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  1. Bottom line: FB makes sceneries that are beautiful, highly , highly detailed with EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE!! That's what I am looking for, don't try to sell me another SLIDESHOW !!
  2. I just don't want another slide show!!! Inibuilds KJFK
  3. don't understand what u mean ? please d explain. Thanks
  4. Yes. I am getting stutters on my system, u can't really compare the 2 systems to liari, from a 3080 to a 4090 and when u say pushing out updates, their has been only 1.. I bought my product via Orbx, only 1 update so far. But yes, I am also running KJFK, KEWR and Sam Scene as well. Hopefully the fix the stutter situation!!
  5. oh man that stinks, is their a repair button somewhere like the old days of FSX
  6. thanks, Bob, so I am not the only one with the plane stuck in the sky.
  7. JYW I agree with u all the way!!! The plane could be flying beautifully for 1 hr, 2 hrs 3 hrs really doesn't make a difference, next thing I know, the A300 is stuck in the sky, and nothing moving. I have a lot of other addons, PMDG 737 series, Fly the Maaddog,, this issue never happens with these planes. It's becoming very frustrating, and once again u loose trust and creditability of a developer. Come on after several updates since release, almost 2 months ago. we spend our hard earned money, for this gorgeous plane, and still have these problems. Sometimes u think its Rush to Release.
  8. still no fix about what is going on , with the inibuilds Manager, and saying for KMIA in Blue to install Who else has this issue ? Hopefully they fix it soon. Its been mentioned on their forum..
  9. I saw on their forum its been brought up about inibuilds manager show KMIA in BLUE to install. Problem still exists, Anybody else still have this ongoing problem ?
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