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  1. if you go for AMD 4 X 8GB 32GB would be ok. with 3200mhz and fabric synced you run 1600mhz on the fabric, 1800mhz fabric is faster then 1600mhz and mes woul be 3600mhz. the YT video say nada not sure he nows what he doing, run a 3090 at less then 4K for example 1440p a 3080 is enough as Bert say you can bottleneck evry system, MSFS in 4K you have the bottleneck in the GPU i have a couple of systems up and tested in MSFS , amd 3700x 5950x , Intel 9900K in 4k very small differnce. the gpu there we see the difference tested 1080ti,2080t and 3090. my bragging specs : AMD 5950X PBO boost 5.1ghz fabric 1900mhz mems 4 x 8gb 32gb 3800mhz C14( 14-15-15-34) xmp 1.5v have a set 4 x16gb 64gb 3200 c14 dual rank dont like them the fabric at 1600mhz very hard to run them at 3600mhz and fabric set at 1800mhz. GPU Galax HOF OCLab editon water cooled 2150mhz and mems 1300 run MSFS locked 30hz , when dial the settings i unlock the fps put on EGLC London set the weater to storm check gpu usage want 31-32fps then test flight around London , lock 30fps then check gpu usage is 97-98% then turn on clear sky the gpu usage drop to 70-75% , then start to fly no problem at all i have headroom the gpu usage is 50-95% most of the time.
  2. 1. if you run 1440 save some money go for a 3080. 2. 4K 3090 shine , it crush all cards the only one thats close is the 3080 but with way less vram the 20xx series no one close. 3. you need a very good cpu with great ipc and good bins, 5900x 5950x 11900k kf , 10900k is good 2 more cores then 11900k but not as good ipc. 4. you need to understand the Nvidia boost, if you do you see that OC give advatages depending of cooling and silicon quality. 5. undervolting is kind of reverse enginering if you like it do it , but lock at the grafs in the thechpower test when your card hit 75c you ar down to the 0.96v Nvidia techs is not stupid they now what they do, 6. mem temps ar critical miss that in the graph , keep in mind that the 3090 is harder to cool the mems then 3080 series, 3080 mems is on the gpu side on 3090 both the gpu and backplate side. this is for GDDR 6X not GDDR 5 if someone say that they have no problems with memtemps on a 2080ti. 7. 4K with 3090 at 30fps its good you get headrom for load spikes , less risk for stutters I have 2 x 3090 one watercooled with 1000W bios second aircooled 450W bios , 2080ti AIO cooled and 1080ti AIO cooled https://tpucdn.com/review/msi-geforce-rtx-3090-suprim-x/images/clocks-and-thermals.png
  3. use a monitoring app like HWiNFO https://www.hwinfo.com/ when testing pc i use hwinfo and gpuz , when testing MSFS i have them running in background
  4. works like a charm, thanks you made my day
  5. thanks , iam use p3d until this is sorted out , hope they fix it soon until then the MSFS is put in pause mode,
  6. read hardforum undervolting tread, is not clear they now , how the temp boost table looks like or work. the boost table is 10 steps 15mhz total 150 mhz over std bios frq , ex nvidia FE 1695mhz give 1845mhz max boost. a evga with 1800mhz bios max boost 1950mhz thats clear. then we have the 10 step temp curve or what they call it it start with less then 27c on gpu you get a 150mhz boost that table is 15mhz steps and approx 6-6.5 C each step, from 91c down to less then 27c. this is with the critera that you not trigg another feature like powertarge,t idle ( less then 50% gpu load), voltage, memtemp etc. undervolting they adjust only the core but you have lot of hide settings NVVDD (corevoltage), MSVDD, switch frq, load line calibation ex the MSVDD is default 0.937v and its for stability of the boost clock behavor in a easy explination. did a test with std Nvidia 1695mhz clock with a 3 step downclock ( gpu temp betwen 32.5-38c ) gpu load 100% then set my std bios 1905mhz 210mhz OC over STD Nvida frq gpu load 93% and last a 360mhz OC gpu load 91% . the MSFS settings the same and with locked 30fps that clerly show that you get more headroom for a peak with OC even in MSFS . std Nvidia FE 1695. std Galax Hof OCLab 1905 Galax OC +150 2055 EDIT. i not say you shall OC but keep in mind that lot of vendors like EVGA ,ASUS selling cards with differnt default FRQ from 1695mhz up to 1920mhz and powertargets they all behave the same in MSFS , higher base frq more headroom
  7. i dont get you Noel, a 2070Super performs in pair with a 1080ti i have one 1080ti 8700k in a second gaming pc 2080ti 9900k and the amd 5950x 3090 , all with steam with msfs on 4k monitors , when testing with same settings in msfs a go from a slideshow to buttersmooth experiance. i dont like YT vids but this one show game tests with 1080ti 2070super and 3090
  8. this under volt thing is nothing for you guys that want have headroom , what this do if you run 30fps locked its nada difference in powerdraw when not at full load, but when you really need it the boost clock down limited by voltage. i have test diff senarios under volting to 0.93v 0.95v and std 1.083v and 2040mhz boost, and 2130mhz std voltage then 2205mhz 1.19v run TimeSpy the gpu test2 is very hard in the end there you have the max powerdraw. 314w, 321w, 404w, 413w, 506w. as i see it its the same risks as you oc with std voltage undervolting you try to hold the same boost with lover voltage and OC with std voltage you try to raise the boost with same voltage. nvidia have a safe boost for a given voltage you can move down to voltage keep boost or keep voltage and move up the boost. basic the same thing you get closer to the limits in booth cases. MSFS load with 2130mhz std 1.083v approx 290w up to 340w peak with the AS CRJ i run 30fps locked. can get up to 100% gpu load with the 3090 at 30fps i dont recomend to undervolt the gpu its safest to keep it as it is, only reason is if you have very bad cooling botth gpu and PC case.
  9. it depends , if you buy a factory oc card its overclocked the std nivida boost is 1695mhs up to 1860 for a strix oc its 10% overclock, my galax Hof OCLab have 1905 in std bios. i oc the boost 150mhz more to 2055 it normally boost to 2150 all time its a 10% oc over a strix , with no extra voltage . the max powertarget is 600w use 400w in MSFS. you can test for example Port Royal a comon test today. i run sync 30 the the thing is that you have more headroom and less risk to bootleneck the gpu.
  10. i have 2 systems , the one with 9900k @5.2ghz 2080ti with 32gb no problem , the gpu is to weak cant run the same settings in 4k. sytem 2 5950x and 2200mhz 3090 , it use up to 28gb ram and up to 19gb vram uppgrade to 64gb to be safe , it not hurt anything wy not i see no benfit at all with 64gb on mid end sytem with a 2080 or weaker gpu and up to you to decide , if i remember right the old rule of tumb , min ram 2 x vram lot here run 4 x vram on there systems were they probaly be ok with 16gb
  11. i have order 2 extra sticks , it could be wise to get 64gb for future addons in MSFS, a have 32gb ram and 24gb vram , usage 26.5 gb ram and 14gb vram in MSFS and normally 1.8% page file usage
  12. its one reason that i went for a 5950x instead of the 11900k, was lucky to do some work on a cooling pot for my friend , and was free to test the 11900k with AIO cooling and compare the 5950x. ok its a super cpu with extremecooling LN2 but just that . if you look in some of the 11700 11900 treads in the hardware forum i give some hints but could not say all.
  13. now its locks nice, the 3080 its the best bung for bucks GPU for MSFS it in pair with the cheaper "low end 3090" that boost to 1900mhz a 3080 that boost 2025 have the same or sligthly better performance in MSFS. keep in mind that 3090 has 24gb vram and 12 of them on the back side very hard to cool , the only reason to buy 3090 for MSFS is that you run 4K but the gain is minimal
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