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  1. I actually dreamed this! Only difference being that I'm not a real pilot and instead of sitting in an aircraft I was sitting on the toilet dropping a deuce. Is that TMI? Oh, well, that which has been placed on the interwebs can never be un-interwebbed. 😁
  2. Interesting story, not convinced it's credible, but The History Channel could surely make a three year series out of it.
  3. No, but it would have been nice if they had called in some celebrity experts to testify. An appearance by Captain Kirk or perhaps Han Solo would have really added to the expertise level of the hearing.
  4. A whole lot of nothing coming out of yet another congressional hearing.
  5. Is this an add-on aircraft or a default MicroSoft aircraft? If it is a default aircraft, there is no brightness adjustment for instrument lighting.
  6. I highly recommend the Steam Edition for anyone installing FSX. The Steam Edition is an easy installation, FSX add-ons work just fine, and you don't have to apply a bunch of changes to the CFG file to get a smooth simulation. I also experience far fewer CTD's with the Steam Edition.
  7. Well, I'm going to complain anyway. Who knows, there may be some inhabited planet nearing this abomination's gravitational pull and we need to make friends in this galaxy. Never know when some alien bacteria might be brought to our planet, it grows out of control, starts destroying the human race and we might need some off-planet help to battle our microbial invader. 😁
  8. Eventually coming to a cable TV channel near me.
  9. This could be the beginning of The Blob.
  10. Strange how movies that the critics love are often panned by the unwashed masses of movie goers.
  11. So there is a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. I suppose it is slowly sucking in everything that constitutes our galaxy. I, for one, shall not stand for this! I'm writing to my congressional representative and I want a law passed to regulate this black hole and prevent it from destroying my solar system! Harumph, harumph!
  12. I can hold my liquor just fine. I put it in a glass and hold it until it is gone. 😁
  13. Vastly improved and you don't have to mess around with a bunch of CFG file tweaks.
  14. Look at the "Select Aircraft" menu in FSX, just above the "Help" button there is a small check box labeled "Show all variations". Make sure this check box is checked.
  15. Coffee always assists me, regardless of mood or energy level. 😁
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