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  1. Eh true. I missed that one on the list I quoted. Not very realistic.
  2. Those are all great choices. I'd also add the TDS GTN 750Xi (similar to Flight1/reality XP GTN we had in p3d) https://tdssim.com/gtnxivcintegration
  3. Probably a good idea. It's similar to the first few pages at flightsim.to - where nearly every new file entry is a PMDG or Fenix repaint haha!
  4. I was actually looking for a VC pic that I took recently and didn't find any hehe... Maybe I'll take one for you later today when I'm home 🙂
  5. I've dropped most of whom I was testing for hehe. We just got so busy with the kids etc. I'm also excited for the FXF Vision Jet - it looks very enjoyable.
  6. Sorry - that was the original price - I didn't know they changed it. It's well worth 50 USD imo.
  7. Does it say at the end of the video? I swear I heard end of May but I'm not certain.
  8. You have the best liveries Ron. @Tim-HH might be able to take you on though hahah!
  9. What is that? I admit I've not flown the plane for a few days.... didn't even boot my PC for 2 days hehe.
  10. Not specifically - they have a discord that periodically shows off previews https://discord.gg/sXvrV6xR
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