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  1. I have a 980ti as well - would you care to share your settings? I get smashed by DL at night at any add-on airport.
  2. Thanks for your research :)
  3. I am pretty sure all bearings on the charts and in the FMC are magnetic - they would be updated as variation changes. A strange issue indeed.
  4. Hi Simon, I do have updated magvar data from here (as well as his ILS and Navaids updates): https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html Dan - the green was the first colour that I picked to show that post was copied from another place. I'm assuming it's better than this Cheers,
  5. Yes I do believe there was a problem with that scenery with the ILS being out of whack. At the moment, in the real world, the ILS is U/S as the runway is being lengthened. Do you know how to use Airport Design Editor to get rid of that ILS and make a new one? Once all of the changes are made at Hobart, I am going to make my own updates that scenery to have the correct runway length etc, and will fix up the ILS in the process. I'll let you know once that is done, but I can't share it publicly unless I get in touch with the authors. In the meantime, I suggest you use the RNAV approaches, or a visual approach to RW30 if weather permits during the day, as the real operators are doing. Cheers, Rudy
  6. Hi all, I posted the following in the Navigraph forums, but they suggested to post here as they don't believe the issue is on their end. I often see a very slight difference between the charts and the FMC, but at KDFW the difference is quite significant: I am wondering why, particularly in the US, there is a large discrepancy between the charts and the Navdata in terms of bearings? For example, the JPOOL9 SID from KDFW has: NELYN - 177 - ACT ACT - 193 - HOARY HOARY - 204 - SAT Whereas, the PMDG 747 FMC with the same SID (Cycle 1710), has: NELYN - 183 - ACT ACT - 198 - HOARY HOARY - 209 - SAT I have linked two pictures from my drop box that illustrate the difference: Chart FMC Why is there this discrepancy? Thanks for any help you can offer, Rudy
  7. I've submitted a ticket to see if there's anything PMDG can help with, in the meantime, Joerg's suggestion seems to work for a workaround: 1. Move the relevant .sav file out of the PMDG 747 PanelState folder 2. Load the flight as normal in P3D, probably slew it while it loads or your plane will end somewhere horrible 3. Put the .sav back in the PanelState folder 4. Load the panel state from the FMC 5. Cycle landing gear down/up - seems to get confused about that
  8. Today - went to load up and it didn't load back up. Either CTD or black gauges. I guess I can rule UTLive out of causing a problem.
  9. See the thread posted recently by Nick Caldwell - a few of us are having a problem with it, and not just fsuipc saves. Should be on the page 2 of this forum.
  10. Guessing that's a BA 747 in the photos - my word it looks used!
  11. I have just conducted a 14 hour test flight. The results are by no means conclusive. I did not have time to try one step, go for a long flight etc., so I have had to do a few changes at once. The problem was also not always reproducible, so it is difficult to definitely test it has gone. At this stage, I suspect my initial CTDs were the result of slightly low voltage to my overclock. Although this problem has not happened before, I have read some others have had P3D v4 crash due to overclock more so than P3D v3. However, that is not my problem. I don't mind a CTD as long as I can recover. I have always used FSUIPC Autosave (set to every 15 minutes) without issue in the past. It causes a brief stutter when it saves, but that is of no concern to me. This black screen/CTD problem is reminiscent of when the 747 first came out for P3D v4, and before PMDG/FSUIPC was updated to accommodate it. You would get the black screens/CTD when trying to load the aircraft from a saved flight. Then FSUIPC was updated and I thought the problem had gone. Perhaps not. Change I have made: Increased the voltage slightly to my overclock (to prevent my initial CTD issue) Updated all my drivers (for some reason they were not showing in Windows Update, until I used the Windows Update Show/Hide tool to see them - then manually went to the Device Manager and selected "Update Driver" to the ones listed in the utility) Cleared out all saved flights from the PMDG folder, as well as the P3D folder. Updated FSUIPC from 5.113 to 5.121a - even though the change log does not mention anything changed between versions for PMDG Disabled UTLive add-on I have also tried removing all P3D data files in ProgramData, and Local & Roaming AppDatas - i.e. disabling all add-ons. The flights would still not load. Black screen or CTD. I begin to suspect the problem is on the saving end, not the loading end. I put my data files back as they were. I have so far conducted a flight with the changes I have listed above for about 14 hours. I tried to get a CTD to replicated the conditions of my earlier flights - but despite running Prime95 at the same time, and giving the computer a bugger of a time with stuff to do, P3D would not crash. So after 14 hours, I Control-Alt-Deleted P3D, and went straight back to reload from a FSUIPC autosave - no problems. Same with a manual save. My strongest suspect so far out my list of changes would be UTLive somehow interfering with the saving process, but it is early days, and future flights will tell. Cheers, Rudy
  12. Very interesting, cheers for sharing. It's a really annoying problem. Which debug file is this?
  13. Surely others are having this problem of loading and getting a CTD or just black screens and no loading 744?
  14. Add-ons I use: EZCA 2 UT Live Orbx Global, Vector, openLC NA + EU FSUIPC (latest version) Activesky for P3D v4 Navigraph Charts Desktop Firefox Adobe Reader TOPCAT
  15. Every crash I have in P3D v4 seems to involve when I'm switching back from my looking at something on my second monitor - seems to only happen after a while and very randomly. Shouldn't be a big deal, but then I can't reload any manually saved or any FSUIPC autosaves - which were working fine for a while in v4. It's a really really annoying problem. Cheers,