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  1. Hi Paul, During operation, Windows starts various checks at predetermined times which obviously can slow down the running programs. You can check these controls by searching for: Utility of start - Task Scheduler Library - Microsoft - Windows. By clicking on the folders shown you can disable the checks that Windows starts up as for example in the DiskCleanup and DiskDiagnostic folders.
  2. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/back-4-blood-game-ready-driver/
  3. Bye, Bye ... Windows 11! Unfortunately Windows 11 lasted me ... two days because after a start where everything seemed normal, in addition to disappearing all the icons from the taskbar, the cursor moved but clicking on anything nothing happened. I restarted the PC but the screen remained desolately dark and no attempt to restore worked and "thanking" ... Microsoft, I had to reinstall everything even though I did it quickly because having so much faith in ... Microsoft, I had created a clone of the SSD M2, before installing W11.
  4. So far the only problems I have encountered with W11 do not concern the use of P3D after several flights, but on the Internet where I found some browser crashes and a black screen with an unspecified problem followed, strangely, by the display of the home page of the BIOS. Another thing I looked for but couldn't find even in Microsoft support, is how to put the Ethernet connection status icon on the taskbar, as it disappeared while on W10 it was regularly present.
  5. This I wrote this morning on the LM forum: "I only intervene to say: so far 10 pages for many tips from" users "to try to solve this problem that is now has been running on P3D for ... years and I wonder: but someone from LM "official" who can give us explanations about it is there or we have to think that DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG is ... included in the purchase price of P3D? "
  6. Late last night I finished installing it and this morning, after my usual "streamlining" of Windows with disables in services.msc to optimize it and installing the Nvidia 472.12 Game Ready driver for W11, I did a couple of flights with the QW 787 and, of course, confirmation will be needed, but what I notice is an improvement of about 5/10 fps over the W10.
  7. Hello to all, I expose you what happened to me after about two months ago I finished implementing the hardware of my Pc with a CPU I9-9900k 5 GHz - GPU RTX 3080 Ti 12 Gb - Asus Prime 390 - RAM 32 Gb 4000 Mhz - 2 x Samsung 980 PRO 1T - Power 850 W gold - liquid CPU cooler. After a fortnight where everything had gone O.K., while I was flying I had to pause and when after about ten minutes I returned to the PC there was the ... infamous DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG. After about a week, where I had made a dozen flights without problems but I never put paused flights while I was landing after a flight of about three hours, another ... infamous manifested itself and that is... blue screen and loud buzz. This blue screen and buzz then manifested itself at other times but not in the flights taken. Leaving aside the various unsuccessful attempts made to find the culprit, I remembered that after replacing the old GPU with the RTX 3080 I had made a variation in the BIOS of the Asus Prime Z390 where on AI Tweaker - Power-Saving & Performance Mode I had put Performance Mode. After putting AUTO, more than a month has passed by now where I have made about fifty flights and paused some flights for about ten minutes but no more DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG nor blue screen and buzz. Obviously this, for at least a month, seems only the solution to my described problems but the doubt it leaves me is that for the blue screen and buzz I think the BIOS configuration also comes into play.
  8. After today's update of the MFS 2020 : MFS 2020 + Orbx LOWI: trees and vegetation in runway header 26 MFS 2020 without Orbx LOWI:
  9. After downloading this upgrade, I did a test flight with the same parameters as the previous version and I notice an improvement in the quality of the textures and a little but also an increase in fps instead now I detect the presence of constant stutters every 10/20 sec. which were completely absent in the previous version.
  10. Found, in my case with TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 10 what causes stutters in the scenario Aereosoft LSZH (Zurich). When I set 0% Road vehicles on Traffic - Land and Sea Traffic by P3D, the stutters disappeared. I verified that even 10% is enough to cause the stutters and this could explain the fact that downhill for the landing as soon as the traffic on the roads started the stutters while taking off the stutters stopped when the flight reached a height that made the road traffic disappear.
  11. Hi Dirk98, I am currently using TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 10. I remember my initial stutters situation was "caused" by TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 10 which solved the problem of blurry textures and their slow loading. Stutters manifested on different apt scenarios but, for example, not on Orbx and other scenarios I described above. After reinstalling the Nvidia driver 471.68. up to now, among all the apt that featured stutters that I tested, I still found several micro stutters only on the Aereosoft LSZH scenario (Zurich) which, however, was also the worst with continuous 1/2 sec stutters. which made him unplayable. Now, although the situation has definitely improved, it still has some micro stutters and it is the only one that, if my flight plan includes a landing at LSZH, where I put TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 9.
  12. Found the cause of my stutters that on different apt I had with TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 10. I tried to reinstall the Nvidia driver without making any configuration of the Global Settings, leaving all the controls such as Antialias and Anisostrophic Filter managed by P3D and with this driver configuration the stutters on the apt scenarios that I had reported have disappeared and also I have also detected an increase in fps.
  13. Hi kevinfirth, thank you for your clarification. I did a lot of testing with both HT on / off, reduced RADIUS and texture quality etc. but on those apt the situation of the stutters remained the same. I would like to point out that instead many other scenarios such as those of Orbx (LOWI - ESSA - KSAN), Aerosoft (LIMC Professional - LIRA - LIRN), Flightbeam (KDEN - KMSP) and many others, with TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 10 they work regularly without stutters. Basically I am creating a census between the apt that need TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 9 to have no stutters and those that with TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 10 they work regularly so that depending on my flight plan I can choose which TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP considering that with 10 I get a perfect scenario with fast loading and no texture blurring for the whole fly.
  14. Hi killthespam, thank you for taking the test but I did not understand if you did it using the ASP3D weather engine or selected the default Major Thunderstorm in P3D's Wheter. In this regard I did not understand why I have to deselect ActiveSky Addon in Options - Add-ons of P3D and restart it otherwise if I use the default weather of P3D which foresees RA / SN, these precipitations are totally lacking while, for example, in Major Thunderstorm in the Wheter of P3D they are regularly visualized clouds, lightning and the runway is wet instead RA rainfall is totally missing. As for the cloud height issue, having hardly ever used those parameters before I'm sorry but I didn't understand that I had to select the Layer that enables the cloud heights and once selected it's all gone O.K.
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