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  1. It’s..... okay but it ain’t no Carenado 🙃. It’s been a little over forty years since I last sat in a Chippie so I’m loath to criticise too much but the wings were fabric covered if I remember correctly- or at least partially covered. It looks better in the metallic skins provided than some of the others. External sounds are very evocative of all that waiting around for your turn, internal sounds are beyond my recall now. Again, cockpit is....okay. Some textures are good, some...not so good. I don’t think one or two of the gauges actually belong in a Chippie panel but perhaps my memory is playing tricks. The P1 compass can be set but you can only seem to turn it one way. There’s something not quite right with the fuel gauges; with full fuel one wing gauge shows full, the other empty! Flight model is stable and benign, perhaps a little too benign but at least they’ve cured the ‘veer violently left when you hit forty knots’ take off behaviour that the base sim likes to offer us. Climb on takeoff? A little more healthy than I remember. Oh yeah, I’m quite certain that the flap control lever is working the wrong way round! If you’re going to get it, get it from Just Flight. Cheaper than the rest.
  2. Ahhh...that’s more like it for a trip down memory lane. For complete authenticity the front cockpit and face mask should give off a distinct whiff of rubber and vomit and the guy in the back will be a grumpy, middle aged, Polish bus driver and ex-Spitfire pilot.
  3. 100% 737 because....it’s the only one I’ve got😃. It’s also the first serious tube liner I’ve flown so I’ve got my hands full at the moment but it’s a lot of fun and it also works really well with my Neolithic pc🙃
  4. Blimey! The broader flightsim community is three dozen keyboard warriors with personality disorders?
  5. I live on the English channel coast, I like kayaking and sailing. In the past I've been all over the world and taken to the water in boats or flown over it in choppers. The colour of the sea is a constant variable according to time of day, time of year, tides, depth, cloud cover, biological factors. From my favourite cliff top walk the sea can vary from gun metal grey to brown to a deep, inviting turquise - even in winter. I don't beat myself up over the colour of the ocean in sims. However, I do agree with the above; the overall lighting and colouring scheme has changed since the initial release and not for the better in my opinion. Live weather has got much, much better but the overall, washed-out picture we have now is the one that can be shoe-horned into the world of XBox. I'm really hoping that one day in the not too distant future this can be revisited.
  6. I quite agree. All commercial flight sims are entertainment software. The idea that something is ‘for children’ and therefore inferior in some way is laughable self delusion.
  7. Aha!!! So that’s how you do it.😃 Thanks very much! I’m getting a bored by Shadowplay and all the junk that comes with it. Looking forward to giving this a spin later tonight 👍
  8. No. The ‘launch MSFS’ is one of the options the app offers. I ‘m not using it and not having any problems.
  9. That would be the giant flying saucer come to collect Liz Truss and return her to her home planet?
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