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  1. The AI traffic code obviously needs a lot of work - and imo should have been given at least some attention some time ago. embarrassing maybe - neglected for sure - imo. well done OP for starting another topic on the subject, the more people talk about this the better - again imo.
  2. I’ll let you know in a few weeks, as I’m upgrading from FTTC with a current connection of about 74mbps to FTTP 1Gbps. however I suspect this will make little to no difference. If MSFS isn’t delivering the throughput then that will always be the likely limiting factor. should be noted that throughput or bandwidth from your CP and Openreach (if in Uk and not with Virgin) will also have a bearing on things generally - but I doubt will have any impact on MSFS. Regarding full fibre in the UK, we currently have about 100 players in the market right now who are all working at a frantic pace to get the fibre in the ground (and OH) - this will change though with mergers of the smaller players until the predicted two big companies remain with likely a third slightly smaller provider too.
  3. Don’t think I do but I’ll double check. thanks Jase👍
  4. I’m not in this beta, but I had the exact same issue in SU11 - in that it was the C195 causing problems and I never even touched the Waco.
  5. anyone else getting CTD when loading Auckland discovery flight? had a quick scan of posts and couldn’t see this mentioned.
  6. This https://flightsim.to/file/38966/ga-stock-aircraft-traffic I think
  7. Really looking forward to this, I wonder if the mesh update will be better than the product I bought some months ago - I’m sure it will be. NZA make some quality airports so having them involved is fantastic, should be noted though that two of the airports listed are already available as freeware from NZA.
  8. Agreed. They are all dead until Asobo fix it, I’m certainly not buying a pretty trailer which doesn’t show any movement of note.
  9. Guys how do we/I request a refund from MSFS - anyone got a link pls?
  10. Well here’s a turn up, I had exactly the same thing happen to me when the Honda Jet came out! I still haven’t followed up claiming a refund with MS after Steam said it’s nothing to do with them. If any of you know how to do this please advise.
  11. MSFS has taken a back seat for me, following illness and a subsequent operation I’m now fully back into winter training - mostly on Zwift and in preparation for training camp in Mallorca late March. im probably only averaging 1hr a week flying atm.
  12. I remember on first release the AI system did work, although not very well as we know, so based on this I would say one of two things have happened. 1- they have made changes to the AI traffic code and basically broken it - step by step.. or 2- they have made changes to other parts of the code which have had unforeseen results on the AI traffic code. Perhaps in replacing other areas of old FX code has indirectly affected this area?
  13. One way is on YT, they normally upload it there later at some point.
  14. He seemed to suggest they weren’t told during the beta testing in good time - utter BS. I love listening to the Q&As and always look forward to them, but Asobo’s attitude or clear lack of focus on the AI situation is getting depressing- they clearly don’t see it as a priority. I’d rather they just come out and say that, rather than string people along. there were many questions about the AI during the stream, but rather than give a detailed response and at least look interested they once again skimmed over it. on a more positive note, the new update for NZ, avionics and aircraft are excellent.
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