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  1. FSX-SE

    Be more specific of what you want! Airports, (which ones) Cities, Which ones? Areas of the world? Are your intentions to fly low and slow (ORBX is good for this) or High flying tubeliners ( where photoreal scenery will do a better job of twisting your turnips). Keep in mind that ORBX does offer freeware stuff!
  2. FSX-MS

    Glad you have it fixed!
  3. FSX-MS

    I would do a Repair first before a total reinstall.
  4. FSX-MS

    What is actually "gone"? is it just the FSX Icon on your desktop or is the Main FSX folder missing? If it's just the icon, you can right-click on the icon in the main folder and say "send to desktop and create a shortcut".
  5. FSX-MS

    Looks fine in FSX. You may need to fix the prop spin! 2D panel looks operational.
  6. Avoid linking to payware items. Talking about them and giving your opinions are OK, but you don't want to be a tout for payware items.
  7. FSX-MS

    Sorry, this stupid Android pad screws up every so often! I Was trying to type that I use the version 3.14 panel with no problem.
  8. FSX-MS

    I know Manfred! Who's Jan?? Jankees the great repainter? Sorry, just realized Jan Visser. I go braindead now and again! To the op....are you sitting toofar Back from the panel? I use thed.,.
  9. FSX-MS

    What kind of problem?
  10. FSX-MS

    The reason you had problems was do to UAC. This protects any program installed in Program Files.
  11. FSX-MS

    When you say "hear myself" you mean pilot's voice? Make sure You have that option checked in your settings.
  12. FSX-MS

    160 knots is way too fast. Try 145 knots. I was only successful once. Every attempt after was a crash, even with perfect flair. I'm assuming it will take practice rather than .cfg editing. Worst case scenario, you can download an autoland gauge and let the aircraft land itself.
  13. FSX-MS

    I just reread your first post. Have you ever had a good landing with this aircraft? You state that your nosewheel slams into the runway after the mains touch. What is your landing speed? Sounds like you are over flaring to start with. Just a little is needed so that the nosewheel touches a few seconds after the mains.
  14. FSX-MS

    You may need to ask this in the Simmershome support forum.
  15. FSX-SE

    Could it be that your WOAI traffic files are in FS9 format? That would keep any other FSX format AI from showing up?