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  1. There are plenty of calculators on the internet that allow you to input screen size and # of pixels and it will tell you optimal viewing distance so you can tune your setup. I used this one and found it useful. https://stari.co/tv-monitor-viewing-distance-calculator
  2. This sounds like the eye adaptation feature. If your view is dominated by something dark (like the panel), then the lit areas will look overexposed. If you lift your sightline to get most of the panel out of view, the outside looks normal again. Not sure if this is what you mean, but you can turn the feature off in the UserCfg.opt file by changing EyeAdaptation to 0. I have not tried this myself.
  3. Ha, yes I am persevering with MSFS as well as it is so nice to look at! This issue isn't bothering me now as I just don't load the flightplan in the sim as I don't need it with third party ATC. I have only tried MCE with the Aerosoft CRJ in MSFS so far.
  4. Here is a screenshot of the ATC tab. It does say "other ATC active" . I found an old thread from 2019 where someone said that in P3D they get the request for a flightplan when a plan is loaded in the sim, but does not when there is no flight plan loaded. That is what is happening to me. I have started a couple flights only putting the departing airport and gate in the sim and I don't get the pop up asking for a plan, but I do when I have a plan loaded.
  5. Thanks David for the input on the voices. However, I am getting the dialogue box popping open again to load a flight plan file. And it just keeps popping up when I close it. Does anyone know why MCE would open that while loading? It started after I set it up for the button to contact ATC, so not sure if it expects a flight plan because I am using ATC now. Wondering if it has something to do with UAC as I am running MSFS through Steam, and steam specifically doesn't want to run as administrator. I can set the Flightsimulator.exe file to run as admin, but I have tried that and it doesn't affect this issue. And I am not sure that is a good idea anyway as MSFS isn't set up that way. I have MCE installed in the "program files (x86)" folder which is the default when I run the installer. MSFS is on a different SSD than MCE. Any advice on how to set up UAC for MSFS steam would be appreciated.
  6. I uninstalled and re-installed and I haven't seen the flight plan dialogue box pop up. Not sure what that was about. But I haven't had a chance to take a flight yet to see if all is fixed.
  7. OK, now this is weird. Since I made this change, a dialogue box shows up when I execute MCE for me to select a flight plan. ? If I close the box, it just pops back open. If I select a flight plan it will stay closed but now I'm getting CTD's mid-flight. This is the only thing I've changed other than changing the voice for co-pilot to the microsoft voice instead of Travis. I am using the same voice for pilot2atc as MCE so that the co-pilot sounds the same. Would that cause an issue?
  8. Thanks, I tried the approach you mentioned with the PTT button for ATC and so far I have not had an issue.
  9. When I turn off speech recognition (the red line is through the microphone symbol), and I speak into the mike, my copilot still tries to interpret my speech as commands. I am using a PTT button and using pilot2atc so I need to be able to talk without initiating commands in MCE. Any idea why?
  10. I purchased the Aerosoft CRJ through the MS Flight Simulator market place and just yesterday I installed the latest version which was 1.0.9. Now when I run MCE, I hear the co-pilot state the actions but nothing is happening in the cockpit. Has anyone else seen this issue with the latest CRJ? I have .36 version of MCE. Thanks.
  11. I know there are a lot of posts going around about SU5, but I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is a little different since I am seeing a lot of posts from people happy with the update. As I fly, the terrain pops into view in obvious tiles that have a different overall color/hue and detail level. What is most noticeable is that higher resolution city textures are grayish and blurred tiles are greenish. So as I fly into a city I see very obvious tiles of gray vs. green. This is not due to panning and looking out the side window. The picture attached is while approaching KFLL and you can see how half the airport is rendered and the other half is the blurry green. Also the terrain around the airport shows the same issue. And I'm not far from the airport! I can't believe anyone, including xbox users, would be happy with this. In fact, I would think console users would be more disaffected by this as they are used to great graphics. This really reminds me of the worst of FSX with "autogen popping" and slow loading terrain tiles. I did not see any of this before SU5. So is this something I can address or just part of SU5? PS - i7-8700k@5.0GHz and GTX 1080Ti.
  12. Just thought I would mention that both my LVFR KFLL and FSDREAMTEAM KEYW airports had updates available in the content manager when I started the sim this morning. I haven't used them yet, but good news that they got the updates loaded pretty quickly!
  13. I found out the other day that I can't modify the aircraft.cfg file of the Aerosoft CRJ because I purchased it through the marketplace and it's encrypted. I later found out that the Dowsons' makerunways program can't read the .bgl files of add-on airports that are purchased through the marketplace because those files are ..... encrypted. So if you run a program that uses airport/taxiway info (e.g., PF3 ATC) it won't get that info from your add-ons. Now today I found out that the FSDREAMTEAM airports don't work correctly with SU5. They expeditiously issued a fix, but it doesn't work on airports purchased through the marketplace because the affected files are, you guessed it, encrypted. So I will wait until MS puts the update through on their end but there could be hundreds of airports affected, so how long will that take? This seems like compelling reasons to never purchase through the marketplace for third party programs that are available from the developer. Am I missing something? Is there an advantage to the marketplace? I thought I was supporting the MSFS effort, but not sure any longer.
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