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  1. I am having problems with the default airbus-320 not climbing after a while, or even descending as well. I have no problems with the other jets, 747, 787. etc. Here we go, I make a flight plan atc tells me to climb to 10,000, the plane climbs I have no problem here. Next for example atc, will tell me to climb to 22,000.. Npw the airbus stays just at 10,000 and refuses to climb. So, what, am I doing wrong here ?
  2. I just want PMDG to deliver the 700 and 800 version. Just look at this topic and how it has created a buzz. the PMDG project is alive, we all are waiting for the Boeing 737, the PMDG version. thanks u, hopefully soon
  3. Helped me out a bit, confused! I have the steam version, updated last week. I am also from the states, is this another update ? Was just on it no mention of an update That stinks wiped out!!!
  4. my community folder is the same as pete_auau
  5. Oh come on u have to be kidding!!!! How many years have u been flying???? I really have to laugh about this thread!!!! Since update 7really messed things up. Besides a 30gb update when the sim or game what ever u want to call it is over a year old. Enough said
  6. Edpatino, maybe u could be a little more specific, like what key did u use to make the end key work with the keyboard ? this driving me nuts.!!
  7. still cannot figure this out, any other thoughts or suggestions ????
  8. looked in controls the end key is still bind to external cockpit views, nothing has changed. once again this happened right after update 7. this is really weird. It also seems other people have this same bug. any more suggestions. will they fix this bug?
  9. The end key has topped working on my keyboard to change external views, going from cockpit to outside view and vicer versa. I have been using fs 2020 since last year and never had a problems with the end key until this current update #7 I tried another key board that I had and the same problem, end key did not work. The num lock key is off by the way, any suggestions or is this another BUG in update#7.
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