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  1. VHOJT

    CPDLC explained

    I could see myself doing exactly the same.
  2. VHOJT

    CPDLC explained

    More people should use dot matrix printers!
  3. VHOJT


    Didn't see this, awesome! I'm glad it's on the to-do list. I have been spoilt by the FSL Airbus nav tracking/drawing. Don't tell them, but I like my PMDG 744 better in every other way...
  4. Hi Bob, I know how to read charts and select SIDs/STARs, and have done a lot of reading on how to input a flight plan into PF3. I probably need more practise at getting PF3 to work to be honest, but I'm not really interested in spending the time doing it. I already take 1-3 hours planning a long-haul, and by then I've had enough and am ready to get flying.
  5. I have an Excel spreadsheet too with a random number function. Depending on the probability of holding or getting vectors at airports (one can use FlightRadar to look at the last 10 flights or so you are simulating to see how often they hold and what happens to them), I have the random number tell me whether I need to hold or not. E.g. if the probability of holding is 20%, I say that any number less than 0.20 from the random function means that I have to hold. Same for the amount of time to hold. I also set up something similar for altitudes going into LHR for entering the holding stack. Dorky I know, but at least I'm not 100% sure what will happen with regards to holding. I used to use RC, but you basically know what to expect from it and it doesn't fit every situation. Tried PF3 and it is so damn confusing to set up, and even when set up properly, does weird things, so I gave up on it. Dan's right, unfortunately the best controller a the moment is yourself. Looking on FlightRadar to see what other flights do at the airport can help so you know what to tell yourself to do! Plus no frequency changes - there's enough to do for one person in a two-person cockpit as it is! I use the autopilot more often than I'd like because I have to look around and click stuff... For instance, I tend to wait until fully configured for landing until disconnecting at around 500 - 1000', so I don't get much hand flying practise on approach with configuration changes. I have to wind the MCP speed down, sometimes set the missed approach altitude, turn lights on etc.
  6. What I'm interested in is what the procedure is to disable the autothrottles that they went through (if I'm remembering right?) The other thing I've always wondered about Airbus is it does have moving trim wheels so you can see what the trim is up to - I wonder why that moves and they decided that throttles don't?
  7. VHOJT


    I agree with everything you said there.
  8. VHOJT


    The LNAV tracking on all the PMDG planes leaves a little to be desired - if I recall correctly I think it was some sort of compromise between the way it is and something involving a whole lot more work/time? Happy to be corrected, I am sure Kyle will... Hopefully in the future we might see some better LNAV tracking/updated flight models. Cheers,
  9. VHOJT

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Also, don't know if you have Wamos on your list - they have pax 744s that Alan Carter (from the ITVV Virgin DVD) flies? They seem to do mostly charters.
  10. Surprise, surprise, I am here to say that I recommend PFPX too. Simbrief is also good. It depends how much control and detail you want in your flight plans.
  11. On the 744, you push the button to open the speed window. You also push it to close it again. For further info along the lines of your thinking, on an Airbus you would pull the speed button to select your own speed, and you would push it again to let the aircraft manage it.
  12. VHOJT

    PMDG and Dynamic Lighting

    Thanks for the good advice as always, Dan - I'll give that a go. My next upgrade probably won't be till end of year, by then I'll be looking to do something similar to what you have done.
  13. Hi there - try the VC lighting section in PTA. I set mine to around 2.5/2.5
  14. VHOJT

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Thanks, should help select a route or two! Nice work. Cheers,
  15. VHOJT

    PMDG and Dynamic Lighting

    Hi Anders - do you have some set-up recommendations? I have a 6700k @ 4.5 and a 980ti running a 4K monitor - am I basically doomed DL-wise until a hardware upgrade?