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  1. I'll check that out - good question! Hmm no I have taken it easy with AI and don't go bananas turning things up 110% I have got by with this method with P3D v5 very well so far. Yeah I'm hanging on for 2024 to see how it is before I upgrade I think. Well the worst that can happen is it doesn't run well and I have to wait until I upgrade. In the meantime have the excellent FSL buses in P3D with lots of nice scenery to keep me company if so. Thanks for the glimmer of hope, gentlemen! If I do try it out, I will post back here to let you know how it goes 🙂 PS - any of you got strong opinions in comparison to the FSL bus if you've used it? I read GSX integration isn't as strong etc. Does it give loadsheets and that sort of thing? Cheers, Rudy
  2. Thanks for the response! Ah I didn't realise it had that system requirement! Thanks for pointing it out. All good, I can continue enjoying FSLabs in P3D for the moment.C Cheers and will try Vsync through NCP instead. Thanks for your time!
  3. Hello chaps, I have a i7 6700k (will probably upgrade later in year or next) running at 4.5. I have a 1080 GPU. Use Vsync to lock at 30Hz. I have been running MSFS happily with the PMDG 737 at reasonable settings in 4K (well, with 80% resolution scaling). I find MSFS more demanding than P3D v5 (still my main sim) at 4K. Anyway - what are my chances of running the Fenix at 30FPS? I limit traffic to about 30 aircraft or less at busy airports, but do enjoy flying into payware airports such as YMML/YSSY etc. AND - is there a verdict on the best way to vsync? Through MSFS or through the nvidia control panel? Any insight much appreciated! Cheers, Rudy
  4. What is the sound environment like? Does it compare to the relatively good PMDG sounds?
  5. That is downright rude, and you should withdraw the comment and apologise.
  6. OMG just bring give me a 64 bit version of Windows 2000
  7. I think the very first aircraft it did have was the 747-400!
  8. This bit is a shame. Third parties do make profiles for some aircraft. Maybe we should have a bit of a push amongst PFPX enthusiasts to see if anyone in community can help. I am intending to do something for the FBW A380 if/when it comes out. I've been meaning to get in touch with them for any fuel burn data they would be keen to share. Either that or it'll be an awful lot of flight tests.
  9. How is it behind the times? It calculates takeoff data for a 747-400 with up to date runways etc. Pmdg models a 747-400?
  10. Also you get shear/turbulence info with PFPX weather server. Are you suggesting W2PFPX instead of ActiveSky if not using hte PFPX server, Stephen?
  11. They're still around - they fix things if they go wrong - e.g. weather server etc. It's basically just a completed bit of software - no new additions. For the most part, it is better than Simbrief. Simbrief is useful to export the route to an aircraft that PFPX might not support. Also offers good SIGWX overlay over the route. Wheras PFPX has good profile view of shear/turb. I have found Simbrief's SIGWX charts to be weirdly different from the current real-world ones from time to time. I highly recommend PFPX to anyone looking to have absolute control over their flight plan. For example, I can excatly set the fuel policy I want down to the last detail, including the types of reserves and flight levels etc. that I want to use in depressurised/engine out scenarious. I can also calculate a decision point for all engines operating - a "sort of" redispatch, but without altering the way contingency fuel is calculated. Useful when planning for Australian airlines!
  12. http://www.flightsimsoft.com You can still buy here, Ray 🙂
  13. Most importantly...hopefully they've sorted the FBW out. It flew nicely in P3D before the 200ER came out, and every since its been terrible - very weird in pitch. They never fixed that despite ruining what was a product that flew well. I personally think they owe P3D customers at least a fix for the FBW as it sort "broke" it.
  14. I am hoping to see a bit more ambience with sounds - things like PA if the PA selector on etc. PMDG aircraft are very "quiet" by comparison with others
  15. Sounds good. I would like to see more advanced planning features/more extensive customisation in the future. For that, nothing has beaten PFPX yet.
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