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  1. A) it's not possible to back out an update and B) What's this got to do with VR? Your post isn't very specific in details 😉
  2. 4/ World Map doesn't remember selected Time 5/ Zooming in on world map sometimes airports and parking icons completely disappear 6/ Changing time with the mouse is a laborious task that is a regression from previous versions
  3. Yes but you have to use SteamVR and with that i use the OVRToolkit app which is excellent, I've but seen another way to do it with just WMR yet (please post anyone of you know how).
  4. It's the menu and UI. If you can read it, it's fine. Can you? No, it's so bad that small text is very hard if not impossible to read, this was perfectly readable in SU4.
  5. #Sigh Just because you're not affected doesn't mean they don't exist, he'res a list of VR issues introduced with SU5: Anti Aliasing in menus Anti Aliasing on in flight tool bar and screens Regression on sharpness of the cockpit using Render Scaling Clouds on Ultra looking the same as Medium in SU4 Mouse pointer issues where it’s harder to turn knobs, click buttons than in SU4 Potential issue with a laggy mouse in cockpit Even worse washed out image in SU5 than before (which was already bad)
  6. Can't take screenshots showing the degradation in VR, but it's clearly there.
  7. Maybe flight sim Devs, but compared to a lot of other gaming/simulation Devs Asobo are very poor at communication in my opinion. They've not learnt from past mistakes (remember the Flaps issue and the silence surrounding it!), sure the Q&As are all good but direct communication when it's needed is not good enough and I've certainly seen much much better elsewhere.
  8. they're vastly different, as has been mentioned many times ULTRA now represents what MEDIUM was pre-SU5.
  9. ULTRA is sticking for me so this isn't a widespread affecting everyone type issue.
  10. Previous updates brought new flaws and issues to the Sim, but I always "got on" with flying and still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. SU5 however is the first update where I'm struggling to get enjoyment from it, the visual degradation (in VR) is appalling and in so many areas it's not even funny. I'm gonna persist and try to carry on but it's gonna be a struggle. The deafening silence from Asobo/MS on this whole pa lava of an update is not surprising either, their communication (outside of the decent Q&As) is incredibly poor, their acknowledgement of issues outside of CTDs is also incredibly poor. Past mistakes have not been learnt from and that is a massive worry for me with this title, almost one year on and they've regressed the Sim - not made it better.
  11. In VR it was washed out since the moment we got the first VR update, you really tell as the Mirror image on the monitor wasn't as bad. Now with SU5 is even more washed out, regardless of season or time of day. It's an issue that needs rectifying, add it to the monumentous list that Asobo have created for themselves.
  12. They haven't learnt from past mistakes so I'm not holding my breath for any immediate extra hot fixes, a year on and Asobo resemble something of a shambles quite frankly.
  13. No point changing values for VR users as we're stuck with what we've got as those settings (mostly) don't work, Asobo wrecked the clouds and graphics in general with this update. The regression is there for all to see and yet Jorg stated in an interview earlier this year: “We’ll never dumb down the sim.." #RollEyes
  14. Aahh i clicked the link above my post which says: "NOTE: This does not add more traffic but upgrades the default AI vessels."
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