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  1. That seems to be the case with any official information on UFO's, UAP's, whatever you want to call them.
  2. So now the question is, why did he concoct such a piece of fiction and initially present it as fact? I have more questions now.
  3. That is certainly the post-pandemic computer build climate. I had hoped things would change, but here we are in the middle of 2023 and components, especially graphics cards, are still pricey. Perhaps the golden age of DIY builds is forever gone?
  4. The USAF has said that story never happened. With the USAF vehemently denying any such occurrence, I'm thinking it did happen. Fortunately, it was just a simulation, no one died... this time.
  5. They are Vogon survey ships, Earth is doomed!
  6. Great video! Bug splats! One of the things I noticed on my rides in a B-17G (Nine-O-Nine) and B-25J (Panchito) is all the bug splats that quickly accumulate on the nose plexiglass.
  7. My current computer was purchased in mid-2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone was shut in and working from home. At that time, between a massive demand for computers to allow people to work from home and manufacturing slow downs and shut downs, components, especially PSU's and graphics cards, were hard to obtain and extremely expensive. It appeared to me that system builders were first in line to get components, which meant any components on the DIY market were scarce and scarcity plus demand creates very high prices. It was the first time for me that buying pre-built was actually a less expensive than buying all the components and building it myself. It was a crazy time.
  8. Yes, there are pre-built computers that are really good, but they will cost more than doing it yourself. During the pandemic, I could not obtain components to build a computer to replace my ancient Windows XP based system, so I went pre-built. Given the issues I had, I would not get one from Newegg, but it was on the low end of the cost spectrum and it was available.
  9. Best off to keep the Lego's on Earth. Should a Lego go into space and become lost, it may end up under the foot of a Vogon. If that happens, said Vogon is most likely to file an official complaint on Vogsphere, where the complaint will be investigated, processed, reviewed by legal, sent to court for evaluation and authentication, then forwarded to interstellar affairs where the matter may be settled in a manner that would entail Earth being destroyed in order to make room for yet another hyperspace expressway.
  10. Yep, running fast and normal again!
  11. Welcome to Avsim. FSX is an old sim now, hopefully you actually bought FSX: Steam Edition as it is much easier to install and generally runs smoother and with far fewer hiccups and crashes than the original, boxed CD versions of FSX.
  12. I tried to download one file last night, all I got was the gateway time out error.
  13. Slow and partial loading of pages yesterday and this morning.
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