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  1. strange rudder problem

    Do you use ezdok camera. If so shut off fuselage shakes.
  2. No sounds from audio test or pilots.

    I reinstalled v3.3. Works again. 😆
  3. No sounds from audio test or pilots.

    Im having the same issues Im having the same issues, I just updated to the new 3.3 I dont understand the key bindings you speak of, i have a button on my yoke set to Autofeather ON/OFF which brings up the main panel, f22 as the default AC aswell, every previous version worked fine
  4. Custom Cold and Dark

    Darn missed that. Thanks so much.
  5. I wanted to create a Cold and Dark state with the 747 because of the known issues with the stock panel states. But of course when I do this I can't save the state because the power is off lol. Any work arounds
  6. CYVR 071924Z and SkyForce3D performance

    I'm using AS as well. This happened around dusk. During the day I seem to have zero issues and my fps is great. Only happened once so far.
  7. CYVR 071924Z and SkyForce3D performance

    I got it last night flying into New Foundland Canada. Was getting 9 fps. I have turned off HDR in the sim and all HDR options in SF to see if it happens again.
  8. REX Sky Force - Cloud Model Sync Explanation

    I bought SF yesterday and love it. Using it with AS. Great job. I am completely satisfied. Also love how you guys always manage to slip in a discount to your customers. Not many devs do that on an initial release. ?
  9. Do you have to do the update when they roll it out. I have all updates shut off in w10 via the group policy editor. I will check my 4790k to see if it's at risk.
  10. REX Skyforce 3D Released

    Can someone post if it will work with active sky.
  11. I'll be off one

    Okay just wanted to make sure ?
  12. I'll be off one

    I pull up the PA screen and select TOD and he notifies the cabin to prepare for arrival. Then during the descent the FO does it again anyways. Maybe i am not understanding something.
  13. I'll be off one

    I notify the cabin of TOD, but my first officer always says I will be off 1 and notify them again to prepare for arrival. am I missing something????
  14. I need to vent!

    Took a vector after takeoff got interrupted by the kids. Thought i engaged lnav and I would just land later. Came back and I was out in the middle of the Atlantic with a low fuel indicator lol. Anyways I have permanently disabled w10 updates using the group policy editor. It's only a sim PC and it works fine without updates for now.