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  1. stans

    FSX default weather engine

    MicroSoft used to have a contract with Jeppesen for downloading their real world weather data. That contract expired several years ago, since then if the stock FSX real weather engine displayed accurate weather, it was likely by pure luck that the archived data matched the current conditions. For real world weather you are better served by using a weather add on program.
  2. Let me be the first to welcome you to Avsim!
  3. stans

    They say a "video" is worth a thousand words...

    Any more questions?
  4. That must be one heck of a carnival ride!
  5. stans

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    So true!!!!!!!
  6. I'm leery of buying used computers or components unless you know where they came from or at lease come with a warranty. I'd feel pretty bad if I bought a graphics card for $600, plugged it in and found it to be dead or very near dying and no recourse.
  7. Two weeks be sure! Fans of the old Il-2 Sturmovik sim will get that reference.
  8. stans

    The Airplane That Won Die...

    It's pretty amazing to see the B-52 is expecting to still be in service into the 2050's, yet the much newer and more advanced B-1 and B-2 are expected to be retired from service in the 2030's. The B-52, C-130, and A-10 were purpose built and well designed and well built for those purposes.
  9. stans

    Overkill PC?

    In my experience, when it comes to computer hardware, overkill today will be a mid-range system next year and obsolete in three years.
  10. Leaks and pump failures are why I still rely upon air cooling.
  11. From the article: " Weirdly enough this all is still good news for Intel, as they can sell as much as they can deliver. It's just on the consumer and business side that due to these shortages, prices go up. " Basic economics at play here. The principles of supply and demand. When demand for an item remains constant or increases, but supply decreases, the price of the item increases. Couple that to a growing economy in which paying more for anything becomes less painful and you can see pretty rapid inflation of prices.
  12. I agree, cryptocurrencies are not generally regarded as legal tender. It is not backed by good credit, full faith of any government, nor physical assets. At some point, likely when taxation and regulation start, it will collapse. I liken it to buying precious metals. There are two ways to invest, either buying physical coins, bars, trinkets, etc., or buying a piece of paper that says you own so much of a metal that has yet to be mined, may never be mined, might not even exist, but is valued the same as physical metals so long as the stock market says the paper is worth something. No, you are thinking of Disney. Disney is the only thing that can kill Superman, just like it did to Han Solo. 😆
  13. stans

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    To joke, or not to joke; that is the question.
  14. I suspect this is a part of the reason why the 2080 series cards are debuting at such high prices.
  15. stans

    There's always one!

    Wow! And that's all I will say.