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  1. Check out the 10th gen review I posted the Asus Z490 MB`s with ram/cash software for streaming to help with games low latency, what game may benefit from that, the guy from Intel gave some facts about the new 10th gen and the guy from Asus saying that now you can turn HT on or off per cores instead of all cores.
  2. Don't wipe your drive you can clone your boot drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBSIZ3G1bwA&t=88s Samsung provide free software to do this, you can clone any drive an old disc HD to an SSD, there loads of YouTube Vids on this.
  3. It`s the default LEMD in V5 you need ADE to mod this, I don't use the default and have my own CAD file mod for my AI.
  4. Posted some time ago on LM forum they are aware and working on this hopefully in the next fix.
  5. In Display setting bottom left do have Dynamic Texture Streaming Ticked or unticked, This has an affect on what your GPU is handling.
  6. I have yet to see ORBX when I open C4 tell me why a product needs updating, but when you go in you can often find 2 or more product require updates,
  7. If you have a 270 or 290 MB forget about the 390 MB.
  8. A Review of the Intel 10th gen with Intel and ASUS reps taking part.
  9. This should give you some incite into overclocking your CPU he goes through his overclock step by step.
  10. You do know that they have an ORBX forum.
  11. As test have shown at 5ghz due to the way the IHS and substrate has been manufactured the 10900K runs cooler than the 9900K on the same AIO cooler.
  12. What we need is developers to make V5 compatible scenery not 4-5 year patched FSX scenery all the time users keep buy old FSX patched scenery were is the incentive, next thing you know they will move on too a new sim.
  13. It`s all part of the same package you tick the box for which sim and another for which data plans, main airliners , GA plans , Cargo plans , and My flights.
  14. Try deleting and then re-installing Microsoft Visual C + + 2015-2019 (X64) and (x86) so many addons use them if corrupted you get a problem, don't repair re-install download fresh from MS.
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