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  1. My test area is KTEB, its a slide show after uninstalling the W10 update still. Was always a bit hard on my rig but since the latest MSFS update its pretty much unflyable.
  2. right on guys, going to try it and see if my performance comes back
  3. oh sorry missed that, so you cant roll back this update, man that stinks
  4. Heard some gamers are having a hard time with this update affecting performance, I have been having massive stutters and bad fps lately, this update was installed on April 13th (KB5001330) thinking of rolling back, anyone have opinions?
  5. Would love to know your road map for developing Canadian scenery, was going to buy my simaddons scenery again for MSFS but wow you do amazing work. I will be picking this up for sure. Maybe you can show the East Coast some love. 🙂
  6. Going to wait for Hifi to figure this stuff out. They are the best of the best in my opinion.
  7. I kinda skip through most of this thread, so when are they releasing it? And will it be for MSFS as well?
  8. I'm liking it. Love the acars atis feature.
  9. Keep up the great work😊 this sim stuff can be hard to do I imagine.
  10. Nice pics, Yes I'm really starting to love it, I have everything dialed in and its so smooth with so much detail, and I finally have a solid working aircraft(Working Title CJ4) Even spent money on my first payware airport FSDT KEYW.
  11. Yes that's pretty much my beef too. I'm all over the place. This should be on the top of the list to be fixed.
  12. Ya I restarted. Maybe it will go away on next update 😃
  13. Hey guys I went into developer mode and brought up the fps window and now even when I leave developer mode it is stuck on. Went back into dev mode and closed it up again when I return to regular flight it appears. Is there a hot key I may have pressed to make it show up,????? Not sure what happened.
  14. This news is un"bear"able, and yes I am drinking and I do think it's funny.
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