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  1. Just to make sure, even though it's only indicated for P3D4 on flight one website, i'll have the latest version 1.3? (including P3D5? Thanks
  2. I'd like to buy one of these two aircrafts. Which one would you suggest to me? Thanks
  3. I agree with you Bert. I've also given up.
  4. I''d like to send to them pictures of my local airport and they build it from this pictures.
  5. Hi, Do we have to put a lot of power to make the aircraft moving on the ground or the friction is not correct?. I must apply at least 60% of load to make moving. Thanks
  6. Sorry for the delay. Thank you guys.
  7. I've tried few things and it works correctly so far. Thanks again guys.
  8. Hi, Could somebody tell me how add scenery in P3D. In FSX we just drop the file in Addon Scenery folder and add it in the setting menu. But in P3D i see any Addon scenery folder. Thanks. Real
  9. Thank you Steve. As i said to Dave, i'll see after Christmas. I'm pretty busy with last things before Christmas. Merry Chritmas to all of you. Real
  10. Thank you Dave. I'll have a look after Christmas. Pretty busy these last hours .
  11. Hum, unfortunately the problem is back.
  12. Here is my rig: Processor Intel I7 9700K 8 cores CPU cooler Corsair Hydro H100i Pro 32GB memory Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (2X16GB) DDR4 3000 Mother board Gigabytes Aorus Z390 Master SSD 1TB Samsung 860 Evo M.2 HDD 2TB Black SATA Graphic card RTX 2080ti Ultra 11GB Power supply Corsair 850W RM serie Windows 10 PRO 64b Thank you very much and best wishes for Christmas Real
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