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  1. It's not . I worked there when it was built LOL Russian can't build anything LOL Tell me anything russian that you can buy around the world ? Perhaps car, phone or electronics? Other than naturals resources there is nothing LOL Only Soviet Union could build something on its own before it collapsed. By the way Soviet Union consisted of 15 republics. After 1991 each republic became independent country! None of 14 countries that came out of Soviet Union call themselves russians LOL
  2. Got little trouble with geography ? LOL It was built in Soviet Union, Ukrainian republic at the time. FYI russian empire fell in 1917. modern russia defacto is not inerrant from the old russian empire, as soviet union refused to recognize international obligation or debt or old russian impire Here is map from 1720. Where you can see Ukraine existed. Can't say russia was https://www.vintage-maps.com/en/antique-maps/europe/ukraine/homann-ukraine-black-sea-1720::11815
  3. I would be delighted to hear how to decelerate ATR IRL vs sim. Since there is no direct prop control I use flight idle which is probably not the right way . ATR deceleration remind me of PMDG DC-6 you have to plan ahead to level off early to bleed off speed. But in case DC-6 you are trying avoid shock cooling which I believe not a case with ATR
  4. Yes I have also noticed slowing down is a bit painful ! So I was wondering if i do anything wrong . I did adjusted my rudder pedals sensitivity down a bit to have a better grip. How to you guys handle take off ? Do you push nose down during take off for a better grip?
  5. Do you fly ATR for a living? I'm gladly to hear your opinion! P.S. I own and fly a lot 172 IRL it they don't feel twitchy to me on the ground
  6. Looks like ATR both engine rotates two the same direction (clockwise if stay right behind). So you will experience left turning tendencies Here is covnetion turning engine - torque, P-factor, slipstream explained below https://www.pilotscafe.com/engine-inoperative-principles-in-a-twin-airplane/
  7. Here is good display of a challenging landings considering narrow gear and heavy crosswinds! Notice after touch down ATR nose swing toward wind and pilot struggles to keep directional control. Even with all deficiencies MSFS models it very well .
  8. Hi Bob! While most light twins are often underpowered there is way to do proper preflight to figure out accelerated to stop distance and one engine performance. Certainly one engine performance suck, but you still can hang on it for a while. I personally think twins are best to fly over water! To have an extra engine is better than take swim lol When I did my multi I was always worry about mountains and climb gradient, but in Florida I think the only thing to worry is density altitude ( and may be crocodiles lol) I was fortunate enough to completely shut down and restart my engine during my training and checkride (pa44). Yes, it’s a little struggle but it gets you to emergency field lol here is my old vid. Check 4:06 for engine shut down and restart
  9. I was born in Soviet Union, raised in Ukraine and immigrated in United States. I don't want get political here. But sell you BS somewhere else LOL
  10. Frankly don't know. To summarize business in China - does anyone remembers billionaire Jack Ma ? Got beef with CCP, and where is he now? Mandalorian would say "this is the way" LOL
  11. Back in day of Il-2 Sturmovik I was contributing 1C and Oleg Maddox in developing the sim. Great beginning but quickly company was squirted by American partner and moved headquarters outside Russia. You couldn’t do business in Russia back then (corruption, bribery and etc) and now it’s beyond impossible. China is good for copying stuff and provide cheap labor. I have never a flight sim from them beyond Great Wall. Lol Now, tell me why do you think other countries don’t know how to make flight sims? I started as simmer many decades ago with ATP, I’ve gone through many iteration of MSFS. And now I’m flight instructor and airplane owner . MSFS is excellent flight sim and impressive work in progress . If you don’t understand this perhaps you need to look deeper
  12. Yes this is exactly it. Weather overlay with delay 10-15 minutes. So it can't be called radar.
  13. Normally you have CDI button on GNS (gps) unit that switched between GPS and LOC mode . Like you said, this panel is convenient “wiring” to bring autopilot approach arm in front of the pilot . When you fly solo IFR it’s nice to have a shortcut
  14. I've been flying over 20 years and around half of that time as a flight instructor. I'm still active and still do both . You have to understand that each airport has different ops and pilot skill set. Those airports who operate with commercial ops most of the time have professional pilot flying in and out. So unlikely you would hear phrases used in airport where for example several flight schools operate along with commercial ops and 100 dollar burger folks on the weekend . Here you can hear a lot of "no delays", "expedite" ," give me left 360", "extend downwind", " I call your base" ," best forward speed", "slowest practical speed", "proceed directly to the numbers" and personal favorite " unable, call me back in 15 minutes" LOL
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