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  1. Hi, Yes winds can certainly be that high/different between surface and 3000ft level, it all depends on conditions. I've seen much higher even in some cases! 30kt delta at 3000ft last spring in Socal, for example, IIRC. You can compare with actual sources, it should all be consistent with some fairly minor deviations. If there's some discrepancy you are seeing, please report it (support ticket) along with the data showing that and we'll investigate. ASN-SE definitely uses the aloft data as well as surface data, and works to provide a realistic transition between the two, with some advanced effects as well as vertical and horizontal interpolation. See the user's guide for more info. ASN-SE is quite old, our newer products have significant forward development and new features, with interface limitations depending on the platforms. ASNP3D for P3Dv5 is the most recent and evolved.
  2. If you haven't yet run the simulator after a fresh install, the required files may not be found. Please try running P3D first then re-try running AS and things should be found automatically. FWIW, the Simulator Installation Path is in C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 (by default) and the Simulator appdata folder is at C:\Users\username\Appdata\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 (by default). There should be no "HiFi folder" selected, we're looking for P3D stuff here. I think the P3D run should resolve this though.
  3. We don't like it either, but the activation/security was required due to prolific piracy, shared usage of licenses, and account theft - and the new system has helped reduce all these issues, allowing us to continue development. If you don't appreciate the features of ActiveSky, there are tons of options as you've found. Enjoy!
  4. ASP3D B8054 just posted with 5.3 HF2 compatibility...
  5. This should always be cleared out with a new P3D update that has EA/Volclouds changes (most do lately), the DeleteGeneratedFiles script is really the best way to do this if you can afford the time to re-do your settings, to make sure all configurations are proper per the new version. Both. There are quite a few 5.3-specific changes, but also many affecting all versions. To clarify (the changelog is a bit ambiguous here, will be corrected), the new in-cloud vis reduction and CME for EA mode is specific to 5.3+. The other changes not showing 5.3+ relevance work for all versions.
  6. Sounds like you may need to check that you have a flight plan loaded. That kind of transition pattern should not happen if you do. If you don’t, and another weather station has differing data to your destination, you get the transition as you fly over or closer to that other station. In any case, many users prefer the legacy clouds and that does have benefits in many situations such as with variable theme weather depiction.
  7. Not Eric, but no, for 4.5, the latest build applies. I believe there is a bit of confusion here related to different versions/builds and applicability. The 5.3 specific changes we made are only specific to 5.3. Other versions all have different interfaces. If you are using 5.2, you may miss some recent changes we made that are specific to 5.3 and can't work with 5.2 for several reasons. See changelog on our website for details. We always recommend the latest official build or open beta build if you'd like to participate in beta testing. Thanks.
  8. To clarify, there are SOME changes that are targeted at 5.3 which obvious won't be seen in earlier versions. The visibility smoothing delay issue that some have been experiencing prior to 8040 are mainly specific to 5.3. There are other changes in the recent builds that pertain to all versions as well. To summarize, 5.3-specific changes and tuning are only available in 5.3 and not applicable to any earlier version.
  9. Yes, for consumers, it's undeniably a good thing to have open competition.
  10. Here’s hoping they do open up the SDK one day, perhaps then efforts by third parties, for example the 20 years of experience we have combining forecast models with surface observations into a cellular depiction system, could be appreciated and realized in MSFS again. Maybe having third party weather options (using approved interface methods) is not a bad thing, at least not for actual simmers. But (enough of) the community is against the idea of any wx addon via SDK, and that will probably have to change before the devs consider it.
  11. Make sure a flight plan is loaded to prevent unexpected conditions on approach due to adjacent wx stations in the area. We’re hoping to improve or supplement the volclouds vis restriction in these cases to bring back some IMC accuracy that is missing here, once the core simulator changes here slow down a little. For now, volclouds off or ea off is recommended for the best accuracy in ceilings and cloud depiction in general.
  12. You are reviewing a conditions report at an airport, but you are not at that airport from what I can see, so this is not a useful comparison. Perhaps the local conditions were the same but that is not apparent. Discrepancy reports need proper comparison based on actual location. Regarding volclouds accuracy, it is known that there are limitations and 500ft-1000ft base deviation from when you can see out of the cloud is quite common. This is not specific to any add on.
  13. Thank you, you are very welcome and we are honored to have such great support of our ongoing efforts for P3D. Happy Holidays everyone!
  14. If you haven't run P3D yet, only installed it from a fresh install, some certain files/indexes won't be there and it may not properly validate the installation. In this case just running P3D once will resolve that.
  15. Yes the "shader fix" did conflict with our earlier 8016 attempts that were posted near simultaneously (unintentionally of course). We have a new build coming very soon, and the shader fix will be recommended, since it works better than our earlier "fix" attempts at working around the bug in the first place (which have been mostly reverted in the upcoming build).
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