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  1. MSFS is also built on the same legacy code as P3D, ASBO confirmed this in the first press interview starting from scratch would have added 3 or more years to the development. Phil wanted it on the Game Pass XBOX ASAP.
  2. No CPU can run the 4090 at full potential in anything test have shown even at 4K. And with CPU limited Games it`s worse the CPU cannot pass the data fast enough as it`s still the boss Central Processing Unit.
  3. The i350 in the shot is from V4 that I have carried over from v5 + v6 no longer included in P3D. Used for quick test flights.
  4. Just dipped my toe in the water P3Dv6. Seattle interesting smooth on high settings 4K, Will start looking deeper.
  5. I moved P3D from a SSD to a Samsung 990 PRO M2 drive three times faster but not loading three times faster. other factors are at play 20 year old code CPU`s can only crunch data at the max no more, this the bottleneck that holds old titles back even MSFS the 4090 is held back by the CPU cannot push data through fast enough.
  6. For storage your not going to notice much difference PCIE 4 or 5, you could still fit another M2 drive gen 4, I have three Samsung 2TB M2 pro drives and 2 SSD drives . PS remember you will not get the full 4TB if you patrician the drive.
  7. They will still make them but in lower numbers I suspect don`t want to get left with stock they can`t shift. Some AIB partners may stop making GPU`s like EVGA did.
  8. You need to get windows disc management to setup the drive (format) give it a letter or name then reboot the PC.
  9. TSMC: Shortage of Nvidia's AI GPUs to Persist for 1.5 Years | Tom's Hardware (tomshardware.com)
  10. It`s down to raw material cost TSMC have already warned that chip prices will rise by 15%, this will affect AMD also sadly It`s going to get more expensive to do a home build in the future, that 5090 is likely to be 2 grand plus and some AIB partners my not bother with GPU`s.
  11. Rember it well 35C 1976 and to everyone's amazement we survived and lived to tell the tail. The great drought of 1976: The summer Britain sweltered | Sky HISTORY TV Channel
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