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  1. Just something to try...Turn off "Aircraft casts shadows on the ground" in your settings.
  2. Pretty much the same with anything being shipped or even manufactured. My best buddy and his wife are moving Oct. 1 into an apartment from the boat they have been living on the past 20 years or so. They ordered all new furniture and they don't expect delivery until Christmas for most of it. It'll be packing crates and pillows until then!
  3. No problem, Noel, as long as no one gets political or overly abusive. The ATV riders are also tearing up the "Badlands" near Salton Sea. On the long holiday weekends they are out in force creating huge dust storms and tearing up the terrain. Not enough of a rain this weekend to do much to help put out the fires.
  4. Wish I still had my first watch I received for Christmas! Hopalong Cassidy rides again!
  5. Have you considered using EFax? No phone lines needed! https://www.efax.com/
  6. Ah! The answer to the 💩 question. A glass-dome potty!
  7. Hope you children are done! Keep it on topic or further, more drastic actions will take place!
  8. Got it figured out! Thank you Lois Lane! Launch is 5:02 PM PDST here in the States!
  9. I was kinda thinking they would use diapers like the old Mercury Astronauts. Or maybe stick a rubber cork where the sun don't shine!
  10. Don't expect an answer from the OP! His last visit to this site was April of 2019.
  11. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/spacex-inspiration4-launch-how-to-watch-the-milestone-all-civilian-flight-to-orbit/ Now my question since this is a 3 day orbit of the Earth, "Where's that damn bathroom?" I actually made a donation for a chance to become a crew member. I think they lucked out by me not wining! I hear flatulence is discouraged in space! 🤔
  12. Still have mine along with my tonsils! Knock on wood! 🤕
  13. Try verifying the game cache! To verify your game files please do the following: 1. Load the Steam platform and log into your account 2. Click the Library tab in the menu at the top of the screen 3. Click the List View from the view options on the top right of the screen 4. Right click on Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to bring up a popup menu 5. Click on Properties from the popup menu to bring up another popup box 6. Click on Local files from the popup box menu 7. Click on Verify integrity of game cache from the Local file options 8. Wait for the progress bar to finish verifying your files. Additional files may download 9. Restart Steam 10. Restart Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
  14. In your aircraft.cfg file for that cargo plane look at this section: atc_airline= atc_id= atc_flight_number= atc_heavy=1 atc_parking_types=GATE, RAMP, CARGO atc_parking_code= Eliminate GATE, RAMP and add the atc_parking code= If you can find it for the cargo airline you are flying! Using UPS, as an example" atc_airline=UPS atc_id=UPS atc_flight_number=12345 atc_heavy=1 atc_parking_types= CARGO atc_parking_code=UPS Keep in mind that your airport will need cargo parking for you to get a cargo space.
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