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  1. Luke

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    The ATL VOR is located at 33.629 N, 84.435 W and has a frequency of 116.9. Who owns that data? Certainly not Jeppesen. As you describe, they merely compile the data from different sources, which is exactly what Feist was referring to. Why do you feel it doesn't apply? I completely agree that visual presentations of the raw data (like a map) are unique creative works and copyrightable. You can have no expectations of data privacy for data you do not own. The data is, by the way, completely editable and decompilable - we've been able to do so at least since FS2000 if not before since the format is well-documented. Most likely they paid for someone to aggregate the data, which is entirely plausible and legitimate. That's essentially what we pay Navigraph for - they don't own the data itself, we're just paying them to aggregate it and transform it into an easily usable format. Cheers!
  2. Luke

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    He's not suggesting otherwise. He's merely pointing out that the raw data isn't a "creative work" and therefore isn't protected. Cheers! Luke
  3. Luke

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    They do not consider that, because the Supreme Court of the United States disagrees:,_Inc.,_v._Rural_Telephone_Service_Co. You cannot copyright navaid data. It's the "phone book" of aeronautics. Cheers! Luke
  4. After long last, we've released a new version of the simFDR client that fully supports 64-bit Prepar3D v4.x. In addition to supporting the latest version of Lockheed Martin's new simulator, we've also made a number of changes to simFDR's support of payware autopilots, including the QualityWings Boeing 757 and the TFDi 717, in addition to our existing support of the PMDG B737, B737NG, B747, B777 and MD-11 as well as the Level-D 767-300. Please visit to learn more about our new version. Our current free beta period remains open, as it has since 2016. We are also investigating X-Plane support; we have a very early alpha that supports X-Plane on Windows only. Cheers!
  5. Unless you have a time dilation machine, you can't do anything about the latency. Bandwidth yes, but the speed of light is what it is.
  6. This all depends on the latency (not bandwidth) of your internet connection. It'll be around 70-100ms roundtrip, which is the equivalent of 10-12fps. No thanks.
  7. Luke

    Which Delta Virtual?

    I've been at since 2001... over 1,600 flights. Cheers!
  8. I wouldn't waste time or money going after NVMe yet, unless you're upgrading your motherboard. Even then it's not going to be a significant difference. I'd focus on getting a good SATA SSD - BrucoGianluco's suggestion of a Samsung 860 is a good one. I have a pair of them in my rig and have been quite happy. Cheers!
  9. Luke

    PMDG and Dynamic Lighting

    An unrelated question - dynamic lighting seems to work only at the start of a flight, not the end, for me. As an example, I land at ImagineSim KATL in the PMDG and have no dynamic lighting. I then restart the sim with the same aircraft, same time, and the same gate, and it seems to work. Is this a PMDG or an ImagineSim problem? Cheers!
  10. Luke

    Process Lasso

    With respect, that's overemphasizing the point. X-Plane 11 is basically an upgraded version of X-Plane 10, which was an upgraded version of X-Plane 9, and so on. The fact that they were marketed under different names doesn't change the fact that MSFS went through 10 versions (actually fewer than X-Plane) and internally it was just MSFS v10.0 (hence the name FSX). One may have a point that there is better continuity of development under Laminar Research than Microsoft, but I would suggest that Microsoft could spend exponentially more on QA than LR, so that's probably a wash. I would suggest that the answer is equally simple - the relative stability of XP (if it exists) is due to the relative scarcity of add-ons. Stock P3D, FSX and XP are all equally stable assuming stable hardware and a properly configured OS. Once people start adding third party add-ons of dubious quality, the stability of the sim will go down. If anything, 64-bit has done us a great service as the old content simply will not run due to limitations of the x86-64 architecture. I'd personally be suspicious of blaming Process Lasso unless it's doing something more than changing process or thread affinity; FSX and P3D do that using the same Windows API calls using the affinity mask setting and any decent software (which includes FSX, P3D and XP) should not care as to how many processors it could be executing on, or which processors they are. I wonder if Ciaran can duplicate the problem at will. Cheers!
  11. Luke

    FSL back at it again

    And those add-ons are either poorly coded, or broken. Running a user applications with full permissions is a security nightmare, but developers put the "run as admin" mantra in their documentation because they don't want to deal with issues from people who can't work their computers properly. I never run my sim (FS9, FSX or P3D) as admin, have never had issues with it my add-on aircraft or add-ons (except AS which insists on running as admin for no good reason that I'm aware of). Sorry, but this is one of my many pet peeves; many people complain about Windows' poor security then go out of their way to subvert it. Cheers!
  12. Luke

    Navigraph Charts Quarantined

    Note the targets you mention. While they might (and this is a BIG if) be more protected, there's also infinitely more data there to steal. Why would I bother targeting a few individuals when I can get data for tens of thousands of people? Your odds of getting hacked through a connected add-on are very, very low. They are practically zero if it's written in a managed .NET language like ActiveSky is. But if you're that worried I suggest you not go online at all. The only truly secure computer is one disconnected from the network - and powered off. :) I don't share Jim's security around advertising on flightsim websites. Unless these sites are serving the creatives themselves and inspecting them, that's a much bigger attack vector. I keep my ad blocker on if there is any 3rd-party ad serving. Cheers! Luke
  13. Luke

    Navigraph Charts Quarantined

    Uninstall McAffee? :) I find Windows Defender to be more than adequate on Windows 7. Cheers! Luke
  14. Luke

    Why do airliners not have wheel motors?

    Two issues come to mind. There's a limit to how fast you can charge a battery - IIRC it's around 4C so 4 times the discharge rate. On landing you have a tremendous amount of energy that you need to dissipate in a very, very short amount of time. I don't believe you can charge a battery that quickly, and even if you do, there's a tremendous amount of heat created as a by-product (no man-made physical, chemical or electrical process is 100% efficient). I would rather have a brake fire than an internal battery fire. Cheers! Luke
  15. Luke

    AVSIM Server Funraising Drive

    Silly question, but have you considered just moving the forums to AWS? Cheers! Luke