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  1. charliearon

    Scenery Hunt

    That's the St. Barf's that I use! It looks and works great.
  2. charliearon

    Ai planes

    The place to look for same names in aircraft will be in the aircraft.cfg of each one. It will be the title= line that describes the individual aircraft.
  3. Robin, you probably will have a very long wait!😀 No beard, but if I did, it would be grey. How did you know about my flatulence problem??
  4. charliearon

    Atc problem

    Do you have your settings set for inches of mercury or millibars? Meters or feet? Make your setting for Indicated airspeed and not true airspeed. Just some things to check. Welcome to the AVSIM forums!
  5. charliearon

    Help with FSX Rebuild!!???? Thanks

    So far, your post is sounding more like a computer rebuild rather than rebuilding FSX. I'm moving this topic over to the Hardware Forum.
  6. charliearon

    FMC Freezes when i try to enter Cost Index

    Go to the upper right corner of your page and do the dropdown by your screen name and Avatar (the brown circle with the U) Go to Account Settings/Signature and type in your full name there and the "save" it.
  7. charliearon

    Manfred Jahn DC-3?

    Sorry, I was using the file names from the SOH downloads. Didn't realized they were different in the Library here.
  8. charliearon

    Manfred Jahn DC-3?

    File name is It isn't available here in the AVSIM Library but is on the Hot List at SOH. There should be a V3.14 available also. FSX/FSX-SE/P3D Douglas C-47R Skytrain V3.14
  9. charliearon E170/175 Panel

    I was just trying it and noticed the gear up automatically but never saw the A/P turn on until I pressed the A/P button. You would probably have to do some editing in whichever .cab file holds the info for how the A/P works. That would be beyond my paygrade. It is a nice 2D panel for that aircraft and worked fine in my Sim which isn't FS9.
  10. charliearon E170/175 Panel

    Interesting! It only happens when using this panel?
  11. charliearon E170/175 Panel

    Go ahead and ask the question.
  12. charliearon

    Advice for returning simmer?

    Welcome back! Are you going to be looking at payware aircraft and scenery or trying to keep the costs down with freeware? There is a lot to choose from on both sides of the aisle.
  13. charliearon

    Pmdg 737 crashes after initialisation

    You may want to go over the rules for the PMDG forums.
  14. charliearon


    Welcome to the forums, Polina Airplanes is at least one of them
  15. charliearon

    Looking forward to this movie

    It will be on my Netflix list!😄