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    Flight Simulator X - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    AirBridgeCargo Airlines Boeing 747-8F (VP-BBY) by Gustavo Aguiar
    SAS Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-86N (LN-RGI) by Zayn Ridhwan|SimTextures by Y&Z
    Boeing 737-700 Republique du Tchad TT-ABD by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Airbus A330-300 RR Fiji Airways DQ-FJW by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Airbus A330-300 RR Virgin Australia "Gnaraloo Bay" VH-XFJ by Miguel Angel Taboada

    Flight Simulator X - Scenery
    WMKP, Penang International Airport, Malaysia by Tim van Ringen

    Flight Simulator 2004 - AI Aircraft
    Croatia Airlines (operated by Air Nostrum) albino CRJ-1000 by Ken Carson

    Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery
    FS2004 Scenery--LIMG ALBENGA AIRPORT by Libon Serge



    Publisher: JUST PLANES
    Description:  TRAVEL SERVICE 737-900ER
    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter

    + 1st Cockpit Film on the 737-900ER!
    + Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras for great views!
    + Flight Preparations
    + External Walkaround
    + Cockpit Set-up
    + Briefings
    + Checklists
    + Departure & Arrival Airport Charts
    + Great scenery on departures, arrival and enroute.
    + Pilot Presentations
    + Company Presentation

    Flight Information
    Flt Time
    QS 1170
    PRG Prague, CZECH REP
    FNC Funchal, PORTUGAL
    QS 1170
    FNC Funchal, PORTUGAL
    PRG Prague, CZECH REP
    Travel Service is the latest airline to join the Just Planes cockpit video series. Being based in the Czech Republic, Travel Service operates a fleet of 737 aircraft which includes the 700, 800, and the 900ER. In this program we will be riding along with the flight crew as they operate the 737-900ER from Prague to Funchal airport. It might be a bit surprising, but this is the first time that Just Planes will be featuring the 737-900. While it isn’t an exceptionally unique aircraft, it is nonetheless the perfect opportunity to see this aircraft in action.

    The program starts off in the typical fashion where the flight crew reviews their dispatch documents which covers NOTAMS, weather, routing and payload. While some may find this segment insignificant, it is important to note that this is a crucial part of a pilots job and it provides a detailed look at the decision making process of the pilots before each flight. For a flight simulator enthusiast or up and coming pilots, learning to make good decisions in the flight planning phase is an essential skill that can prevent many unpleasant surprises during your flight.  Once this is completed, we join the captain on a detailed walk-around of the aircraft where you will be able to see the obvious difference in length between the 737-800 and the 737-900. The walk-around inspection of an aircraft is yet another essential procedure prior to flying since any abnormal findings can easily cause a flight to be delayed or cancelled. After completing the walk-around we head into the cockpit where the remaining preflight and departure procedures are completed.
    With Funchal being such a challenging airport that requires specific training and certification for pilots, it was interesting to see that our departure from Prague was flown by the first officer initially and then command of the aircraft was switched to the captain who is specifically allowed to land at Funchal airport. During our flight, the captain provided some interesting details on this requirement and I think that the viewers will really appreciate just how challenging this airport can be. Other insightful segments of this program features presentations on the company, the 737-900 features, detailed review of departure and arrival procedures and as always, a variety of stunning views from the cockpit flying in and out of Funchal. With the skill and professionalism of the Travel Service crew being nicely displayed throughout this program, it certainly promotes the company as being a safe and friendly airline to fly with. Ultimately, if you are a fan of the 737, then this program is certainly worth adding to your collection.
    Video Preview


    Just Planes Ethiopian A350XWB


    Publisher: JUST PLANES
    Description:  ETHIOPIAN A350XWB
    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter

    + 300 minutes of action!
    + 3 Continents! (Africa, Asia, Europe)
    + External Walkaround Inspection
    + Preflight Preparations
    + Cockpit Set Up
    + Pilot Briefings
    + Checklists
    + Airport Arrival & Departure Charts
    + Cockpit Presentation
    + All the new features on the A350
    + Pilot Presentations
    + Great scenery to Dubai, London, and enroute.
    + Cabin views and service and a lot more...

    ET 602
    ET 603
    ADD Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
    ET 710
    ADD Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
    LHR London Heathrow, UK
    There are few things that aviation enthusiast enjoy more than to learn more about a new aircraft type. The A350 is one of Airbus newest aircraft and it by far one of the most advanced to date. With more and more airlines taking delivery of this aircraft, the public is slowly able to learn more about this aircraft and why it is creating such a buzz in the aviation world. As a passenger, the A350 boasts one of the most comfortable cabins with numerous amenities that promise a unique flying experience for all.
    Ethiopian Airlines is one of a few airlines that proudly fly the A350 and it seems like it is quickly becoming a favorite among the pilots of this airline. In this program, Just Planes takes us onboard the A350 operated by Ethiopian airlines from Addis to Dubai and London. While only featuring two destinations, this video presentation is by far one of the best presentations on the A350 that will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about this aircraft. Some of the highlights that I found particularly interesting were the presentations done by the pilots which covered an exterior walk-around of the aircraft and a full cockpit presentation which truly confirmed in my mind that Airbus may indeed be one step ahead of Boeing. I truly appreciated how the pilots carefully explained many of the features of the A350 which included the intuitive design of the EFB and many of the advanced systems of the aircraft that made these former Boeing pilots fall in love with this aircraft.

    For those of you who enjoy the scenic views from the cockpit, this program is filled with many exciting moments while flying to Dubai and London thanks to the numerous camera angles provided. While getting the right camera angle in the cockpit can be a tricky and somewhat subjective decision, Just Planes did a good job at capturing some of the best perspectives from within the cockpit, although I sometimes miss the straight ahead view from older videos. For viewers who are interested in flying procedures, this program is certainly package with detailed presentations which cover all aspects of flying this aircraft. In short, the program is an Airbus and A350 enthusiast’s 5 hour dose of paradise.
    Ethiopian Airlines has consistently been gracious to the aviation community by allowing Just Planes to film their operations. While this is no small task, it was remarkable that the pilots and everyone involved were able to maintain a high professional standard despite being filmed. It is my hope that Ethiopian and other airlines will continue to offer a view of what it takes to fly some of the most amazing aircraft of our time. It is videos such as this that inspires a new generation of pilots.
    Video Preview


    Sky Simulations MD-11 For FSX and P3D


    Sky Simulations proudly presents the McDonnell Douglas MD-11
    This model is an exact replica from the real one. Each and every detail is reproduced on this model without affecting the frames rate and it's based on flight and maintenance manuals from the aircraft.
    -Dual versions Available ( FSX and P3D )
    -State of the art replica of the aircraft.
    -Two different variants GE CF6-80 and PW PW4460 engines,
    both made for Passenger and Cargo Versions.
    -Gravity and Aerodynamic actuated Flexible wings.
    -Dynamic Shine.
    -Perfectly simulated loss of hydraulic pressure.
    -Parking Mode (Catering , Container loaders, Fuel, Front stairs,
    Push-back, Main Cargo Loader Trucks-Maintenance Mode,
    Engines, LG Doors, Weather Radar).
    -Flight Dynamics tested by real airline pilots and
    totally reliable on flight manuals.
    -Hi Definition Photo-real 32Bit Textures .
    -All the functions on the virtual cockpit are fully functional and animated, you can perform a complete flight within the Virtual Cockpit.
    -Photo-real and Hi-Def Textures on the Virtual Cockpit.
    -Fully Detailed and clickable with endless details and effects.
    -Full sound package recorded during engine run test, outside and inside of the aircraft.
    -Perfectly recreated systems AIR, Electrical, Fuel and Hydraulic.
    -Operational FMC a combination of Real procedures and FS GPS Native system.
    -Fully operational Pedestal.
    -Fully operational Overhead Panel.
    -Hydraulic system is not a dummy system anymore,
    it fully interacts with the aircraft controls surfaces:
    Flaps, Brakes, etc as in the real one.
    -ZOOM PANEL All the Display can be Zoomed with this command.
    -MD-11 and McDonnell Douglas sounds
    (Warnings, Caution, GPWS and Virtual Copilot.)
    For more information visit the  Sky Simulations MD-11   Homepage.

    Aalborg X For P3Dv4 And FSX


    Vidan Design is happy to announce that Aalborg X for P3Dv4 and FSX has been released.
    Aalborg X is a highly detailed and realistic rendition of Aalborg Airport (EKYT, AAL), Denmark’s third largest airport, situated 6 km from the centre of Aalborg in northern Jutland. The airport is a dual-use military and civil airport with scheduled flights to Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam, Faroe Islands, Barcelona, London and other European cities as well as many charter destinations. Aalborg Air Base is home to Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) 721 Squadron, Air Transport Wing Aalborg, which is equipped with Lockheed C-130 Hercules. For Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition and Lockheed Martin Prepar3Dv4.
    Highly detailed rendition of Aalborg Airport EKYT, AAL and Aalborg Air Base (Flyvestation Aalborg)
    Highly detailed airport terminal
    Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography
    Custom modelled ground support vehicles
    Hand-edited ground textures at 30cm/pixel resolution
    High quality modelled airport buildings
    High quality modelled civilian and military static airplanes featuring types unique to the airport
    Animated ground support vehicles
    Animated military vehicles
    Custom modelled vegetation, grass, trees
    Hand placed autogen 
    Designed to blend seamlessly with ORBX Global Base
    Scenery Configurator
    Visit the Vidan Design Homepage for further information.
    Multi Crew Experience for X-Plane 11 & 10 now adds support for a popular aircraft, Flight Factor A320 in latest release.
    It provides a very flexible virtual first officer, making it possible to operate the aircraft in a "shared cockpit environment", without the need to beg someone to share a session with you..
    Nobody flies the heavies alone. Why should you.
    A fully working Demo is available from this  link

    Fayence-Tourrettes Airfield


    Fayence-Tourrettes Airfield (ICAO code: LFMF) is an airfield located 1.5 km south of Fayence and Tourrettes, two municipalities in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. It is the headquarters of a famous gliding club : the "Association Aéronautique Provence Côte d'Azur" (AAPCA). 
    The field is reserved for the practice of gliding and the airfield became the first European center of gliding. 
    Built on 45 ha, it has three grass runway including one principal of 830 meters long for 45 meters wide.
    The Fayence-Tourrettes Airfield scenery contains:
    - PhotoHD 25cm/pixel ground tiles over the entire airfield surface,
    - Ultra detailed 3D buildings with HD Photorealistic textures (images taken directly on the field),
    - Volumetric grass (3D),
    - Various vehicles as well as static planes and gliders,
    - Many other details adding immersion and realism to the scenery (Birds, Static characters, traffic signs ...),-
    - Night and Seasonal textures,
    - 100% compatible with France VFR and Orbx products (tested),
    And many other things to discover by yourself ! 
    For more information visit the Fayence-Tourrettes Airfield   Product Page.
    France VFR has released their Languedoc-Roussillon VFR 3DA Extension pack for P3Dv4 and FSX :

    This 3D photoreal scenery is an extension of the Languedoc-Roussillon VFR 3DA product and provides very realistic night texture and garden & Park new autogen.

    The new VFR Regional Extension Pack series was designed and developped to provide VFR flight an environment as realistic as possible. It is the result of years of experience and practice in flight simulation and 3D modeling.

    "VFR Regional" products embed all enhancements from the new 3DAutomation® technology developed by France VFR. This technology already allows to generate the most realistic and dense environments ever seen. It does not intend to model real world accurately but to create a copy "as real as it gets" on a massive scale. It will evolve to adapt to the needs and new data available.


    - Night Ground textures from 0.8 to 1.20 meter / pixel resolution from IGN aerial photography reworked for an optimal visual rendition covering whole scenry area.
    - 3D light sources with halo covering whole scenery area.
    - New dynamic lighting : stadiums, downtowns, castles, churches…
    - Various airports and/or points of interest enhancements (depending on each scenery).
    - New vegetation autogen in all urban & suburban areas, villages, housing estate, gardens…
    - Geo-referenced data for maximum compatibility with future add-ons installed on the same area.
    - Development process 100% SDK specifications compliant, ensuring maximum compatibility with new releases.

    More informations and screenshots on the  France VFR Website 

    A Pilots Life From SimBitWorld


    A Pilots Life is an application with the aim of giving purpose to flight simulation enthusiasts. It is a simulation of a commercial pilot career, taking you from the first steps of a junior first officer employed at a local small company, to a senior captain at a world-renowned airline. In the beginning you will be offered a job at an airline and you will generate your schedule. As you progress and complete the flights that were assigned to you, you will earn money and experience (XP) based on flight time and number of flights completed, advance in pilot rankings, receive offers from other airlines and most importantly, you will have fun doing this.
    The development:
    The software was developed from the ground up, with some clear ideas in mind: simple, stable, automated, secure (SSAS for short). One of its most important features is the auto-update mechanism, which relieves you from the burden of downloading and installing the application each time we make changes to it (we still have a lot of ideas to implement, so expect plenty of updates in the months to come).
    - dashboard with an overview of your situation as a pilot (flight hours, XP, current bank account status)
    - realistic salary based on your rating and current employer
    - job market with auto generated offers and realistic job application mechanism
    - real flight schedules generator based on your current employer
    - flight logging and flight landing rate recorder (that impacts your XP gain)
    - ability to advance in pilot rankings and get employed at prestigious airlines
    - safe login mechanism with encrypted password
    - serial number validation
    - settings for your convenience
    - embedded manual
    - ticketing system (for feature suggestion and reporting bugs)
    For further details and download visit A Pilots Life Product Page. 
    Remote Server / Remote CDU now supports PMDG's 747-8
    Remote CDU has been updated to version, fully supporting the updated MCDU featured in PMDG's 747-8.
    Remote CDU is the first remote CDU solution that has dedicated support for the new MCDU.
    Download it HERE