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  1. Adding an ssd will probably not resolve your CTD problem!
  2. Then I don't know what download you are using! You need to search for and download the Honeywell FMC by Garrett Smith. Then use this link to show the installation. Go to post #8... https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?293427-Can-NOT-Figure-out-how-to-install-FMC-in-FSX-Steam/page3
  3. If it is the one from Garrett Smith, then place the .cab file in your Main Gauges folder and then follow the README directions to create a window popup for that FMC. Good luck!
  4. That's nice....now what is the filename and from what library did you download from?
  5. I am not a mindreader! You have to say what download you are using!
  6. @Riccardo Farneti A question better asked in the forum of the Sim you are using. You may not get many responses in the Video forum.
  7. This means your post in the Hardware forum will be shut down. Can't have 2 of the same topics going. Also keep in mind that you are discussing hardware, so this topic might be moved back into the hardware forum.
  8. C'mon! I like Chock's life stories. They oughta make a movie!
  9. I use Melitta Drip method. Filter goes in then several scoops of coffee and then pour in hot water and let 'er drip! P.S. @PharaohSteve I fixed your Rex Weather review video so now it shows!
  10. Google "Daher pronounced" and press on the speaker to hear it
  11. I also think Max Klinger did a "Great Escape" from the M*A*S*H camp!
  12. http://www.covertconcepts.com/world-war-2-prisoners-built-glider-hidden-attic-room/ I think this was a Movie and also a crew did a re-construction of the glider and test flight from this castle.
  13. Nescafe?? Is that even real coffee? Percolator???? Is this 1950? My brother-in-law's mother used a stovetop percolator to brew her sludge in the morning.
  14. Welcome to the forums! I was puzzled by your other post about Rex weather. Don't know what you were going for?
  15. I fixed your video for you. Just click on share, copy and paste that into your posts.
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