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  1. If you're actually using that much power, you now have a heat dissipation problem. Cheers
  2. 8538 works just fine with 5.4 for me. Cheers
  3. That's my only qualm with the 3080 - it is noticeably hot. If you can get similar performance in a cooler and newer card, it makes sense. Cheers
  4. Absolutely this. I would happily take a 5% framerate decrease to get rid of freezes and stutters. Cheers!
  5. Have you looked at a 3080? 12GB of VRAM and it's just a stripped down GA102, not a GA103 chip. I've had mine for over a year and very content with it. It puts out a fair bit of heat, but it's easy to reduce peak power to 70%. Cheers!
  6. I've been getting DXI_DEVICE_HUNG messages with the latest driver on my 3080, immediately upon flight loading. I have backed down to 531.41 and they have gone away. Cheers
  7. That's why you encrypt at the protocol layer as well. Why would you ever trust the network that you don't control? Cheers!
  8. Try setting your AffinityMask to 1, 2, 4 (or any other power of two) to force it onto a single core and let me know if things stay the same 🙂 I don't disagree that things have improved significantly in P3Dv5 but it's a process and didn't just start then. The challenge of breaking up a single-threaded monolith like FS9 and early FSX into using multiple threads is discovering the data dependencies and locks/stalls created when you move something out. If you're seeing fewer stalls when approaching an airport it does make me believe that they've added scenery loading onto its own async thread which should make a huge difference. I don't think it was (as much of) a problem in the FS9 days because scenery complexity was so much lower. Cheers
  9. To be fair, this happened with FSX SP1 - Phil Taylor was talking about it in his blog posts. Now LM has made strides in improving things over time, but the heavy lifting was already done in FSX. Cheers!
  10. There's perfectly good shareholder capital that hasn't been p***d through yet! Horizontal launch is finished, except maybe for launches right on the equator. I don't think continental drift will help Cornwall in that regard any time soon. Cheers!
  11. I expect Umberto provides far better support in English than either of us would in Italian. Cheers
  12. Power, Influence and Visibility.
  13. NASA tends to do a lot of valuable work that is actually cost-effective if it can slip below the radar. The challenge it has had over the years (really, since Apollo) is managing and then executing on a coherent vision between changes of Administration, NASA administrators and (especially) the chairs of the various Congressional oversight committees. Not to wade too far into politics, but SLS and its previous incarnations have been in large part due to Senators wanting to ensure a steady stream of high-paying engineering jobs into their state. It wasn't nicknamed the "Senatorial Launch System" for nothing. Whether it actually launches is somewhat beside the point. Congresscritters don't care much about aerial sampling (we had a NASA ER-2 operating out of Atlanta last month) or Mars rovers so those have a chance at success (albeit with a smaller budget). Once you get into the billions, they sink their hooks in. And it's not like most of these folks have a clue, as the recent "Tic Tac" hearings demonstrated. Cheers
  14. Yet the B-2 isn't particularly fast. Correlation doesn't equal causality.
  15. That's deliberate. I don't agree with it (that would happen before once the aircraft started moving), but 🤷‍♂️. GSX works fine for me. If it's broken for FSLabs, it may be something related to their integration with GSX - so there's two codebases involved. Cheers!
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