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  1. I’d like to see Malta. This hasn’t been done for ages.
  2. jjf

    QualityWings 787 for P3Dv4 soon?

    It seems like some people need to find something (anything) to be outraged about on any given day. I wonder what today's outrage of the day will be.
  3. jjf

    P3d Disappearing After Start Screen

    I had this issue and narrowed it down to RAAS module. Try editing the dll.xml and exe.xml files to make each module disabled (set disabled to true) and then enable them one by one, loading P3D in between
  4. jjf

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    Alexandair please
  5. jjf

    Q400 FS2Crew

    Yes, you do. Brian York decided on a money grab approach to p3d v4 by charging everybody the same again
  6. Hello, On stand at CYVR fuelling for a trip to RCTP. Planned fuel load was ~154,000 kg, and I was using ground services for fuelling. Ground contacted to inform me that, for this fuel loading to start, the stabiliser needed to be set to 6, and I followed his request to pressurise hydraulics 2&3 and then I set stabiliser to 6 as requested, and the captain's voice confirmed it was set to 6, then I depressurised 2&3 hydraulics. After a couple of minutes he requested the same thing, even though the stabiliser was set to 6 already, and fuelling did not commence. Not sure what I did wrong though.
  7. jjf

    FS Captain 64bit Released

    FS2Crew deserve all the bad publicity they receive at the moment.
  8. jjf

    error de téléchargement

    I've got the same error. I logged a ticket for it. All other downloads were ok, just the 8/900 did not work
  9. jjf

    [13JUL17] Quick update from us...

    Thank you indeed, PMDG Team, for all the hard work and for providing these updates for v4.
  10. jjf

    Statement from Flightport

    And yet you still commented
  11. He's seriously out of touch with his market if he thinks that. I'm neither. Anyway I'm done with FS2Crew now. Bryan is clearly not listening to his customers anymore.
  12. Perhaps this is the case. Nothing wrong with trying to capture revenue stream from people moving from FSX to P3D v4, or who have not been previous purchasers. But for those of us who ARE previous purchasers (and who are were probably loyal customers I might add) then why not offer an cheaper upgrade path? I don't expect him to work for free but I do expect to be treated right as a customer. Slapping this cost on us is simply wrong. It's not a new product, it was released only a few weeks after v4 came out, therefore it is reasonable to perceive that not a lot of work was required in the conversion (and it must have been a very short testing period too). Most other devs are either providing upgrades FOC, or at a nominal cost, and with Milviz's recent admission that they will absorb upgrade costs for people who did not purchase through them - that is an example of how to treat customers right and keep them on-side. It seems to me that Bryan stands more or less alone in trying to charge more or less full price for what amounts to a relatively simple conversion. I am happy to stand corrected on this if it is not the case. And you're right, it isn't all about the developer.
  13. He deleted my post about it too. He is wrong and he knows it, the fact that he deletes any posts about it and hasn't come on this post to comment shows that. But there are alternatives (MCE), and after many many years of being a loyal FS2Crew purchaser (since the original pmdg 737) this kind of money grabbing attempt will make me consider other options.
  14. I'll pass too. I don't mind a small upgrade charge but not paying full price for the same product. Their loss.....