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  1. Great topic... I buy/fly whatever I think is good for my company. I fly OnAir career addon - out of KFFZ - Pheonix AZ area. Dry Air Aviation (DRY9) I have to always ask myself, how will I use this aircraft in my company? What specific role will this aircraft fill? Do I really need this specific aircraft? I like it because it makes it feel more realistic as to why I would purchase said aircraft.
  2. This used to work.. its the grey one to the right of the green ILS beam icon. I used to be able to turn this on but now its all ghosted and I can't click it on/off? any ideas? come to think of it, the hold icon and the MSA icon is ghosted out as well and I can't turn those on either. the V and J routes turn on and off, that's working but I can't turn on the T routes either. mmmm.... any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  3. I love msfs but I miss the 206. I will this work in p3dv6?
  4. I did find this… https://www.paramountbusinessjets.com/aviation-terminology/air-charter-operator thanks
  5. I flew the c207… a lot back in the day…love that plane. but, I’d take a 206 any day.
  6. Could this be a real world scenerio. Lets suppose we have charter company x. They're new and don't have that much business going on. They have leased a PC12. Now, suppose we have another charter company z. They have been around a while and are swamped. Could company x use their pc12 and their pilot to fly a flight for company z for a cut of the profits to help them out since they're swamped? Or would this never happen? Thanks. I'm trying to run a simulated charter company using OnAir career addon but I'm also trying to push it and use it creatively by changing the narrative.
  7. The hangup I’m having with all these msfs career addons is they have this universal “job board” where you choose your flights. I don’t have any real-world experience with this but that strikes me very unrealistic. for air charter companies how are the flights determined? Purely customer driven? advertising and what about having a sales Dep.? im trying to generate a more realistic generation of jobs.
  8. Me too. I can't believe there is no answer or fix to this. I really like the aircraft. I do have a mod I got from flightsim.to and that seems to smooth things out a bit.
  9. Improved built in ATC and a really good Cessna 206
  10. Ok I know the rules of thumb when the glide slope is a standard 3 degrees. but what’s the actual formula when the glide slope is say 6.49 degrees at Aspen (KASE)?
  11. Do I turn on the APR mode? Or should it do it’s own thing automatically?
  12. Aren’t all RNAV approaches supposed to have a/p follow a glide slope? some do and others I have to bring down on my own and follow the descent profile… can anyone help me with this. It’s so confusing. this is all being flown with the Longitude with the 1.96 mod from flightsim.to are RNAV approaches supposed to be just for guidance only, correct? The landing is always ap off and hand flown in?
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