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  1. Its basically all the post processing, all monitors are different, my old 1080p looked fine, then I got a new curved ultawide, and meh just wasn't the same. switched it all off and was happy with the result.
  2. I don't like bloom on, actually on my monitor with HDR on I disable all the post processing effects. Looks way more realistic. Maybe someone will created a better sun texture that's a little softer around the edges for us who don't use bloom.
  3. Just a heads up, possibility of an fscaptain msfs installer by the 31 of December. Been waiting for this for a long time. (Source The state of MSFS 2020 development | FSCaptain Discussion Forums (proboards.com)
  4. I have the gigabyte 4070 TI no regrets, I have a 9900k cpu so that holds me back a bit, but I'm loving the frame generation and DLSS 3, I'm about to get my first AMD processor the 7800x3d my 4070 has 12 gb of vram, I don't use VR so its not as much of an issue for me. IMHO if you are happy now you will be happier with the 4070.
  5. Im using DLSS (Quality) with my 4070TI, A user in a FB group told me a neat trick to help with the ghosting on the glass cockpits, I went into my usercfg file and turned up the secondary scaling from 1.0 to 1.8 SecondaryScaling 1.800000 Works great in the PMDG 737
  6. Think I'm off of FT, they spend too much time doing interiors and it just kills performance. At least make it an option.
  7. I didn't buy it because they said it wont work with airports bought from marketplace, has that changed?
  8. If you ever get it I hope you will do a review.
  9. Very nice, I just bought acuseason last week. I love it Btw.
  10. I would pay money if REX could do something about the god awful snow in the winter, especially on the runways and taxiways
  11. Ya think I will just pump the breaks until a lad from our community takes it for a spin in a realistic flight sim environment. Not this outside the cockpit with a default aircraft BS
  12. You apparently can use it the traditional way, as I have seen through some youtube videos. however I have asked via their forum about callsigns and they have not gotten back to me, I wanted to know if I would be call by a real-world callsign like WestJet 718, not Whiskey Juliet Alpha 718, There was a thread on the site with extra voice sets by Mave creations that I used for the proatc x version but I cant get my question answered if they work for the SR version.
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