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  1. We're working on resolving an issue with e-mails that started today. We hope to have resolution very soon and suggest trying again momentarily. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  2. Alex, We identified and this issue and fixed it in a pending update coming shortly. Thanks.
  3. They had some trouble with the setup and the timing involved, but should be online shortly. Thanks for your patience.
  4. Nicely played.... We'll be patient and work hard for your patronage!
  5. Chris, I recommend seeking some actual impressions from users, but I can comment on the feature set here. Surface crosswind attenuation has a percentage slider, from 0% to 100%. We recommend 50% in most cases. At this setting, it will gradually apply more crosswind attenuation the closer to the ground you get, starting at about 300agl. This allows for proper smoothing to achieve the expected attenuation by flare/touchdown. At higher % settings, it will "kick in" at higher altitude and apply more attenuation in general. The goal at 50% setting is to give you what we, as active GA pilots, discerning simmers and programmers (dev and testing teams), feel is "just about right" for appropriate effort and rudder/aileron input required for a center-line side-slip touchdown, providing enough authoritative command for proper aircraft control during touchdown and rollout. You may want to adjust % based on aircraft used, your level of experience, desired challenge, etc. When the attenuation "kicks in", it starts very slightly and as mentioned increases the closer to the ground you get. It works very smoothly. It also adjusts the wind speed to provide for the exact same headwind/tailwind component so that your performance calculations are realized (landing distance, takeoff distance, rollout, etc.) We worked really hard on active, dynamic and realistic winds including gusts, variability, vertical winds, and our own turbulence effects. We also have an option to override most x-plane turbulence to provide the pure ASXP turbulence experience. We felt the same about X-Plane default turbulence, and thus this was probably one of the biggest priorities and efforts during development. Thanks for asking, hope that helps!
  6. I'm sure you'd like to hear it from users, but I can guarantee you this works fine, I do this all the time in testing.
  7. Great feedback, received clearly. ASXP is not a visuals replacement, however. It's a core weather engine simulation platform. You can use any and all add-ons that enhance visuals, and pretty soon, we'll have our own complete visuals replacement along with full integration for other developers to take advantage of the wx engine itself. Yes we know everyone dislikes the cloud redraws, I guarantee you that we dislike them even more. Thanks for your support and for giving us a chance to develop further!
  8. Jeff, I understand your frustration. Have you made a ticket yet? I'm looking and don't see one. Your assumptions are not correct but again I sympathize with your frustration. Please do realize however that out of many active users already, we have less than a handful of problem reports, most resolved already. I can confirm your experience is extremely isolated. I'd love to try and help you if you'll give me our the rest of our team the opportunity. https://support.hifitechinc.com
  9. Hello all, To clarify any misunderstandings: AS6.5 is very old and the data it uses is no longer available. The network and server software/technologies designed for it, and the software itself would need a redesign in several areas that is not within our capability. If we could provide the data, we would. ASE was discontinued for several reasons, this is also an old product that was kept available for some time to continue to provide an FS9 solution, but we could not support FS9 and FSUIPC interface indefinitely while also developing for all the new platforms and demands of our users with a VERY small development and support team. Typically we discontinue products (no longer sell them) after about 5-8 years from release. We have no plans to stop providing ASE data. We provided AS6.5 data for many years after it was discontinued, and only stopped because the data is no longer available as explained. With that said, we cannot officially guarantee unlimited indefinite access to discontinued products. The data ASE uses may become unavailable, beyond our control, at some point, and we would not be able to assign resources to redesign fundamental core data components for such an old product. But we don't see that happening any time soon. We have always provided many free updates for all product versions, many new features, constant maintenance and support, and in some cases free upgrades to brand new versions. We've also provided significant discounts and promotional opportunities along the way. After AS6.5 there was ASX, ASA, offered at significant discounts to AS6.5 users, and ASE was provided as a free upgrade to ASA users. We strive to provide tremendous value to our customers, and I think our history has proven that. If anyone would like to contact me for further discussion please feel free to open a ticket at http://support.hifitechinc.com. Thanks everyone.
  10. Hello all, We are as always very busy working on new projects. Much of what we are working on is not something we can provide details on right now for various reasons, but official announcements on new stuff planned this year should be coming soon. As mentioned, we typically do not discuss, market nor hype a new product or version until it is very late in development, the feature list is confirmed and the software is mature and near stable. We feel that discussing things too early tends to cause problems including missed or misled expectations and is not fair to our users or the rest of the community. Of course there are other complications to consider in all this including contracts and NDAs, etc. Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned at any of our support and community sites including here, our official support forums, our facebook page or our support portal, all of which are available from hifisimtech.com .
  11. Dave, I show current 1553-1555 METARs for all stations on all servers. The website issue was resolved, on an unrelated server network. If you continue showing old data, please make sure you are using live real-time mode.
  12. Hi, Gust effects are tied into wind shear, and thus if your maximum wind shear setting is less than 50% you will see some gust attenuation. Suggest maximum wind shear set to 50 or 75 for realism and full gust effects. We've recently updated documentation/UI option notes to help make this more clear.
  13. I second the a2a aircraft. Doesn't get more accurate IMO. Regarding landing light for night VFR flight, only if operated for hire. See http://www.askacfi.com/1647/vfr-required-equipment.htm .
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