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  1. I posted a question. Please vote it up if you like https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/can-we-get-ground-physics-fixed-especially-during-cross-wind/401361
  2. Nice but it's like downgrade. I want higher, faster! 🙂
  3. And you can't feather a prop. But hey it was tested by real pilot to their satisfaction ! LOL
  4. This is exactly a solution for majority of problem. I have to CTD, stutters and so on because I invested in new PC before getting MSFS. Old time simmer should have known better!
  5. Does anyone know how properly adjust mixture for high elevation airports?
  6. Also in the beginning of video developer mentioned something about opening window before starting APU because of some pop sound? LOL I don't know much Tu-134 but seems like going to be well modeled airplane with details like that ! 🙂
  7. Few more disappointing things : - propeller won't feather - questionable single engine performance
  8. I got it, It actually quite not bad. Spinning cap animation kind of weird. Sound nice by uniform around airplane. There is no difference how airplane sound outside behind or in the front. Autopilot is default hence "alt arm" doesn't work. Definitely step up for BlackBox Also can't find manual! What are the power settings? LOL
  9. Looks great. Tu-134 meant to fly by multicrew, so jumping from navigator to pilot station for example will be fun part! 🙂 Developer mention that autopilot function doesn't work in SDK out of the box and he will have to spend some time tweaking it!
  10. Somebody gave me advice and it worked. Turn multiplayer off. select clear weather. Load a flight then go to menu and choose live weather. Works every time time now without restarting the sim !
  11. I remember with full tanks and two people and temperature close to standard I couldn't bring Seminole higher than 5000 ft (with a fully feathered prop).
  12. This is wrong assumption. I have learn to fly in tricycle gear airplanes.Not until finishing my private I tried taildraggers I don't favor either but I know for sure taildragger requires better stick and rudder skills. Helicopter is complete different topics. I had experience transitioning rotary pilots to fixed wing aircraft, so I'm aware of skill set helicopter pilots
  13. I'm not sure what thus article suppose to prove. But yes taildraggers require better stick and rudder skill. if you flown both you would know. Majority of training fleet (at least in US) are tricycle gear airplanes. Many flight schools don't even have taildragger because it just not the thing for "puppy mill" commercial pilot training. So fall tail dragger more specific type of training. Obversely tail dragger training won't help one to fly airbus 🙂
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