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  1. The latest from the FA we will look for the best manager for England, not just English.
  2. Pep Guardiola lives in Manchester with he`s family. Based in England and having more time with his family may suit him. His CV is second to none, knows international player better than anyone. And coaches attacking football. Southgate had his favourites and no matter how bad they played he still played them.
  3. Pep he knows English Players, The FA have said they have an interim plan which could mean they will wait. Possibly till the end of the year.
  4. The player of the tournament is a Premier League player, playing for Spain Don`t worry the FA will appoint someone who`s won nothing important as long as he`s English.
  5. Hopefully, Southgate will bow out now or we will be talking about another wasted generation of talent in the future again. And get the best manager not just English, England can afford it.
  6. Do you have CPUID HWMonitor, you can run this in the sim and it will tell you all you need to know, temps CPU Load for each core MB and GPU and power watts. https://www.flickr.com/photos/154944674@N05/51945980181/in/dateposted-public PS I have it pinned to my taskbar when in the sim I switch to window mod start the monitor. this may pause the sim but hit P and it will run in the foreground telling you everything you need to know. If something is getting hot you will see It.
  7. By the time this comes out it will be NV APP only. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 5090 base clock Could Hit 2.9GHz (guru3d.com) This could kill AMD GPUs. MSI have already stopped making AMD GPUs. The Game console is the only thing making money for AMD in GPUs.
  8. You can boost your GPU safely with the app. https://www.flickr.com/photos/154944674@N05/53794923105/in/dateposted-public
  9. EV Market IS DONE! This Is The BEGINNING OF THE END! (youtube.com) Why Tire Companies Love EVs - YouTube https://youtu.be/flaRNdQz404 Mercedes-Benz Shelves EV-Only Plan In Favor Of More Gas-Powered Cars (forbes.com)
  10. VW, Mercedes, have are now making Hybrid Toyota also. Ford US have halted production of EVs.
  11. German car manufactures no longer making EVs. Hybrid only in the future, slow take up of EVs and over supply not selling.
  12. In end MSFS will be an Asobo product MS will only fund it for so long PS said that.
  13. When MSFS becomes saturated with third party addons they will start having a problem, Asobo themselves are making detailed airliners as good as PMDG. And in the 2024 version it`s free. If you watched the show Asobo are making airliners to such detail it outstrips the thrid party products, you can walk around and remove covers. I have not purchased any addons but the sim keeps getting updated with more aircraft.
  14. In P3D It`s easy to test your addons, before setting up the flight go to options and remove the X in the box for an addon then load a flight and test. you can do this for any addon including ORBX.
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