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    Microsoft Flight Simulator - AI Flight Plans
    Mahan Air - Summer 2021 by Bernie Zwing / AITraffic.ch

    Flight Simulator X - Original Aircraft
    Antonov AN225-210 "Colossus" by Douglas Edward Trapp

    Flight Simulator X - Flight Plans
    AiFligthplan_GCA Airlines Colombia by Yovanny Caipa

    Flight Simulator 2004 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Sky Express Airbus A320 - SX-IOG by Sergey Gleba | PaintSim
    SMS Overland A321 Condor update by Wolfgang Serfling

    Flight Simulator 2004 - AI Aircraft
    SBAI Mi-2 Poland Armed Forces by Jason Rogers

    Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery
    FS2004 Scenery Union Banks in South China Sea-Sin Cowe East by Bernd Barsch
    Comoros Airport Package Fix by EMMANUEL MWANDOSYA

    Prepar3D V5 - AI Aircraft
    FSPXAI E190 GX Airlines by Oliver Kerl
    FSPXAI E190/E195 Tianjin Airlines by Oliver Kerl
    FSPXAI E190 Bulgaria Air by Oliver Kerl
    FSPXAI A319/320 Bulgaria Air by Oliver Kerl
    FSPXAI A319/320 Bangkok Airways by Oliver Kerl
    P3DV4-5 FSPXAI A320 American Airlines representative fleet by Joel Branchu

    Prepar3D V1-4 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Boeing 747-400BCF GE Kalita Air N743CK by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Boeing 737-300 Canadian North "Canadian Fotball League" C-GCNO by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Boeing 737-300 BMI British Midland G-ODSK by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Boeing 747-400BCF GE National Air Cargo N952CA by Miguel Angel Taboada

    Prepar3D V1-4 - AI Aircraft
    Linhas Aéreas Itapemirim 'Brazilian Flag' Airbus A320-200 (PS-SPJ) by Frank Drebing
    HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) has pleasure announcing its first release for 2021 and "BIGGEST EVER" website update .... all in conjunction with the groups 21st anniversary celebrations.

    HJG's 21ST ANNIVERSARY 2000-2021

    This latest HJG website update is a celebration of the group passing over this significant chronological marker beacon .... being composed of some 163 "NEW" textures for it's virtual B707, B717-200, B727, B737, C-135, DC-9, DC-10, L-1011 TRISTAR, MD-80, and MD-90 flight line  (for FS2004 and FSX) .... featuring the liveries of operators from Africa, Australia, Austria, Afghanistan, Belarus, Brasil, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, the USA (and Hawaii), Venezuela, and former Yugoslavia .... or what might otherwise be better described as "a passage through time and aviation history represented by a virtual squadron of PAX/freight and tourist charter as well as corporate and government VIP aircraft subjects, resplendent in definitive period, recent/current, experimental, as well hybrid celebratory liveries .... some of which represent the greatest as well as least known among classic and rare aircraft/operator subjects in both civil and military aviation dating from the 1970's until the present day" .... whilst also not forgetting a single "Texture Easter Egg" in the form of the early 1960's era livery for a major US operator and which is offered as a fictious "WHAT IF" concept.

    BUT .... there's more ....

    In addition to the above texture offerings .... HJG have also released 14X "UPDATED" aircraft base packs for its B717-200, MD-80, and MD-90 simulations. These "NEW" base packs each contain FDE revisions that resolve a number of long standing performance related issues associated with these simulations.

    AND .... still there's more ....

    A total of 9 "NEW" sound packs have also been released .... all of which have been based on actual RW recordings of each engine type represented. This audio has been customized for the HJG DC-9 and MD-80 simulations and is offered as separate FS2004 and FSX native files.

    The combined content of this latest and greatest ever HJG website update/21st birthday celebration results in a combined release of some 186 "NEW" and "UPGRADED" files in total.  

    For further information concerning HJG's latest and 21st anniversary offerings please refer to today's following-linked forum announcement ....


    HJG's located at the following web site address:


    Mark C
    Welcome to Aldinga Airfield - Adelaide (YADG) V1.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!
    Located in the heart of the McLaren Vale Wine region, Aldinga Airfield is your gateway to explore other areas of South Australia including Kangaroo Island and the Eyre Peninsula. Auscenes have developed the airport to a high level of detail with many bespoke features for you to explore and discover.
    Aldinga Airfield is also just a short flight from Adelaide, what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to discover this truly amazing destination and see the quality of Auscenes products for FREE! 
    Hand Crafted Rendition of Aldinga Airfield for MSFS High Resolution Authentic PBR Textures Realistic Buildings  Detailed Static Aircraft 3D People Interior Modelling  Custom Vegetation Placement  Animated Assets  Dynamic Rain on Skylights  Realistic Night Lighting Custom Taxiway Decals and Materials. Available now for FREE at The   Aldinga Airfield - (YADG) MSFS Product Page.
    Vidan Design has announced the release of EKRN Bornholm Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
    EKRN Bornholm Airport is a highly detailed and accurate rendition of Bornholm Airport (EKRN, RNN), situated on the Danish Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. The package is available for purchase at the MSFS Marketplace store and features HD textures made from photos taken by Vidan Design, custom-made airport vehicles, highly detailed and accurate models of airport buildings and much more. In December,
    Vidan Design released EKBI Billund Airport as the company's first package for MSFS, and plans to release all of its current FSX/P3D sceneries for the new platform.
    Vidan Design is a small independent Danish flight simulator add-on develepment company based in Aarhus, Denmark. Vidan Design has been developing freeware and payware scenery for flight simulation since 2006. Vidan Design is focused on producing high-quality addon scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and X-Plane.
    Visit the Vidan Design EKRN Bornholm Homepage for further details .

    Plug-and-Play Airbus A320 Tiller


    CAT3DESIGN.COM Plug-and-Play Airbus A320 Tiller now available with an updated look!!
    Thanks to the feedback  from the community CAT3DESIGN have updated the looks of the Airbus A320 tiller plus products with a reduced number of visible fasteners on the outside.
    With the same authentic functionalities, now even sexier.
    Precision Hall Effect Sensor for the tiller axis
    Quality bearings to enable smooth movement
    Real world action/travel range (Good restoring force, +/-75° handle travel range as in the real world counterpart)
    Laser engraved Angle Indicator plate
    Durable powder coated steel cover
    VESA 75mmx75mm holes on the bottom cover for use with our T16000/TCA compatible clamp module
    Working Pedal Disconnection button
    Plus version comes with a 4 way switch that can be used to pan the view during taxing with your left hand on the tiller.
    Can be tilted to any angle with a display monitor arm (eg vertcal arrangement for B737)
    Visit CAT3DESIGN.COM for further details.

    FS2Crew Updates Released


    A major round of FS2Crew updates has been released!

    Download them via your FS2Crew or 3rd party account!

    The 3 updates are as follows:

    FS2Crew: Flight Crew A320 has been updated to V1.4.

    Change Log:

    1. Main Panel background is now transparent.  This makes the main panel look much nicer.

    2. Icon now has text "A320" to help distinguish it from the PBE icon (user request).

    3. Position of panel window remembered (user request).

    4. Default A320 only.  Improved flows.  FO will now set the Autobrake to MAX during his taxi flow.  The FO will also turn on the APU during the after landing flow and turn off the fuel pumps during the shutdown flow.

    5. Change: Panel in focus text replaced by a single keyboard icon graphic.

    FS2Crew: Pushback Express updated to v1.8

    Change Log:

    1. Main panel now uses a transparent background.  We think it looks much better.  However, you can still collapse the window, which is what we actually recommend you do if you're not using the panel window.

    2. As per user request, window position should now auto save.

    3. As per user request, the PBE icon now has text on it that says PBE.  That can help distinguish it from the Flight Crew A320 icon.

    4. "Panel in focus" text replaced by a keyboard graphic shown in the screen shot above.

    FS2Crew: PMDG 777 for P3D v4 and v5 updated to v3.5.

    Change Log:

    1. FO's descent flow while interacting with CDU fixed.
    Visit the FS2Crew Homepage for details and download.
    The PA-28R Arrow for MSFS is now available for MSFS users!  Just Flight were aiming to be able to bring you something that would raise the bar and standards for third party add-ons within MSFS.
    Just Flight's new PA-28R Arrow III comes in 11 paint schemes and has been developed using the latest MSFS standards, with 4096x4096 textures and PBR materials with real-time environment reflections, authentic custom sounds developed with the powerful Audiokinetic Wwise sound system, down-to-the-rivet detailing and accurate flight dynamics.
    The truly 3D virtual cockpit features texturing wear and tear for an authentic environment, optional ‘clean’ textures, a fully functional IFR-capable avionics fit and an impressive lighting system. Custom-coded fuel and electrical systems are provided along with a tablet EFB for controlling various aircraft options and checking aircraft and flight information.

    See the ] PA-28R Arrow III [/urlpage for more screenshots and the full list of aircraft features!

    Also worth noting that our new PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available soon, bringing you the turbo-powered Arrow III and the later Arrow IV model with its distinctive T-tail.

    Anyone buying the PA-28R Arrow III add-on FROM THE JUST FLIGHT WEBSITE will get a 66% discount on the usual price of the PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV when it is available to buy!

    Developing for the new sim was great fun and of course a challenge at the same time, that should improve over time with the help of the great development team over at Asobo.  It all bodes well and there will be more great things to come for sure!



    Publisher: JUST PLANES
    Description: HiFly A330NEO
    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter

    Flight Information
    Flt Time
    BI 008
    DXB Dubai, UAE
    BWN Bandar Seri Beg., BRUNEI
    BI 007
    BWN Bandar Seri Beg., BRUNEI
    DXB Dubai, UAE
    For the 3rd time, HIFLY has once again granted full access to aviation enthusiasts by allow us the opportunity experience a flight onboard their brand new A330NEO. This video features a roundtrip flight in the cockpit from Dubai to Brunei. At the beginning of this video, we start off with a few clips from the Airbus factory showing how this aircraft was built and delivered to the HIFLY. The opening comments by the management of HIFLY and Airbus executives, highlights the ultimate goal of HIFLY and any other airline who operates the A330NEO to be an eco-friendly operator while lowering the cost of travel to all passengers. The opening segment was an outstanding highlight of this video and it instills a high level of respect for this airline.
    As we transition to our featured flight, we begin at the Dubai International airport where our flight will be operating on the behalf of Royal Air Brunei. With the Captain in the right seat being the pilot flying on this flight, we begin with a departure briefing which outlines all of the procedures and precautions that will be taken to ensure a safe takeoff. Once airborne, there were many memorable moments which included communication procedures while flying through the airspace of various countries, a basic review of the benefits and differences of the A330NEO vs the previous version and a presentation on the interesting career history of both Captains. During the approach, the briefing was quite extensive given that there were factors such as weather and NOTAMS to consider. Also noticeable during this briefing is the high level of professionalism and humility shown by both pilots in an effort to ensure the highest safety standards.
    Despite having to navigating around a few thunderstorms in the area, the landing in Brunei was uneventful. For the return flight to Dubai, some of the most noteworthy highlights included a presentation on the cockpit of the A330NEO and a detailed discussion on the differences between the A330NEO and the previous version which I am sure will peak the interest of many viewers. Overall, I thought that this video presentation offered the best insights on the A330NEO and it was pleasure learning about the aircraft from the professional and capable pilots of HIFLY. If you would like to learn more about the A330NEO or learn more about the unique operations of HIFLY, this video is certainly worth it.

    Video Preview

    JUST PLANES Helvetic Airways E190-E2


    Publisher: JUST PLANES
    Description: Helvetic Airways E190-E2
    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter

    Flight Information
    Flt Time
    LX 1100
    MUC Munich, GERMANY
    LX 1101
    MUC Munich, GERMANY
    LX 1348
    WAW  Warsaw, POLAND
    LX 1349
    WAW  Warsaw, POLAND
    Helvetic Airways is a Swiss regional airline that operates flights on the behalf of Swiss International with their fleet of E190s and the newest E190-E2 aircraft.
    In this video presentation, we will be following the flight crew as they take us to destinations such as Munich, and Warsaw onboard the E190-E2. The E190-E2 is the newest offering from Embraer and this presentation offers the perfect opportunity to learn about this aircraft.
    Throughout this video there were many opportunities for the viewers to fully appreciate the new features of the E190-E2 and the operations of Helvetic Airways.
    For examples, some of the points that stood out about the airline itself was the warm and friendly demeanor of the fight crew as they conducted briefings and presentations. As the crew carried out their duties, it was quite evident that professionalism was a high priority for the company and this shines through quite nicely through this presentation.
    As the true star of the show, the presentations on the newest features of the E190-E2 were quite impressive and enlightening when compared to the first generation E190. Throughout this video the pilots took the opportunity to highlight some of these differences in greater detail while on the ground and in the air. Embraer has certainly done an outstanding job with this aircraft and this video nicely showcases the performance of this aircraft in a variety of flying conditions. If you are interested in learning more about this aircraft and the operations of Helvetic Airways, I can highly recommend this video.
    Video Preview

    AREX North America From LVFR


    LVFR has released AREX North America
    This addon replaces the stock/default ground service vehicles for the North American region in its thousands of airports and the airport vehicle traffic to fully enjoy a more realistic environment with vehicles common in the area. The ground service vehicles have logos for the most important ground handling companies. The catering trucks also have for the most important companies.
    Replacement of ground services vehicles with customized and more realistic for the region at ALL airports in North America (Continental US and Canada). Select from 9 Airlines: American, Air Canada, Delta, United, Jetblue, Spirit, Alaska, West Jet and Frontier. (not available on the MS marketplace) Customized sounds of the different engines and animation situations. Different logos for the companies that provide airport services in North America. Realistic catering truck used in the region, with the logos of the most important airport catering companies. Customized push back truck depicting regional companies. Customized and regional types of vehicle traffic, that make the airport environment more realistic and according to vehicles used in the region. Uses the default system of calling ground services, no external apps or files needed. No negative impact on performance.  
    AREX North America
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