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  1. I have not experienced keyboard anomalies in P3D but I have in my train sim. There holding down the shift key makes the sim run faster. This is also causing the keyboard to become ineffective by only sound a "click" but no on screen action. A reboot is required. This may correlate to some of the issues here.
  2. First this has nothing to do directly with P3D. I get it constantly with a Train Sim. Shift key speeds it up and that almost always ends up with a problem. Specifically, my problem is that as I begin typing I get a "click" sound when pushing down a key. Then the arrow keys will only allow one operation and a different key has to be pressed. Then-nothing. Hold-downs, typing, arrows, everything on the keyboard fails to respond. The mouse works and a reboot clears the issue. I Did the Update Check and found it crashed. Wow, here we go...... Reboot and an update check showed, threw, or tossed an error. Went back to update and it offered Troubleshooting. Went through the process and we shall see over time what happens.
  3. Just a bit of added info - I received the initial large update. I began some browsing and received an another update. Went quickly. Then, later, I received another update. If I were to go back one update It may not solve anything but place me at risk of using a faulty update (the second). Now Microsoft has returned to their black hole of typical corporate secrecy. I have seen nothing on the Web about a general set of issues with the one, or more, updates. Perhaps only a small portion of their victims (AKA customers) are affected. My update list shows 19 specific updates. 5/4/2018 thru 5/15/2018 with the majority for Defender Definitions.
  4. With a train simulator the keyboard stops working and just offers audible clicks. SINCE LATEST string of updates....... Looks like a general problem with various impacts on the "input" area.
  5. Approach and landing big scenery processing areas as the object aircraft is moving at high speed through very detailed scenery. Dick
  6. Ok, I have to admit I have not paid close attention to P3D as a product. Instead I have been using it and seeing some mentions of V4. I simply did not pick up on the need, despite having V3, that I had to purchase V4. I guess I have become accustomed to the almost perpetual updates of some other programs I have had. Thanks for alerting me. Dick
  7. I downloaded from P3D Normally I expect the first digit to be the Version. In that case this is version 3 and I want 4. Are there two places to download depending on version? Dick
  8. P3D shows 106 aircraft available. But, only a the original builtin aircraft are displayed for operation. How do I get the remaining dozens of aircraft to be fully recognized so that they may be used for flight?
  9. There are two types of sources for information that is not correct. The most innocent, but still harmful, is the exuberant person who reads everything with little regard to the validity of the source. They compile this into their rumor and the story goes on. The other is the malicious person who may be a social misfit or someone seeking commercial gain. Both contribute to exaggeration. Both will disappear 24 hours after the V4 release.
  10. "improved" also means new bugs and odd functional issues. Perhaps only "flying" prop planes means I will not see startling advances and I can skip assisting in debugging the new release.
  11. The overall green tinge is disturbing. I have Megascenery and it has that general green coloring which discourages me from using it - want real looking landscapes at VFR.
  12. I have been having Windows 10 crashes at various times but mostly when I tried to download a few specific programs. I noticed that in the brief note of crash there was a CH Products SYS file was causing the problem. I then unloaded all CH Products software and cleaned them from the registry. Since then the same downloads that caused crashes now work as the should. I remember that I had a difficult time trying to find drivers when my yoke acted strange. They were on some odd site but a long trail from the CH site took me there so it just looked like another CH messy attempt at software. Does anyone know of an "official" site fro CH drivers?
  13. I agree the techno babble allows the spam/hacked company to hide behind that next to useless info A real manger would tell his staff to just fix it. Even a tiny operation such as P3d, can raise some doubt about other areas of the company. Is this lax behavior endemic? It is called reputation.
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