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  1. Also, AMD processors do not perform particularly well with MicroSoft's simulators. Blurry scenery is the result of your computer being unable to process everything fast enough to keep up with demand. Basically, the CPU is overloaded and is selecting the lowest resolution, lowest level of detail textures. Landing is one of the things that places even more load on the CPU, so if the CPU gets too hot or simply cannot process the required data or if FSX has used all of it's allocated RAM (FSX will use only 4 GB, regardless of how much RAM you have, it is a limitation of 32-bit software), you get a crash to the desktop.
  2. stans

    SCAM SITE alert

    Glad to see their website is gone. I hope they spent more money on the site than they collected from unwitting purchasers.
  3. stans

    SCAM SITE alert

    Freeware aircraft bundled and sold for profit. This is a violation of freeware licenses and is despicable.
  4. My feeling is that we are at the point where it is best to choose FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D, or X-Plane. FSX Steam Edition is the only choice for 32-bit operation and older computers. I expect the Steam Edition of FSX will be viable for years to come.
  5. stans

    Can I Sell My Carenado Planes?

    I do not think that is possible. Software licenses are typically sold to one individual, usually linked to their email address, and may not be re-sold.
  6. stans

    Traffic and framerates...

    The level of detail for the AI aircraft will play a role. Highly detailed aircraft close to you will utilize those high details and will increase the load on your computer, while the same aircraft at a good distance away will us a lower level of detail and be more frame rate friendly. Other things that will affect frame rates when it comes to AI are shadows and contrails, both increase the processing load on the CPU.
  7. stans

    Airport surface

    I would hazard a guess that it is an LOD radius issue. Higher resolution textures are not loading until you are near the airport. A higher LOD setting might correct this behavior, but that will also place more stress on your computer.
  8. stans

    In other PBR-related news...

    Ok, I thought PBR might be that fancy new texture technique, but ok, it's the PBR I grew up with. I've had PBR in the past, not impressed. I agree with Matthew Kane, most American beers are like canoes, very near water, and PBR is no different. There are a lot of really good American craft and micro-brew beers available, but my favorite for a relatively cheap beer is Yuengling Traditional Lager. Yuengling is now America's oldest family owned brewery, so I'm still supporting "local" business. Back when I was in college and was working in a Winn-Dixie supermarket, we sold tons of Red,White & Blue Beer as well as Goebel Beer. Red, White & Blue was a product of PBR and it was their economy beer. The stuff did not smell good, tasted bad, best to drink it ice cold so the cold would numb your taste buds. The color of it as it was going into you and then coming out of you later on was about the same. Goebel was also a very cheap beer, but was a little better tasting than Red, White & Blue.
  9. stans

    Solo'ed in 3.4 hours and so much more!

    That was a great story and congratulations!
  10. You have an unstable overclock. A short stress test is not indicative of stability. Stress testing with a program such as Prime 95 over the course of several hours is a far better test of an overclock.
  11. stans

    Our Site is not Safe - Now you tell me!

    We are the Google, you will be assimilated.
  12. I remember beige cases and monitors that did not display black and white, but displayed black and green.
  13. Seems to me there were some freeware replacements available that did look better than the default cloud textures. I am currently using the set that came with Active Sky 2012. I can tell you that the higher the cloud resolution, the greater the strain they will put on your computer, so I use the 512x512 Active Sky clouds.
  14. stans

    Falcon 50 FPS

    I'm sure they will, after all, we are talking about a developer that still supports and is making updates to aircraft released years ago. This seems to be uncommon in the world of FSX add-on developers.