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  1. This will be a day 1 purchase for me, looks incredible! Any chances that the Lear35 will make its way into MSFS? With this kind of detail I can only imagine how good the 35 would look!
  2. Anyone else notice that the night lighting has completely vanished after WU6? Im currently using render scaling 80 and a temp fix is setting it to 100. I really hope Asobo is aware of this bug and will get it fixed.
  3. It appears to be that way, as upset as that makes me. I was looking forward to the lear 60 and MU2 soooo freaking bad.
  4. Hoping that "Fixed issue with multi-UV PBR materials not working properly in some cases." means the dark cockpit issue has been fixed. 🤞
  5. Is there a way to have EA on and use the ENVTEX sky textures?
  6. This actually looks pretty good! How is it? Thinking about grabbing it!
  7. Did find the issue:IN the ini file it says:[GENERAL]USERNAME=John DoeCOMPANYNAME=PIDKEY=111-222-333-444but it should say:[GENERAL]USERNAME=John DoeCOMPANYNAME=KEY=111-222-333-444
  8. I re downloaded the new installer but keep getting an error message when I load the aircraft in the sim saying "this product is not activated" then crashes the sim. During the install I entered my serial code etc. Not sure why this is happening.
  9. I was lucky enough to get it when you released it the first time....Has there been any changes with this "re-release" ? if so should I look at my account and re download it?
  10. It is such a shame that they release it in an "unfinished" state and literally said they will not "complete" it. I wonder why?? IM PRAYING they don't release their Lear 60 in this type of state.
  11. Id love to get some clarification myself, I really want this bird to work!
  12. Still waiting on the darn Lear and Avanti!!! 😅
  13. Wow im super impressed with how it looks!! Will you be releasing this a package to download? WIll I need anything before hand to get all of it to work? Keep up the great work!
  14. Funny you said that, I was just in the middle of re-installing a clean version and without my edited fx files I definitely dont have such a bright red light in the cabin anymore but I definitely do still see that "faint" red light still bleeding through, I may have to dig into the fx files to see what parameter I may need to change to dim down the light. Anyway, thank you for your insight, if you find a way to "block out" the light spill please let me know!
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