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    Flight Simulator X - Original Aircraft
    Gulfstream 650ER - N625GA "Demonstrator 2020" by Henrique Soares

    Flight Simulator 2004 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Qazaq Air Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 Fleet Package by Lennart Laas
    Lufthansa "fictional A320NEO texture, black mask" Airbus A320-214 (D-AINZ) by Stefan Bree, Project Airbus

    Prepar3D V5 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
    Hispano HA-1112 Buchon (G-AWHR) White 5 by Jan Kees Blom

    Wycombe Air Park For MSFS


    Wycombe Air Park sits on the edge of London and is home to a bustling aviation community. Set in the classic British countryside, Wycombe is a popular airfield for general aviation pilots.
    Pilot Plus’ London Wycombe captures the airfield’s atmosphere and unique charm and was built native for MSFS.
    Using crisp ground imagery with hand painted ground at 5cm per pixel, with densely packed modelling throughout, Pilot Plus has crafted the definitive version of London Wycombe Air Park. Combining ultra-realistic models with modern texturing techniques, this is the perfect place to start your VFR experience.
    Using real-world data and onsite visits, the airfield is completed to the highest detail providing a truly authentic adventure. Soar across the area with accurately placed VFR landmarks all used by real-pilots to complete circuits.
    Part of the Pilot Plus Definitive range, Wycombe Air Park is the perfect choice to kick start your general aviation adventures.
    Key Features
    A unique and charming countryside atmosphere with highly detailed 3D modelling
    Full PBR Air park, including apron assets, buildings and ground
    Highly detailed hand painted environment (5cm per pixel)
    Dynamic rain on the control tower glass
    Includes local VFR landmarks used when flying (Stadium, Golden Ball Church, Stokenchurch mast etc..)
    Hand coloured aerial imagery covering the airfield and surroundings (up to 12.5cm per pixel)

    Visit the Wycombe Air Park Product Page for more details

    Pushback Express From FS2Crew


    Pushback Express for Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D and FSX has been released!
    Meet the first -and last- Pushback System you'll ever need for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator!
    Simple and elegant with no need for complex manuals, Pushback Express meets all your pushback requirements - present and future!
    From a wide choice of international voice sets to the ability to self-drive the tug so you can perform a custom route, Pushback Express does it all your simulator choice:  Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), Prepar 3D or FSX.
    So say good-bye to the clunky default pushback system in Flight Simulator and say hello to a new level of realism!
    Say hello to Pushback Express!
    Microsoft Fight Simulator (2020) Prepar3D (V1 to V5) FSX (Boxed or Steam)  
    Three pushback modes:  RUDDER CONTROL, WINDOW BUTTONS and DISTANCE. Option to steer the tug manually (essentially, create your own custom route). Works with any type of aircraft (Airline to GA). Ability to "Push and Pull" the aircraft to the desired spot.   Towing (requires users to steer the tug). Pre-flight events with automatic jetway/door control. Works at all airports. International voice sets. Built in tool-tips makes learning the software super easy. And more!  
    Version 1.0 uses the stock pushback tug.  As Asobo develops the SDKs, we will incorporate our own vehicle and human models as soon as it is technically possible.  We expect it will take Asobo another full year before the SDKs are ready for custom models.  
    American British Australian German French Spanish Asian More will be added! For more information visit FS2Crew 

    FStarter For MSFS


    New from  rksoftware  FStarter for MSFS
    You can:start a flight over any 3D rendered city or any of more than 155 000 non-3D rendered cities.
    - create you own POI to be started anytime
    - practice approaches to any airport by starting an Airport Traffic Pattern to any runway
    link to FStarter documentation: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AjRjRKdTF9fGpZ1Of62zjtwdaPzo7g?e=GEEjwR
    FStarter for MSFS

    Changes to the Avsim Library


    Avsim.com is pleased to announce that the Microsoft Flight Simulator library section is now available for uploads and downloads.

    With the addition of the new library section, there has been some changes to the rest of the library.

    We have added 2 Prepar3D categories: V1-4 and V5.

    We have also placed each simulator under a heading of their respective developers: Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Laminar Research, Dovetail Games, Terminal Reality etc…etc…etc…

    As you submit files to the library, please be careful about which simulator you choose to place your upload. If it is a Microsoft Flight Simulator X, ensure you place it there, not in the Microsoft Flight Simulator section. We can make the changes as we seem them but, ensure you place them where they belong. Also when you upload any file into the library, they need to contain a readme.txt (or similar) that shall include installation instructions as well as support information (ex e-mail address). If the .zip file does not contain this information, it will not be placed in our library. Also it can take up to 24 hours once you upload the file for it to be available in the library.

    Lastly, piracy and copyright infringement/theft of intellectual property will not be tolerated. If any file is found to be in violation of this, it will be removed immediately and you are subject to losing your library privileges.

    We thank you for your patience while we got the library updated.

    Avsim.com Library Staff



    Publisher: JUST PLANES
    Description: SUNWING 737-800
    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter


    Flight Information
    Flt Time
    YYZ Toronto, CANADA
    POP Puerto Plata, DOM.REP.
    YYZ Toronto, CANADA
    MBJ Montego Bay, JAMAICA
    With each release, it gets more and more difficult to definitively say whether this is the best video Just Planes has released. While that debate is still left to be had, I can say with a measure of certainty that this video ranks among the best videos that capture the operations of the 737-800. What made this even better was the fact that this video featured the operations of Sunwing Airlines from Toronto Canada to Puerto Plata and Montego Bay in the sunny Caribbean.
    Throughout this video there were numerous highlights for viewers of all types to enjoy. If you are interested in learning more about the 737-800, the series of detailed cockpit presentations and an exterior walk-around will certainly satisfy your thirst for knowledge. If you are interested in an airline career, hearing the stories of how each pilot featured in this video started in their careers was truly inspirational and attests to the fact that hard work and determination pays off. As an added bonus, learning about the operations of Sunwing and the fact that pilots are offered the opportunity to also fly in Europe with their partner airline might be an incentive to pick Sunwing as your airline of choice.
    When considering the visual aspects of this video, the camera angles utilized were outstanding and it provided a very immersive experience to the viewers. Landings and departures from Toronto and Jamaica were especially spectacular due to the scenery and weather conditions. Ultimately, for anyone who is an avid fan of the 737 NG or is strongly considering a career as a pilot, this video is outstanding and enlightening from start to finish.

     JUST PLANES SUNWING 737-800 Product Page  
    Video Preview
    Publisher: JUST PLANES
    Description: EGYPTAIR 737 777 A330
    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter

    Flight Information
    Flt Time
    CAI Cairo, EGYPT
    ATH Athens, GREECE
    CAI Cairo, EGYPT
    KWI Kuwait, KUWAIT
    CAI Cairo, EGYPT
    JFK New York JFK, USA
    This video presentation features the operations of Egyptair to destinations such as Athens, Kuwait and New York onboard the 737-800, A330-200 and the 777-300. With such a diverse fleet being featured, this presentation will certainly appeal to a wide ranging audience.
    Some of the highlights of this presentation that stood out, were the presentations by the crew members as they conducted various briefings and exterior examination of the aircraft. In addition to this, there were opportunities on each flight to learn about the career history of each pilot and how they were able to fulfill their dream of becoming a pilot. From these presentations, it was quite evident that each crew member takes pride in having the opportunity to fly for this airline, in addition to having an affinity for the aircraft that they fly.
    As a final note, the presentation also highlights how Just Planes has continued to improve their editing and it has resulted in a pleasurable and memorable viewing experience. If you are an aviation enthusiast at heart, this presentation will certainly match your expectation. Why not have a look at the preview video below and see for yourself?
    Video Preview

    Further Information available from the   Product Homepage  .

    Flight Crew A320 For MSFS 2020,


    FS2Crew is proud to announce that their first product for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released!
    Featuring a brand new User Interface system and redesigned from the bottom up to work in the beautiful new Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flight Crew A320 brings your flight simulator experience to a whole new level of immersion and realism!
    This program was designed for the default Airbus in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), but it also works in P3D and FSX with the FSLabs and Aerosoft Airbus (See Limitations).  In fact, it will work with any Airbus.
    It features a very low learning curve so you can spend your time flying rather than sifting though a 100 page manual.
    This is a BUTTON CONTROL product only.  It does not include Voice Control.
    Works with any Airbus in MSFS, P3D or FSX (within limits). Real-world A320 Checklist. Flight Crew Callouts (example: "V1", "Rotate"). Flight Crew interaction (Captain, FO, Purser). Procedures follow stock Airbus Procedures (where possible). Voice Sets: US, UK and EU (German). FA Cabin PAs (Users can now swap in their own custom Cabin PAs). Purser Communications. New User Interface System. New Audio System. New Functions (ie., Auto Checklist Respond). Rejected Takeoffs and Missed Approaches. Turn-Arounds. And More!
    FlightControlReplay v4.5 is now feature complete and soon we ‘ll start BetaTesting (including the Microsoft Flight Simulator version)! 
    FlightControlReplay v4.5 introduces a lot of new features and it will be compatible with the new  Microsoft Flight Simulator! 
    The most important FlightControlReplay v4.5 features that will be released for all platforms (FSX,ESP,P3D,Microsoft Flight Simulator) are: 
    - "New Video Rendering Mode" (COMPRESSED VIDEO CAPTURING) 
    [See Youtube Video with a snapshot of v4.5 FlightControlReplay v4.5 Video Rendering FrameByFrame and High Interpolation 
    - "New Video Rendering Speed option" (1/4 - x4) for User Object and also for AI objects 
    - "Change Camera Record" Feature 
    - Record/Play Algorithm enhancements for User airplane and also for AI planes 
    - Microsoft "Surface Dial Integration " 
    - FlightIllusion "GSA-42 integration" 
    - DOFREALITY Motion platform support 
    - A LOT MORE that will be unveiled during beta test 
    In next weeks Instagram's @Flightonfly channel and their support forum will explain feature’s  & details with screenshots and images. 
    FlightControlReplay v4.5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be a new executable that also enhance the experience with the new platform! 
    FlightControlReplay  will contains FSX ESP version, P3D Enhanced version and a brand new executable for Microsoft FlightSimulator.  
    There will be enhancements in recording algorithm for user plane and also for record / play 

    LatinVFR KBWI – KRSW Review


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter
    Platform: FSX/P3D
    LatinVFR has once again developed a series of amazing new airports that cater both to those who are still using FSX and for those who have moved on to P3Dv4/v5. In this review, we will take a closer look at their KBWI and KRSW airport scenery products to see whether they match and surpass the standards we all expect today. We will examine not only how nicely these airport have been designed, but also how they work with other popular products such as SODE and GSX. Let’s get started with a closer look at KBWI.
    KBWI – Baltimore Washington International
    Highly detailed terminal, modeling and texture resolution, internal modeling on terminals and FBO
    Built on a 3D customized made mesh (P3dv4 only)
    Seasonal textures and features managed by a configuration tool.
    Highly detailed animated SODE jetways
    Highly detailed ground polygons, with different shaders and effects (p3dv4 only).
    Excellent night effects and customized runway lighting.
    Dynamic lights (p3dv4)
    Downtown buildings
    Highly detailed 5 meters Mesh.
    15 square miles of photo scenery with thousands of hand placed autogen.
    Optimized for great performance
    And much more.
    The Baltimore Washington airport started operations back in the 1950s and over the years, it has seen many upgrades to meet the growing demands of air travel. As we look at the design of the airport, we can see that there is both a touch of the old and the new as far as the terminal buildings are concerned and the developer did an outstanding job in capturing the look and layout of this airport. As we look at some of the finer details, we can see that the ramp area, ground markings and ground equipment are all shown and highly detailed. Another interesting aspect of the terminal buildings is that the interiors have also been modeled with a balanced level of accurate detail. While some may argue that modeling the interior of an airport is unnecessary, P3D users who are fond of creating screenshot and video content will find these feature very useful. Personally, I think that it is a wonderful touch to this airport that sets it apart from numerous other scenery products that focus mainly on the exterior buildings while adding static photos to show the interior.

    Taking a closer look at the textures, we can see that quite a bit of effort went into cover every inch of this airport with textures that accurately depict the various surfaces of this airport. From concrete to glass, all of the textures seen are high quality and nicely balanced. While admiring the textures, you will also be happy to see that the surrounding areas of the airport have also been upgraded with photo scenery which blends nicely with default or 3rd party ground texture products. In addition to the photo scenery, there are also a number of hand placed autogen buildings that further enhances the realism of flying in the Baltimore area.
    At night, P3D users will be quite pleased to know that dynamic lighting and a few other P3D exclusive effects are available to further create an immersive experience. Here are a few screenshots which nicely showcase the textures and night time experience at this airport.

    When it comes to the integration of scenery products and 3rd party products such as SODE and GSX Level 2, this airport allows users to utilize these products to the full. For all of my flights in and out of KBWI, I was quite pleased with the overall integration with GSX which required little to no tweaking for each gate position. On the topic of performance, I can hardly imagine that anyone will have an issue. While using a variety of add-ons such as GSX, PMDG747, Captain Sim 767 and more, the performance was smooth and consistent throughout takeoff and landing at KBWI. However, if performance is a major concern, the configuration tool that comes with this product allows you to adjust the level of detail by adding or removing City and surrounding scenery, apron animations, static aircraft and more. Ultimately, if you want to have the best experience possible while flying to KBWI, this product is certainly a must have item.

    KRSW - Southwest Florida International

    Texturing in HD mapping for all buildings, shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on all buildings.
    Custom reflection maps and customized global environment map (FSX)
    Surroundings extremely detailed. 
    300 square miles of photo scenery with thousands of hand placed autogen, extending from 12 miles west from the airport with Estero Island and Fort Myers beach.  
    Custom animated (CTRL+J) jetway and static.
    High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures.
    Custom vehicle animations.
    Terminal interiors down to the exact realistic representation.
    Static GA aircraft.
    Fully AI traffic compatible.
    Optimized for excellent performance.
    Excellent night effects.
    Inclusion of manual in PDF format. 
    FSX, Prepar3Dv2 support.
    Much more!
    With the Southwest Florida International Airport being the 2nd busiest single runway airport in North America, it was only fitting that a detailed version be made available for FSX/P3D users. As we look at the general layout of this airport, we can see that the developer did an outstanding job in recreating the layout this airport. In addition to modelling the airport itself, there is also a detailed recreation of the surrounding area of the airport which enhances the experience of using this airport.
    Looking at the terminal buildings, we can see that they have all been recreated to a high degree of accuracy. This also includes the GA hangars and other areas of the airport that may often be overlooked by some scenery developers. As with KBWI, a balanced level of detail has also been added to the interior of the airport which is personally the preferred option to simply having a static glass image of what the interior may look like. Having such a detailed and accurate feature such as this, must have taken quite a bit of time and the results are surely worth it.

    Looking further at the optional detail elements of this airport, you can also see that 3D grass, static aircraft, ground rain effects, photo scenery and land class have also been included. While these are all features that may have an impact on the overall performance of your simulator, the configuration tool provides some guidance in this regard to determine the level of impact it may have. Personally, with all options enabled, I thought that the performance on my very average PC was very pleasing and the visuals looked very realistic while blending quite nicely with my Orbx Global scenery textures.

    On the topic of textures, the high resolution ground and runway textures (along with accurate ground markings) sets this scenery product apart from many others that often do not take the time to provide this level of detail and overall immersion. What was even more impressive, is that while some scenery products do not always have the best night time visuals, KRSW offers just the right level of lighting and other visual enhancements to deliver a reasonably realistic night time environment. This level of realism isn’t only seen at the airport, but it is also quite evident with the 300 square miles of photo scenery that has been included. While I can continue to describe and commend the efforts made by LatinVFR, perhaps these screenshots will speak for themselves.

    As a final note on the KRSW scenery, while KBWI offers the option of having SODE jetways, KRSW does not have this feature. This means that users who rely heavily on products such as GSX will not be able to fully utilize all of its features when boarded passengers via the jetway. On the other hand, you will be pleased to know that all other features of GSX work quite well at this airport and the developer is planning to address this in a possible future update.Ultimately, this is a very nice scenery product worth adding to your simulator.

    In conclusion, I think that these two airports are by far the best options for anyone who wishes to upgrade their default KBWI and KRSW scenery. These airports were developed to a high degree of accuracy with numerous features that we have all come to expect. The high quality textures, custom vehicles, seasonal textures and detailed surrounds (to name just a few) are all features that assist in creating an immersive experience to users who fly in and out of these airports. Given the price and the overall features of these airports, I think that everyone will enjoy using these products for a long time to come. Whether you fly airliners or GA aircraft, both airports nicely accommodate these aircraft with accurately designed terminal buildings and ramp areas. LatinVFR has steadily improved the quality of their products over the years and these new airports are a lovely indicator that this developer is here to stay and is here to cater to the high expectations of the flightsim community.  
    I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Ricardo from LatinVFR   and Simeon Richardson for their assistance with some of the screenshots in this review.
    FSLABS A321
    LatinVFR Homepage  

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