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  1. I was hoping they would do the Lear 35 or Falcon 50 next...too many single engine planes in the sim atm. But if it as good as the 414 I'll be okay 😛
  2. Strobe lights and landing lights are not attached in the right position. "Floating light orbs" can easily be fixed in the systems.cfg...how did they not notice this?
  3. Another great airport for the SoCal region, we are getting spoiled! Thank you!
  4. I've been getting CTD's on the sim loading screen, can't even make it past that. Event viewer showing Couatl 64 the cause....
  5. I'm really loving your work and these awesome freeware sceneries! Thank you and keep up the great work! I hope you continue to create more of these SoCal airports!
  6. At the end of this YouTube video showing off the upcoming steam gauge overhaul, Black Square/JustFlight teased the Beechcraft Starship and wow! what a surprise...looking forward to this one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddcaq1wU5hg&list=WL&index=24&ab_channel=JustFlight
  7. Which one is better? I haven't installed the update yet... I basically paid for the free version that was released today? im confused lol
  8. So what happens to my payware KAVX or KBID? Will this update overwrite these addons?
  9. I live right up the road as well, the VSP building looks horrible in photogram
  10. Does that mean we will get to change the layout? I want a bed in my BBJ! lol
  11. Mods, can we close this topic? If people want to share how they feel about the price and detail of the aircraft they can do that in their own thread, this was simply to let everyone know of the release date. In my opinion this is a steal of a price for the amount of detail and cool features they added, one of the best GA planes we've seen in any sim. I will end it there. Have fun flying your 310's everyone! -Jay
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