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  1. VHOJT

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    FlightBeam's KSFO is a magnificent work both visually and performance-wise. It looks like it should bring your computer to a grinding halt, but it does't. Amazing scenery.
  2. VHOJT

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Amen to that
  3. https://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a52/how-do-i-perform-a-go-around.aspx PMDG actually did a tutorial for their previous 744.
  4. VHOJT

    Clean Cockpit Textures?

    Pity they left the window open for a few days in the factory to let all that dust in then!
  5. VHOJT

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Does anyone know why it is not automatic tank to engine on the 744/748? What is the logic behind it?
  6. VHOJT

    Airline assumed temperature v derated thrust takeoff usage

    Nicely explained, Wing. i also owe you an apology, in that you wrote some interesting notes after I asked you about the US slam-dunk approach, and I didn't respond to say thanks for the good read as usual. Thanks, and apologies for not replying in that thread! Fantastic explanation as usual, Simon...you're a real star in our little community! Back to FLEX/assumed temp - I've heard some operators knock a few degrees of their possible maximum assumed/FLEX temp for a "safety" margin - is this common out there?
  7. VHOJT

    tutorial not right

    Don't even bother with default ATC - it's useless.
  8. I posted over at Hifi in another guy's thread of a similar gist in "Suggestions". Quite a few people have brought it up actually - though most people seem more concerned with the visual returns. I would like the outer green bits to more forgiving and less intense red blobs tiled everywhere.
  9. Thanks Dan and Rick for the information! Yes, Rick, I use 35% on the turbulence, sometimes down to 20%. Fascinating information about your central plain, Dan! I am going to do some further reading on it. The US really is a place where you can get just about any type of weather. Thanks again chaps 🙂 I am going to head over to HiFi and see what they have planned for the future...
  10. Had a look at the NEXRAD, you're right, they are pretty big storms!! Way bigger than the bangers we get in Australia, that's for sure! So how do you deal with thunderstorms in the sim, Dan? Planes weren't diverting out of DFW - there was some snaking around on FR24, but no missed approaches or diverts that I could tell. On the NEXRAD (and I imagine to an aircraft too), you can see the less intense/reflective part of the cell in the green on the edges, and the core where you don't really want to go. Whereas in ActiveSky, as you say, the "large" cell is made of up of lots of little mini-cells - so there's a lot more red in the way (as you can see from the screenshot) where a small cell has an outer green, then a big red centre. Then that's repeated over the area of the "large storm" - you end up with more red and bad returns where perhaps there ought not be?
  11. Hi all, Just a quick question for those who know about thunderstorms: Is this is a realistic amount of thunderstorms for a METAR that had VCTS (thunderstorms in the vicinity). Basically I get the impression that ActiveSky puts too many thunderstorms in a given area - it was almost impossible to get into DFW (I realise DFW can get pretty thundery). I have noticed the same when cruising - it seems to put a wall of them around the place. In the attached photo, the right ND is showing what I mean. Before I get in touch with them, I thought I'd better check it's not just me assuming that there aren't that many thunderstorms in an area really. Any advice appreciated! https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qd3ryxiyyeid9k/2018-7-13_6-15-23-983.jpg?dl=0 Cheers, Rudy
  12. VHOJT

    Reposition Feature?

    I must say training for failures would be awesome with a quick way to set the aircraft up - i.e. an instructor panel.
  13. Hi all, Have been reading about a lot of problems with Nvidia drivers of late. Just wondering if anyone is using the latest (398.36) without issue in P3D 4.3? And if not, what is the "best" driver? I did have one CTD the other day with no error or any error log - but it's hard to tell what that would be as I have reinstalled Windows recently, and P3D 4.3 along with it. Thanks for any help you can offer! Cheers, Rudy
  14. VHOJT

    Cosmetic and immersive suggestion

    I wish it was a priority I must say. I don't know if you have used the FSL A320, Dan, but it turns magically and follows its predicted paths very nicely.
  15. VHOJT

    Difficult to slow her down during descent !

    Hi Wing, Can you elaborate on the LAX-style slam-dunk? Interesting reading as always. Cheers, Rudy