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  1. briansommers

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    No, but I haven't done any comparison test. It's so worth the money. You'll kick yourself that you didn't do this earlier. The one feature I love is that you can assign the same button to different views and then use that button to "cycle" through your views. For example, I have one button on my joystick that I click and it shows the main panel, then I click it again and it will show landing gear lights and/or throttles, etc I fly small GA aircraft so this is great to quickly check when on final.
  2. briansommers

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I used to until I used to get so sick and tired of all sorts of niggly little problems and then I fixed it once and for all: I uninstalled it and bought chaseplane - no more problems.
  3. briansommers

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    TWO THINGS: when you say you did a clean install, does that mean you deleted the .exe of client, scenery and content or you just installed the complete over top? 2. What about ORBX scenery did you have to reinstall everything or just run the fTXCentral?
  4. briansommers

    Prime Air (Amazon)

    Yes, I have the Carenado Super CargoMaster and the Grand Caravan. I don't have the executive. I fly p3d V4.3 (4.4 soon)
  5. briansommers

    Prime Air (Amazon)

    the Caravan is the only a/c that interests me. I would like to see where you go with this. I'm afraid it will be a fly whatever, whenever "airline" there are tons of those types around.
  6. Everything was working fine yesterday and now whenever I startup p3d v4.2 mouselook defaults to be on and the only way to turn it off is to kill chaseplane and then start it back up again, then it's fine. any ideas?
  7. briansommers

    anyway to adjust brightness on G1000 units?

    oh! I take it back. It works great I do have mine moded with Bert's GTN750 Thanks for that tip.
  8. briansommers

    anyway to adjust brightness on G1000 units?

    oh of course!
  9. briansommers

    anyway to adjust brightness on G1000 units?

    Thanks, I'll give this a whirl soon this morning.
  10. I really like the TBM 850 and I want to get more carenado planes with glass , G1000 but one thing that bugs me is I can't seem to figure out how to dim them and turn them down in the VC, they are to bright and "blow out" in the vc mode. any solutions? Thanks.
  11. briansommers

    EZDOK V2 not connecting with p3d V4

    I switched over to chaseplane, After having nothing but problems with EZDok. Chaseplane will fixed all of my problems.
  12. briansommers

    Where is this airport?

    anyone know the name/ICAO of this airport in this vid?
  13. briansommers

    Necropost: P3D + Ideal flight 10 = Awesome!

    does this program add in failures?
  14. How do you realistically fly in/out of major airports without driving an airliner? I guess charter jets do but not that often. The only way would be small cargo planes, yes? I'm trying to come up with realistic ways to fly in/out of major airports (I've bought a ton of them over the years for FS/P3d) without flying airliners. Ideas?
  15. briansommers

    jet for low end pc?

    That's what scared me off of it.. its looks like a fsx port. I'm interested in native code only birds.