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  1. FYI AFAIK it would appear that engaging the hand brake has little or no effect on the DHC2 creeping forward with the engine idling BUT the 'ambitious pilot' pushback addon does. Also I found that engaging the pushback addon by pressing shift P works but selecting it from the 'menu' doesn't. Maybe I don't understand how to use it from the menu, not sure.
  2. Thanks again. Apart from the simulators pilots use I wouldn't think that any other simulator is perfect. And yes there would always be some 'thrust' from a fully fine pitch of the prop. I haven't noticed any problems with steering (with the water rudders fully down) apart from a very wide turning circle and I have no idea if that is true to life anyway especially with those long pontoons/floats. I have just found this Youtube tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6-LLEX0fm4) where the author mentions that using the ambitious pilot pushback prevents the beaver from moving. Maybe use of the parking brake aka mooring isn't required when using this pushback addon. I will experiment. At least I now know what to do.
  3. Thanks everyone. It seems that the parking brake will prevent 'creep'. I guess that as it is an amphibian the handbrake would work when parked on ground but on water? How would that work? Not possible. Unless of course it imitates being tied up to the dock? Engaging the anchor only works with the engine off - well that is what happens to me anyway. And yes ambitious pilot pushback helps here too to emulate ground/dock crew pushing the floatplane away from a dock and point it somewhere else as happens in real life where there is not enough space for the Beaver to be able to do a 180 degree turn using only the water rudders and tail rudder.
  4. Thanks. I now see that 'tips and tricks' and 'VR' are sub forums of the 'all encompassing' MSFS2020 I also note that others may have also 'fallen into the trap' in thinking that 'tips and tricks' or 'vr' needs to be selected and that they are not sub forums. On my screen it is not obvious there are in fact existing 'posts' in the 'top' forum unless I scroll down. Is there someone who can move my question there rather than have two threads for the same question in separate forums?
  5. Woops I DID post there (didn't notice the VR before). I could only find two forums for MSFS and the other one 'tips and tricks' (which I erroneously posted another question there some time again and 'got into trouble and so assumed (incorrectly) that the other oner was for everything else) What is the correct forum to post such questions? I didn't think there were any other forums for such a msfs specific questions?
  6. Not sure why this would be a VR type question as it is related to the control of the aircraft?
  7. I cannot stop the DHC2 Beaver Amphibian from creeping forward even at minimum throttle and prop pitch set to fully 'fine' ie lever pushed all the way forward. I use the 'tablet' to 'set' the anchor on however as soon as the engine starts the anchor automatically comes off. I have watched a YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abAMi_68TD8&t=713s&ab_channel=SprocketSimulations) which shows the Beaver sitting still at the dock even with the engine idling so there must be a method but I cannot find it. Can anyone tell me how to stop the DHC2 from creeping forward? Thanks
  8. The problem is that when a user selects the ornithopter it (seems to - I cannot remember selecting the special profiles) automatically load in the specific controls (keyboard and joystick profiles) for it and when you later select another aircraft (in my case the DHC2) the controls are still set to the ornithopter which results in many controls either not working or not working in a way you expect. I really take offence to that and have never seen controls automatically selected when selecting any other aircraft and if there are any other aircraft which loads different control profiles why then doesn't selecting the DHC2 result in its controls profiles being selected automatically) Sure I HATE the ornithopter and feel that it makes MSFS2020 almost an arcade game. Lastly I added this to the Hints and Tips (now moved) as it was meant to be a TIP for anyone who selects the ornithopter that they then check the controls profiles when not using it as it took me quite a while to work out why the keyboard and joystick controls for the DHC2 had gone 'haywire'. It wasn't meant to be an open slather on its merits or should I say demerits. [added later] In case I made a mistake I did the 'exercise' again. Started MSFS2020 checked that my normal aircraft (DHC2) was selected and the relevant control profiles. Started a new flight and selected the ornithopter and then checked what control profiles were in pace and as mentioned before, the control profiles had changed to those for the ornithopter. I then restarted a flight and selected the DHC2 aircraft and checked what controls profiles were loaded - yes still those for the ornithopter. This is $#@! annoying.
  9. It appears that selecting the new Ornithopter changes the default joystick and keyboard control 'profiles'. I selected the ornithopter just to 'have a look' and later found that when I changed back to the DHC2 some of my joystick buttons did not work and some keyboard commands (for control surfaces) did not work. Maybe it is normal for this to happen but if so why aren't there default keyboard/joystick profiles loaded when the DHC2 is selected?
  10. Please disregard the following. After looking to see if I could force any uninstalled updates in OPTIONS and noticing drop down menus were working there I tried again to start a flight and drop-down menus for airport work again. VERY STRANGE I had just finished my dinner and decided to do a flight. I started MSFS and got a message that it could not connect to the internet and also at the same time advised of an update. I closed MSFS and restarted hoping it could then connect to the internet and I did not get the message but also did not get the message that there was an update available. I continued on and attempted to start a flight however I cannot select any airport to start from let alone the position at an airport. All downward facing arrows do nothing when I click on them. I shut my PC down and restarted and started MSFS - same problem. I then opened the XBox app selected MSFS, clicked on the three 'dots' ie .... selected REPAIR Still the same problem. How can this happen? Do I need to uninstall and re-install. Gosh I hope not as that takes hours and hours. Any ideas? Please.
  11. Thanks for your quick replies. I didn't realise that I posted to the 'wrong forum' sorry. I thought if I chose MSFS Tips etc. Maybe that means it's a place to find tips not ask for them. GSX costs me AUD55 (about $US30) and if it doesn't work with floatplanes I have wasted that much. I will download the toolbar-pushback and see what it does.
  12. I have created scenery to emulate a real life water airport where aircraft (in real life) are parked in one particular direction (next to the dock) and to taxi to the (water) runway need to do a 180 degree turn after departing the dock and there is a pier opposite the dock and the very poor turning circle of the DHC2 Beaver prevents a 180 degree turn without touching the pier opposite. I imagine perhaps in real life a dock hand might manually push the front of the float away from the dock so that the floatplane is then angled away from the dock before the engine is started. I am wondering if there is a pushback 'tool' which allows the aircraft to be pulled forward and to (say the right) rather than being pushed backwards. I hope that I have made myself clear if not please ask for more information. Thanks John
  13. Thanks everyone So cockpit camera views (camera.cfg) can simply be copied to the community folder to work and taken precedence over the camera.cfg for that aircraft? And what is the folder heirarchy? Aircraft / 'folder name of the aircraft' / camera.cfg
  14. Well that download is still rubbish. I copied the download (folder named AIRCRAFT which contains many sub folders each one for a different aircraft) and 'fired up' MSFS and selected the Cessna Caravan and proceeded. After loading about 75% (according to the bar bottom of screen) it stalled. I waited nearly 5 minutes and then gave up but had to go to Task Manager to kill the process. Well after re reading the installation instructions I find that placing the downloaded file into the community folder will not do anything (well in my case it made MSFS 'hang' during loading). The files need to be copied to the MSFS aircraft folder as I tried firstly. I have deep six'd the download.
  15. Thanks Silly me I overwrote the camera.cfg files for the aircraft in the One Store folder as there was NO DOCS with the download and not knowing any better. I had no idea that .cfg files could be added to the community folder. I used content manager to remove all the cessna caravan aircraft lists (I tried the first one which didn't fix the problem) and then selected them from the not installed list and downloaded. Now all fixed. I will now try copying the downloaded 'camera view' file to the community file.
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