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  1. I simulated a trip to the Loo with no toilet paper not a pretty site🤢.
  2. That`s why gold prices go up in times of crises it`s real currency. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/news/euro-area-economy-shrinking-10percent-with-worse-still-to-come/ar-BB127N55?li=AA54rU
  3. The ECB in Euro zone funded mostly by one country that charges interest that there banks expect to be paid back.
  4. They should have no problem only another over 35,000 testers to be added before release, piece of cake. Reading between the line Reddit users are well represented.
  5. That`s the problem debt will have to be repaid it`s called austerity, you cut back on projects = unemployment = less sales = unemployment and so on PS the top ten most in debt country`s in the world 5 are in the EU clue 4 southern Europe + France they have no control over there currency they cannot devalue to help balance the books.
  6. It is clear Intel is not standing still. https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/intel-10th-gen-core-comet-lake-h-mobile-processor-lineup-launches-with-up-to-8-cores.html 5.3 GHZ laptop.
  7. Have manually installed Nvidia driver only lately and used DDU you appear to have wiped NV control panel from your system.
  8. Did bill gates foresee the big tech industry like Microsoft have the products made in china for bigger profits.
  9. Why make your own when China makes them for you (cough)
  10. I used AMD Sapphire back in early 2000 when it was the fastest but more expensive than Intel, but even then it never had more than 20%, they had their own FABs back then then Intel took over and they sold the FABs, to get to 50% even,it would take billions of investment in new FABs, big risk PC hardware market shrinking motherboard sales down Q4 2019.
  11. This is exactly what puts some people of flight sim some seem to think it above everything else Elite users only.
  12. It has been mentioned the cure may be more painful than the disease, Financial meltdown.
  13. https://www.flickr.com/photos/154944674@N05/49691883796/in/dateposted-public/ Latest games using better GPU options RTX Ray Tracing, F1 2019 can be run in DX12 if you have the hardware you get a choice at the start. The performance is good in 4K.
  14. Does it rely matter what you call it a software program if you like.
  15. I am not getting political there was help when Greece joined the EU and German banks gave them credit cards spend as much as you like and we know the rest.
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