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    Flight Simulator X - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Asia Pacific Flight Training (APFT) Piper Warrior III (9M-NKJ) by Muhammad Faiz (3764)
    Qatar Airways Airbus A330-200 (A7-HJJ) by Torsten Märtke
    Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing 787 (V8-DLC) by Stefano Fornasiero
    T6 Texan (N3195G) by Trace Lewis
    Jettime Boeing 737-73A (OY-JTR) *UPDATED* by Zayn Ridhwan|SimTextures by Zayn
    Air India 'Star Aliiance Livery' Boeing 787-8 (VT-ANU) by Zayn Ridhwan|SimTextures by Zayn
    Oman Air Boeing 787-8 (A40-SA) by Zayn Ridhwan|SimTextures by Zayn
    Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 (N8707P) by Torsten Märtke
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines "Lavendel" Boeing 787-9 (PH-BHI) by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Royal Dutch Airlines "Margriet" Boeing 787-9 KLM (PH-BHM) *** updated version *** by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Thai Airways Company Boeing 787-9 (HS-TWB) by Yann MAESTRATI

    Flight Simulator 2004 - Original Aircraft
    Handley Page HP19 'Hanley' Torpedo plane by By Edward Cook.

    Flight Simulator 2004 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    OMNI Aviation Cessna 182 repaint (Default) by Leonardo Santos

    Prepar3D - AI Aircraft
    Adria "Star Alliance" Bombardier CRJ-900 by Joel Branchu
    JET ADAC Dornier Do-328-300 by Joel Branchu

    Prepar3D - Scenery
    Serracapriola Puglia Italy N41.48.14 E15.09.30 by Pasquale Marrulli

    RDX Zealand From Vidan Design


    Vidan Design is pleased to announce that RDX - Zealand has been released. The scenery features a 1m/pixel (Copenhagen area: 60 cm/pixel) photo realistic scenery of the Danish islands of Zealand, Lolland, Falster, Møn and Bornholm with Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, on the east cost of Zealand. The scenery is For FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv3 and P3Dv4. More infoformation on this new release from the Vidan Design Homepage 

    Altiport de Méribel v2 for P3d v4


    LLH Créations is proud to announce their latest release, LLH13 - Altiport de Méribel version 2 for P3d v4.
    The Méribel altiport is located less than 5 km from the famous COURCHEVEL altiport.
    The relief of the altiport and the runway are fully modeled in 3d, with ground textures reaching the resolution of 4cm per pixel.
    The profile of the real runway is perfectly respected.
    The LLH13 - Altiport de Méribel scene uses a system of volumetric shadows, that means that the objects cast shadows not only on the ground but also on themselves and the surrounding objects.
    This is why the LLH13 Méribel altiport scene has been finalized for P3d version 4 simulator only.
    All the informations and screenshots are available on the LLH Créations website. 

    FSX SpacePort


    Introducing FSX SpacePort - a high-fidelity spaceflight add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X
    FSX SpacePort is an add-on for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X (FSX) that enables a high-fidelity simulation of spaceflight using the visual  environment, assets and the ecosystem of Microsoft's Flight Simulator X.
    FSX SpacePort does not rely on FSX's flight model - instead, it completely replaces it with its own physics engine which implements a sophisticated deterministic physics solver to precisely simulate spaceflight in real time.
    This physics engine is applied only to the objects that were designed to be used as spacecraft, meaning - the default aircraft fly as normal, and the spacecraft objects behave under ballistic astrodynamic rules of motion.
    Along with the physics engine comes a sophisticated, high-fidelity collision engine, completely user-definable through FSX's SimObject container expanded with spacecraft-specific functionality.
    FSX SpacePort is available as an early alpha demo free . For more information, please visit FSX SpacePort Homepage .

    A huge thank you to everyone who came along to Saturday's Flight Sim 2017 show at the RAF Museum Cosford and to all the exhibitors who supported the show - you all helped make it a most enjoyable day and it really was great to see you all. Special thanks to everyone who travelled to the show from across Europe, the USA and even as far as Australia - we take our hats off to you!
    With 34 exhibitors, over 1,800 visitors over the course of the day and a variety of enjoyable presentations in the auditorium, it certainly felt like the best show yet. The world of flight simulation is clearly in very good health and we weren't the only ones to notice a renewed buzz in the community about the possibilities opened up by the release of the latest versions of Prepar3D and X-Plane.
    Here’s a summary video of the day, hope it gives a nice flavour of what the show was all about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db49AZiYTWk&t=2s
    FSDT has announced the release of the new Lousiville International Airport (KSDF), home of the UPS Worldport cargo Hub.
    Featuring an unprecedented integration between the scenery and GSX, to simulate the special Cargo Stand loading platform, with new human animated characters that move containers to/from the airplane directly into the warehouse, with a precise placement system that supports several cargo airplanes as used by UPS ( 757, 767, MD11 and A300 ). The scenery use SODE jetways. It has been designed with Prepar3D V4 in mind, with many optimizations specific to it, but it's also compatible with FSX.
    GSX has also been updated with many bugfixes, new features and all the required additions to support the new cargo loading system at KSDF.
    For the next days, we are having a launch Promotion: purchasing KSDF will allow you to obtain an 40% discount on any other FSDT product that will be purchased together with it. To activate the offer, use the following Coupon Code in the ordering process:
    The Launch promotion will last until October 23rd 2017
    Visit the FSDT Forum for further information.

    Just Flight DHC-3 Otter Released


    Just Flight announced their DHC-3 Otter is now available. This FSX and P3D package includes classic and modern cockpit configurations for the wheel, amphibian, float and ski variants of the famed STOL DHC-3 Otter, with a variety of civilian and military paint schemes for each variant, realistic systems functionality, accurate flight dynamics and an authentic radial engine sound set.
     Features include HD textures, start-stutter engine effects, fully modelled passenger cabin area with a variety of deployable cargo, fuel tank selection and smoothly animated 3D instrumentation.

    The DHC-3 Otter is a single engine, high-wing aircraft designed for short take-off and landing (STOL) operations. Developed as a successor to the popular DHC-2 Beaver, it shares the same configuration but with a larger wing, fuselage and a significantly greater operating weight. It is powered by a R-1340 radial engine and it can seat up to eleven passengers and a variety of cargo, including ski-doos and motocross bikes destined for remote areas which are inaccessible to less rugged aircraft. A total of 466 were built between 1951 and 1967.

    Modelled using real-world plans, the aircraft feature multiple animations and a highly detailed engine. The faithfully recreated virtual cockpit features 3D instrumentation, wear and tear, and realistic systems functionality.
     A variety of civilian and military paint schemes for each variant, realistic flight dynamics and an authentic radial engine sound set complete this extensive package.
    Visit the DHC-3 Otter Product Page for further details .

    Tokyo Wow City Pro Released.


    Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. This pro version scenery covers the city center of the Tokyo city in spring, summer, autumn and winter with same texture, and over the photo real ground filled with various japanese style autogen buildings, JR and metro train station buildings, shopping malls, banks, churchs, commercial buildings, towers, apartments, etc.
    Visit the SamScene Tokyo Wow City Pro Homepage for further details.
    QualityWings, one of the industry leaders in flight simulation, in partnership with Flight One Software has officially released The Ultimate 787™ Collection for FSX.
    The Boeing™ 787 Dreamliner™ is a tech marvel of aviation. Using advanced composites, fuel efficiency, new electrical designs, and new engine types, the 787 ushers in the future in aircraft design. You can now experience this airliner in FSX (soon to be available for P3D).
    This product is an officially licensed product from Boeing™, and QualityWings has left almost no stone unturned in covering the vast array of features of the 787.
    Choose between highly accurate and detailed models that include the 787-8, 787-9 models (the 787-10 is planned). Based on hundreds of drawings, photos, and videos, the exterior models replicate every small detail of the real airplane. Differences between each variant - such as for the main landing gear - are modeled in great detail. In addition QualityWings has made sure that material reflectivity, aircraft lights and animations closely resemble the real aircraft. There are over 100 Custom animations on the exterior models.
    The advanced virtual flightdeck of the 787 has been painstakingly rendered in super-high detail with differences in the 787-8 and 787-9 flightdeck modeled. Included are comprehensive aircraft system simulations that cover the FMS with SIDS/STARS, fuel balancing function, realistic RR and GE engine models with matching EICAS indications, HUD, Electronic Flight Bag, Airport Display System, and a whole lot more.
    The advanced sound system includes two incredibly realistic sound packages for the GE and RR engine variants. All sounds were recorded on the real airplane and include environment sounds that will immerse you right away.
    Choose from over 65 high quality real-world liveries, available for download free of charge from the QualityWings website.
    Increase your immersion even more with the QualityWings Passenger Alerting System (QWPAS) which offers an authentic passenger announcement experience and the QualityWings Crew Alerting System (QWCAS) - your Virtual Captain and First Officer.
    The FSX version is now available from Flight1.com
    After the release of Languedoc-Roussilon VFR scenery for P3Dv4, France VFR is proud to announce their latest couple of VFR Sceneries :  French Riviera VFR P3Dv4 Vol.1 and Vol.2.
    This very famous area covering the French Riviera south-eastern part of France is modelized with hundred thousand of 3D dedicated buildings and a very accurate vegetation using our 3D Automation technology !
    This new scenery is fully compatible with the other 3D Automation VFR and Airports sceneries...
    The new VFR Regional series was designed and developped to provide VFR flight an environment as realistic as possible. It is the result of years of experience and practice in flight simulation and 3D modeling.
    "VFR Regional" products embed all enhancements from the new 3DAutomation® technology developed by France VFR. This technology already allows to generate the most realistic and dense environments ever seen. It does not intend to model real world accurately but to create a copy "as real as it gets" on a massive scale. It will evolve to adapt to the needs and new data available.

    This scenery is full compatible P3Dv4 64 bits with specific installer and is compiled in 64 bits format.
    The scenery is available at France VFR and European resellers.

    France VFR

    Features :
    - Ground textures from 0.8 to 1.20 meter / pixel resolution from IGN aerial photography reworked for an optimal visual rendition in Prepar3D®  (summer only).
    - Dedicated mesh with high definition 4.75 meters (LOD13).
    - Lakes and rivers with navigable waters fitting the texture.
    - Transparency management of the seabed on the entire scene.
    - Semi-detailed generic airports including flatten platform correction.
    - Obstacles and VFR landmarks modeled on the entire scene including the official SIA database (antennas, towers, water towers, wind turbines, various constructions ...).
    - Hundreds of thousands of objects and notable buildings integrated into the environment (churches, power plants, silos, castles, industrial tanks, bridges, tolls, cranes, boats, streetlights, road signs ...).
    - Integration of 3D Automation® technology allowing multi-million buildings and realistic vegetation areas fitting geographic specs.
    - Extremely dense and optimized vegetation coverage using a custom rendering module controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).
    - Autogen buildings including additional specific and optimized 3D variations.
    - Geo-referenced data for maximum compatibility with future add-ons installed on the same area.
    - Development process 100% Lockheed Martin® SDK specifications compliant, ensuring maximum compatibility with new releases.

    The extension pack for both sceneries should be available late 2017 for both FSX and P3Dv4 versions...