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  1. Hi, Does it worth the price? Many thanks
  2. I have an another old issue (for 6 months i'd say) which it's not related with flightsim. It's also begun after a windows update. I'm unable to put my monitor in save screen mode. I've tried many things but i still have to turn it off each time i don't use it. Would you also have a solution for this issue? Thanks again.
  3. Thank you very much. Problem fixed.😊
  4. That's possible, I updated windows yesterday and i have this issue since. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have a strange issue with the sim sounds. When i start the Sim (P3D4.5) , sound is ok but if i use ATC the sound is almost completely muted and stay muted. Any idea? Many thanks
  6. Thank you very much. I probably used wrong words.....
  7. Hi everyone, I'm looking for free airport charts (approach, SID/STAR etc) for Heraklion /LGIR but i find nothing . Anyone? . THanks.
  8. Hi everybody, Which scenery airport for Paris you would suggest me (P3D4.5). Thanks a lot
  9. Thanks. We were supposed to have optical fiber this year here in my community but due to "Covid19" it's been delayed. The minimum speed will be 100mbs once installed. Best regards.
  10. Hi, First i don't have MSFS 2020 yet. Just wondering nobody talks about internet speed. Here the maximum speed i have is 25mbs. Anybody has the same average speed and if yes is it sufficient. Thanks
  11. Thanks you both, after cleaning with contact cleaner it works perfect. 😊
  12. Thanks a lot Peter. I'll try with contact cleaner and see if it fix it. Sorry for my bad english.
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