak vrm i not recomend even if they ar well known brands
  3. to be honest, have a reverb g2 and run 2D at 4k, my 4090 is overclocked to 3100mhz core 1500mhz mem its like word not allowed dont like FG and Vr to little raw power. Need a card thas approx 50% faster then 4090 for VR and hope to run 2D at 4k 60hz without frame generation my 5800x3d is ok for now paired with a 4090
  4. toms hardware https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-9-7950x3d-cpu-review/6
  5. Here is a link from same site that claim 16% no its someting else https://tech4gamers.com/ryzen-9-7950x3d-is-5-6-faster/ compare the 13900k to 5800x3d in f1 diff 8% and to 7950x3d 21% is faster thats intresting MSFS 2020 the 5800x3d 20% faster then 13900k in toms tests if we ar lucky it can be +30% diff instead of -16%
  6. nice Bob my 4090 is only 11inch long and 2 inch tick it fit my Fractal and the temps is ok. system is custom watercooled Mora 420 ( same as 3 420 rads 4x 200 noctua fans) outside chassi gpu is hybrid cooled water and air , home brewed. powercables from cablemods 600W with 3 eightpin connectors. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8mwvuupsw2tk4i/20230122_145658.jpg?dl=0 Gpuz power read is 180W its wrong it should be 360W , gpuz only read one of the pwower connectors https://www.dropbox.com/s/axeu7u8vny2h6qg/MSFS2020-gpuz.jpg?dl=0
  7. type the the numbers in scratchpad and select 1 lsk total lbs or kg , pmdg had that options from stonedge
  8. if you have a 60hz tv the max is 60 with new 120hz ones you see diff. i have a older 60hz tv and 4090 and i dont see any difference , i run TAA- FA tlod 400 and renderscale 150 , frame 59fps in riva tuner, unlocked the framerate is 80-70 never less then 65 i tune the settings with std 2800mhz gpu clock 1312mhz mem at london to get gpu load to 99% then applay my safe oc 3100mhz gpu1500mhz mem it lower the gpu load to max 92% the boaed power draw is the same around 300-400W i have a gpu temp of 38-40c and approx 10% faster card then a STD 4090
  9. for me the Fenix is a little harder -80 to -220 use thrustmaster airbus stick, the 736,737,738 get nice and not vary to much -80 to -120 have a homemade boeing yoke with columm total travel on elevator 17inch , bondar card with hall sensors
  10. finished my build just before christmas , very very pleased i did a hybrid cooling gpu water cooled with a modded cpu block,vrm aircooled , mems hybrid both water and air. in MSFS at approx 80% load and mem usage of 20GB i run a oc profile with boost 3060mhz mem 1500mhz very safe settings, temps gpu 40-42C mem 48C hotspot 50C its vey quet the noctua fans is very good. the money a spend on this is not much Galax give me a very good deal and fans and rest of the parts is not much , i cant buy a rtx 3050 for what i pay for all this. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yiot0vw2cdrp5y1/20230107_230454.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cohq7ub3w4j6e5q/20230107_193617.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wkjpnk3jdwo39m3/20230107_191355.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gn86re8v589l4f6/20230107_191427.jpg?dl=0
  11. i run a 5800x3d with a 4090 on 60hz 55inch 4k tv use frame generation and lod 400 taa , loccked 59fps in riva. gpu load 50-85% , vram use is 20gb and that with a flight from esnn- essa not the most demanding place. i think the 4080 or 4070ti is the best bung for buck even at 4k , think the vram is the limiting factor.
  12. i changed my 5950x for a 5800x3d, without re-installing OS , then a changed a 3700 on a 370 mobo with 5950x only flash the bios no os re-install all work great , 5800x3d was well wort it. my next step is to swap gpu.s retire the 2080ti on the 370 system for my old 3090 and a 4090 on 5800x3d have the 4090 deliverd without cooling
  13. have yoy find it? Autopilot Autothrottle Disconnect works with A310
  14. done coupled rnav with 310 and 300 in XP11 , not tested in MSFS yet here is a yt video how it done
  15. get my 4090, think iam safe get 2 connectors ha ha here is a pic, get the card without cooling pay a symblic price to keep it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1e4gwbqpom6mf1n/20221121_184520.jpg?dl=0 it gone bee a custom wather block for gpu EK cpu block , give 3-5c better temps then a fullcover block. VRM and Mem cooling copper , air cooled with 1x120mm and 2x60mm Noctua fans Bios XE max1000W and tools for vcore vmem , can set powertarget up to 1000w set max safe temp
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