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  1. fpda_boeing_callout.gau

    You are doing nothing wrong! It is available here in the Library. The File name is There is a gauges folder in this download that has the gauge you are looking for.
  2. 747-400 V2 & Steam

    Welcome to the AVSIM forums. I place the proper Prefix tag (in red) so everyone will know you are using FSX-SE. There is a topic on how to do this near the top of the forum. Can I safely assume you are referring to PMDG aircraft?
  3. MeatWater Altitude Callouts Version 2

    It sure doesn't sound right. Is this a payware product or freeware?
  4. Super Traffic Board

    I am giving you 2 important things to do when posting a new topic in the FSX/FSX-SE forum. If you are going to place a picture in your posts to show a problem with your Sim you will need to Embed this image rather than linking to an offsite image hosting service.
  5. Striking Software download question

    Here is the Legal from one of their downloads provided by the "wayback" archive. LEGAL: PERSONAL AND NON-COMMERCIAL USE LIMITATION: Unless otherwise specified in writing, the software provided herein is for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, to create derivative works from in order to transfer and sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the use or review of this software package. NO UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION, MODIFICATION OR REPACKAGING IS PERMITTED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT AND/OR THE WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR(S) WHO’S WORK IS INCLUDED AND DEFINED HEREIN AND HERETO. AS FREEWARE THIS GAUGE/EFFECT OR ANY OF THE INDIVIDUAL CONTENTS OF THE FILE(S) CANNOT BE REPRODUCED, IN PART OR WHOLE, FOR ANOTHER FREEWARE PACKAGE OR USED IN ANY PACKAGE THAT REQUIRES, SUGGESTS OR PERPETUATES A PURCHASE OR SALE OR ANY FORM OF COMPENSATION OR TRADE. DISTRIBUTION Only the websites and/or companies I have given expressed written consent to distribute this effects package are authorized to distribute it as FREEWARE. An authorized distributor falls under the same distribution guidelines as defined above. The end user is authorized to use this package strictly for personal use in conjunction with MS Flight Simulators. Proper acquisition of expressed written consent is required before reusing this effect, in part, in whole or in any other fashion in order to avoid legal issues from unauthorized reproduction and distribution. DISCLAIMER: All Microsoft products and the effects code used in the custom designed effects files contained herein are the property of Microsoft Corporation through the terms of the Flight Simulator End User License Agreement and are protected by registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. No intent to defraud or illegally use the Microsoft trademark, its software, code, name or secure any income or compensation from the production of this effects package is expressed or implied with the creation of this effects package and supporting files. Any other company names, names of authors or their work displayed in this package are for reference only. Unless otherwise specified, no connection to them or their products is expressed or implied. The author of this software or the site it was downloaded from is not responsible for any damage that may result from its installation or use.
  6. Great looking pics! Nice job of framing. Reminds me of the thief that broke into the Louvre in Paris and stole several famous paintings. He was captured rather quickly. When the thief was asked why he got caught so fast, he answered " I didn't have the Monet for Degas to make the Van Gogh." OK, that's my "art" joke for the day
  7. Planes not showing up when added

    From what I saw of that download it should be a simple matter of dropping the FSX Cessna 182 folder into SimObjects/Airplanes folder and making sure you have the following things checked in your Aircraft Selection Page.
  8. Planes not showing up when added

    Welcome back, or aboard! If you can, how about a link to your download? I will assume it is this one??
  9. Nice shot of the Southwest 737. Please place a Prefix in the Title of the Flight Simulator represented in your Screenshot. If you do not know how, please see the instruction at the following link:
  10. Problems downloading software

    I use a free program called 7Zip. It works like a charm.
  11. Infinite Flight issues....

    Welcome to the AVSIM forums! What kind of aircraft are you choosing...prop or jet? Prop aircraft have a tendency to pull to the left due to torque. Also check to make sure your controls are centered before blastoff. After becoming comfortable posting here there is a forum on this site dedicated to your phone-Sim.
  12. New member

    Welcome to AVSIM, Jaime There is a LINDA support forum which may be helpful for you.
  13. Try a Google search for Quality Wings 787 Hot Fixes. I found it but it seems to be on a Facebook site. One of the fixes is for FSX-SE and for the Dispatcher error.
  14. Boeing 787 Parking Line

    In future posts please be sure to add the proper prefix of FSX-MS or FSX-SE. Now as to the "Parking line" you mean the parking T where the nose wheel is suppose to be? If there is a choice in the spot, then I would use the one furthest forward.
  15. Oh, oh! The boss and I were dueling over your first post! I moved you into the FSX forum. Your question was very specific and in the how to use AVSIM forum you may have not gotten enough exposure. Real world weather has been pretty much hit or miss the last several months depending on if the servers get updated.