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  1. For the Duluth Channel, these ring-shaped ice formations are not uncommon. This video is from 2018. https://youtu.be/xM6jf3dgMSg
  2. Scrolling through the posts, the fourth since the beginning, there is a video showing these strange ice formations on the Duluth channel. https://www.facebook.com/DestinationDuluth/
  3. If you return the cursor red to 07.00 AM you can obviously see them as long as they remain in recording.
  4. -6 °F, snow and strange ice crowns on the channel. Live video:
  5. It should be considered that not all pax fly for tourism and if there have been protests from pax on the behavior of ANZ it is evident who had a business or other need to travel to New York and what I find strange is the fact that ANZ has its own base at LAX where if I am not mistaken it flies daily from Auckland and, Imho, if this flight instead of back landing at KLAX could give paxes the option of finding a domestic flight that would take them, for example to Newark, as UA, Spirit and Alaska have flights from LAX to KEWR or go to Philadelphia which is only 150 km from NYC. If ANZ flies daily to LAX, the 787 I don't think would be sitting at LAX for days waiting for a new crew considering ANZ had two choices of sending pilots on the first flight to LAX or moving those from KJFK on a flight from Newark to KLAX and could do the same thing for return flight pax to Auckland which by the way nobody knows what ANZ did for them and especially for those who do not live in New York or came from other countries.
  6. It is obvious that the Company has made its calculations, but it is clear that both the pax of the returned flight and those waiting in New York for the return flight to Auckland, it's not that they cared much. I wonder what would have happened, considering the 787's range, if the plane could not return to Auckland but had to land at any apt in the US? An Air France flight from Paris landed in Newark and passengers on the return flight were only delayed by 3 hours An Ethiopian Airlines flight from Frankfurt landed in Boston, an Egypt Air flight from Cairo landed in Washington perhaps because they prioritized the needs of passengers carried instead of thinking about their costs, as ANZ did?
  7. Many passengers on the flight protested Air New Zealand's behavior. In this article, a passenger stated that the pilots were willing to land at another US airport, but the airline decided to return the aircraft to Auckland. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/air-new-zealand-passenger-aboard-returned-auckland-new-york-flight-some-people-are-kicking-off/ALJIHAN5ZFAL3L6KW3CV2AXN6I/
  8. Passengers boarded their Air New Zealand flight to New York City on Thursday evening prepared to spend 16-plus hours in the air which they did. But they didn't expect to land right back where they started. That was the fate of Flight NZ2, which turned back to Auckland over the Pacific Ocean because of a power outage at its destination, John F Kennedy Airport. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2023/02/16/auckland-new-zealand-flight-16-hours/
  9. One of the most unique features about this airport is a series of reversed hold short markings between Runways 4R and 4L. At most airports, you land, exit the runway on a taxiway, and ensure you've passed the hold short markings. Not in Honolulu. You'll need a clearance to exit this runway. https://www.boldmethod.com/learn-to-fly/regulations/honolulu-airport-reversed-hold-short-markings/
  10. Right now at Camp Idlewood -37°C /-35F https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/usa/minnesota/camp-idlewood-cam.html Silver Bay Marina -30°C / -22F https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/usa/minnesota/lake-superior-silver-bay-marina.html Duluth Ship Canal -26°C/ -15F https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/usa/minnesota/shipping-canal-duluth.html
  11. A Qantas 737-800 flying between Auckland to Sydney suffered an engine failure and made an emergency landing at Sydney APT. https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/2023/01/18/qantas-flight-issues-mayday-alert/
  12. The timeline extracted from the ADS-B data: 01:44:29Z DL1943 start of TO roll 01:44:30Z AA106 at JKB junction 01:44:39Z DL1943 40 kts 01:44:43Z AA106 entering 4L at J 01:44:47Z DL1943 79 kts 01:44:54Z AA106 at mid 4L (interpolated between data points assuming constant taxi speed) 01:44:55Z DL1943 104 kts, max speed, at K3/K4, about 2000 ft from J 01:44:58Z DL1943 85 knots 01:45:00Z DL1943 62 knots 01:45:05Z AA106 free from 4L on J 01:45:05Z DL1943 33 knots at junction 31L/4L
  13. According to the reconstructions, the pilots of flight AAL106 instead of turning right on the taxiway, continued straight across the runway 4L while the Delta 737 was taking off. The 737 Delta pilots managed to stop within approximately 1000 feet of the 777. https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2023/01/16/4723690538358688345/640x360_MP4_4723690538358688345.mp4
  14. A purported video clip shows one of the five Indian passengers onboard the Yeti Airlines aircraft, who apparently recorded his last moments before crashing into the gorge of the Seti river in Nepal. The passenger, identified as Sonu Jaiswal, was broadcasting live from his Facebook account when the incident occurred. Five Indians, among the 68 people, died after a 72-seater passenger aircraft operated by Yeti Airlines crashed into the gorge of the Seti river, seven kilometres ahead of its destination – Pokhara International Airport in Nepal, on Sunday. https://www.itemfix.com/v?t=t34jf9
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