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  1. He actually was the guy they used to create TBM fm.
  2. I’m pretty sure Steveo and jetline systems gets mutual commercial benefits from this video.
  3. He flies X-plane 11 with HotStart TBM 900
  4. You will get your early access for MSFS 2020 as early as October this year. Relax and enjoy your wait time!
  5. Rod does occasional flight instruction (in his own words) He resides in Orange County, California. So you can reach out and schedule flight out KSNA in his Cessna 😉
  6. There are some ATPs and CFIs and lots of private pilot over there. I don't think they look at your credentials, but rather your rig setup LOL I have CFI with 18+ year flying experience and software engineering degree, yet I still got only into the third wave of alpha
  7. My prediction is that base software will be one time purchase, but additional services such live traffic and etc could be optional subscription based.
  8. That what my students often ask. I always answer - not really, but I can endorse your logbook lol
  9. I don’t know, kind of. I have started with Sublogic ATP sim and ended up to be flight instructor lol Severe case of flight sim addiction
  10. MSFS will be next gen sim. I don’t see either XP or P3D catching up any time soon. And I have been a big fun of Laminar for the past few years. But since I got into alpha testing I don’t feel like opening XP11 anymore. I don’t know why are you debating over some crappy videos of some word not allowed who was bright enough to show face along with game tag LOL
  11. I was able to access form in early morning, but not anymore
  12. 99% users who are interested in XP are using on x-plane.org forum simple as that.
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