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  1. But I am concerned that if we bring more materials to Earth that the Earth will become so heavy that it will tip over and capsize. 😁 * * In case you don't get the humor: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/tipping-point/
  2. Welcome to Avsim, we do have a very active MSFS forum.
  3. Smartphones are impressive. Shortly after the iPhone 11 was introduced, I made the leap from a flip-phone, circa 2001, to an iPhone 11. I did not like it at first, now I would not want to be without it.
  4. Giving old, rusty, discarded tools a new lease on life. There are a number of tools in my tool boxes that were someone's cast-offs.
  5. For all of NASA's failures, they have had some incredible successes.
  6. Welcome to Avsim, I hope your husband makes a speedy recovery. As I understand it, MSFS is a massive download, but it is also available as a 10 disc set in Europe. You will still need to download add on content and updates to the simulator.
  7. Ummmmm... you implying something? 😉
  8. Welcome to Avsim! We have a very active MSFS forum here.
  9. To date, my only helicopter ride has been in a Bell 206 JetRanger. Fun flight at a local, small airshow/fly-in.
  10. First, helicopters do not fly, they just beat the air into submission. Second, (expletive not allowed) that's scary! Especially the helicopter falling out of the sky and parts of it hit an RV.
  11. It's a cultural thing and maybe one day the people operating these airports will learn to use covered stairways or at least put up a barrier to prevent passengers from making offerings to the engines.
  12. 3 months is better than 6 months and 39 days is a whole lot better than 6 months. Distance and achievable velocity are going to be issues with space travel because space is big. I meany really, really big.
  13. True, FSX can only use a maximum of 4 GB of RAM, but if Windows and any background processes and programs eat up 5 GB, then FSX will have only 3 GB available. You might be ok at 8 GB of RAM, but as Bert pointed out, check to see how much RAM is being used when flying. A 3.1 GHz quad core CPU is limiting you. FSX runs best on CPU's with at least four cores all running at 4 or more GHz.
  14. Mars is the nearest planet upon which man could one day live, but I think in order to make colonization of Mars or even "routine" scientific missions a reality, we need a faster means of travel and the means by which people could return to earth. I think this is quite likely in the future, maybe even in what is remaining of my lifetime.
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