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  1. Interesting, Although I wouldn't consider Qantas (QFA430) a low cost carrier, sadly, one of the more expensive.
  2. Been trying since day one of release to get the cockpit/ND MFD textures to be clear crisp and sharp, instead of dull, small and fuzzy. I have an RTX30 series GPU and Intel 12th Gen CPU, 32gb ram. Experimented with 'in game' settings, rollback Nvidia drivers and Nvidia control settings all experimented with with no success, if I use any of these settings with the PMDG or Fenix or FBW A32N - all perfect. I've given up and accepted it as it is.
  3. this one made by Easyjetsimpilot download link is below video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALUDcLC5cxE&t=1318s
  4. Quite a few conversions here for the C208 (and B350) https://flightsim.to/c/liveries/cessna-208b/ (type in "black square"(no quotation marks) in the search
  5. You might have to go into the maintenance menu in the FMC and top-up the brake fluid (or whatever the label is) I've experienced a situation where the flaps wouldn't extend for take off, I remedied the problem through the aforementioned maintenance section.
  6. Mr Randazzo alludes to it at 2:18:50 (QW ?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VID16IyTUJQ&t=8449s
  7. Longtime customer of ORBX (since their startup) using FSX P3Dv1,3,4,5 Xplane 10, 11, 12, and now MSFS, spent $k's over the years, but lately have become really disillusioned with their business model, thankfully, they seem to have regular product sales which keeps me coming back, for some scenery/airports I've had on hold, as to their Orbs, some users of past Sim Platforms might benefit from them But the current XP12 and MSFS selections are very limited.
  8. User guide here those interested https://www.fslivetrafficliveries.com/user-guide/ Good instructional video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21CfrS960jk
  9. A gripe of mine, which I raised one month after release was to display UTC in the 24hr format or at least, being offered this option in preferences. One followup request 12 months ago, still waiting - how hard could it be.
  10. Thanks for this entertaining and impartial review, as a result I think I wait for the full release, then perhaps watch another review before purchase.
  11. I wish Level-D would re-enter the 767 market and consider MSFS. Their B767-300 was a game changer for realism in FS2004, then FSX, Unfortunately, the P3dv3 version became a bit 'dated'. Nevertheless, they introduced a new high bench mark for systems and visual accuracy. Gotta agree with 737MAX, I too, am tiring of endless teasers from Developers, F28, Avro RJ and A330 aircraft in development come to mind.
  12. Very Nice!...currently on sale in the Marketplace until Jan 4 2023.
  13. Been down since last Saturday 10th.
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