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    Prepar3D V5 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    PMDG 737 NGXu BBJ 9H-GGG by Tom Haynes
    P3DV4-5 FSPXAI Airbus 321 Swiss fleet by Joel Branchu
    P3DV4-5 FSPXAI Airbus 32X Alitalia new colors fleet by Joel Branchu

    Prepar3D V1-4 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Eurowings Airbus A330-300 OO-SFP by Max Schloegl
    Eurowings Airbus A330-300 OO-SFB by Max Schloegl
    Boeing 737-800 Excel Airways SE-RHX by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Airbus A320 CFM Swiss Air International HB-JDA by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Boeing 737-600 Westjet C-GWCY by Miguel Angel Taboada
    BOEING 737-800 China Airlines B-18656 by Miguel Angel Taboada

    Prepar3D V1-4 - AFCAD Files
    KDLF Laughlin Air Force Base by Willem Van der Voort
    Prepar3D V1-4 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Coulson 737 'Fireliner' Repaint Pack for PMDG 737 NGXu by Conner Rocha
    flyEgypt Boeing 737-700 SU-TMM by Gustavo Aguiar

    Prepar3D V1-4 - AI Aircraft
    Goldeck Flug Raytheon Hawker 800XP (OE-GCE) by Frank DrebingFlight
    Simulator 2004 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Westjet Disney Special Livery Boeing 737-800 by Joshua Moore
    Swoop Airlines Boeing 737-800 by Joshua Moore

    Flight Simulator 2004 - AI Aircraft
    MPAI Mirage IIIS Switzerland Air Force by Jason Rogers
    MPAI Mirage 5 Zaire Air Force Retro by Jason Rogers
    MPAI Mirage 5 Peru Air Force by Jason Rogers
    MPAI Mirage 5 Gabon Air Force Retro by Jason Rogers

    Flight Simulator 2004 - AI Flight Plans
    Air X Charter - Embraer 190 by Lutz Fischer

    Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery
    fs2004 skbp viracopos campinas (sao paulo) by Libon Serge
    Rae Lakes CYRA at Gameti in the NW Territories Canada, corrected by Roger Wensley

    Lexington-Parsons, Kentucky - Beech River Regional Airport - KPVE by Stuart John Gilbert II




    JUST FLIGHT's All New 146 Proffesional For P3D v4.5 & V5 Now available
    This 'Whisper Jet' collection comes in 30 liveries and includes eight stunningly detailed variants with their own unique flight dynamics, custom effects, immersive dynamic lighting, accurate animations and PBR materials. The Captain's and First Officer's cockpit positions are modelled with hundreds of functional switches, knobs and controls.
    Complex custom-coded systems include hydraulic, electrical, fuel and pressurisation and the cockpit features a functional Thrust Management System (TMS) and comprehensive navigation equipment which includes an FMC.  The package comes with a mammoth 200 plus page manual along with tutorial to offer help.

    Key Features:

    •             Stunning 4096 exterior and interior PBR textures throughout
    •             Passenger and cargo variants included – eight models and over 30 liveries!
    •             Over 450 custom 3D sounds recorded from the real aircraft
    •             New dynamic lighting system for P3D v5 from in-house team
    •             Comprehensive manual and tutorial
    •             Realistic and accurate flight dynamics
    See the product page on the Just Flight website for a comprehensive set of screenshots, some videos and full full details of all the aircraft systems and features!

    Product page: https://www.justflight.com/product/146-professional-p3d

    Maia Airport - Vilar de Luz Portugal for MSFS


    SWS are proud to present their first scenery project for MSFS: Maia Airport - Vilar de Luz in Portugal!
    A small heaven for GA pilots, Maia-Vilar de Luz airport is situated 13km from Porto's Francisco Sa Carneiro airport and 10km from Maia's town center. Sitting atop a hill, Maia airport makes for a spectacular view of the Portugese countryside's rolling hills and the city of Porto.
    Built from the ground up for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the airport features:
    High detail buildings and surrounding area of Maia airport Animated hangar that will open its doors in the morning and close at night with the airport. Custom tunnel, under the threshold of Runway 16 Detailed tower interior Planespotters are scattered around the airport, appearing at different times of day Animated workers are about doing their job. Created with the help of Porto Aeroclub and Area77 Simulations, included in the package are:
    Torre do Lidador, home of Maia's town hall and a visual landmark for pilots flying from Maia to Porto. High detail rendition of the 20-storey tower Landmark marker on MSFS map Visible interior and night textures Repaints of the Cessna 172, 152 and Savage Cub in Aeroclub do Porto colours SWS : Maia Airport - Vilar de Luz in Portugal! Homepage  

    AviaWorx 11 Released


    aviaWorx now supports the MCDU of the Flight Sim Labs A320 as well as the new EFB of the Maddog, Updates to aviaFlightMonitor
    with the latest release of aviaWorx 11, the total number of supported aircraft has increased to 11 including the Flight Sim Labs A32X series of aircraft.
    Additionally, aviaCDU has been extended for the Maddog MD-82: If you choose the Canadian Marconi CDU option in the Load Manager, the equivalent CDU will be displayed.
    aviaEFB has added support for both the EFB and the PMS (Performance Management System) of the Maddog, all tied together in the EFB license. As such, users will get the best possible experience when flying the Maddog.
    aviaFlightMonitor, the Flight Monitoring System, has been refined to generate more realistic reports including a more detailed landing performance overview.
    aviaWorx Homepage  

    Happy Thanksgiving


    In these times Thanksgiving affords the opportunity to reflect upon what is truly important to be grateful for , Family , Friends & Good Health ,
    Communities such as AVSIM are a family bringing comfort in much the same way as does having a get together.
    Friends , we are a family and  Avsim's Staff would like to thank you all for the hope of a bright future and the comfort of friendship we share .
    Happy Thanksgiving !    



    Stick and Rudder Studios is pleased to announce the release of FS-ATC-Chatter.
    FS-ATC_Chatter is a collaboration with LiveATC.net to bring high quality ATC audio clips to the flight simulation community. The collection has over 24,000 audio files designed to support the controller chatter playback capability in Pilot2ATC. The product also includes a stand-alone player for FSX, FSX Steam Edition, P3D V1 – V5, and MSFS 2020 for those people that don’t use Pilot2ATC.
    Clips are broken down into separate files each of which represents a single exchange between a pilot and an ATC facility such as Clearance, Ground, Tower, Departure, Center, Approach, and for VFR CTAF. The separate files for each exchange allow Pilot2ATC or the stand alone player to insert pauses between playback allowing for you to interact naturally with ATC. The clips are categorized by world region so you can install a collection of clips for the area of the world you are flying in. Version 1.0.0 has the following file counts by region: United States: 7,237 Europe: 5,681 Canada: 4,884 South America: 102 Asia: 3,988 Africa: 32 Oceania: 2,576 You can read more about the product, watch a demo video, and download a demo version at Stick and Rudder Studios
    France VFR has released Regional airport LFLC-Clermont-Ferrand  for X-Plane :
    This scenery represents the very detailed Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne airport in the center of France.

    Clermont-Ferrand airport (LFLC) extremely detailed with its environment High definition ground texture (25cm) for all the area Very detailed and realistic night environment Numerous 3D specific 3D objects and ground animations SAM v2 compatibility support SIA - VAC - IAC - ARRDEP charts provided
    More informations and screenshots on france vfr website :


    Antarctica Mega Scenery


    Antarctica Mega Scenery is the newest launch for X-Plane 11 with more than 12 million km2, airports, stations and camps in 3D and 15 runways.
    There are 51 research stations of different nationalities, with airstrips and heliport. Of the 51 locations, 35 are 3D scenarios and 16 2D scenarios that HSimulators will develop and update free of charge for those who buy version 1.
    Throughout the Scenario geospecific objects are mixed with geotypics were used. As the scenario is the ice covering throughout Antarctica, only fragments of realistic textures were used, in two or three locations, even because the inputs are expensive and it is impossible to use large areas, as the price of these inputs would make the project impossible.
    Product overview: Mesh terrain of Antarctica's total area, completely covered by the ice cap, developed with the generation of DSFbuilder, HSimulators' mesh terrain management and creation program.
    Size and requirements: Downloadable file has 6,2 GB GB and unpacked needs 29, 7 GB in HD. Now you can plan your flight across Antarctica.
    What do you need:
    A computer with a game configuration, with excellent high performance video card processing.
    Windows 7 or 7  or IOS MAC
    X-Plane 11 licenced copy
    30 GB of free space in HD
    No need for external plugins or additional libraries
    Read more at  Antarctica Mega Scenery 

    FS2Crew MSFS Product Updates


    FS2Crew (www.fs2crew.com) has updated both its current MSFS products:
    Pushback Express has been updated to Version 1.4.
    With Version 1.4, PBE can now directly and seamless control the Ground Service vehicles in MSFS, allowing users to re-create a realistic ground service experience at their airports.
    Furthermore, a Voice Control option has added to the program, allowing users to interact with the pushback team with their own voice in English, French, German or Spanish.

    Flight Crew A320 has been updated to Version 1.2.

    V1.2 corrects a small bug in the Approach Checklist.

    These are mandatory updates.

    To obtain the updates, login to your account, re-download and re-install the product cleanly.
    You need to uninstall the the previous versions first.
    FS2Crew Homepage  
    Mario Noriega Designs has announced the release of theCaproni-Vizzola C-22J Ventura for FS-X & P3Dv4

    The Machine:
    A fully aerobatic, very-light Jet that compares to the Bede BD-5J, but heavier and sporting two instead of one TRS-18 turbojets. Up to Mach 0.47 and 650 NM of range, with a service ceiling of 25000ft. A low stall speed (for a jet) makes the aircraft good for short field operations.
    Certified for VFR operations only, yet includes a good avionics suite. 
    This is a "Classic" aircraft featuring "Steam" gauges and radios. Yet, controls and systems are easy to operate.
    The History:
    The C-22J is the last aircraft to be adorned with the legendary Caproni name. Originally known as "Caproncino", then marketed as "Ventura". A very-light jet developed in the 1980s as a military trainer, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. Powered by two TRS-18 turbojets fed from a dorsal NACA intake, the aircraft reached Mach 0.47 and was fully aerobatic. The airframe shows its origin in a glider design, the Caproni A-21 Calif. After the merger with SIAI Marchetti, the project was cancelled in favor of the SF-260.
    The Simulation - 3D Model:
    This aircraft ships with a 3-D cockpit, that incorporates realistic night lighting, in the form of a dim dome flood light, backlit gauges and luminous digital displays. The flight crew of 2 is affected by your input in the payloads menu of Flight Simulator, allowing to choose between male, female or empty seats. The Copilot Figure can be hidden with a quick click in the internal 3D view as well.
    The Simulation - Realism:
    This aircraft has been tuned with the invaluable help of Engineer Carlo Ferrarin, who created the real aircraft. Unique and one-off documentation has been kindly provided, and used extensively, for the creation of this product!
    Just like the real aircraft, the systems are simple and of easy operation. Engines can be started with the press of a button. Systems modelling allows the following of real-world checklists as closely as Flight Simulator allows. An in-sim checklist is included, as well as a full flight manual.
    The flight model is tuned with advanced aerospace techniques, resulting in a highly realistic aircraft, yet, it is very pleasant to fly, both during aerobatic displays or "A to B" cruising.
    - High-Resolution 3D cockpit
    - Full Documentation
    - Aerobatic
    - Flight simulator X (SE/SP2/Accel)
    - Prepar3D V4 (64-bit)
    For more information visit the C-22J Ventura   Product Page.
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