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  1. 😃 It’s the spring of 1981. We’re eighteen and my m8 Rick has just received his ppl. We’re in Dunkeswell Flying Club’s Rallye. It’s a great little plane with a five point harness and a G meter as the Rallye is ‘semi-aerobatic’. We’ve been up around the North Devon coast and we’re nearly home approaching the Wellington monument at around four thousand feet. Rick decides to loop it. He puts the stick forward, opens the throttle and the speed builds to a magnificent (for a Rallye!) one hundred and thirty knots. He pulls gently back on the stick and up comes the nose and up we go. As we approach the top of the loop I look straight up...at the ground…and out of the corner of my eye I catch some movement. I focus on what appears to be a rugby pitch moving at high speed not too far below us. As it crosses the M5 motorway the rugby pitch resolves itself into a Vulcan bomber directly below us at low level, going like the clappers heading north…
  2. Are you kidding? The Valiant is/was gorgeous. The really plain Jane was the forth strategic nuclear bomber we built. Never heard of this? Google Shorts Sperrin….
  3. From that flight I can’t help thinking he’d be better off with one single gauge that merely flashed ‘AAAAAARGHHH….’ when he manoeuvred.
  4. Ten to nine on a Sunday night where I live. What are you pre-schoolers’ doing up at this time?🤔 Bedtime now!
  5. This. LM dominate the military simulation market and need to continue to do so. Buy their hardware and buy their training too. This 360 degree approach is not only extremely profitable but also what their customers demand. Modern military hardware is all about sensor integration. What the guys in the sky are ‘seeing’ is also being fed to ground units in real time and vice verser. For LM’s uses the Unreal engine offers two huge advantages; a single, integrated world where ground, sea and air activity takes place within a common software environment and that same software environment that tens of thousands of developers and potential developers are familiar with. It means the talent pool available to LM and their customers is huge. Talk of LM going up against MSFS for the consumer/entertainment software market is amusing but unlikely in the extreme.
  6. Yes, you’re quite correct it IS massively behind P3D apart from the visuals…and the weather, the flight model, the avionics, the amount of active support from the developer, the vast amount of quality freeware, the high quality default aircraft, etc…
  7. I think you could be onto something here. I suggest launching a website with largely irrelevant pictures and videos of the Queen Mary, icebergs, and an orchestra and start asking for donations. It seems to work for a lot of people....
  8. I like this thread. It reminded me the snake oil tank in my PC needed topping up....
  9. Everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame. These days sad little men go on shooting sprees in shopping malls or blow themselves up in public spaces. In a crowded but anonymous modern world it all amounts to the same ambition; "Look at me!"☹️
  10. Good question. Is it Harlech Castle? If so that would be Snowdonia….or whatever it’s called now in the background.
  11. I was under the impression that market place encryption was pretty effective against you know what and for some smaller devs the cut they gave to Microsoft was worth it as opposed to maintaining their own installer, having to run their own web based shop, etc? I think their PC12 is fantastic for the price. Will I be buying the SWS version too? You bet!
  12. Good lord jcomm! How on earth did you of all people get addicted to WT?😃 It’s flight model is: take one large cardboard box, sit in it, cut a hole in each side, put your arms through and flap!!🫣
  13. I use a MSFFB2. It’s approaching twenty-five years old and appears to be indestructible. If it’s not, I have another two in reserve….
  14. So another launch within weeks rather than months?
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