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  1. Lmaire

    A few more repaints on short finals.

    Hello Jon, Could you do this one below for me?. http://www.airliners.net/search?keywords=saab+340+quebecair+express Many thanks
  2. Lmaire

    My 340 paints

    Hello Matt, Would you be able to do this one below? 😉 http://www.airliners.net/search?keywords=saab+340+quebecair+express
  3. Check on their facebook page. You can see pictures of Saab340 (taken on september 2017 with "work in progress" mention)
  4. If i'm not wrong, TSS is working on a Saab 340 soundset.
  5. Lmaire

    EADI / EHSI / GTN readouts updated

    Oups, I've just found instructions in the first version. Sorry.
  6. Lmaire

    EADI / EHSI / GTN readouts updated

    Thanks for those mods Bert. Just wondering, i only replace the Carenado Saab340 panel folder by your panel folder. that's it? Regards
  7. Lmaire

    HSI readouts

    The only meaning i know is also Ground speed?
  8. Lmaire

    External power

    Unbelievable. It's certainely not so difficult to make this external power working. 😠. Anyways, thanks for replying guys.
  9. Lmaire

    External power

    How i can connect the external power. It appears when i check "tow car and static elements" but i have no current/voltage on the electric gauge. Also, you can't start the engine if the static elements aren't removed. Thanks.
  10. Lmaire

    SAAB 340 Released!

    It was a very small company here in Quebec (Canada). Anyways, i can wait after you're finished with the list you have. I can also see with OZx if you can't. Best regards. Real
  11. Lmaire

    SAAB 340 Released!

    I'd would really appreciate if you could paint this one: http://www.airliners.net/search?keywords=saab+340+quebecair+express. This company does not exist anymore, but it would remember me old days.... Best regards. Real
  12. Lmaire

    Analogue Gauge Lights

    Same here
  13. Lmaire

    Reinstalling b737 in FSX-SE

    Thank you very much.
  14. Lmaire

    Reinstalling b737 in FSX-SE

    Hello, I want to reinstall the aircraft in FSX-SE and i wonder if i have to install SP1c and SP1d or only SP1d because it is cumulative. Thank you. Best regards
  15. Lmaire

    Anti collision lights?

    I can see them but unfortunately, the anti collision switch turns both beacon and stobe on., You can't only turn the beacon light on. Regards