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  1. like a slider in the traffic option - percentage of traffic or Low,Med,High,Ultra etc good idea
  2. Asobo are working on live traffic and AI - as suspected also admitted that not all traffic is being shown - they are looking at this but caution FPS
  3. As part of Helicopter development Props are being re-worked. Also the affect of wing flex on aerodynamics
  4. Can also buy each plane and each class for Reno and you can see every plane even if you don't own it also can fly generally in the SIM
  5. one of the Devs, can't remember his job title - he was at the Seattle reveal back in the day
  6. MP still broke then? Aus flight simmer streaming atm and has issues
  7. DA40NG ground steering is all messed up for me.
  8. Was waiting to see if it was just me, guess not.
  9. Bought trackir the other day, not seen the white dot since 👍😀
  10. This looks mint. so if you have the free version and race against someone with the full 40 planes I presume you wouldn’t actually see them rendered in the SIM - just a copy of your one variant?
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