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  1. Yeah - I have been playing around with this. Even with FT YSSY off - I can barely achieve more than 32-5 FPS with ORBX AU v2 with pretty moderate settings. Turning scenery complexity to sparse (I know, I know, blasphemy) - the Harbour bridge disappears BUT the airport is much much better and I can maintain 30FPS happily - even with some of the more heavy airport features turned on (previously had all but the shark off!) I think ORBX AU v2 has a part to play in all of this. It seems quite heavy on FPS - even with autogen sliders turned down etc. Tried turning off powerlines, lighthouses etc. but not much improvement. Not sure why it is so heavy around Sydney - but I get the impression Sydney is one of "those" areas in P3D like London. I do think FT YSSY v2 did not receive enough optimisation for P3D v4 and was focused on v5 only. I could be wrong, but that is the way it seems. Yeah I am sticking with v1 too.
  2. Tried it for myself in the end... don't bother in P3D v4. FPS 15-30% worse than v1.
  3. Hi all, I have FlyTampa Sydney v1 on my system on P3D 4.5 - have had it for ages although I SWEAR it actually used to peform better for me a few years ago than it does now. Anyway - I was wondering it the v2 version performs better than v1 in P3D 4.5 in others' experience? Any experiences would be appreciated. I cannot upgrade to P3D v5 at the moment as I have a 980ti with only 6gb VRAM. Cheers, Rudy
  4. Sorry, link in this thread: https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/8493-is-it-possible-to-add-dirt-and-remove-shineglow/&tab=comments#comment-65202
  5. I use John Tavendale's lower shine maps - found on his dropbox vis Textures by Tavers Facebook page. Much better IMO.
  6. Hi all, I would like to record some announcements on an upcoming flight to make some cabin announcements for an aircraft. Now, firstly I am a tight-Rse, and won't be spending anything/much on this, as it is not important. I was wondering if anyone would know: Would a dictaphone/voice recorder-type machine be better for recording than my old iPhone5 do you think? Just wondering if anyone has used both sorts of things and could recommend one or the other? Cheers, Rudy
  7. They are pretty good. I have just got to fiddle a bit to see if I can get a blacker night sky. I also found a copy of Navid's sky textures kicking around on my computer. I think a previous poster mentioned they were good. If anyone is looking for them I can email or dropbox them.
  8. Hi Tony! Thanks for checking up on me, haha. Well - I have been going through quite a few of the free ones so far trying them out. I quite like the a couple of the Kiwi ones - the Kiwi Green set looks good for summer, and the "fantasy" set gives a realistic-looking paler winter sky. The downside being the night (black) textures are very bright - more like a grey colour (at least for the Kiwi Green set). So I am going to have a bit of a fiddle and see if I can't use the night textures from URP mixed with them. Next step if I am not happy with that will be ENVTEX or REX. I do quite like the idea of a dynamic sky. I quite liked the Pascal ones suggested, alas the sunset was a bit "green" looking. I will keep you in the loop... Cheers, Rudy
  9. You guys are awesome. Lots of good ones to try - obviously I'll try the free ones first 🙂 If I ever get off the ground...still getting the hang of the FSL ATSU haha. I see you've got past that, David, seeing as your A320 is in the air haha. You're right, it is very subjective. I guess I don't like any strange hues in the sky, ASCA seems to have a lot of strange greenish/reddish/purpleish tones. Thanks, Gerard. You've given me a good idea for cloud settings 🙂 AURP 1.1 - is that Ultimate Relaism Pack 1.1?? Just wondering what the A is? Or is it something different? Do you have a link? Love your presets btw 🙂 Thanks for the Kiwi links, Nick! I have downloaded them safe to my computer now!
  10. Thanks chaps! Sorry for the late reply. You have given me lots of options to go and look at and possibly try out. Thanks very much again. I'll post back and let you know 🙂
  11. Hello all, I was hoping to gather some ideas on where I could find some realistic-looking sky textures for P3D. I don't really like the default P3D ones - they have a strange glow at night, and I have ASCA, and I really don't like their sky textures much - usually they have a greenish/greyish/purpleish sort of tinge to them, unless there's a combination I haven't seen or tried. At the moment, I am usign the ones that came with Ultimate Realism Pack v1.1 - which are good - but have quite a hazy look in the horizon. Any ideas? Cheers, Rudy 🙂
  12. Thanks guys. I was having this too.
  13. This LNAV, magenta line, FD, navdata and handling has me pretty word not allowed excited 😄 Will make your products 110%!
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