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  1. MrSpeaker


    Just got chaseplane, love the UI and how smooth and easy it is, however was a little disappointed about the issues with motion effects on the Majestic Dash8, been playing with the settings but cant seem to dial a good motion effect for a pilots view, would someone care to post their motion settings to help me get a better ground roll and landing effect.
  2. MrSpeaker

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I'm pretty sure all you have to do is open ftx central and it activates all the scenery again, with no need to reinstall.
  3. MrSpeaker

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    To get PBR on future 3rd party add-ons you only need to update the client right? I didn't really see anything in the content and scenery that I feel I need to install.
  4. MrSpeaker

    FlythemadogX just released SP1

    How's it on fps. I have a 4790k and a 1080 TI.
  5. Ya at this point I think Im willing to take the chance. If it does not work out I will just use a freeware product. If they had some decent other products to spend the money on I would. But all I see is a couple airports in Spain and a weather engine. If they offered a simmarket voucher I would also consider it.
  6. Can you just back up the files you have installed and add them manually later if needs be. 16 euros is like 30 bucks for me. And they offer a credit for one of their products but I don't really see anything that interests me.
  7. So if you miss the 15th deadline your just simply out of luck? you have to purchase the product at full price? I didn't even get an email yet.
  8. MrSpeaker

    Falcon 50 FPS

    Ya I'm getting horrible fps. Like 23 to 26. My pmdg 747 runs 30 plus. I know it's beta but I'm hoping it gets better.
  9. LoL my first and only laugh of the day.
  10. MrSpeaker

    Quickest Way to Clean Your Rig (internally)

    I do that too except with a shop vac that has a blower on it. The amount of dust is surprising. 😀
  11. I have a 2tb m2. I keep everything on the same drive now. I use to always keep the OS and my flight sim on different drives. But since switching to p3d and ssd,s I don't know if there is much benefit to doing that. It's pretty much just a dedicated flight rig anyways. So it's pretty clean.
  12. MrSpeaker

    Cargo Version

    Just wondering if you ever do another update would you be able to give us an option to suspend any dialog that makes it sound like there are passengers onboard.???:)
  13. MrSpeaker

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    I don't like it. I use proatc x now. No ATC add-on is perfect. But I have less issues with proatc x
  14. I used the disabler.exe the other day. It worked perfectly. You just have to unplug all the usb after running it.
  15. MrSpeaker

    The Vertx DA62 Coming soon to Prepar3D v4

    Any rain effects ? Looks awesome.