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  1. It's all done in hardware with dedicated instructions these days. The latency is orders of magnitude less than the latency required to read off the device. Cheers
  2. You could start by saying what software you are using, and what your hardware is.
  3. Unable to duplicate at 1024x768. Do you have font scaling turned on? Cheers
  4. Exactly what resolution are you using? I still see a scrollbar at 800x600. Cheers
  5. That's assuming you don't have a variable refresh rate monitor. Most people do. It's a common cognitive weakness of ours. Cheers
  6. When dealing with AM5, your first question is "is it on the motherboard's QVL?" If not, find something that is. If the latency is the same, IMO DDR5-6000 is better than DDR5-5200, you can clock InfinityFabric faster. Cheers
  7. A 7800X3D should be able to do DDR5-6000 without issue. I wouldn't go faster than that - you start getting into diminishing returns from a price/reliability standpoint. Cheers
  8. Sorry I wasn't clear - that is a huge reason to stay up to date. I would not run an AM5 system without being certain I was on a newer AGESA version. Cheers
  9. I struggle to think of new features that a BIOS update would deliver. To me it's about stability, sometimes security or not having your CPU cooked by poorly behaving motherboard makers. Cheers
  10. If it's only some aircraft, that suggests something in the sim/aircraft, not the controls or the general sim configuration. Maybe an FSUIPC custom axis setting? Cheers
  11. In the calibration screen, are the axes responding? Is it axes only, or buttons as well? Cheers
  12. Looks like your ISP is the problem. Why are they blocking the Hifi site? Cheers
  13. This (and crypto) seems like something easily solved with Time of Day pricing. Cheers
  14. ActiveSky, GSX and FSUIPC, probably more. Cheers
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