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  1. charliearon

    In case you've ever wondered...

    I'm sure it was a senior member of the flight crew. I hope a member in good standing Sure Happy It's Tuesday
  2. charliearon

    In case you've ever wondered...

    A trap door flap in the rear just like the jammies I wore back in the dark ages.
  3. charliearon

    In case you've ever wondered...

    Always thought there was a built-in porta-potty in the seats or maybe they carried an empty coffee can?
  4. charliearon

    Who fired first, and deservedly so...

    1750's, But I shouldn't talk!
  5. charliearon

    Cannot get support

    Maybe try sending a PM to Poppet to see if she can help out. I think she is a Mod on that forum, as well!
  6. charliearon

    Cannot get support

    Well, that's a BOHICA, if there ever was one Even on their forum, there's no live person (with half a brain) to communicate with? Toll-free phone number? I wonder if Poppet has a trick up her sleeve that could help out?
  7. With only a 2.8GHZ CPU you have way too much going on if your sliders are too far to the right. It looks like you copied the .cfg into your dropbox about 3 times! Many multiple entries of the same info. Under [Graphics] Texture_Max_Load=4096 (change to 1024) Under [Terrain} Lod_Radius=6.5000 (change to 4.500) Turn off Lens Flare and Light Bloom in your settings Like I said, your sliders are too high for your CPU speed.
  8. charliearon

    Default learjet 45 landing gear bug

    Pilot error? Who's a thunk it
  9. charliearon

    Virus Alert: GTN 650 for X-Plane E-Commerce Installer

    Possible false positives from your antivirus?
  10. charliearon

    Default learjet 45 landing gear bug

    More than likely you are getting the GWS warning and your flaps are not where the aircraft thinks they show be. That also applies to the "too low, gear" warning. If it bugs you too much you can do this: [gear_warning_system] gear_warning_available = 0 //Normal (set to 0 eliminates the warning)<------------------- pct_throttle_limit = 0.1 //Percent throttle that activates warning flap_limit_idle = 15.0 //Flap angle that activates warning at idle flap_limit_power = 30.0 //Flap angle that activates warning at above idle
  11. Why are you trying to use a payware FDE in your default C172? I would recommend the A2A C-172. Sorry, didn't realize there was a freeware C-172 FDE for FS2004 available.
  12. charliearon

    SCAM SITE alert

    Someone on another site said their Faceplant page was still active.
  13. charliearon

    SCAM SITE alert

    Looks good to me!
  14. charliearon

    AVSIM Basic FSX Configuration Guide

    You probably should post in the CTD forum. Evidently your system can't handle DX10.
  15. charliearon

    SCAM SITE alert

    Watch out for this site selling bundled freeware.