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  1. I got the 700 and I'm done. There's plenty of rw routes and airlines that fly the -700. I basically just fly it as a BBJ though.
  2. Nice pics Tim. Time to dust off the paint brush haha?
  3. Me neither but haha ditto! Oh heck maybe I'll buy it at some point. I just barely learned the FBW version.
  4. Dave, in your estimation, how long does it take to go from nothing to fully filled airports? Do the planes park at the right gates?
  5. Glad to see Flight1 is still alive and kickin'. F1 was once a leader in innovative aircraft - I'd love to see one here in MSFS.
  6. What? Constant sim updates, world updates, server side updates, more and more third party addons (and higher fidelity than ever before), a steady flow of user mods (flightsim.to if you've never been) Seems like the opposite of your post.
  7. Are you certain they're at the same resolution as you? I run 1440P and most setting at Ultra. But when in dense photogrammetry areas like big cities I have to pull lod to 200-300. There's no way I could run that at 4k.
  8. We turned it long ago for GA in MSFS hehe - but yes I agree for people flying airliners - this is the first one to really hit home. The CRJ was just okay and you can tell it was more or less aimed at a broad audience.
  9. Hi it looks stunning! Would love to see a TDS GTN 750Xi in there!
  10. Right click on the little app in the system tray and exit. It will popup a notice and then just click yes/ok. You'll have to start it manually again if you want to use a tds equipped aircraft in the same sim session.
  11. On my old 60 Hz monitor, 60 fps vs 30 was very noticeable. On my 144hz I don't have enough experience to really judge what is smoothest (nor do I have the time to fiddle with it). I believe I'm locked at 40 in NCP at the moment.
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