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  1. See here for installation instructions. I think you will need to re-download the installer if yours is from March. And uninstall all 747 stuff from P3D v3 and v4 if you somehow got it in there first.
  2. Looks like it has this in real life too :) https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/7287713 Cheers,
  3. Go to your aircraft, edit it, and go the tab for ETOPS. You can set exactly how much fuel you would like remaining for a given scenario. Cheers,
  4. I'm guessing you're referring to using the ETOPS section of PFPX to find ETPs. If so, yeah - that's what I've been doing too. You can customise each aircraft to have whatever scenarios you want, e.g. 1EO or Decompression, with the remaining fuel required. You can also set the aircraft to not have any time limit from diversion airfields, which I have set for my 744 in PFPX. Cheers,
  5. What aspect are you finding inadequate/having difficulty with? Cheers,
  6. And a Cessna would have just been too easy, right? :P Cheers,
  7. Hey, I think remember something about getting EZDOK to run a CFG config or something on every plane if this issue is happening. Sorry it's vague, but give it a go. Cheers,
  8. John Tavendale at Textures by Tavers (check Facebook) has made some - don't know if they're the ones you're looking for? The link to his NGX dropbox is below: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q1p1jw0db7daw1u/AACO4yI_-Xbe_2uJzDl1M_m_a/PMDG 737?dl=0 Cheers,
  9. Indeed, thanks for posting your solution. I suspect I have the same problem. Cheers,
  10. Does anyone else put a laptop/tablet next to their sim and use that for an EFB? I sort of find that a bit more "realistic" than panning down to look at a virtual EFB? Cheers, Rudy
  11. Yep, it's definitely there. As a slight side note - I didn't realise the 747's engines were quite so audible idling and taxiing as they are in the cockpit! Cheers, Rudy
  12. What are you man, an advertisement for the DC6? Great post! Cheers,
  13. Try starting two engines at once
  14. Think Kyle is bang on - it's that slightly out of sync sound I can hear there. Two hums together? Cheers,
  15. Because that's a perfectly reasonable use of an autopilot. No need to ask that at all. Cheers, Rudy