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  1. Is this product in any way connected with Matt Davies? It might be as they talk about PTA on their website.
  2. Hey, Which of the P3D options/settings are CPU dependent, and which are GPU dependant? I am curious as to which options put more load on the CPU vs the GPU.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions and input, I will give those options a go. Is the use of Process Lasso recommended, and if so, is it just a case of configuring it to put AS, RC etc onto core 0/1?
  4. The affinity calculator is a great tool - thanks so much @MammyJammy! I have read through this whole thread and I am still a bit confused (not with how to use it) but with which core to place things on and/or which to mask. Is there a right or wrong way to set up the masks? I have an i7-7700k (4 cores with HT enabled) and the tool gave me this: [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=252 P3DCoreAffinityMask=252 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=2 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=4 So Core 0 is free for the OS, I'm using Process Lasso to place utilities like AS, ASCA, RC, Littlenavmap, FS Flight Keeper onto core 1 (HT0). Anything like ut_live, couatl (fired off by dll.xml or exe.xml) is also on core 1 using PL. I use P3D with complex add-ons/aircraft, frame rates limited in NV. It seems OK to me but I would like someone to validate if possible.
  5. You could try https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/ and search for a city/town then use the past weather option to look back over the last couple of weeks to see if it was what you wanted
  6. I do run as admin. The exact and full path to the sounds folder is: C:\Users\Jonathan\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\JustflightDC-10\Gauges\PanelSounds\dc10cls The sound2.ini file is below: [Config] MaxSounds=50 [LVars] LVar00=dc10cls_sound_id_seatbelt LVar01=dc10cls_sound_id_smoking LVar02=dc10cls_sound_id_buzz LVar03=dc10cls_sound_id_tune LVar04=dc10cls_sound_id_fuel_dump LVar05=dc10cls_sound_id_alert LVar06=dc10cls_sound_id_whoop_whoop LVar07=dc10cls_sound_id_alarm_1 LVar08=dc10cls_sound_id_small_switch LVar09=dc10cls_sound_id_large_switch LVar10=dc10cls_sound_id_apu_start LVar11=dc10cls_sound_id_apu_run LVar12=dc10cls_sound_id_apu_stop LVar13=dc10cls_sound_id_10 LVar14=dc10cls_sound_id_20 LVar15=dc10cls_sound_id_30 LVar17=dc10cls_sound_id_50 LVar18=dc10cls_sound_id_100 LVar19=dc10cls_sound_id_minimums LVar20=dc10cls_sound_id_300 LVar21=dc10cls_sound_id_400 LVar22=dc10cls_sound_id_500 LVar23=dc10cls_sound_id_1000 LVar24=dc10cls_sound_id_2500 LVar25=dc10cls_sound_id_dont_sink LVar26=dc10cls_sound_id_pull_up LVar27=dc10cls_sound_id_sinkrate LVar28=dc10cls_sound_id_to_low_flaps LVar29=dc10cls_sound_id_to_low_gear LVar30=dc10cls_sound_id_to_low_terr LVar31=dc10cls_sound_id_windshear LVar33=dc10cls_sound_id_light_rotary_switch LVar34=dc10cls_sound_id_rotary_switch LVar35=dc10cls_sound_id_alarm_1 LVar36=dc10cls_sound_id_flap_lever [Sounds] Sound00=PanelSounds/dc10cls/SEATBELTS.wav Sound01=PanelSounds/dc10cls/SMOKING.wav Sound02=PanelSounds/dc10cls/BUZZ.wav Sound03=PanelSounds/dc10cls/TUNE.wav Sound04=PanelSounds/dc10cls/FUEL_DUMP.wav Sound05=PanelSounds/dc10cls/ALERT.wav Sound06=PanelSounds/dc10cls/WHOOP_WHOOP.wav Sound07=PanelSounds/dc10cls/ALARM_1.wav Sound08=PanelSounds/dc10cls/SMALL_SWITCH.wav Sound09=PanelSounds/dc10cls/LARGE_SWITCH.wav Sound10=PanelSounds/dc10cls/APU_START.wav Sound11=PanelSounds/dc10cls/APU_RUN.wav Sound12=PanelSounds/dc10cls/APU_STOP.wav Sound13=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/10FT.wav Sound14=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/20FT.wav Sound15=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/30FT.wav Sound16=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/40FT.wav Sound17=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/50FT.wav Sound18=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/100FT.wav Sound19=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/MIN.wav Sound20=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/APPMIN.wav Sound21=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/400FT.wav Sound22=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/500FT.wav Sound23=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/1000FT.wav Sound24=PanelSounds/dc10cls/Callouts/2500FT.wav Sound25=PanelSounds/dc10cls/DONT_SINK.wav Sound26=PanelSounds/dc10cls/PULL_UP.wav Sound27=PanelSounds/dc10cls/SINKRATE.wav Sound28=PanelSounds/dc10cls/TO_LOW_FLAPS.wav Sound29=PanelSounds/dc10cls/TO_LOW_GEAR.wav Sound30=PanelSounds/dc10cls/TO_LOW_TERR.wav Sound31=PanelSounds/dc10cls/WINDSHEAR.wav Sound32=PanelSounds/dc10cls/nosound.wav Sound33=PanelSounds/dc10cls/LIGHT_ROTARY SWITCH.wav Sound34=PanelSounds/dc10cls/ROTARY_SWITCH.wav Sound35=PanelSounds/dc10cls/ALARM_1.wav Sound36=PanelSounds/dc10cls/FLAP_LEVER.wav
  7. Yes the path is correct, the error is my typo. I started getting this error on my 2nd flight. The first was fine and I had no issues.
  8. @MammyJammy - firstly thank you so much for your work on this aircraft and bringing it alive. Today on finals I saw a number of messages appearing relating to the callout files and also when starting the APU. I wonder if you know what the issue might be with this? For example: "Error encountered the wait operation timed out Full Error Code 0x102 location 5 File c:\users\myname\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\JustflightDC-10\Guages\PanelSounds/dc10cls/APU_START.WAV" I checked in that folder and the filename(s) it referenced are there.
  9. Are the main gripes fixed with the update today (sounds, pitch issues and fan blade animations) then?
  10. Hello I am using button control of v1.8 which I installed this morning. After shutdown the pre-flight is still stuck at 0 and hasn't reset ready for the next sector. Clicking on Run Preflight Events does nothing and I cannot see a way to reset this back to 25 minutes. Edit: Also the PA messages don't reset either. Jonathan
  11. Hello The safety briefing mentions emergency exits on the main deck and the upper deck. Last time I looked the 787 didn't have 2 decks. Jonathan
  12. Yeah I have this too. It happens to the GSX messages, PMDG initialising messages, also RC window too. I have seen the Parking Brakes message flash momentarily too.
  13. I’d like to see Malta. This hasn’t been done for ages.
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