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  1. stans

    Recent Updates

    Same here, waiting for the C402 update to version 2.5. I'm considering buying it again, but directly from Flysimware so that I can get updates in a timely fashion.
  2. stans

    FSX Recommendations Please

    I use Ultimate Terrain X and Ground Environment X and I have been quite pleased with how it corrects a lot of terrain errors in FSX. Others prefer Orbx's suite of terrain and texture add-ons. Which one is better I think depends upon who you ask.
  3. Not that great. Turn off all shadows and light bloom, AI traffic, especially road traffic, set to zero, scenery sliders set to the left. Slowly move the sliders towards their mid-points, testing after each adjustment. I'd keep the road traffic at zero, it is a real performance drag.
  4. I don't know if this will with work with Ultimate Traffic Live, but it sure helps with Ultimate Traffic 2. AISmooth. Watching airliners try to use the single crosswind runway at KMIA with UT2 I had a long line of jets holding short of the active and an even longer line of jets trying to land and the majority of them executing go-around maneuvers. With AISmooth activated, the landing and takeoff cycles became coordinated. 30 seconds after a landing, a takeoff occurred, then 30 seconds later another landing. The go-arounds were pretty much eliminated as was the long line waiting at the hold short.
  5. stans

    fsx atc maydays

    Certainly not possible with the stock ATC, just like asking to go around bad weather with an IFR flight plan. I think creating such an ATC program that could adequately and correctly handle emergencies and IFR plan modifications would be a monumental task. VATSIM or similar organizations where there is a human acting as an ATC would allow for such things, but as far as having your computer do it, it would take some pretty good artificial intelligence.
  6. stans

    who stole the plane

    If it turns out he had FSX, P3D, or X-Plane and perhaps a certain high-fidelity Q-400 add on aircraft, yep, it's a possibility. ☹️
  7. My old, but still quite functional, computer uses the Antec 900 case. It features a pair of 120mm intake fans in the lower 1/2 of the front of the case, a single 120mm exhaust fan at the top rear of the case and a 240mm exhaust fan in the top of the case. Adequate airflow does not seem to be an issue with this arrangement. Honestly, I think the top fan in the case is overkill.
  8. There was a time when I thought that overclocking was voodoo that would quickly kill a CPU. Once I tried overclocking, I was convinced it could be done safely and that with a good cooler, the CPU would still enjoy a very long life. Today, I would not consider a CPU that was locked and not capable of being overclocked. With a good cooler, overclocking the CPU is the least expensive performance boost you can give to a computer.
  9. stans

    LH/RH Fluor Switches?

    Panel lighting for night flying of that era was typically phosphorescent paint and fluorescent lighting to make the paint glow.
  10. Lots of detail, lots of animation, even shadows. Ohhhhh... I expect the VAS usage and impact on frame rates must be fairly high.
  11. stans

    Crash of Bluebonnet Belle C47 Skytrain

    I'm glad that everyone survived the crash, saddened by the loss of yet another vintage aircraft.
  12. stans

    my repaints

    I've known a few beeches in my life... 😆 HA, ha , ha! Sorry, couldn't resist. I don't have the Carenado Beech 18 and likely won't, but I must say that you are a master of painting aircraft for flight sims.
  13. I started with various combat flight sims, then went into the civilian sims (FS9, then FSX). When I get the chance to fly, it's almost always a small, twin piston engine aircraft, running either freight or passengers from south Florida to the Keys or the Bahamas. Total time in front of a computer, simulating flight is now a bit over 1800 hours. I sometimes wish those were not sim hours, but were real hours and flying was my career.
  14. The only way I know to do such a thing would be to use Static Aircraft Model Maker to create static versions of your AI aircraft. Once you create a library filled with your models, you can place them as static objects at your airports.
  15. stans

    Cessna 402C update 2.5

    I noticed on the Flysimware site that they have releases another update to their C402. The new version is 2.5, just waiting for the online retailers to make the updated version available for download.