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  1. Thanks Glen, I now have it working correctly. I don't know what I did before which resulted in what I described but I just reassigned Buttons:Basic (for brakes) and Buttons:adv for FMS:Key_load and the buttons are behaving as required. John
  2. I am using an old but seemingly reliable (well it was when used for FSX) Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. I started assigning the trigger switch to brake and that worked fine. I then assigned the "number 12 button" to FMS/key_load and that worked fine HOWEVER now when I press the trigger switch (and 3 other buttons) it results in the screen for FMS/key_load being displayed. Any ideas what I can be doing wrong? Thanks
  3. My PC contains - i7-4770 3.4Ghz CPU 8GB DDR3 1600 RAM GeForce GTX1050 video card and I get between 50 and 70 fps.
  4. Hello I am new to X-Plane and having difficulty with some things. I cannot work out how to assign keys to particular functions such as "FMS/key_load". I read a article which describes how to use flight plans and in it the author advises to "Define a key referring to FMS/key_load". I have only found "FMS/key_load" in Settings/Joystick and Equipment and the "advanced buttons tab". It is not listed if I select the "Keys" tab. Would someone advise how to assign a key to Define a key referring to "FMS/key_load" Thanks
  5. I have recently installed X-Plane 10 having used FSX for many years. I am undergoing a steep learning curve especially with which (keyboard) keys do what. I am happy with X-Plane 10 although it seems to take a long time in loading even though it is installed on an SSD drive - is that normal? Also when loading it initially displays that it is loading the 737.acf file and later after loading scenery files it appears to load other aircraft .acf files. Is this normal? For what reason? I have installed freeware scenery for YSSY (Sydney International) as well as the freeware B737-700. I noticed that when taxiing there was an AI aircraft in front of my aircraft (looked like a Qantas 737 from the rear) and there was NO undercarriage - it was just floating a few feet above the taxiway. I was using the startup/default view "forward with panel". I I selected any other view (which allowed me to see that AI aircraft) the undercarriage was there. On switching back to "forward with panel" the undercarriage disappeared again. I tried to reproduce this scenario and then select another aircraft but couldn't. I am assuming that this is a fault with the actual aircraft file/files. Is that correct? Thanks
  6. Thanks That fixed it. I should have been more observant - yes it was set to throttle 1 instead of just throttle. I probably incorrectly assumed that the software 'observed' that I didn't have multiple throttle quadrants or defaulted to a single throttle.
  7. Thanks but I think that I have worked out what is causing the veering. With the Cessna I'm not sure but think that it is probably due to single prop engine torque effect. With the twin prop (King Air) I noticed that when I open the throttle (using the throttle lever on my joystick) only the left engine increases RPM and torque. I should have noticed this before sorry. I assumed that the throttles on both engines would automatically be 'linked' to the single throttle lever on my joystick as it is with FSX - yes I know I have to start thinking xp and not fsx. So where do I go to set up for a single throttle lever? BTW I have tried setting "notify me of replies" to both ON and OFF (green tick and grey X) and I still don't get an email when there is a reply. I have my correct email address set up. Thanks
  8. Thanks, I am wondering if the demo version allows you to do what you explain (I am evaluating to see if I should fork out dollars on ,yes, the previous version). I select SETTINGS and the only tab similar is labelled "Data Input & Output" which I select and a screen displays a new 'window' with the following tabs across the top - Data Set, Data See, Dataref-Out, Flight Test and then Enable Internet, Disk File, Graphical, Cockpit Display and all are 'ticked'
  9. Thanks Janov, Yes I tried a multi-engined aircraft to rule out any torque effect from propellor driven planes but it still veered off but to the right and not the left. NOTE that this veering only seems to happen under power, As soon as the throttle is closed the plan taxis in a straight line. That is why I tried a jet aircraft as I considered it to be caused by torque. This veering doesn't seem to happen once the aircraft is airborne which made me think it wasn't caused by wind. I have only just installed X-plane so still 'feeling my way' although I am very very familiar with FSX. I have gone through the procedure to calibate my joystick. I don't have any special key assignments set up. Looking from an outside view the nosewheel seems to be pointing straight ahead BUT even a small change to the rudder/nosewheel causes a squealing tire sound. Maybe it is differential braking but how do I check if one brake is partly on. I don't understand "go to the "DATA OUT" tab and click the leftmost box for all "joystick deflection". Also do the same for "atmosphere". Thanks John
  10. I have a X-Plane 10 No matter which aircraft I use they all either veer to the left or right during taxi and takeoff requiring opposite movement of joystick to correct. At first I wondered was it due to torque effect as I was using the Cessna 172 (single engine prop which veered to the left) but even selecting a twin engined prop or even multi engined jet aircraft they too veered (to the right not left as with the Cessna). I checked the wind setting thinking that perhaps it was caused by cross wind but the wind setting was 0 knots. I have set up my joystick and centered and clocked on the "center joystick and click here" What could be causing this or is there something I am not doing. Thanks
  11. Jarnie

    Henrik Nielsen AI Ships

    My question is for Henrik or anyone else who has create AI boat traffic which have boat routes starting and/or finishing at a DOCK. What is the secret in creating a route which results in the boat facing the direction it will go when it starts instead of facing in the opposite direction (to the route) and then backing out, turning 180 degrees and then proceeding? I have created water airport and some ai boat traffic. On one route the boat starts facing in the correct direction and then moving straight out. The other has the boat starting facing in the opposite direction and then in backs out, turns 180 degrees and then proceeds. I have tried everything I can to modify the second route to work like the first route without success. Or is it just luck that the first route works the way I want it to? Thanks
  12. I have noticed that in Multi-player sessions if I exit and click on Change Role or Location and then select a different parking spot (gate/ramp) when I rejoin I am positioned in the saem position as before. Is there a way to force the change? Thanks