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  1. charliearon

    Dune II

    Yeah, I don't like the way they darken things! Give me a movie shot in bright sunlight! I'll watch it cuz Anya Taylor Joy is in it! The movie "The Batman" with Robert Pattinson was also way too dark for my taste!
  2. @Matthew Kane Can I bring my pet Gargan to New Zealand with me? Extra brownie points if you can name the movie this pic is from! 💰
  3. 🔒Time! I think you kids have had enough time to throw rocks at each other! G'bye!
  4. When you state MSFS are you referring to FSX or the newer MSFS 2020 Sim?
  5. DO NOT copy and paste a topic from another site into your posts here! They will not be approved!
  6. OK! I think this has been taken far enough with political views and such! 🔒
  7. I take a daily OTC allergy pill before going to bed at night. Sure keeps me breathing easily. 🤧
  8. Just keep in mind that a scenery folder can reside just about anywhere on your computer, desktop, My Documents, on any drive. What you see in the "LIBRARY" is just a path to that folder. What the arrow is pointing to is an airport that I downloaded and installed to my Library. What you see is just a path to the folder that is sitting in my Addon Scenery folder. I could have left that folder on my desktop, or in My Documents and it would world just fine. If you move that folder to somewhere else, you lose the path and the scenery won't work! That's why I said delete the area first in the Settings/Scenery Library, move the folder to where you want it, then re-add it to your Library.
  9. So when you added these sceneries to the Library, it's using the desktop as the route to the scenery folder. I would delete the scenery in the Library first, then move the scenery folders to your Addon Scenery folder in the Sim, then re-add each scenery to the Library using the route to the Addon Scenery folder. Now your desktop is clean.
  10. If the airplane folders are already in FSX/Simobjects/airplanes folder then the ones on your desktop can be removed. Did those addon sceneries use an auto-installer to add the sceneries to your FSX Library? Did you look in the Addon scenery folder to see if they are already there?
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