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  1. Yes, grass, weed and roundup animation !
  2. If one is too lazy to find out what has changed, why making an effort to ask? Be lazy my friend, just go with flow and let the life pass by.... ! LOL
  3. I already did! Good bye and good luck with your xp cult LOL
  4. Photometry give enough to know surrounding out of the box. XP11 gives nothing in this respect. Now about your valuable opinion about teaching process. Are you an aviation professional? How many students have endorsed ?
  5. I can't comment on Air Force, I only flew with military pilots who wanted to transition to civilian airplane. There were certainly some gaps we had to cover . But then again not every student pilot is a military cadet preselected by government for expedited intense training. I would dare to say majority are not!
  6. Bob, Level D sim has absolutely different focus. No one learns to fly in them! My points is, when your student got lost or bust airspace during solo cross-country you most likely appreciate MSFS that depict roof of grand ma house than failures.
  7. I think you misunderstand what prominent landmark means for flying VFR. Snow or not has little to do with that.
  8. Yes I can ! I fly and teach in Southern California LOL For rest of folks seasons are coming soon according to MSFS
  9. You sound juts like my wife ! I keep telling her it's not a game it's sim! LOL
  10. I had XP11 when I installed MSFS alpha. When we are discussion a value of a sim for real world training I choose MSFS, and photometry plays a very vital role.
  11. You guys didn't know that yet? LOL I knew that since alpha! LOL
  12. I would be interested to hear the answer as well. I believe it doesn't load fuel, at least at the moment I fill up and load airplane manually based on simbrief values
  13. That someone you need is called a test pilot. LOL My dad was one ! 😎
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