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  1. VHOJT

    P3D 4.4 & 8i: Smooooth

    I'll have a look on my PC and see if there is some sort of patch or something you might need. Will get back in an hour or two.
  2. VHOJT

    P3D 4.4 & 8i: Smooooth

    Yeah, I have T2G too, works fine. VERY FPS friendly too!
  3. VHOJT

    World wide routes

    https://www.edi-gla.co.uk/ This website has an enormous database of real-world routes, and is updated daily. Primairly European, but there is pretty much everywhere on there. I think it is an excellent resource and it is my next go-to site after FlightAware. It also has the detailed ATC plan of each route, so you can see which aircraft, the equipment, alternates and redispatch they used, if applicable.
  4. I would rather the current night lighting, as other types of night lighting cause performance hits, such as those used on the FSL bus.
  5. Well it can be nice to see one's own work from the outside... You don't get a good sense of movement of what something felt/looked like from the inside in flight sim. Plenty of real pilots enjoy seeing their own aircraft land or takeoff or flying if someone else filmed it! If there are specific steps to getting this program to work with the PMDG plane, do keep the forum informed!
  6. Was going to ask the same thing. Thanks for the answers guys!
  7. I have a similar problem often - if you find out what causes it, please do report back! 🙂
  8. Thank-you very much for the detailed explanation, Mark! Very helpful.
  9. Hi guys, Just having a look at the recent flight plans for the Australia - South America flights, and almost all of the seem to have this unusual flight level profile planned: 310 - 330 - 310 - 330 -310 - 350 - 370 - 360 - 390 (see below). Some other examples are 310 - 330 - 350 - 330 - 310 - 330 - 350 - 370 It seems like a lot of bobbing around, and unfortunately, it is pretty difficult to confrim if the aircraft actually does this on its route due to the lack of FR24 coverage etc. It doesn't seem to. I am wondering if it is planned this way for any particular reason - the only one I can think of is fuel freezing as this doesn't really look like the sort of thing they do for wind? EDIT - having run the plan through PFPX, TAT does not seem anywhere near enough to be worrying about fuel freezing, so maybe that theory is out the window... Any ideas? DCT OPTIC DCT 3815S15810E 4142S16249E 4149S16300E 4318S16525E/M084F330 4553S17024E 4909S17743E 5126S17508W 5334S16154W/M080F310 5425S15619W 5525S15015W 5621S14140W/N0468F330 5637S13100W/N0457F310 5633S12836W 5606S12000W 5606S11959W/N0472F350 5446S11000W 5430S10832W 5355S10549W 5213S10000W 5205S09936W 4942S09351W/N0479F370 4748S09000W/N0476F360 4700S08831W/N0479F380 4511S08526W 4132S08000W/N0484F390 3845S07627W 3830S07606W 3741S07500W DCT SOSTA DCT ALGEK UQ808 EROLO
  10. @GSalden this would definitely be good to know 🙂
  11. Yes, + will make it less sensitive initially, then the harder you press, the more sensitive it gets if you look at the curve. Either way, you get 100% brake at 100% pedal, it's just about the curve that is applied.
  12. VHOJT

    event record

    I think the event recorder in the real plane is something that saves some data for maintenance - so it is not really something that could be usefully modelled in the sim. I suggest PMDG put the save dialogue on it as a cheeky use for a button that doesn't have any value in the sim.
  13. There doesn’t seem to be much info on the 2080 around here, especially with regard to 4K