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  1. Anybody out there running a 2080 @ 4K?
  2. Gents, thankyou for the excellent advice as always. And very nice and logically put, Bob. That helped clarify things a lot, and good to know from someone who has had some experience with 2x980tis. Thanks again guys, you have been very helpful! Still haven't quite decided as yet 🙂 Wish the bank balance would grow a bit!
  3. I'd be very interested to know your settings, Vincent. I am toying with the idea of a 2080. How is it with shadow settings, cloud draw at 150 miles, rain, etc.? What AA? Could you try cranking them up and letting us know some results? 😛 The 2080 is far more reasonably priced.
  4. VHOJT

    Self Pauseing in flight

    And I guess you didn't have CDU scratchpad enabled? As in your P press wasn't going to the CDU?
  5. Thank-you very much Rob for testing and letting us know your results 🙂
  6. Will try and find you a way to! 🙂
  7. Thanks for the answers chaps! Good idea - I will check how much VRAM is used on my next flight and report back. I am right in thinking SLI still limits VRAM to the 6GB of the 980ti, it does not double right? Cheers, Rudy
  8. VHOJT

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    It is interesting to see that you both have found ISA deviation has had basically no effect on the aircraft's fuel burn. I primarily fly with the RR 744 - the profile for PFPX was created by Doug Snow with accurate data from his airline's performance dispatch system. I get extremely precise results as long as I cancel out any corrections for ISA deviation that are applied by PFPX. i.e. negate the 3% bias per 10 degrees +/- ISA (and of course corrent for the PMDG's ISA 0 baseline bias, which is negative bias). We seem to agree that something in the P3D and/or PMDG causes the aircraft not to respond in fuel burn to different ISA deviations? A word from someone on the dev team or who really knows about how the fuel burn modelling works might clear it up 🙂
  9. I have checked my controller calibration - it is fine, and flight controls show centred when they should. Trust me, I have done lots of flights with the 747 too, and I have never seen this before two flights recently. The common factor - both were a high TOW with fuel in stab tank. I haven't had this happen on my last two flights (SIN-SYD, SYD-SIN) with lower weights. I have only had the problem twice on the SIN-LHR and LHR-SIN flights. Look I'll do some testing on my end to see if I can get it to reproduce...
  10. Hi Frank, ASP4 with ASCA cloudset - have textures turned down to 512x512 DXT. I think the 4K is what might really stress out the GPU in these situations
  11. Hello chaps, Looking for a spot of advice here, and I know there is some good knowledge around here. Bascially I am running P3D v4 in 4K with my 980ti (other specs: 6700K @ 4.5GHz, 16GB DDR4 @ 3000MHz). Performance is usually okay, but what really seems to get me hammered is any sort of heavy cloudy conditions somewhere a little bit taxing (FT YSSY for example). I do turn cloud draw distance down tith ActiveSky to about 80, shadows down, cloud layers to 1 (yes, 1!) but overall it doesn't seem to help that much. Only use MSAA. Basically, I think the weakest part of the system for 4K at the moment is the graphics card, so my choices are: 1) Get another 980ti reasonably cheaply and run SLI - I am hoping this will improve things in clouds etc. 2) Get a 1080ti and maybe SLI at a later date. I am not convinced one 1080ti is going to help that much in these situations? 3) Get a 2080ti once we've seen a bit of evidence they're any good with P3D. Obviously, I am leaning toward the 980ti SLI for cost. Will it help me? Any other advice is also welcome. I am assuming my CPU is still okay, and not a lot of benefit in upgrading that? I am not temp limited unfortunately, no matter how much voltage you throw at it (up to about 1.4V, it does not enjoy being stable above 4.5-4.6GHz). Thanks for any advice you guys can offer 🙂 Cheers, Rudy
  12. This is what I’m saying. I’ll trial a takeoff from an old flight plan from before the update to make sure - but I have used very similar weights in the past. CG I couldn’t tell you - I let your FMC work it’s stuff and make sure nothing is highlighted when inputting load. I am going by the FMC basically - if it loads the weight and fuel I ask it to, and the CG isn’t highlighted, and I use the FMC stab trim and VR and thrust - it shouldn’t pitch before VR at heavy weights with an assumed temp, right? I’ve also checked the STAT page and my flight controls show centred. I notice the plane now loads fuel in the stab tank at lower fuel weights than it used to, has this changed?
  13. Hi Michael, This is with the 747-400. On these occasions, TOPCAT VR was within 1 or 2 knots of the FMC calculation. Basically, since the update, it seems to want to pitch up before VR? This has never happened to me once before the update (~100 flights). Which way around is it best to load the 747-400? Payload first in the FMC, or fuel first? I always let the FMC load the aircraft as it sees fit. Cheers,