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  1. charliearon

    loading issue

    Sounds like a screwed up graphics driver. So you get only a black screen unless you check the DX10 preview box, which goofs up the textures on addon aircraft. I also read where the OP fixed the same problem by uninstalling Acceleration and then reinstalling. Are you using the 3 disc version of FSX?
  2. charliearon

    Tokyo Narita not visible at night

    Here is a tutorial on how to post and embed your screenshots.
  3. charliearon

    Tokyo Narita not visible at night

    Make sure your Scenery Complexity slider is full right,
  4. charliearon

    Tokyo Narita not visible at night

    Any chance you can post a screenshot of what you see when Narita can't be seen?
  5. charliearon

    Tokyo Narita not visible at night

    Let's be a little, tiny bit more careful in choosing the words you use in your posts. I'll leave it as "you are coming close". Now, is the Tokyo Narita airport default or an addon? Are you just seeing no lights or totally no airport? Can you start a flight at night there and does it work?
  6. charliearon

    who stole the plane

    Pretty much all a moot point because Flyaway Simulations was on the news last night. Their head guy, who probably contacted the news agency, was explaining how FSX works and showed a sample aircraft on the runway. They also interviewed the folks who run the Flight Simulation area at Hiller Air Museum at the San Carlos Airport in the Bay area.
  7. charliearon

    who stole the plane

    Bill, I got 5 bucks that says he took off from a taxiway! Any takers??😱
  8. charliearon

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    She is the "Technology" writer for the WSJ. and I think, a gamer. I fly my Sim by honking the air-horns on my rig Had some great air-horns on my old Honda motorcycle.
  9. What type of computer are you using? Laptop, or desktop? CPU speed?
  10. charliearon

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    Just looking for some older threads on what your article is about!
  11. charliearon

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    I moved this to a more appropriate forum and redid the email address. She seems to be a legitimate reporter for the Wall Street Journal after I did a Google Search. I also cranked out an email to her. I'm guessing she wants to find out if a flightsimmer can actually steal an aircraft and get it airborne.
  12. charliearon

    PMDG 737-600 Error

    PMDG product questions would be better asked in the PMDG forum, You will need to sign your name at the bottom of your post, full first and last name. Your links don't seem to work for your pics. Welcome to the AVSIM forums
  13. charliearon

    Help aircraft.cfg

    What type of aircraft? Jet or Prop or turboprop? In jet aircraft it's pretty normal. It's called spool up. I doubt if there is any adjustment in the aircraft.cfg.
  14. charliearon

    The bite of the Black Widow

  15. charliearon

    The bite of the Black Widow

    SOH It was just recently uploaded.