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  1. There was no tile popping for me earlier, however I did get some really bad stutters when panning my view in the cockpit.
  2. I can't see anywhere them saying we cannot ask about 2024 this time.
  3. This is a long thread now so I may have missed any fps talk, I jumped into the last Beta release as I wanted to test out the new SR22 - the first thing I noticed was a big drop in fps for me, another quick run yesterday and the same experience. I've checked my settings and nothing obvious has been changed graphically for me.
  4. I cant believe no-one has mentioned PSXT + MSFS (AIG x FSLTL) / ( PSXT + N1) -1 clearly the best in my view and super easy to setup.
  5. I would have been tempted twelve months ago - but with some of the negative comments from the ORBX forums and the release of 2024 its a firm no from me, imo its a lot of money to spend which will potentially be made redundant within the year. if however 2024 fails to deliver on expectations then maybe I'll reconsider a purchase at a likely reduced cost.
  6. oh no 2020 was about Trees, 2024 will be about pebbles - the pebbles are too large!
  7. I work in the Telecoms industry for a major UK player as a Network Analyst - previously I worked in IT for 25 years. so it's obvious to me where the issue is sorry Asobo
  8. Looks great, I wonder if Steveo will fly it - to remind him of the IRL plane he once flew.
  9. Everything I’ve seen so far is very promising. Asobo are doing the right thing in moving away from the inefficient old FSX code, tear it up and do a deep dive rewrite now they know there trade. I’m confident this will result in better performance - which in turn frees up headroom for additional features - some of which have already been mentioned. hopefully they will look at the weather engine now too 👍
  10. The way I see it is this, MS approach Asobo and say hey we want to create a new flight sim - Asobo turn around and say ok - can we have the FSX source code please. Asobo then build a new SIM based around the proven but now dated and somewhat limited FSX source code, they implement new tech like machine learning, cloud based streaming etc - it's essentially an experiment. Things move along - they improve various aspects of the SIM, they listen to the customer base and iron out some of the teething issues - Asobo are learning the genre - it becomes apparent that the old code needs a re-write, both to improve performance with new hardware and to allow those cool new features like seasons, re-write the ATC etc that everyone wants. the Answer a new product - call it 2024 so it sounds new also and increases sells - job done.
  11. absolutely agree - no amount of update's will change the original title - which remember never had 2020 in it in the first place. launching a new flight sim and calling it 2024 is a smart move imo.
  12. The AI traffic code obviously needs a lot of work - and imo should have been given at least some attention some time ago. embarrassing maybe - neglected for sure - imo. well done OP for starting another topic on the subject, the more people talk about this the better - again imo.
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