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  1. When I had KMCO in FSX performance was fantastic and great The developer has to fix this or he will loose plenty of sales!!!.I will never buy this product until he gets the pg issue fixed.
  2. KMCO with no PG, definite no buy!!! Has to get it fixed!!! Plus the price is way to HIGH!! I was really looking forward to this!!
  3. I already bought the MK version, but looking at some of the pics, they sure look good!!!
  4. One point I have to make unlike other developers we don't get a slide show. For $10.00 I get a smooth ride and I am a happy camper. Bottom line FS Dreamteam, flytampa, and Flightbeam are the best airport developers!!!
  5. i have made several flights from kden to kphx. I bought KDEN a couple of weeks ago including the update. KDEN ran great on my system the stutters that I did have was at KPHX, when I was taxing to the terminal Specs 10700k oc 4.8ghz 10 vram 3080 TLOD 150 VSYNC on
  6. Well, I ended up buying kden, I thank u all for ur opinions.
  7. I need some suggestions of a nice airline airport in the US, just curious if I am missing something at the current time. I fly almost all the time with with the PMDG 737-600, 800, and 900. by the way, I own the following airports, KJFK, KLGA, KEWR, KBOS, KSYR, KBUF,KIAD< KDCA, KCLT, KFLL, KTPA, KPHL, KORD, KDTW, KDAL, KLAS, KPHX, KSAN, KLAX, KSEA, CYYZ, CYVR. I know down the line, their will be a KIAH, and up in Minneapolis. Also down the line will have a KMCO, KSLC, and a KDFW,. But, I am looking to buy an airport which is already out now, since I just had a hernia operation and will be flying more. My system specs are: Windows 10, 3080, Nividia, 32 gb"s, 3400 mhz, 4.8 speed, Alienware, 1000 power, 32" Dell monitors running on 2k
  8. Here are some of my thoughts, just bought it yesterday. performance was pretty solid, mostly smooth, no they are not like flightbeam, flytampa, or fs dreamteam, defintely a step below. but finally I bought an airport where it is not a slide show,unlike Inibuilds, KJFK the scenery is a bit on the bland side, but flying into 9r or 9l was very smooth. Would I recomend this airport, I do have on the east coast KBOS, KJFK, KEWR, KLGA, KDCA, and KIAD my answer is YES
  9. How is performance ? Don't want to buy another slide show!!
  10. Fs Dreamteam is one of the big developers of airports! Their airports were always optimized as far as performance. When I had FSX, had many of their airports, Memphis, KJFK, KORD, KCLT, CYVR, KLAX, KDFW, and KIAH/ I never complained about performance with their airports, unlike other developers, who put out gorgeous scenery but u end up having a slide show!.
  11. if its coming from fs dreamteam this is definitely a first day buy!!!
  12. great set of pics! Pics coming in on final looks like 4l are outstanding!!!
  13. Real Air with FSX was fantastic and with the Duke coming wholy cow! Instant buy
  14. tempting to buy, why spend all this money and time on the interiors of airports, seems like the new thing for developers!!!! Performance for me is the key!!! Any other stories?
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