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    Flight Simulator X - Missions
    FlensburgNavalBase.zip by helomissionman

    Flight Simulator 2004 - AI Aircraft
    MPAI Mirage III Brazil Air Force by Jason Rogers
    MPAI Mirage IIICJ Argentina Air Force by Jason Rogers
    MPAI Mirage III Spain Air Force Retro by Jason Rogers

    Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery
    Howick Airfield (FAHC), South Africa by Kobus van Wyk
    Milan Malpensa Airport (LIMC - MXP) by Alberto Di Bolzano (Albysim Scenery Design)

    Prepar3D V5 - AI Aircraft
    P3DV4-5 FSPXAI A319 easyJet Europe fleet by Joel Branchu

    Prepar3D V1-4 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Airbus A320 IAE JetBlue "All That And a Bag of Blue Chips" N708JB by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Airbus A320 IAE JetBlue "All That And a Bag of Blue Chips" N708JB by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Airbus A320 IAE JetBlue "Blue Jersey" N643JB by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Airbus A320 IAE JetBlue "Bahama Blue" N613JB by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Airbus A320 IAE JetBlue "Idelwild Blue" N606JB by Miguel Angel Taboada
    Tongass Fjords X now available for free at Return to Misty Moorings
     Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) is pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with FSAddon to offer FSAddon's former Tongass Fjords X (TFX) software product at no charge to registered members of the RTMM forum for their own personal use. FSAddon has recently closed their business and this arrangement allows for users to still be able to experience Tongass Fjords in all it's glory for years to come.
     RTMM would like to thank Francois Dumas (FSAddon Publishing) as well as Holger Sandmann and Bill Womack, the developers of Tongass Fjords X, for their generosity in continuing to provide this very important software to the flight simulator community. RTMM is honored to host Tongass Fjords X. Here are some of the terms of this arrangement. This software or any of its parts cannot be redistributed. This software comes "as is" since the original developers are no longer available for any support. RTMM is not liable for support, however, additional installation information (for FSX or P3D created by RTMM) will be included in the download package. And as always, helpful advice in using TFX can be found on the RTMM website and in our forum.

    To get a download link for Tongass Fjords X software product package for your own personal use, you must be a registered RTMM forum member. Once you are a RTMM forum member, all you have to do is Private Message (PM) nbrich1 in the forums with a request that includes your private email address.

    Please do not post requests or your private email address on the public RTMM forums. Norm (nbrich1), who is a RTMM staff member, will respond as soon as he can with the download information. If you are not familiar with how to Private Message, simply click on this link to take you to the new message screen in the RTMM forum:


    Or click on "My Messages" in the Forum Navigation Bar and then hover your mouse over the highlighted "Messages" and choose "New Message" in the drop down. Then enter nbrich1 in the "To:" field.
    Introducing Parafield (YPPF) V1.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!
    Situated just north of Adelaide’s International Airport, Parafield offers you the perfect base to explore South Australia or learning the in’s and out’s of this busy airfield. Parafield is home to many flying schools where a large number of domestic and international students conduct their training and contribute to make this the third busiest airport by aircraft movements in Australia.
    The airport has been hand crafted with a high level of precision using hundreds of on-site photos to include many bespoke details for you to discover. We truly hope you will enjoy this highly realistic version of Parafield airport.
    •       Hand Crafted Rendition of Parafield for MSFS
    •       MSFS Native Product
    •       High Resolution PBR textures
    •       Detailed aprons
    •       Dynamic rain on control tower glass
    •       Bespoke details
    •       Custom photoreal signs
    •       Genuine night experience
    •       Custom taxiway lines and markings
    •       Detailed Static Aircraft and AI Traffic Ready
    •       Dynamic lighting
    Available now From AUscene
    France VFR Paris - Ile de France VFR AIRPORT PACK for Aerofly FS 2:

    Paris-Ile-de-France VFR Airport Pack is a photo-realistic airport addon produced by France VFR for Aerofly FS 2. The scenery contains 11 detailed airfields and airports dispatched all over the Ile de France region.
    This scenery is not a standalone product ! It requires the Paris-Ile de France VFR scenery that has to be installed first (2.0 version or higher).

    - 11 detailed airports and airfields dispatched on the Ile de France region.
        LFAI    Nangis
        LFFB    Buno Bonnevaux
        LFFQ    La Ferté Alais
        LFPE    Meaux Esbly
        LFPF    Beynes Thiverval
        LFPH    Chelles Le Pin
        LFPK    Coulommiers Voisins
        LFPQ    Fontenay Trésigny
        LFPU    Moret Episy
        LFPX    Chavenay Villepreux
        LFXU    Les Mureaux

    - Ground textures from 0.25 to 0.50 meter/pixel resolution from IGN aerial photography reworked for an optimal visual rendering.
    - Geo-referenced data for maximum compatibility with future add-ons installed on the same area.
    More information From    the France VFR Hompage.

    France VFR Obstacles & VFR Landmarks for MSFS


    Obstacles & VFR landmarks – FRANCE is an addon for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® covering the entire French territory and designed to add more than 500 000 landmarks to the scenery, including virtually all of the obstacles to navigation identified by the SIA (Service for Aeronautical Information), that have been qualified and geo-referenced.

    The ambition of this product is to provide a true benchmark of obstacles and landmarks for VFR simulated navigation. We have set up a monitoring and reporting system that allows to regularly specify, modify existing data and add new objects or object classes.


    More than 4000 obstacles identified by S.I.A. including:
    - 1 000 radio and television antennas, telecommunications towers
    - 1 000 microwave towers and telecom transmitters
    - 200 cooling towers, smokestacks and flares
    - 1 500 water towers
    - 130 lighthouses
    - churches
    - biggest bridges and viaducts
    - entire set of thermal and nuclear power plants

    Details of obstacles and landmarks included:
    - 350 000 power towers with lighting in the vicinity of airports, representing virtually all High Voltage and Extra High Voltage networks
    - 3 000 HV substations
    - 8 500 windmills
    - 65 000 churches, cathedrals, basilicas, chapels and religious buildings
    - 55 000 agricultural greenhouse
    - 11 000 water towers
    - 16 000 agricultural silos
    - 12 000 industrial tanks
    - 14 000 antennas
    - 3 500 lifts/cable car

    More information and screenshots from France VFR

    Happy New Year From Avsim !


    We at AVSIM would like to thank you all for your continued support.
    May you and your family have a safe and peaceful holiday.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    AVSIM staff and volunteers

    HJG 2020 Christmas Update


    HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) have pleasure announcing its Christmas releases for 2020 .... and which are this year composed of 2 separate "PART 1" and "PART 2" installments.

    These installments each represent the groups 7th and 8th website updates for 2020 .... a year which has, unfortunately, become a commercially and economically difficult period for a lot of us, but, also one during which HJG's still been able to release over 586 new files for everyone's "FREE" FS enjoyment.
    Included among these latest HJG/Christmas offerings are a total of some 128 "NEW" and "UPDATED" files .... composed of enhanced B367-80/B707B720 and C-135 aircraft base packs, panel revisions, and sound packs for these simulations .... as well as a squadron of new textures for its virtual B707, B727, B737, C-135, DC-8, DC-10, and MD-80 flight lines.
    Some 45 files account for the "UPDATED" B367-80/B707 and C-135 aircraft packs included among these end of year releases .... each featuring FDE "enhancements" that resolve a number of previous performance related issues associated with these simulations .... and among which a number new aircraft type configurations have also now been added.
    A total of 22 "NEW" sound packs have been customized for each of the HJG B367-80/B707/B720 and C-135 simulations .... as separate FS2004 and FSX specific files and all of which have been based on actual RW recordings of each engine type.
    6 "essential" panel related improvements are also now being offered .... and which correct/further improve a number of aspects of the HJG B707 panel series.
    Each of these updated aircraft base packs, panels/gauges, and sound packs work "in conjunction with each other" .... resulting in considerable, if not a long overdue, improvements for these simulations.
    Each of these "NEW" and "UPDATED" files are both FS2004 and FSX compatible.
    No HJG website update is ever complete without a substantial quantity of "new" texture also. The 62 liveries included among these end of year releases represent a typical HJG passage through aviation history as well as being a league of nations too in respect of airline/operator liveries from .... Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Peru, Turkey, and the USA .... all covering the 1960's, 70's, 80's, 90's, early 2000's and up to this current 2020 year .... and among which an abundance of identities relating to both sked/non-sked PAX and freighter carriers, discount airlines and new startups, tourist travel clubs and hybrid colour schemes, as well classic/historic commercial/military and civil defense operators are each represented.
    For more information concerning these latest HJG releases please refer to the following HJG official announcements

    "ALL THIS" .... and "A GREAT DEAL MORE" .... is available for "FREE" downloaded from the HJG website which is located at the following address :-
     HJG thanks the international FS community for its much appreciated support and encouragement throughout this difficult 2020 year .... and takes this opportunity to wish everyone "thw best possible Christmas and transition into the 2021 (given what many of us have already endured throughout this year) .... and with hopes and best wishes for everyone's future comfort and security. HJG extends its sincere sympathies to those who's lives, careers, families, and professions may have been adversely impacted by the COVID crisis during this unfortunate 2020 year .... HJG's thoughts "REMAIN" with each one of you.
    MarK C



    SKY SIMULATIONS proudly presents a new version of their McDonnell
    Douglas-BOEING MD-10 For Prepar3D.

    Brief history of the MD-10
    The MD-10 program was started by MDC (later Boeing) and FEDEX.
    The program consists of converting the DC-10 from passenger to freighter
    and then equipping the DC-10 with ACF (Advanced Common Flight Deck). The
    cockpit is basically identical to the MD-11 and it requires just two
    pilots. The conversion replaces the DC-10's old analog instruments and
    computers with more modern displays and computers. This produces
    significant cost savings associated with switching to a two-person
    flight crew, improving common efficiency in an MD-10 / MD-11 fleet,
    including the same type ratings for pilots flying either of the planes
    Prepar3D V4.5
    Prepar3D V5
    Visit the SKY SIMULATIONS Homepage for more information.

    PF3 ATC Update


    OnCourse Software have announced a Major (FREE) Update for their PF3 ATC program . Version 3.10 is loaded with new features and enhancements PLUS support for MSFS FS2020. More details available from the OnCourse Software website    and also   support forum   .

    Air Hauler 2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator!


    Air Hauler 2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator
    Create, control and expand your own freight and passenger company!
    Following on from the hugely popular X-Plane 11 (Windows) and P3D/FSX editions, Air Hauler 2 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
    Air Hauler 2 puts you in complete control of your own freight and passenger company, letting you take charge of business decisions and flight operations in both the boardroom and the cockpit.
    The limitless possibilities and flexibility of Air Hauler 2 let you immerse yourself totally in every operational detail of your company - each crucial flight will have an effect on the reputation and reach of your expanding empire.

    Full details here: https://www.justflight.com/product/air-hauler-2-microsoft-flight-simulator
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