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  1. What they mean by "dynamic registration"?
  2. it worked but for an unknown reason it doesn't work anymore......it works with others aircrafts. ????? (ILS still working).
  3. I'm also using TDs NXi and i had the vertical guidance during RNAV approach. It still works with others aircrafts. I'll make other tests and see. Thanks.
  4. Hi, When making an ILS or RNAV approach the glideslope display does not appear on the EADI. The "AN" (angle of attach) is still on the EADI display (and works). I've made test with other aircrafts and it works perfectly. (and it worked with the PC12 before) ??? Thanks .
  5. Waiting if an update will come for the CRJ. Then i'll see. I'd prefer a new soundset for the TBM 850....
  6. After reinstalling, all seem working properly. Thanks for you help.
  7. Hello, I hadn't used to Fenix 320 for a while and now i have strange pink and purple rectangulars in the cockpit windows. Can't see outside the airplane. Any idea?. Many thanks.
  8. I had the same problem but after reading suggestions on the forum, my landings are getting better and better now. When you disconnect the autopilot and the YD, make sure that the rudder angle is the green arc and also don't go too fast. My approach is around 90kts and landing between 70/80 knots. It's not perfect but really easier. Hope that it could help you.
  9. Sorry, I just need to know why i'm not able to. I just need that somebody tell me what i'm doing wrong.
  10. Could somebody tell me why i can't put fuel levers at "fuel cutoff " position. Levers are at the mimimum on my throttle quadrant but they stay at ground idle position in the aircraft. Many thanks.
  11. I agree with you. The TBM 850 is fantastic except for the sound.
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