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  1. Hello all, P3D v4.5 starts up running well and then performance slowly starts to diminish to the point where it is unflyable (60fps down to 0-5 fps). This occurs no matter what settings I use; all sliders to the right or left. This is a new issue that more or less came out of nowhere. I have made no changes to the sim in the last 9 months and that includes add-ons. Below is a graph of my GPU usage. After start-up GPU usage trends downwards and will hit 0 on occasion. Every spike up corresponds to a positive spike in performance (FPS) and every drop corresponds to a negative spike in performance. The GPU temperature remains stable at 54C. I also included images of my CPU usage and CPU clock. Both are also unstable with the CPU clock also diminishing over time. I'm not a hardware expert so this may be normal activity. My question to the community is; is this normal activity for the GPU and CPU when gaming or is one or more of my hardware components failing? If the later, which one? Based on what I have read so far it's either the GPU, CPU, or hard disk (SSD). I have done a complete uninstall/reinstall of P3D. At present time, there are no add-ons installed to the sim; everything is default. I have tried all sorts of settings and nothing stops the diminishing performance. System Specs: My system is old, 7 years to be exact. However, it ran P3D with no problems until now. i7-4790 / 4 GB GTX 970 / 16 GB RAM / Samsung Evo Series 840 x2 Any help will be much appreciated. James
  2. Hello, I'm thinking about purchasing Skyline Sim's KCVG for P3Dv4. The reviews on Simmarket are not great and I was wondering if anyone here can throw their two-cents in about it? Thanks, James
  3. Hello Simmers, I've searched high and low and cannot find a SAS New Livery for the PMDG NGXu 737-800. I've found one in the avsim library for the -800 NGX but not for the -800 NGXu. Does anyone know if this livery exists yet and/or provide a link to where I can find it? Thank you. James
  4. Hello, Here’s a weird one for everyone. I have the Alex Farmer Alaska New Colors livery and after the PMDG 737-800 is loaded and initialized - with this texture and this texture only - the aircraft looks to be in a cold and dark state with engines off, however all of the panels are in the powered up/on state yet the displays are dark. Switching off the battery does nothing and the FMS is also dark and cannot be used to put the aircraft in any state. I’ve used this livery 100s of times with this sort of thing never happening. This is an all of a sudden issue and none of my other NGX liveries do this. Has anyone encountered this or have suggestions?
  5. Hello, Is there a tool available (some sort of ACARS program would be great) that will allow me to create a KML file of a flown flight so that it may be displayed on Google Earth? This was a FSFK feature that I loved as it showed in detail every turn, altitude change, ground movement etc...Does something like this exist? Thanks, James
  6. Hello, I'm new to painting and I'm finishing up my first ever repaint. The only item I have left is changing the the virtual cockpit registration number from N738PM to whatever (in this case HZ-ATR). No matter what I do, N738PM shows on the registration plate, not my desired tail number. Here are my steps: Open the VC registration number PSD and change the registration from N738PM to HZ-ATR using the text tool. I should probably mention that I do not have the default PMDG font so I resolve it with a similar font from the fonts library. Copy the entire registration plate using Ctrl C Click on the Alpha channel tab and hide RGB and show the Alpha Channel (what I see now is the registration plate in black with N738PM in white) Paste the HZ-ATR over N738PM Inverse select the background instead of the registration number Black over everything underneath HZ-ATR so what I have left is the registration plate in black and HZ-ATR in white. There are no traces of N738PM. Hide the Alpha Channel and show RGB Click on the layers tab, now HZ-ATR is displayed with a gray background with the default effects Save the PSD Flip the PSD vertically, and past and save as DDS in the appropriate SimObjects\Aircraft folder Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, James Castonguay
  7. Hi gnt586, I'm new to painting I cannot figure out where the Alpha layer is to remove the windows. Can you point me in the right direction?
  8. Yeah...that might just work. In essence I just want to copy each part and fuse them together on a blank canvas, paint, and then transfer the parts back to the paint-kit? I tired a fuse on the paint-kit but when I tried to copy sections of the fuselage I received an error saying something like, "cannot copy selected area empty." Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks, James
  9. Hello, I'm painting a livery that has multiple long curving stripes that start at the nose of the aircraft and extend to the APU exhaust. That's easy enough to paint however I'm having difficulty lining up the stripes from the end of the fuselage 1 boundary to the beginning of the fuselage 2 boundary and the again between the fuselage 2 and 3 boundaries. Can anyone provide any techniques to ensure everything lines up appropriately? How do I paint around the boundary gaps? Thanks, James
  10. In researching ways to stop/reduce shimmering in P3Dv3.3 I found three possible solutions: 1) NVidia Inspector's SGSS AA, 2) DSR, and 3) a higher resolution monitor. SGSS AA caused performance issues especially when flying through clouds and DSR (2715x1697x32 and Tex Res. is set to 4096) has helped but some shimmering still exists. My current monitor is now 8-9 years old and I've been thinking about upgrading from 1080 to 4K. For all the hardware experts out there will a 4K monitor: 1) improve the visual quality of P3D (mostly the shimmering), 2) do I need to upgrade my video card (I currently have a GTX 970), and finally 3) is there any potential for a performance drop with a higher resolution monitor? Thanks in advance, James
  11. Yes! Swampy runways! I have those too and I also find 'stranded' boats and ships scattered about the airport after landing. I never have issues if I depart from LGA, just during arrivals. I'm relieved to know it's not just me.
  12. Hello, I installed ImagineSim's New Laguardia and have the below scenery issues: I'm not quite sure what could be causing this and believe me I've tried everything to fix it. I looks to be an elevation issue or a conflict with something else, however, the only other sceneries I have in the area are FTX Global and FSDT's KJFK v2, everything else is default. I've reached out to Orbx and they advised that Global is not causing the issue. I've reached out to ImagineSim, and, while they have been responsive, they have not been able to resolve the issue. Is anyone else experiencing this? Oddly the FSX version of LGA works just fine, however, the FSX and the default versions appear to have a higher elevation than the P3D version. If anyone can help please share your thoughts as I love the scenery and it's one that I will use frequently. Thanks, James Castonguay P3D v3 i7 4790 4.0 Ghz GTX970 4GB
  13. I was wondering if someone could explain to me how VAS management in P3D works. First let me provide the scenario for an OOM I experienced as I hardly, if ever at all, receive OOM’s. I flew from SEA to LAX with the following add-ons: PMDG 737NGX, FTX ORBX PNW, NCA, SCA, AS16, T2G Seattle, FSDT LAX, and WoAI (however I flew on-line and encountered very little AI enroute or at my departure and arrival airports. Upon turning final to LAX runway 25L I encountered an OOM. This was my first ever OOM in P3D. I have made no changes to my sim for months now and was perplexed as to why this happened. I decided to replicate the flight and this time I utilized Pete Dawson’s FSUIPC VAS monitor to see where the problem occurs. Immediately after starting the sim I lost about 2GB which I expected on the ground at SEA with PNW and the NGX. The departure and enroute saw the some VAS return, not a lot, but at least I was not using more VAS. I arrived into LAX on the SADDE7 arrival and descending down to about 12,000 my frames were smooth hitting the 50’s consistently and there was minimal VAS usage (I was still hovering around 2GB used). Closing in on LAX my sim paused to allow the Couatl engine to load LAX and once LAX was loaded my frames dropped to the high 20’s / low 30’s and my VAS usage increased fast. This time I was able land, however, shortly after landing the sim OOM’d. I thought with P3D OOM’s were a thing of the past as the sim would dump used memory creating more VAS space, however, that was not the case for me at least. My understanding of P3D’s VAS management may be incorrect which is why I’m asking for everyone’s help in explaining how P3D’s VAS management works and how I can prevent OOM’s in the future. Should I save my flight, close and reopen the sim, and reload my flight? Will that work? While that’s a nuisance, I would rather land at my destination than the alternative. My specs: i7-4790 4.0 GHz GTX 970 4GB 16GB DDR3 SDRAM Samsung 840 500GB SSD (dedicated to P3d) Thanks, James
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