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  1. JustanotherPilot

    Absolute horrible FPS in 4.4

    Have you tried running 4.4 without affinity mask and nvidia inspector turned on. Using the AS A320 aircraft and same airport I get 35-60fps with no tweaks. I use a GTX 1060 also but with a i7-4790K no OC @4ghz.. LM have mentioned that with the 64bit release, little, if any tweaks are necessary.
  2. JustanotherPilot

    Sad day goodbye A380

    And not one US/Canadian carrier decided to purchase the A380, I would have thought the shear volume of air travelers in the US and the distance coast to coast, as well as the trans Atlantic sector, would have justified its' purchase, Australia with it's measly population of 25 million has 12 operating through Qantas - how economical they are is another question. In any case I don't see how the A380 could compete with the current 787, A350 economy and with the 777X eventual release I think that will change the way we travel long distances with 300-400 passengers.
  3. JustanotherPilot

    Excellent Support - PC Aviator

    +1 - Dean at the PC Aviator, Australian site provides exceptional service and support.
  4. JustanotherPilot

    P3D Flight Planning

    Flightradar24 http://flightradar24.com allows you to filter aircraft plus more
  5. JustanotherPilot

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    The improvements in Service pack 3 make for a really enjoyable aircraft, the VC texturing has been sharpened and a lot of time gone into the visuals inside and out. iFly have also tweaked the engine sounds, they are now more throaty and deep, akin to the real 747. The flight model has not gone untouched with some work done throughout, the handling seems more definite and the sloppiness in the previous version has now gone. I'm currently flying from YSSY Sydney to SCEL Santiago as QF27, so this 13hr flight should give me a further appreciation of the improvements. The landing will reveal if iFly have removed the nose wheel castor that was evident in v2. All in all - a very good product and excellent alternative to the PMDG release - and with the bonus of the 747-8, which is loaded with new features. With Qantas still operating 747 routes, I now have another aircraft to use with my VA.
  6. JustanotherPilot

    P3D airport selection reset

    Should only take 15mins max, remove client under Windows App uninstall, install client, then remove content, install same way, no need to reinstall any addons as they aren't affected. Poppet, a moderator in these forums has produced an excellent how to do this.
  7. JustanotherPilot

    P3D airport selection reset

    You didn't mention if it was 4.3 or 4.4, in any case might be worth reinstalling client and content, something might have gotten screwed up somewhere.
  8. JustanotherPilot

    How to add freeware airports into p3d?

    I've found the best way, is to store scenery files in a folder outside of the Prepar3dv4x root directory, on a separate drive, I then use the Lorby Addon manager to create the .xml method(and LM preferred), the benefits of doing this are that scenery files do not take up space on a limited SSD drive and if you need to do a complete P3D install again, the scenery can be added by merely running Lorby and point to the previous scenery libraries already created. It would be nice if all scenery developers used the .xml method, I recently had to do a complete P3D reinstall after a hard drive failure and took days to add my ORBX scenery, as opposed to minutes for all my other scenery installed using .xml
  9. JustanotherPilot

    Best Flight Planner

    Simbrief does add SIDS and STARS, they are shown in the OFP, it does not add them to the exported flight plan because, in all probability that would change operationally at flight time, you still need to add them yourself in the FMS/FMC but that's no big deal. I get the impression, you just want to jump into an airliner, turn the key and fly off without completing the other myriad of processes needed to fly.
  10. JustanotherPilot

    A New Long Haul 787 Flight: Auckland to Chicago

    As far as the 787 goes it loves distance, another long flight is YMML Melbourne to CYVR Vancouver, Air Canada AC38 14hr 21min, I flew AC36 Brisbane YBBN to Vancouver 13hr 5min in July, that was long enough for me. There is no joy in mega long flights seated in economy.
  11. JustanotherPilot

    Windows 10 1803 or Greater No Screensaver

    Not sure, you could try it and see, https://www.asus.com/us/site/graphics-cards/gpu-tweak-ii/
  12. JustanotherPilot

    Windows 10 1803 or Greater No Screensaver

    I think you'll find this is caused by Nvidia drivers and Nvidia Control centre not getting on with win 10. I noticed this awhile back when using Asus Game tweaker, (came with my Asus GTX 1060 GPU) a program that closes a lot of background services so that any game (or Prepar3d) runs better (I found that it does), part of the services closed include most nvidia services that run in the back ground, the Nvidia driver is not affected. To clarify, If I start Win 10 and don't run the Asus Game tweaker my screensaver and power saving/sleep mode does not kick in, the PC screen just stays in a ready state, however, if I run the Tweaker and not play any games or run Prepar3d, or when I've completed playing them, exiting to desktop, the screensaver and power saving/sleep mode is initiated as per my settings - because the background services have not been re-started. I gave up trying to get them all to work in harmony.
  13. JustanotherPilot

    The offline ATC space is really crowded these days

    Matt, I tried Vatsim but found it too daunting...and I used to fly real world, prefer to stick with ProatcX .
  14. JustanotherPilot

    Export to .KML

    Dont know if this might help you https://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/planning-flights-with-shapefiles, also LittleNavmap creates and saves to KML and many other formats https://albar965.github.io/littlenavmap.html