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  1. FlyData

    RealAir DUKEB60V2 & FLT1 GTN 750

    Thanks from me as well. Just tried it, thumbs up! :smile:
  2. FlyData

    G520SIM.exe crashes shortly after take-off

    Jean-Luc, Thanks for the follow-up. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner but I have been flying the Majestic Dash 8 for the last several weeks. I got back to this last night and uninstalled RXP, including doing a registry cleaner and deleting anything left over by windows uninstall. I then reinstalled and ensured the trainer is on the same drive as FSX and made sure I was not in the "Program Files (x86)" folder. After this, all is working correctly for 2 flights! I think I got this resolved. Likely there was something corrupted along the way. Thanks for your attention, I am back to flying the RealAir Duke B60 piston over Orbx PNW and am a happy virtual pilot!
  3. FlyData

    Scared pilots?

    I went into the .ini file and changed the turbulence factor to .5 instead of .75 and they calmed down a bit. Not sure how this relates to the real world, but my pilots were doing the hands on the head constantly and it just didn't seem right.
  4. FlyData

    G520SIM.exe crashes shortly after take-off

    Hello, I have Windows 7 and FSX Acceleration. The rxpgnssim.dll log has not been updated since August. Most of the entries are just "closed unexpectedly" for the last few years. I do not have an rxpgns.gau log. I'm thinking I may need to uninstall and delete the folders and reinstall. But if you have another suggestion that may be simpler, that would be great. Thanks. And if you think the log would help, I will include it.
  5. Hello, I recently reinstalled the RXP in the Real Air Baron Duke (piston version). I was told that I had an out of date version, so I updated following all the prompts. Everything seems to work fine on the ground, taxiing and filling out the flight plan. Once in the air and after I turn on autopilot, the screen drops from full screen to windowed mode and the RXP is dead. Here is the fault from appcrashviewer. Another time, it just froze and crashed the sim. Any suggestions? Version=1 EventType=APPCRASH EventTime=131212210899322283 ReportType=2 Consent=1 UploadTime=131212210899622300 ReportIdentifier=c2809712-94c2-11e6-8dc0-5404a6037551 IntegratorReportIdentifier=c2809711-94c2-11e6-8dc0-5404a6037551 WOW64=1 Response.BucketId=54705168 Response.BucketTable=25 Response.type=4 Sig[0].Name=Application Name Sig[0].Value=G530SIM.exe Sig[1].Name=Application Version Sig[1].Value= Sig[2].Name=Application Timestamp Sig[2].Value=4720a6a1 Sig[3].Name=Fault Module Name Sig[3].Value=msvcrt.dll Sig[4].Name=Fault Module Version Sig[4].Value=7.0.7601.17744 Sig[5].Name=Fault Module Timestamp Sig[5].Value=4eeaf722 Sig[6].Name=Exception Code Sig[6].Value=c0000005 Sig[7].Name=Exception Offset Sig[7].Value=00009f72 --Don
  6. FlyData

    Fspassengers 2015 released

    Does anyone know if there is anything different about this version, other than being able to work with SE? I used this for a long time but finally quit just because I got bored with the same voices and recorded boarding sounds and wanted something different. Wondering if they have any new voices or features. I noticed it is free to current users, so thinking there may be nothing really new. Thanks.
  7. OK, I made the IP address static and used what has been working today and it seems fine. I will see how that goes. KingGhidorah - yes, I'm glad you made this post. I had spent a few hours on this already...installing the SDK, re-running simconnect.msi, reloading ASN, etc. I don't think I would have thought to change from the computer name to the IP address. As you said, it has worked for years. jbcallender - I looked at the wideclient.ini file and there is no IP address, only ports (8002). I checked the FSUIPC config and there is a wideserver section. That also only has ports, and they match. Anything else I may be missing, let me know. Thanks, Don
  8. Hello, This exact thing happened to me last night. One day everything is fine, then the next day I can't get networked applications to connect to FSX. For me it was simconnect applications (Active Sky Next, Pro-ATC) and wideFS (Radar contact, FSCommander). I found this thread so I went in and put the IP address in the simconnect files instead of my computer name and now simconnect works! But...the wideFS does not. When I run wideFS, it shows at the top of the screen in FSX "waiting for clients...", but when I run Radar contact, it says FS is not running on the server. And FSCommander says "cannot connect to FSX". I don't think the IP address is a good solution for me because I will get a new address each time I boot up. I have 4 computers and a printer on my network, so if I put a static address in for my server, it may screw up the other computers/printer if the router assigns them the same address. Has anyone else seen this? KingGhidorah - were you ever able to revert back to your computer name or are you still on the IP address? Did you figure out what happened? Thanks, Don PS - I did run a registry cleaner a few days ago, but ran the network computer OK afterwards. Just in case I reinstalled the back-up registry, but it didn't make any difference.
  9. I have this issue as well. When flying above overcast conditions, the clouds stop short well before the visibility ends even though I have the cloud draw distance and visibility set to the same distance. Also, the edges of the clouds are straight lines and right angles. I didn't see this before the latest update. That said, in the ASN forum there is a similar post and the response was that this could be a combination of cloud textures, texture resolution and graphics drivers. The suggestion was to try different textures and settings and see if anything changes. I've picked different REX textures but haven't had a chance to test it yet. I will be interested to read about others experiences with this. --Don
  10. Hi Danny, I hate to ask as you've sent out at least 3 times now, but I am in the same boat as the others above. My original back-up textures have long ago been overwritten by fresh installs of REX, and I can't get the wave animations to work properly with DX10. Could you send to me as well? Thanks for this if you can oblige. --Don
  11. FlyData

    PMDG use with FS Passengers

    That I don't know. I know the Win7 version created issues, but you want to keep that version where it is (I believe it is a system file in one of the system folders). Then add the Vista version to the FSX folder. I believe when FSX runs, it will find the Vista version first and use that because it is in the FSX folder. But other programs can use the Win7 version. In your case, I would think it is a similar situation but don't know for sure. If you search on "UIAutomationcore" in the forums, you'll find links to the Vista version. --Don
  12. FlyData

    PMDG use with FS Passengers

    I had the MSVCR80.dll error at one time and it was because my Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries were out of date. You can google this and get the latest and reinstall. You said you removed and then put back in UIAutomationcore.dll. You need the Vista version of that file in your FSX directory, not just removing the current version. Maybe you know that, but I can't tell from the post. This is a stretch, but the fact that several different things are causing the crash is strange. I knew one poster that had such a screwed up affinity mask setting in the .cfg that he was essentially turning off all cores but one. His sim crashed on whatever .dll happened to be in use at the time. Maybe double check your config or start with a new one and see if helps. --Don
  13. FlyData

    PMDG use with FS Passengers

    I used FSPassengersX with the 777 and 737NGX with success. You have to load the fuel through the FMS in the plane before starting FSP. Sorry, it has been long enough that I don't recall the exact steps, but I believe when you do that, the load out screen will already be populated with the fuel that is on the plane. I had failures turned off, so I don't know how that works. --Don
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I read a post by the Mindstar developer saying that they do not provide vertical navigation on the approach. So no glideslope for LPV/LNAV approaches. If true, that would be a deal breaker for me to have a GPS that can't do approaches. Please correct me if this has changed as I do not mean to spread rumours, but I did read that in a post in early January. --Don