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  1. charliearon

    Blacklist ?

    Something for both you and AVSIM ADMIN to consider. There are a lot of sue-happy folks out there that might object strongly to being put on some sort of blacklist. I agree that there are a lot of scammers out there trying to sell things that are freeware or taking money as pre-payment and not delivering the product. We have all seen their names posted in the various flight sim forums. Just be careful about naming a "company" that you feel has wronged you in some way. just out of spite.
  2. charliearon

    errors with china airlines cargo livery

    Please do not post copyrighted images to the open forums! Use a link instead.
  3. charliearon

    What's with FSX ATC?

    In my experience, I find that the default ATC is about 95-97% accurate. It will usually get me from Point A to Point B, into the ILS glideslope approach and a good landing. On a couple of rare occasions, It forgot about me or had me at 10,000 feet about 3 miles from touchdown. Those are very rare occurrences.
  4. charliearon

    What's with FSX ATC?

    Pretty much the same as this:
  5. It's the right place if your Sim is X-Plane! Welcome to the AVSIM forums
  6. charliearon

    Linda not working with P3DV4

    Andrew is Scotflieger the Linda developer
  7. charliearon

    Linda not working with P3DV4

    Quit playing with Linda's knobs! Gonna make her husband mad! I'm sure Andrew will give you some help!
  8. charliearon

    Serious Help Needed

    Ed, tell ya what I'm going to do. Under normal circumstances we would not allow 2 of the same topics to be discussed in multiple forums. I will LOCK this topic so others can see your dilemma but keep the posting going on in the Radar Contact forum.
  9. Maybe you monkeyed around with the FSX.cfg a little too much. Cut and paste your FSX.cfg somewhere safe and restart your Sim to create a new one. See if that returns things to normal.
  10. charliearon

    Scenery cfg error

    Have you added any new scenery lately that, maybe, you didn't like, so you deleted it from FSX without removing it from the Scenery Library?
  11. Since you are in the Sim and not real life,......anything is possible. Now if the frequencies were UHF, I would say you'd have to be up at cruise altitude and range would be about 200 miles. VHF frequencies may travel a bit farther, depending on transmitter power. HF frequencies are "global".
  12. charliearon

    Scenery cfg error

    It should look like this: Is yours any different? [Area.019] Title=0200 Base Local=Scenery\0200 Layer=19 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE
  13. charliearon

    Navigraph and Carenado and Framerates

    A question that is better asked in the Carenado forums. Maybe an ADMIN will move you there. As a Mod, I am not suppose to.
  14. charliearon

    Hurricane Dorian

    Any news yet about how hard it's going to hit the Virginia coast and DC area?
  15. charliearon

    RLABORIE -A400M FSX crash

    Welcome to AVSIM! Let's see if we can figure out what's going on. You say crash, as in crash to desktop? Hev you checked you events viewer to look for a "faulting module"? Next thing to do would be download the AVSIM CTD Guide and look through it!