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  1. Even if you're waiting at the gate, are you wrong? I repeat that my question concerns a situation of GR on the ground and not in flight.
  2. Hi downscc, Thanks for your answer. Obviously my question refers to hail situations with aircraft on the ground where it is difficult can cause damage reported to you. Imho, it would be enough just to associate, to the GR of the METAR, an audio file with the sound reproduction of hail if it is complicated to visualize it.
  3. I've been using for the meteo, on P3D v4.1, ASP4 + REX SKF 3D with its engine disabled and I happened to verify that while the METAR airport reported the presence of hail (GR), do not see and do not... hear this meteorological situation and wonder if it happened to others and if there is an addon that reproduces this meteorological situation. Thank you.
  4. After installing HOTFIX 1 and reconfiguring REX Sky Force 3D, I performed a test flight between LEBL and LEMD. The SAT indicated a thunderstorm line on this stretch and there were considerable differences in the visualization of clouds between the WEATHER Motor of SF3D and ASP4 on P3D v4.1. At about 20,000 WM feet of SF3D showed a compact cloudy body without cumulonimbus while ASP4, on the same stretch, it displayed impressive cumulonimbus that reached about 30,000 feet and a more real cloudiness to a storm line using the HD textures of the clouds installed by REX SF3D.
  5. HOTFIX 1 for Rex Sky Force 3D can be downloaded from the REX website.
  6. The problem of validation I had with Sky Force 3D was solved after REX support sent me an email to tell me that in the validation page I must add an extra space between first name and last.
  7. REX has announced that they are working on a HOTFIX for Sky Force 3D. This their statement: HOTFIX 1 - COMING UP! We have been made aware of some items that need an immediate fix that was not caught during testing. We are presently working on our first hotfix to address the following issues: - Step 2 registration issue that is occurring for some - Several odd .net framework issues while the weather engine, cloud model sync engines are running, etc. - Another .net framework issue with the PFPX export issue. There may need to be another hotfix 2 as we have noticed some with mapping issues, but this one has been a little more difficult to hunt down and may be contributed to data flow from the server. We will keep everyone advised when the hotfixes are released. Thank you for your patience in these matters.
  8. I had no problem with the validation of the program after installation but then I had problems with Weather engine that after about 15 minutes freezes P3D v4.1 reported to "string reading error". I decided to reinstall Sky Force but if during the installation phase validated the serial key then launched the program did not validate it. I sent an email to REX support, which today answered me saying that I had reset the key but the program followed not to validate it. I sent a new email attaching the contents of the Sky Force LOG and I await their response.
  9. Hi Ludo, Among the programs mentioned there is VECTOR which installs traffic on the roads. You have tried to configure with FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool on the Main Program of P3D \ ORBX \ FTX_VECTOR and on Trasnsportation have you selected the various Traffic?
  10. It's Christmas and we hope that Santa...LM will bring us the gifts requested for P3D! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
  11. It's the third time, two at EGLL gate 321 and one at LIRF gate 704 that the ATC stays silent after my "Read back IFR Clearence" and does not appear 1 - [Tune XXX ATIS on 121.850] and 2 - Request IFR Taxi. If I reload with World - Scenery Library - OK and rewrite the procedure, the ATC works correctly. Did it happen to someone else? Thank you.
  12. Hi snapshot21, I've tried setting the Wheather in "Major Thunderstom" and lighting produced on buildings and airplanes in the apt works well with Dynamic Lighting activated. As for ASP4, I would like to point out the site "blitzortung" where real-time flashlight activity is shown in the world. There are currently lightning strikes in the Atlantic along the US coast, Australia and the Mediterranean Sea between Libya and Greece.
  13. Hi Emile, Do you use free AI traffic programs? These programs may have aircraft models that are not compatible with P3D v4 which in addition to random CTD, may also cause these flashing clouds.
  14. Hi darem, As you said, I put off 3D Grass on LOWW FlyTampa but the CTD has again appeared then I went to see In LOWW \ Scenery and there were all Loww-grassesxx.bgl in .off, those with the patch that allowed the installation of LOWW on P3D v4, but there were also all the loww-grassesxx.bgl of v3 and after deleting them I tried some landing nocturnal on LOWW 34 and CTDs did not show up. Thanks for giving me the information that then let me fix it these nighttime CTDs at LOWW.
  15. Thanks darem. I will disable "3D Grass" on FlyTampa. A clarification on the CTD: it happened to the first night flight while I was landing about 8 miles from LOWW's runway 34 while landing made on day 34, no CTDs appeared.
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