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  1. Note that we did find an issue relating to add-on folder path selection and installation looping, if you uninstalled the previous build then installed 8600. Please uninstall once more, get B8603 just posted, and the problem should be resolved. Thank you.
  2. I'm not finding your ticket. Please provide ticket ID #?
  3. Everyone: There is a specific place to post bugs and obtain support. This isn't it. We can't help properly if you don't communicate with us or use the proper channels. We have many users not having any of these issues, and we can't even begin to speculate what the problem is without proper information/logs/error details. It could be a bug/unforeseen issue with your configuration or other add-ons. Who knows. But we can't even begin to look at this unless you share your info with us. So if you would like this to be resolved, please do share that info. It would also be a shame to miss the opportunity to resolve this obviously rare issue before we officially release, which is coming very soon. Support tickets do require a little time for a response. If you provide all the info required/requested, resolutions are relatively quick. Also: You do not need to uninstall ASP6 before installing a new update on top. Bug reports/forums: http://forums.hifisimtech.com Support tickets: http://hifisimtech.zendesk.com Thanks!
  4. Our latest update now provides backwards compatibility for third party API radar support (using non-volumetric clouds).
  5. New update posted, adding backwards compatibility for radar API and v5-based aircraft add-ons. Radar in your PMDG and other V5 aircraft should now work when using legacy clouds. https://hifisimtech.com/asp6-update-posted/ If there is enough demand, we will be looking at adding volumetric radar support in the future. Thanks again for all the support and encouragement. We hope that those participating in early access have enjoyed their experience thus far, and based on the actual user feedback we are getting, things look extremely stable and positive, with official release coming very soon. If you have any pending feedback, please make sure to get it to us ASAP. Changelog Update 071923 Added backwards P3D v5 compatibility for detailed radar API, so that third party aircraft radar displays with ASP3D (v5) radar compatibility will work with ASP6 (in legacy non-volumetric clouds mode) Documentation updated Note: The module name has changed from as_connect.dll to as_connect_v5.dll to establish backwards compatibility. When installing then running this update for the first time, the module/addon configuration will may be updated and a simulator restart required message may be shown. Restart your simulator to enable the configuration change if you see this message. Update 071723 Added P3D v6 6.0.28 (patch 2) support Added additional messages/proper handling when P3D version mismatch exists and ASP6 needs update Reduced upper CDD maximum (for minimum and maximum cloud draw distance options) to 110 instead of 180 due to flicker and other issues found at higher CDD settings with P3Dv6 Reduced default CDD min/max to 100 (was 110) for better default performance with P3D v6 – Higher CDD settings have higher performance penalties Documentation updated Note: If you have previously changed cloud draw distance settings, it is recommended to check your minimum and maximum cloud draw distance settings after updating to confirm they are as expected given the new defaults and maximums.
  6. Something does appear wrong with that path shown in the screenshot and just a guess, but it appears to be a configuration/installation issue based on incorrect paths. Onedrive is not specified that way to my knowledge. A support ticket at http://hifisimtech.zendesk.com is always available for direct HiFi support.
  7. Since this thread is dominated by "criticism" by the same extremely vocal and extremely small minority (untrue and misrepresented as their arguments may be), I grow too tired and discouraged to continue participating, and this will likely be my last post. THIS is why P3D developers are not sticking it out. We'll keep trying for now but it's really not very fun anymore and gets more painful by the minute. Ya'll have absolutely no idea how much sacrifice has gone into this effort and what has transpired in the community, and the challenges we have faced. I'd ask you "critics" who have nothing constructive to say, to consider showing a little grace and humility, or at least to stop and think before you post further disparaging falsehoods..... but I know that's too much to ask for. To set the record straight, we were overwhelmed with requests for optional early access to ASP6 during the beta phase, and we did what we always do, we gave our customers and supporters what they asked for. The narrative that we are forcing people to pay to beta test a bug-ridden product is incredibly egregious, short-sighted and unfounded. The official release of ASP6 is very near. Thanks to the overwhelming majority of folks who have engaged in very meaningful and respectful communications. I'll continue further respectful discussion on other threads/forums.
  8. Yes, transitions are smooth, please see the product page and if you'd like more details, you can install the product and read the documentation (in the installation\documentation folder). You can get it from our downloads page at http://hifisimtech.com/downloads. AS In cloud visibility reduction and cloud motion effect are features we debuted about 10 years ago for FSX/P3/P4. This won't work with volclouds (yet) but work with legacy clouds thus our note regarding such. Of course, P6 includes it's own forms of visibility reduction when in clouds, and it's done quite nicely. We integrate with that fully and the visibility restrictions are proper as you would expect.
  9. Just to clarify for those who may be confused, the posts/screenshots/fps issues being recently discussed are not at all in relation to ASP6.
  10. The anti piracy protection triggered because of the bug regarding P3D version checking/compatibility and our lack of Patch 2 support in the previous build and the repeated attempts/crashes of the client. I did personally respond to your tickets within our standard response time. The issue did clear within an hour or two after you reported this, as your max logouts were not exceeded and reset automatically at that time. I did manually reset them anyhow. As I explained in the tickets, this issue won't occur again as we've fixed the bug regarding the version check and added Patch 2 support in the now posted update. We can't remove the anti-piracy controls, however. If your client is crashing repeatedly, further attempts will only trigger the system again, so there is no need to keep trying after getting the same crash/error 5+ times in a row. As requested, please forward your bugs/inquiries to the HiFi ASP6 forum during this EARLY ACCESS Beta phase. Thank you.
  11. We're considering it (in the longer term - we don't have any short-term plans for this unfortunately).
  12. ASP6 update posted with Patch 2 support!
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