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  • ActiveSky for MSFS Released


    HiFiSim is pleased to announce the release of a new product in its long line of innovative weather add-on software--this time for the Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) platform.
    Active Sky FS (ASFS) provides direct MSFS2020 integration to bring the Active Sky weather engine to the MSFS2020 (PC) platform.
    Focused on comprehensive weather realism simulation, ASFS includes high-fidelity weather data and synthesis, planning, briefing, mapping, live weather, optional historical weather with playback, custom weather, scenarios, API, multiple depiction options, active air effects, snow depth data control, voice features, Navigraph and SimBrief integration, and much, much more.

    Details are available at the ASFS product page: http://hifisimtech.com/asfs

    TDS GTNXi Pro released


    TDSSim has released the TDS GTNXi Pro version of their Garmin GTNXi 750/650 gauges for MSFS, which utilize Garmin's own trainer software and in a groundbreaking step forward now includes support for maintaining current nav data via Navigraph database ugrades (Navigraph subscription required).  Special upgrade pricing is available for current TDS GTNXi users.  Details at: https://www.tdssim.com/ProUpgrade/main
    Community discussion of the new gaugeware at:

    Fenix A320 Block 2 has been released


    A year and a half in the making, the much-anticipated Block 2 upgrade to the Fenix A320 for MSFS has been released.  Along with many improvements to the simulation, it includes both IAE and CFM engine variants, native GSX ground handling integration, improved interfacing with Simbrief and much more.  Discussion in the forums at:

    ActiveSky for P3Dv6--Released


    Active Sky P3D v6 Officially Released

    This new product integrates specifically with the new Prepar3D v6 platform, taking advantage of its new atmospheric engine and various graphical and lighting improvements to provide an enhanced  and comprehensive weather experience.

    ASP6 includes the Active Sky advanced weather engine, proprietary HiFi DataNet weather network, flight planning and briefing features, mapping, historical weather with playback, voice features, weather gauge, and much, much more.
    The product is available at several popular resellers including SimMarket, Aerosoft and Flight1.

    Visit the Active Sky P3D v6 product page for more information: http://hifisimtech.com/asp6

    Prepar3D v6 -- released


    Lockheed Martin has released a new major version of its flight simulation and training platform--Prepar3D v6.  With the new release, some of the licensing conditions have changed--a new Personal Edition license has replaced the former Academic Edition license, which now explicitly permits home use by anyone as well as K-12 educational use.  The Personal Edition requires internet connectivity during use, and LM have removed the watermark that was displayed on the former Academic versions.  Pricing for the Professional version for v6 and new Pro licenses for P3D versions 3, 4, and 5 have increased to $350.  License details and purchasing information are available at https://www.prepar3d.com/  Early reports suggest add-on compatibility for products developed for P3D v5 and earlier is not a given--for more in-depth discussions visit the AVSIM P3D forum.
    Microsoft/Asobo and the Working Title team has released Avionics Update 2 for MSFS 2020.  This update focuses heavily on improved avionics, systems, and flight dynamics for the default Asobo B787-10 and B747-8 aircraft, plus some other bugfixes and minor improvements.  The update to AAU2 is automatic upon starting MSFS.  More detailed discussions can be found in the MSFS forum.

    Microsoft Announces MSFS 2024


    Microsoft has announced the upcoming release of a new simulator platform, MSFS 2024, coming at an as-yet undetermined date in 2024.  A video trailer showing a preview of the new simulator platform's features is available on their website.
    Everyone is invited to join us in the forums in the already energetic debate over what that might mean for the flight simming community.

    ActiveSky XP12--Released


    ASXP12 brings Active Sky to the X-Plane 12 platform using its new weather and sdk capabilities, enabling highly accurate weather conditions, comprehensive weather reporting, visual weather mapping and planning, specialized XP12 air effects, voice weather delivery, weather briefings, and much, much more!
    ASXP12 utilizes the latest version of the HiFi DataNet cloud-based weather network, featuring surface observation data, global forecast modeling, air data analysis and curated weather synthesis for the most realistic and best experience possible.  Live, custom, and advanced historical weather with historical playback is available.
    This initial version of ASXP12 is tuned for the latest XP12 releases (official and beta), and will undergo additional improvements as XP12 and its weather system + SDK/API continues to evolve, with additional methods of depiction and several additional new features planned as additional capabilities are realized. 
    Details at http://hifisimtech.com/asxp12

    iFly Releases 737 MAX 8-200 for Prepar3D v5


    The iFly Development Team, in partnership with Flight One Software, has released the MAX 8-200 variant for their iFly Jets Advanced Series.  The MAX 8-200 variant includes updated cockpit and EFB systems that reflect the variant, Mid-Aft Emergency exits that operate, and a number of other refinements to the core product.  This update is free for current purchasers of the product. It is included as part of the recent update.
    Details at: https://www.flight1.com/products.asp?vid=flt1sf&pid=ifly738max
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