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  1. Have you tried connecting using the connect to Sim option in the LNM menu option, this helps me restore connection should I get disconnected through server dropout.
  2. Not sure if P3Dv6 has the same airport AFCAD format as previous versions but you could try doing this (see Link) - although it refers to v5 and an FSX airport creation, I can't see LM changing the format. In any case worth a try. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/635638-removing-trees-from-runway-created-from-ade-fsx/
  3. Don't you hate it when developers release many external views of their pending aircraft, but none of the cockpit or instrument panel which is where you spend most of your time.
  4. I'm using the PMS750 free version and have vertical guidance for both ILS and RNAV approaches
  5. Doesn't do it for me, shouldn't have to, when previously full screen could be saved in settings.
  6. I want it to stop defaulting to windowed mode on startup
  7. I use the black square click spot left on the main panel and even tried red button on throttle quadrant. I've followed videos from A330 Driver, 320 SimPilot and British Avgeek exactly and still doesn't work, step by step written tutorials to the letter. In any case, it's not just the throttles it just won't complete a flight, wasted too many hours trying to - it's now permanently retired.
  8. Dont know about the A310, but I've yet to complete a flight in the A300-600, goes into uncontrolled dives, full electrical failure, refuses to follow vnav in descent and can't get the auto throttles to kick in on takeoff. I do not have any failures checked in the settings. It is now my star hanger Queen.
  9. Thanks for the info, I've been checking my mailbox hourly for update available notification from JF....still waiting. Now downloading via account.
  10. I had a complete instrument failure and engine shutdown at FL350 cruise, couldn't restart or get anything operational again to resume flight (failures were unchecked in settings) this on top of not being able to get auto thrust to work on takeoff. Still some bugs to be sorted.
  11. I had already done this but not showing individual liveries in addonlinker
  12. I can't seem to activate/deactivate single liveries with the B2 - it's one in, all in (I have the same issue with PMDG liveries) I had no problems with activating single liveries in the previous Fenix version, and still activate single liveries in all my other aircraft with the addonlinker The folder structure in B2 seems to have changed, preventing this, or what am I doing wrong with the B2.
  13. I had a similar issue when I upgraded my whole system, I found that the new SSD windows boot sector had formatted to MBR and not GPT (or vice versa, can't remember which), converted it by enclosing the new SSD in an external drive, changed the boot on my laptop using a partition manager, put the new SSD into the new build and it booted up. Worth a look.
  14. Had a similar problem with the BSQ Caravan, turns out I had an old working title GNS Mod in my community folder that was conflicting with the BSQ Nav. Removed the old Mod...problem fixed, Nav system works fine.
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