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  1. Hi everyone- apologies for the disturbance on the festive days- but I have a problem with the 747 v3. The heading sel does not respond anymore-everything has been working fine, yesterday I updated to ezdok 2.7. Now the hdg sel has a yellow line across it and there is no change of direction on pushing the selector. Can you please advise how to resolve this. Many thanks Qas
  2. Hi guys I started having this after updating to version like everyone else i tried everything-even formatting. The sim would crash randomly every time-varying times in flight but never on ground. I decided to down grade to version,and this stopped all CTD, I have changed setting to maximum and done tests over varying locations and no CTD. For simmers having g2d.dl carsh-this may be the solution., I hope it works for you guys too. I think the P3D v4 team need to look into this and maybe do a hot fix. Qas
  3. Many thanks- I will do this later. The push back works in EDDF-one of the supplied airports,but no where else. This is very odd-I would have thought the push back option should be standard for all airports-like in fsx and p3d. I hope I haven't wasted my money!
  4. Hi All After using the trail for few days,I decided to buy the XP11 beta. I thought scenery installation was difficult-but now i have found I have no airport objects at some of the pre installed airport. Can you please advise why there are no push carts at EGBB-it's one of the pre loaded airports that comes within XP11. If I need to install a external pack-can you please advise which one. Many thanks, Qas
  5. Hi Guys I have the demo x plane 11. I created KSEAEGCC flight plan with pfpx and saved it to FMS plans folder-its .fms format. When I try to load it in fmc it does not show up. I entered it as kseaegcc . Can You please help-i am new to x plane- I like it but I need to be sure its better than p3d before buying. Many thanks. Qas
  6. Hi Guys I think I have found a temporary solution. I have assigned the rudder pedals to the tiller. works wonders.
  7. Many thanks for the response. I have only tried the 737. It steers with the saitek quadrant tiller assignment,but it's hard work. I have CH pedal-the rudder only moves very slightly on ground-but it does create any wheel movement. I have assigned the rudder trim to the ch padel.This does look odd-but I do not see rudder only command in the list. Maybe I am mis reading something. If not,than may be the X Plane team need to create a rudder only command for rudder function. I know if I got this resolved I would definitely buy X Plane. For planning and immersion factor p3d will still be the sim of choice. Qas
  8. Hi everyone I recently installed x plane 11. Although its a completely new beast-I am still having problems with key mapping. This was one reason I never used the previous versions. Can you please tell me how to assign key board commands for taxiway steering.I see the key board commands but its for only 1 key-i thought you need 2 keys-for left and right? I have a saitek quadrant and I have assigned one lever to tiller,but its very clumpy.either it over steers or under-nothing like p3d rudder steering. Or ideally is there a way of assigning rudder steering. I look forward to your help. Many thanks. Qas
  9. many thanks guys- I am new to saitek hardware-I too had the yoke and the throttle freezing. i decide to plug them directly into the mother board usb port and luckily all is ok. qas adam
  10. Hi everyone Just advise please. I am thinking of getting this to use as tiler control for pmdg 737 and 777. Anybody using it for this ? Please advise asap,before madam puts sanctions. :mad: Many thanks. Qas Adam
  11. Hi everyone I think I have got win 10 to recognise my saitek set. Now I am having space issues. I was wondering, has anybody tried connecting the quadrant to a usb hub directly using the ps/2 adapter. I tried and it failed-the quadrant wasn't recognised. many thanks Qas Adam
  12. rwy12

    Pitch Trim levers

    many thanks-your a star. Qas Adam
  13. rwy12

    Pitch Trim levers

    Hi Can you please advise what are these two levers for ,next to speed brake lever. they do not move when trim is adjusted. I have saitek quadrant-if functional and needed can I set to quadrant lever? Many thanks for your help. Qas sorry cud not attach photo.
  14. Thank you-This sounds like excellent idea-I will definitely try it. Qas
  15. Many thanks for taking time to help. i have the yoke-quadrant set. I managed to find this tutorial. its excellent.very simple and precise. The only thing that isn't mentioned is that you need to play about with lever position until you know at what position each change takes place. Initially I thought this did not work -but when I moved the assigned lever slowly I got to know what position is needed for desired flap-I have maked these position with a marker pen. I hope this is useful for anybody else who was having hard time setting the flaps to change exactly as desired.