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  1. Luke

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Actually, it does. The terminated program was the one that made the bad call. Cheers!
  2. Luke

    Looking for a web server provider

    What specifically do you need? A dedicated server or just an area to download from? Cheers!
  3. Luke

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    1) Probably fewer than prevented by automation. There are certainly going to be new classes of fatal incidents created by automation; so long as they are fewer than caused without it's a net win. 2) If the airfare is 5% cheaper, people will likely do it. I've seen no evidence that people consider much beyond price. Cheers!
  4. No, they use totally different registry entries. Cheers!
  5. That's extended support if you want further updates. Makes sense - at some point they stop updating the product. Cheers! Luke
  6. Luke

    GSX Level 2 - Reviews?

    You can certainly set the exact number of passengers, and you can customize the gate positions to accept larger aircraft. My ACARS software gets a passenger load from the virtual airline, sets the payload on PMDG aircraft and then sends that number to GSX. Cheers!
  7. Luke

    Bad performance...

    That's a fair point, and I agree. It probably means going down a notch or two in screen resolution, AA, P3D settings - or all three. Cheers!
  8. Luke

    Bad performance...

    With respect, it doesn't matter what you or I think - he had data saying the GPU was at 100%. Finding a bottleneck is simply a matter of going through the data and seeing what is at capacity, nothing more. Anything else is guessing, which is find if you're going to buy him a new SSD. Memory consumption is the same way; once P3D is fired up he can look at Task manager to see how much free memory is left. Data. Cheers!
  9. Luke

    Bad performance...

    Why are you bothering with sticks of RAM? If your GPU is at 100% then this is your issue. Either crank the settings/resolution down, or get a more powerful GPU. I couldn't use P3Dv4 with my old 760. Cheers!
  10. Luke

    Bad performance...

    NVidia Inspector will tell you in real time what your GPU is doing. Cheers!
  11. Luke

    How I fixed my Stutters... A theory

    I'm a little confused. You modified three variables. Cheers!
  12. Luke

    System Requirements

    I ran P3D v3 with a 760 without significant issues, even at 2560x1440. A 680 is more powerful than a 760, so it should be OK at 1920x1080. Cheers!
  13. No, why? I assume they are already formatted and usable, and you want to get the data off of them. Cheers! Luke
  14. Why don't you plug them into the motherboard ports and power cables, copy the data off and then disconnect them? Cheers!
  15. Luke

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    The ATL VOR is located at 33.629 N, 84.435 W and has a frequency of 116.9. Who owns that data? Certainly not Jeppesen. As you describe, they merely compile the data from different sources, which is exactly what Feist was referring to. Why do you feel it doesn't apply? I completely agree that visual presentations of the raw data (like a map) are unique creative works and copyrightable. You can have no expectations of data privacy for data you do not own. The data is, by the way, completely editable and decompilable - we've been able to do so at least since FS2000 if not before since the format is well-documented. Most likely they paid for someone to aggregate the data, which is entirely plausible and legitimate. That's essentially what we pay Navigraph for - they don't own the data itself, we're just paying them to aggregate it and transform it into an easily usable format. Cheers!