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  1. For me, historical weather and I'd seriously consider using it.
  2. Activesky likely also uses Grib data (just like airlines do). It's upper wind/temp annd weather accuracy is generally extremely good.
  3. What really gets my goat is: when some users say a feature is important to them, some other ones have to come in and say "that's not important". And to anyone seriously suggesting custom weather is a serious subsititue for historical weather, honestly, go and educate yourself on what weather actually is. There are plenty of good reasons why historical weather is extermely useful in a sim, as you can read on the MSFS thread or here.
  4. You and I, and Ray I think, have similar views on the historic weather. I I really hope they do plan to bring it, it is such an important feature - if you haven't already, please vote for it here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/historic-weather-as-second-timeline/213758
  5. As above with settings - using a low cloud resolution is no worries - you almost never notice the difference. Also I set my cloud resolution to 80 in the vicinity of a large payware airport.
  6. Yes. Windows 2000 SP4. Absolute bliss 😄
  7. Hmm - I've noticed it many times on approach with the FSLA320/PMDG aircraft - one of my regular airports often has low-level turbulence in strong westerlies once you are under the hills to the west of the airport, and I notice this effect modelled quite well, whereas with Activesky alone, it wasn't there.
  8. I'll be sneaky and tell you to get RealTurb (separate developer) along with it. Means you will have wind interacting with terrain such as mechanical turbulence from hills etc. that you don't get just with ActiveSky. You need to have Activesky for it to work.
  9. So to be a right pain in the bum (there is 48 pages of thread to sift through after all): I have a 4K monitor, 6700k @ 4.5Ghz, 16GB ram and a 1080 graphics card. With sensible settings, will I be able to maintain 30fps with the Fenix or will I be disappointed? Planning on upgrading possibly later in the year, but the old beast is still doing alright for me with Prear3D v5 and FSLabs at the moment.
  10. No you're not - you paid for the P3D version (handsomely). You have to pay more to get the MSFS version, so if you don't, that's less money for PMDG and more for you.
  11. What a total kick in the guts to those of us been waiting for years for them to actually do this - then turn around and say they're not. None of their planes can accurately follow a SID to save their lives. It's a bug fix for crying out loud. My fondness for PMDG has been diminishing for some time, and this really is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Sorry to say it, but they have mislead us. They'll spin it as changing development guidelines, but he knows he's mislead the community. I notice the moderators are busy there deleting any mention of their broken commitments. If they think I'm spending extra with their credit for the MSFS version, they can think again. That's it for them with me. I no longer trust them, and I won't be getting another of their products. PS where has Dan Downs gone from PMDG beta testers?
  12. VHOJT


    Not here mate, I reckon you're better off checking over at the R&D to see if they can help you .
  13. Looks like an interesting flight, Ray! One thing I've always noticed with CBs/Activesky - they often look a bit clear underneath, rather than rainy and grey - anyone else notice this or have an idea how I can improve that? PS hope all you fellows, if you are on the MSFS forum - have put a vote in for historical weather to be added to the sim. I am staying with P3D until at least that basic issue is sorted - I have never had it work so well or look as good - I am finally a convert to EA (at day-time that is! Night I go back to having it off as the nights are too bright with it). Link is here if you'd like to put your vote to it: Historic Weather (as second timeline) - Community Support / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  14. DId a full reinstall, got rid of appdata - didn't install plugin and still FPS are terrible for me now. Not sure what's changed - seems to be since it updated a few weeks ago for me.
  15. That's what I'd like to know. I thought you'd need it installed for Volanta to get your position etc.?
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