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  1. My computer should be here near the end of the month. I’m very excited and have been watching lots of YouTube Xcub videos Are there any cabins that you can fly to in the default Alaska scenery?
  2. After more research I now know exactly what I want. the most minimal interface. Something that keeps track of engine wear n tear, etc but allows me to do the routing/flights outside of the program. Anything?
  3. Im more of an air charter operation. On demand cargo and passenger service. airplane rides sightseeing cabn/hunting drop offs and the most important is off airport landings. I know AH2 allows that, not sure of the others. does any add on allow for possible failures? I loved fspassengers for that. im leaning towards AH2
  4. I’m trying to list all of them so I can really compare them. So far I’ve got Air Hauler 2 Skypark FSEconomy On Air im sure there others...
  5. I want to fly from KTEB To the Statue of Liberty and back, But I want to do it IFR, can I do this in FS2020?
  6. Flight simulation can be tough to learn. not only just the “flying/piloting” part but the learning how to operate the sim, setting controls correctly, etc id choose the c152 or the DR400 and go slow. Remember you don’t have to obey proper rules, etc. make it as easy as you can on yourself.
  7. I want to install flight simulator 2020 on my SSD drive and then put all my other add-ons on my regular 2 TB blue drive. can I do this?
  8. I’ll be using fs2020 There are so many out there: there are so many out there: Sky park, neosky, onair, air hauler 2, etc I’ll be creating a charter VA, along with some air taxi routes and “bush” ops as well. im looking for one that would allow me to land off airport. I think AH2 allows you to put in custom airports (off airport) locations so because of that I’m leaning that way.. from what I’ve seen of sky park, looks great as well I’m not that into scheduled ops, a little but most would be on demand any guidance would be appreciated.
  9. A marketing ploy? So we buy third party aircraft?
  10. im assuming I can assign these or any views to my joystick buttons?
  11. I’m assuming that I can set custom camera views to my joystick buttons? I fly GA and I like a view left at 45 deg and left 90 and left 135 and then be able to assign these views to the buttons on top of my joystick like I did with chase plane. then I have my right hand on my throttle And my left hand on my joystick and I can easily look for shooting a pattern.
  12. I priced out a good but not the latest computer at cyberpower pc for 2k, i7-10900k, 32 gigs ram, gtx 3070 8 im thinking about getting the Xbox series x - a whole lot cheaper. Of course everything is sold out and I’m not paying over $500 for one. thoughts, ideas? im only interested in bush flying, and light GA flying, I don’t care about jets. Im wanting a computer but more in the $1500 range...
  13. My computer quit working and I’m not flying but I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos. The trees look a lot a like. How is it really? Do the trees vary to the area you fly in? Palm trees in Florida?
  14. You married your wife not your sim. The sim will be there afterwards. Besides do you want to be alone with half your stuff or have all of your stuff and use it half the time?
  15. just give me my X-cub and Alaska and some deep remote areas in Canada and I'll be good for a looooooooooong time. Where I'm flyin' I don't need no stinkin' taxi lines!
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