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  1. sd_flyer

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    99% users who are interested in XP are using on forum simple as that.
  2. sd_flyer

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    Make it closer to quality HotStart TBM-900 and then your entrance to XP market will be more noticeable. In any case I bought your 310 to support your XP effort. And this despite the fact that I lost my investment into 350i which I will never see because I ditched P3D and never coming back 🙂
  3. sd_flyer

    Wind Tamer...

    Probably the most useless device I ever had. :)
  4. You are kidding me? DCS is great but their interpretation for example of Spitfire even more bizarre
  5. If you were be getting instrument ticket that day you would fail LOL But hay you talked it through nicely :)
  6. Top modern aircraft on my list are IXEG 737 and FF320 (still beta). After that I'd prefer Rotate MD-80 and the rest of FF aircraft. I tested both 737 and MD-80 with my friend (who has type rated for both AC) and he was very impressed. Unfortunately, I put aside temporarily IXEG as it crashes randomly every so often. I suspect that stability issues comes with FMC reading Navigraph database. I'm anxiously waiting for 1.21 which hopefully will resolve those issues.
  7. sd_flyer

    always turning left

    What you are experiencing is an accurate portrayal of a take off roll in a prop plane, its called gyroscopic precession which comes from the rotation of the crankshaft and propeller causes the airplane to yaw to the left. This is just one of the physical factors in "left turning tendencies" there are four of them. They are greatest during take off roll at max power, just give your bird a boot full of right rudder and enjoy the realism! You can experience gyroscopic precession in tail draggers when raising tail during the take of roll, but not that much on tricycle gear aircraft. They are more affected by torque and pro-wash (before lift off).
  8. sd_flyer

    Ground handling in 11.10 beta 8

    20-30 kts is doable in some airplanes... sort of... I had to land 172 at KVNY in perfect steady 20+ kts x-wind during my instrument training (practicing LDA approach). I land no problem to land (crab and kick) but could't turn into wind to get off the runway (to the left) until controller cleared me do right LOL. I was flying with former CFII airliner who laughed his but off watching me struggle with the wind
  9. sd_flyer

    Ground handling in 11.10 beta 8

    Sorry for offtop. One of SoCal local airports on the windy day
  10. sd_flyer

    Ground handling in 11.10 beta 8

    "Demonstrated" doesn't mean absolute maximum of course. Nevertheless, I know many euphoric pilots (including CFIs) who a bit overestimated they actually abilities to handle x-wind and ended up loosing direction control. I actually lost my CFI check ride plane ( PA28R) due to newly commercial certificate reciepint took his girlfriend for a joy ride and crashed the airplane to the hangar at St George Regional (due to crossing miscalculation of course :) ). I think though, he meant to go around after realizing that he could roll straight, so he hit hangar with a lot of loud sounds. The crash smashed Arrow wing spar, engine mount and empennage resulting beyond repair state. On the positive note, pilot and passengers walked out from the crash without scratch. However, I ended up finishing my CFI in Mooney which put big dent in my self estimate due to many failed attempt of power of 180 in M20J LOL
  11. I have a big turn off with Orbx. First JV introduced project X like a carrot stick, then denied it existence (driven by personal vendetta with Austin). Everyone urged him to use common sense and get above personal issues, but he still insisted that other platform are more profitable and x-plane has no future. So now all of a sudden wind of change? Really? Please spare me of that excitement :) I used looked forward Orbx entering XP market, but sorry not anymore.
  12. Yes just before I deleted P3D and moved to XP11 last year
  13. Even when I use P3D. Orbx central was awkward working for me. Not looking forward for that in x-plane
  14. Unfortunately my snow plane is limited but pure joy of sliding on butt only :) But I know Mammoth and Tahoe up north are pretty good for skiing. I used to live in country with four season for 27 years. Do I miss snow...Hmmm... Well..Once a year perhaps LOL