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  1. yes, it just said email me when available...
  2. Do you get better frames from the FT 170-195 than the AS CRJ Pro? I have an old computer and I used to fly the original 135/145 on FSX years ago and at that time is was a great airplane.
  3. In light singles and twins. Like C206, Piper Navajo, etc I've heard about 80 lbs. each? That seems a bit to much. The reason I'm asking is I want to "take out all the seats" and adjust empty weight so I can convert it to a cargo plane. Thanks.
  4. The third from the top: what aircraft is that?
  5. Yeah. I think I’ll skip it. I have GEN & GES and the Europe LC. Good enough.
  6. How much of the route is in the Netherlands? Is it worth buying true earth Netherlands?
  7. I don't even have that file in my Pilot's Mesh under NAM I go up to DX007011 but no 14
  8. I'm horrible with math, and dyslexic I gave this a try and I must've calculated something wrong. KEB N59 21.17' W151 55.48' that converted into LAT 59.35277778 LONG 151,92472222 then: XX=88 YY=10 but that is in Asia not NAM area. A little help.
  9. What do you all set the slider to? say for example single engine piston planes etc? I’m going to assume the larger the plane the tighter the cabin and less outside sound?
  10. Yes, I tried that and it made things super weird.
  11. I don't have new mesh. I just want to turn off Pilot's mesh because it's messing up two little airports for me. KEB and PGM
  12. I was wondering is there anyway to turn off Pilot's mesh for a specific state in the USA? I want to turn it off for Alaska but keep it for everything else.
  13. OK, good. I've been doing 1800 fpm but 2k works for me as well.
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