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  1. Is there anything like the above for Boeing 737-700?
  2. Yes, I did start the PMDG 737 runway state and take off and hand fly a nice loop and land all by hand, I will say that it hand flies very well and I think I just answered my own question…. I got it because I only wanted to purchase one 737 model. The fact that this came with the BBJ and a cargo variant was all I wanted. I’d rather haul virtual stuff n things than people. My problem I have is me more than the plane. I start very enthusiastic about the 737 and about midway of going through the checklist I get mentally exhausted and wear out…information overload? I don’t know. I’m dyslexic on top of it all, so always having to go over everything 2 or more times ads to the tedium… maybe tubeliner flying isn’t me…I’ve been having a blast flying the new Milviz C310 - what a visceral experience that is.
  3. Compared to these three: Aerosoft CRJ 700 Fenix A320 PMDG B737 out of the above I’m a little more familiar with the PMDG B737, but still very green. bonus question: can you use SIDS/STARS within the built in MSFS ATC?
  4. I didn't even notice that. I just took my first flight with it and didn't even use a checklist and was able to easily start it up and fly it around the pattern three times. I was surprised it went as well as it did. I really like it and will be using it to haul cargo in OnAir
  5. I found them in the manual. I printed it out. I prefer physical checklist rather than the e-checklist in sim.
  6. I love OnAir, but all of these career programs just generate way to many jobs (my opinion) to be realistic (again, my opinion). in a small mom & pop company, say with no more than 2-4 other hired staff/pilots etc. how many flights would they get in a week? I know there are tons of variables but…
  7. No problem…I was hoping I could get away from the stock aircraft, but…. I did forget about the Kingair 350i i love the TBM930 with mod. So …
  8. I'm in the need of a twin aircraft that has the G1000 or G3000, working title. Either payware or freeware. total seat of 6 - 12 etc. Anything out there?
  9. I like to simulate FAR135 operations I think you are allowed to offer minimal scheduled flight service under these rules - not sure. I would like to set this up as a commuter flight with the Emb 110, but the problem is it’s a long flight. What I want to do is a string of airports out and back like this: PANC-PAYA-PAJN-PAKT and reverse. would this be realistic? I don’t mean if this route actually exists in the real world, but could it exist?
  10. mmmm....somehow I'm not surprised - well I can hand fly it - so we will do that. I think I may move "up" to the CJ4 and then the Aerosoft CRJ.
  11. Well I just got done flying from KSDL to KTUS and the ATC threw me for another loop. They assigned me the LOC BC 29R but this time it didn't switch to the Nav1 automatically - I had the frequency dialed in - but I did a manual land and all was well, but how do I deal with a back course? I assume since it was just a LOC there was no altitude g/s - the ATC kept vectoring me down - which was pretty amazing - I was surprised by that but then I was on my own for short final and landing. It hand flies very well so there is that. I'll keep working on it.
  12. OY! yes of course the APPR button - I was looking for that and I didn't realize how far to the right it was. I've been out of flying IFR for so long... thanks for that. I'll try it again.
  13. I got it where it switched from FMS mode to nav1 ILS - I was able to get lateral a/p but no g/s what am I doing wrong? What do I need to setup to follow the glideslope? Any help would be great.
  14. They both carry 9 pax and the 208 goes a lot faster. why would I fly the Islander?
  15. my goal is to fly IFR in MSFS on VATSIM in the TBM 930. using Simbrief and/or Navigraph seems overkill to me. I can understand that if you’re flying the tubeliners. I like Skyvector and Little NavMap. if filing IFR must I always use a SID & STAR?
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