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    Flight Simulator X - Missions
    IsleofManCrashSupport.zip by helomissionman
    IsleofManVFRTour.zip by helomissionman

    Flight Simulator 2004 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    British Airways "BA Better World" Airbus A320-214 (G-TTNA) - (fictional A320NEO texture) by Stefan Bree, Project Airbus

    Flight Simulator 2004 - AI Aircraft
    Nordwind Boeing 777-200LR - VP-BJG by Sergey Gleba | PaintSim

    Prepar3D V5 - AI Aircraft
    P3DV4-5 FSPXAI B737-x Asky Airlines fleet by Joel Branchu
    P3DV4-5 FSPXAI EMB190 and 195 Lufthansa CityLine by P3DV4-5 FSPXAI A32x ceo Air Sundair representative fleet

    Prepar3D V5 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    P3DV5.x Aerosoft A320 Pro Air France Livery by Reccio Silva

    Prepar3D V1-4 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Boeing 737-400 Canadian North C-FFNM by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Boeing 737-400 Air North C-FANB by Miguel Angel Taboada

    Prepar3D V1-4 - AI Aircraft
    Pascan Aviation Saab 340 (C-FJEP) - TFS by Frank Drebing

    FSweekend 2021 cancelled


    The FSweekend for November 2021 at the Aviation Museum Aviodrome in the Netherlands is Cancelled ,The hope is to have the next one in the spring 2022
    Visit the FSweekend Homepage to follow their planning and proposals .

    HJG September Website Update


    HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) have pleasure announcing its 3rd website update for 2021 and the groups 21st year of service to the FS community.
    This latest release is composed of some 92 "NEW" textures for its virtual ARJ/BAe 146, B707, B727, B737, C-135, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, L-1011 TRISTAR, and MD-80 flight line (for FS2004 and FSX) .... featuring aircraft from Africa, Australia, Austria, England (and both Wales and the Channel Islands), Finland, Germany, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA (and Hawaii), and former Yugoslavia .... representing PAX/freight, government/VIP, and military subjects each resplendent in definitive period, recent/current, experimental, as well hybrid liveries, many of which represent some of the greatest as well as least known among classic/historic operators dating from the 1960's until the present day (a typically colourful HJG passage through time and aviation history) .... and among which yet another "Texture Easter Egg" is also included, in the form of an L-1011 TRISTAR 250, supporting the late 1980's identity of a major European operator and which is offered as a fictitious"WHAT IF" concept.

    BUT WAIT FOR IT .... there's more ....

    Due to a recent domain expiry HJG is also now hosting the entire DAVID MALTBY FLIGHT SIM inventory .... featuring the BAC ONE-ELEVEN 200/-300/-400/-500, DH 106 COMET III/-IIIB/-IV/-IVB/-IVC, HS121 TRIDENT 1E/-2E/-3B, VC10/SUPER VC10 and C1K .... along with their supporting Effects, Panels, and Sounds files. This
    flight line was added to the HJG inventory on "JULY 4TH 2021" per the following website update not announced outside the HJG forum

    All rights in regard to these DMFS simulations are retained by David MALTBY. HJG is hosting this flight line in order to ensure it remains publicly available
    and easily accessible to those whom seek to enjoy it .... or have yet to discover it. HJG will be further expanding the DMFS flight line by offering "its own" textures for these simulations (in addition to the original DMFS releases) .... the first of which, for both the BAC ONE ELEVEN's and TRIDENT's, have
    been released as part of this latest HJG website update.

    For further information concerning these latest HJG offerings please refer to today's following-linked forum announcement

    HJG is located at the following web site address:.simviation.com
    With steel reinforced mechanical core that's tested to 50,000 cycles this unit means business. More can be found out at . .
    Every product is crafted as a "made to order" unit and will require approximately 14 working days before shipping.
    “For a limited time only AVSIM users are treated to a 20% off discount on all products at Cat3Design.com ! Use the Promo code TILLER2AVSIM at checkout. Promotion ends 30th September 2021 23:59 AEST.”
    CHECK OUT the brand new Tiller V2 promotional video
    Visit the  Cat3Design.com   Product Page for further details
    FlightSimExpo 2021 is a hybrid in-person and online event held September 24-26 at Town and Country Resort, San Diego. Attendees can register for the in-person or online events, starting from just $15, at www.flightsimexpo.com.
    SAN DIEGO – September 3, 2021 – FlightSimExpo, North America’s flight simulation conference, is coming up on September 24-26, 2021. This year’s event is a hybrid online and in-person show. Attendees can participate   in-person at Town and Country Resort   in San Diego or register for a $15 all-access streaming pass
    Sponsor & Exhibitor Update
    Since the last community update, exhibitors 1C Game Studios and AIRLAND SIMULATIONS have signed on to participate in-person in San Diego. 1C Game Studios is the developer of the IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles series, bringing a combat flight simulation presence to the show for the third year in a row. Founded in 2020 by Fred Naar, AIRLAND SIMULATIONS is working on a helicopter aerodynamics library for MSFS along with a standalone rescue missions game.
    FlightSimExpo is also grateful for the support of new Gold Sponsors Aerosoft, Stay Level Avionix, and FlightsimWebshop. They join Diamond Sponsors Lockheed Martin, Honeycomb Aeronautical, Laminar Research, Thrustmaster, Orbx, X-Plane.org, and Navigraph, sponsors in making the event possible.
    The In-Person Experience
    Attendees coming to San Diego will have the chance to try the latest hardware, experience product reveals in-person, and meet with developers and other flight simmers. This year, masks are recommended for all participants, and required for anyone who is not fully vaccinated. Seating and exhibit booths will be spaced further apart than usual, and each attendee will be provided with several 70% isopropyl wipes from iCloth for use on electronics and screens. In partnership with the venue, enhanced cleaning measures will be taken in the event space, along with increased ventilation and readily-available hand sanitizer stations. FlightSimExpo encourages attendees to review our   for more information on how we’re keeping the event safe for everyone.
    As in previous years, in-person attendees will have the chance to win great prizes throughout the event, including those donated by FS2Crew, PlaneEnglish, X-Crafts, and Next Level Racing. There will also be plenty of giveaways available from exhibitors, including during the X-Plane Landing Competition. By flying the Stinson L5 onto a tiny runway at the X-Plane booth on Saturday, attendees can qualify to participate in a live final event on Sunday morning where a champion will be crowned.
    For those attending the in-person event, FlightSimExpo has secured travel deals with and “show your FlightSimExpo badge” specials at the , , and the . Single-day event begins at $30.
    Participating Online
    For attendees unable to attend in-person, FlightSimExpo offers a $15 [ /url] for exclusive access to live and on-demand seminars from the show. The “Online-Only Registration” allows anyone to watch and participate in the product reveals and simulation demonstrations live, as well as exclusive access to all recorded presentations from the show. Online attendees also get access to Whova, an app for networking with other attendees and exhibitors, accessing discounts and show specials, and much more.
    For more information on FlightSimExpo, to view the full schedule, and to register, visit [/url] .
    About FlightSimExpo. FlightSimExpo is North America’s community-driven flight simulation conference. The first FlightSimExpo was held in 2018 in Las Vegas, followed by a 2019 event in Orlando that attracted almost 1,700 attendees. FlightSimExpo 2021 takes place on September 24-26, 2021 at Town and Country Resort, San Diego and online. FlightSimExpo is proudly produced by active participants of the flight simulation community.



    Review by Marlon Carter
    If you have been a flight simulator enthusiast for the past 10-15 years, the name FlyTampa   is one that we have all come to admire for their stunning high quality airport add-ons. Throughout the years since their initial releases for FS9 and FSX, we have seen the overall quality of their product skyrocket to a level that is unmatched while utilizing the newest features of the P3D platform.

    While this review focuses on their releases for P3Dv5, we should keep in mind that their efforts have also expanded to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 which offers an entirely new level of visual realism. While there are plans to take a closer look at their offerings for MS2020, for now we will dig deeper into two of their most recent releases for P3Dv5.

    The first release that we will examine is the FlyTampa Vegas add-on for P3Dv5. As a preview of what we can expect, here is a list of features.
    Las Vegas McCarran (KLAS) Airport Addon
    High Resolution surrounding Photo Scenery with custom mesh.
    Las Vegas modeled with custom buildings and animations.
    3D Taxiway bridge,Animated Cars & Monorails
    SODE and Ctrl-J animated Jetways
    PBR Terminal windows and Dynamic lighting
    At first glance, this list may seem a bit underwhelming, but I can assure you that from my experience using this product, each listed feature goes above and beyond our wildest imagination. To start off our deep dive into FlyTampa Vegas, let us take a closer look at the overall layout of this scenery product.

    From the screenshots posted above, the general overview of this product shows the vast areas of coverage which includes not only the main airport, but also the surround city of Las Vegas. While I’ve never been to Las Vegas in person, the city is well known for itsnighttime activity, stunning world class hotels and other unique landmark features. One feature that captures our attention, is the addition of the Luxor Las Vegas Pyramid. This landmark features the strongest beam of light in the world which is visible to pilots flying over southern California. In P3D, you will be amazed to see this landmark come to life at night with an authentic representation of this lighting feature.

    Since Las Vegas is known for its night life, it stands to reason that the nighttime experience of flying in and out of KLAS should offer a true to life experience. While it may be easy to assume that the developers of this product would have simply added a few fancy lights to dazzle our eyes, a closer look revealed that much care and attention was aimed at bringing every detail of Las Vegas to every P3D user.
    As you review the following screenshots, you will be amazed at the nighttime experience that this product offers.

    Airport Design& Features
    As we take a closer look at theLas Vegas McCarran(now Harry Reid International) airport, it becomes quite obvious that the aircraft has a unique design among the many major airports throughout the United States. If we were to compare the overall design of the real airport with the rendition developed by FlyTampa, the results reveal that much care and attention was paid to replicating the smallest detail of this airport.
    In addition to an accurate layout, the features of the terminal building also showcases the lengths to which the development team has gone to provide a detailed product inside and out. For example, the terminal buildings feature a modelled interior which includes gate signs, seating and more.While this is not a necessary feature that all will appreciate, it certainly shows the level of dedication to providing the best overall experience to anyone using this product.
    Looking at the exterior portions of the terminal buildings, the stunning realism of PBR windows and HD textures takes the overall quality of this product to a level that few have achieved. In addition to the terminal buildings, the ground textures, markings and signs are all very detailed and easily readable from the virtual cockpit.
    While airport scenery products have had a history of being a bit static, I was pleased to see the inclusion of animated cars, monorails and ground service vehicles. Additionally, users are given the ability to add and remove various forms of animated traffic on the streets of Vegas and throughout the airport. These features, in addition to using a 3rd party AI traffic add-on, provides the most realistic airport experience within the P3D environment. 
    At night, in a similar manner to the stunning city lighting experience, the lighting seen throughout the airport environment offers a true to life experience. For example, while users are given the option to have dynamic lighting on the airport terminal buildings illuminating the ramp, dynamic lighting is also available for many of the lighting features found throughout the city. With such an innovative feature, this offers users the best visual experience vs the legacy night lighting textures which often disconnects the aircraft and buildings from the environment.
    On a final note, I thought it would be helpful to mention that 3rd party products such as GSX Level 2, AIG Traffic and FTX Global all work quite nicely with this product. With all of the available options enabled, I found that the performance of this product was quite outstanding with virtually no impact to my frame rates. To offer such a complexed product with a minimal performance impact is no small achievement, and it highlights the fact that this is perhaps one of the most detailed and efficient scenery products available.

    To conclude our look at KLAS, it isobvious that a tremendous amount of work went into the development of this product. The optional features and the vast coverage provided easily makes this the best KLAS scenery available. If you are looking for a new scenery product for your simulator, I would highly recommend that you consider this product for your next purchase.

    The second release from FlyTampa that we will examine is their . While this is not necessarily a new scenery product from this developer, its newest version is certainly a significant upgrade to the legacy product that you may be familiar with.
    The Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport has a rich history which goes to the 1920s. With Australia being a key destination to many airline operators, this airport has seen a high volume of international traffic throughout the years. In the virtual world, it comes as no surprise that there would be a significant interest in having a detailed version of this airport for the virtual long-haul pilots among us. Since the initial release of this scenery, FlyTampa has applied numerous upgrades to stay abreast with the evolving capabilities of flight simulator flatforms. In this case, lets have a look at the features included in Sydney V2 for P3D4-5.
    Sydney Kingsford Smith (YSSY) Airport Addon
    PBR Textures on ground and buildings
    Animated 3D Ramp Workers, Fisherman, Spotters
    Nearby surroundings with numerous custom buildings
    Dynamic lighting, SODE Jetways and VDGS
    3D Terrain including tunnels and bridges.
    The list of features seems nearly identical to the features of KLAS. However, given the vast differences in location and airport design, this product offers an entirely difference experience. Let us start off our review of this scenery with a general overview.
    Situated on the eastern coast of Australia, the Sydney airport has had a rich history in international aviation as a popular stopping point for airlines crossing the pacific. Today, with more than 30 passenger airlines and more than 10 cargo airlines frequently arriving and departing from the Sydney airport, there is no shortage of opportunities for virtual pilots to experience this unique destination. 
    With the airport featuring 3 runways, and being surrounded by land and water, recreating the airport and its surroundings would require a high level of detail.Despite this challenge, the screenshots below shows that FlyTampa was capable of meeting and exceeding all expectations.

    From the screenshots above, we can see that that product offers a high level of detail and unique features that will enhance the user experience. To dive deeper into the features of this product,the next section of this review will explore these features in greater detail to determine whether this product may be worth your time and money.
    Airport Design & Features
    As we examine the airport design, the first feature captures our attention is the highly acclaimed design of the Sydney airport air traffic control tower. After comparing the real-world design to the rendition created by FlyTampa, it was quite evident that the developer invested much time and effort to capturing the look of this building.
    For the terminal buildings, hangars and other intricate features of this airport, we can see that there were no shortcuts taken when recreating each structure. For example, in many of the areas that feature canopies made of steel frames, the development team ensured that these structures were recreated to the highest degree of accuracy and detail possible.
    While the terminal buildings did not feature an interior model or transparent windows, the overall designed reflected an accurate layout of the airport as of the year 2020. If you own the GSX v2 product, you will also be pleased to know that this scenery fully supports GSX and SODE integration. While I did not have the opportunity to test each parking spot, the ones tested at the passenger terminal and cargo terminal were accurately configured.
    In addition, the use of PBR textures forthe terminal buildings and ground textures offered stunning visuals throughout daytime, nighttime and various types of weather conditions. While PBR textures are not perfect, it provides the most convincing visual experience vs the standard textures we previously enjoyed.
    On a final note, I was also quite impressed with the addition of animated ramp workers, fishermen and aircraft spotters!These features allow for theenvironment of this airport dynamic, entertaining, and immersive.

    To conclude our review of the FlyTampa Sydney airport, I can safely state that this is an essential product for P3D users. The level of detail found in this product offers the most realistic experience for both day and nighttime flying to Sydney Australia, and the performance impact is minimal when compared to similar products. If you enjoy long haul flying and you are looking for a new and intriguing destination, I would highly recommend this product.

    With an established reputation for quality, I am certain that FlyTampa will continue to excel as they release more scenery products for the P3D and MSFS platform.
    Other Products
    For those interested, here is a list of other products seen in this review.
    PMDG 777
    PMDG 747
    PMDG 737NGXU
    Parallel42 Immersion Package
    Flight Sim Labs A320

    Real Taxiways For MSFS


    With Real Taxiways you can now update over 1,000 Class B, C, D & Non-towered Airports and with the Military version update over 100 Military airfields. 

    This program will greatly enhance many aspects of navigating airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator, adding a full complement of accurately placed real-world taxiway signs, with many new sign types and new sign textures. Signs are also more readable and match real-world fonts and sizes.  With Real Taxiways installed, destination signs match those on real-world charts, all obstructing signs and many lights are removed, closed taxiways are updated and signs added - and more!

    All the product details can be found on the respective product pages:
    Real Taxiways USA - Class B, C, D & Non-towered Airports
    Real Taxiways USA - Military Airfields  

    Caproni-Vizzola C-22J for MSFS


    Mario Noriega Designs announces the release of the Caproni-Vizzola C-22J for MSFS

    A fully aerobatic, very-light Jet that compares to the Bede BD-5J, but heavier and sporting two instead of one TRS-18 turbojets. Up to Mach 0.47 and 650 NM of range, with a service ceiling of 25000ft. A low stall speed (for a jet) makes the aircraft good for short field operations.
    Certified for VFR operations only, yet includes a good avionics suite. 
    This is a "Classic" aircraft featuring "Steam" gauges and radios. Yet, controls and systems are easy to operate.
    Visit the   Caproni-Vizzola C-22J product page for more details!
    Welcome to Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (YBNA) V1.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!
    Located in the heart of the Northern Rivers region, Ballina is your gateway to discover this beautiful area! The airport has been authentically recreated for MSFS to the highest level of detail full of bespoke features just waiting for you to explore and discover.  
    Ballina is just a short flight from most Australian cities, what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to discover this truly amazing destination. 
    Hand Crafted Rendition of Ballina Byron Gateway Airport for MSFS Custom High Resolution Aerial Imagery 1m High Resolution DEM data covering YBNA and Cape Byron Custom Airport Services Configuration Authentic PBR Textures Interior Modelling of Two Hangars Realistic Aprons with Custom Materials and Markings Static Qantaslink Dash 8 Static Local R44 Helicopter Realistic Night Lighting Custom Vegetation Placement Custom Watermasking of nearby Lakes Landmarks
    Cape Byron Lighthouse   Visit the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport homepage for further info .
    DC Designs' new F-14 A/B Tomcat package for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now on sale, bringing you highly detailed and VR-ready A and B models in a total of seven paint schemes, with front and rear cockpit positions, authentic cockpit night lighting, custom sound sets for both variants and custom-coded manoeuvring flaps, slats and intake ramps.
    Among the other features are F-14 Tomcat systems which include Direct Lift Control, CADC and basic ACLS, Head-Up Display, reflective glass, icing and rain effects, numerous accurate animations and user-controlled ordnance via the Payload Manager.

    These aircraft have been coded with MSFS native 'Model Behaviors' animations and are built to MSFS operational specifications to prevent issues with future simulator upgrades.

    Product Page

    Note: DC Designs' F-14 Tomcat is designed to provide a top-quality aircraft that is extremely detailed, yet less demanding to fly than today’s most complex procedural simulators. Equipped with all required avionics, and with custom-coded animations and systems, the DC Designs F-14 Tomcat is designed to be accessible to all users without the need for intense study.

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