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  1. Slight FPS loss with SU14 & DX11 not big enough to notice in VR thankfully, but I've got more of a loss with DX12 which was on par with SU13 so that's disappointing.
  2. Proof they don't read AVSim then 🤣
  3. Yeah I read never expecting miracles, rarely do even I see/read these kinda threads but I'm always intrigued regardless. I did a load more benchmarks with SU13 the other night, once SU14 settles down a bit (servers) I'll do them again and compare.
  4. Himalayas is safe then 😄 I like that mesh, nice to fly in remote areas with it.
  5. That could be due to the servers taking a hammering, give it a day or two and see if it settles down.
  6. Wasn't there an Nvidia driver update earlier in the year that negated the need to delete shaders?
  7. Mine eventually finished on its own without my interference.
  8. Started at 5:45pm it's now 7:10pm and I've got to 91% 🤣 utter joke, but at least I've had dinner and the footballs on to watch instead (dreadful games on though!)
  9. you'd think MS would've got a grip on overloaded servers after all these decades in computing, but no, it's like being back on dial-up 14.4k modem!
  10. stuck at 2.59gb, will go and make dinner and see if it shifts
  11. Using VR I've previously avoided DX12 like the plague, as it was mainly a slide show. Occasionally I'd take a look after an update and it gradually improved in terms of performance, then last night I did a bunch of VR Benchmarks in preparation for todays update and was surprised to see how well DX12 performed with S13 as it was the first time I looked with that update, so it'll be interesting to see if there's any difference when I benchmark todays update later.
  12. They never said it would be resolved in SU15, just that they are aware of it and asking for locations even though the thread in question already has hundreds.
  13. It's great he finally acknowledged it, but SU5 was released on the 27th July 2021, so almost two and a half years later, sad considering it was one of the very first things picked up and reported on the official site at the time. So yeah, great we might get a fix in SU15 or thereafter, but this should've been noted and sorted literally years ago.
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