The AVSIM Staff

Revised: 18JUN17


Editorial Staff:

Publisher - Chase Kreznor
Managing Editor - Chuck Jodry
Reviews Editor - Will Reynolds

Library Staff:

Library Director - Vacant
Deputy Library Director - Abd-Elrahman Nagy
Sr. Library Manager - Brian Neuman


Board of Directors:

Chuck Jodry
Chase Kreznor
Jim Young


Tom Allensworth - Founder †
Robert Kirkland - Emeritus
Maury Pratt - Emeritus
Robert Whitwell - Emeritus

News Editors:

Chuck Jodry
Bill Leaming


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Review Staff:

Contributing Reviewer - Ray Marshall
Gene Davis
Mike Cameron
Marlon Carter
Roger Curtiss
Aamir Thacker
Maxim Pyankov

Forum Staff:

Forum Director - Jim Young
Jean-Paul Mes
Richard Brooks
Bob Scott
Bill Leaming
Peter Zaehringer
Don Moser
Tony Wroblewski
Rob Ainscough
Victor G. Baron