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  1. I don't know if it's been mentionned before but i think that the cockpit engine sound could be improved. The external one sounds good but not inside the cockpit. I've never flown on a C414 maybe that's me who is wrong. But according to videos i've watched , sounds are not the same. I already love this aircraft, i'm sure that after few updates it will be fantastic. Congratulations FSW.
  2. Hi, Wow, i've finally installed the G1000 NXi version. Really much better and i've just landed in poor weather conditions and the ILS brought me right on the threshold. Thank you very much for your assistance.
  3. I use default G1000 , and HSI was in Vloc mode and i had the right ILS frequency but i'll give another try to see if that's my mistake. Thank you all.
  4. Hi, I try to shoot an ILS approach with the Kodiak 100 but it doesn't follow the Glide slope. I select "apr" button on the autopilot. What is the exact procedure?. Thanks a lot. Real
  5. Hi, Could somebody give me feedback of the TH2 Twin engine lever throttle quadrant?. Many thanks.
  6. Hi, Could somebody give me feedback of the TH2 Twin engine lever throttle quadrant?. Many thanks.
  7. Thank you for your feedback guys.
  8. Hi, Does it worth the price? Many thanks
  9. I have an another old issue (for 6 months i'd say) which it's not related with flightsim. It's also begun after a windows update. I'm unable to put my monitor in save screen mode. I've tried many things but i still have to turn it off each time i don't use it. Would you also have a solution for this issue? Thanks again.
  10. That's possible, I updated windows yesterday and i have this issue since. Thanks
  11. Hi, I have a strange issue with the sim sounds. When i start the Sim (P3D4.5) , sound is ok but if i use ATC the sound is almost completely muted and stay muted. Any idea? Many thanks
  12. Thank you very much. I probably used wrong words.....
  13. Hi everyone, I'm looking for free airport charts (approach, SID/STAR etc) for Heraklion /LGIR but i find nothing . Anyone? . THanks.
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