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  1. Thanks. I decided to go into (windows) joystick setup and everything including the throttle was smooth so I recalibrated the joystick. That fixed my throttle problem. How can joystick calibration change? Is this something that needs to be done every time there is an MSFS update or even every now and then?
  2. Every since the last MSFS2020 update I cannot get my Extreme 3D joystick throttle to behave. No matter how slowly I increase the throttle the aircraft throttle jumps back to the idle position. I have tried with 2 different prop aircraft and also changed the throttle setting to reverse which make no difference (except the throttle movement is then reversed). I do hope this forum is correct for such a question as I could not see any other forum which would suit the question better.
  3. Thanks for that tip. I already have ambitiouspilots-toolbar-pushback downloaded and installed so will try it out. I am wondering if it is possible for aircraft developers to add a 'control' to floatplanes so that not only do the mooring lines (often) at the end of the wings 'drop' down that the aircraft 'freezes' to the starting spot when a dock is selected (not when a 'runway' is selected). That would be really 'cool'. Some aircraft have 'chocks' etc so why not mooring ropes?
  4. I also tried that which results in the same problem. HOWEVER FreeFileSynch works like a dream and thanks again to Twenty6
  5. Yes that will result in everything stopping including animations won't it. I did not know that the tablet has this function (for the DHC-2) I am currently 'exploring' the DHC-2 but there are other floatplanes available requiring 'tethering'.
  6. NO emails from here in my spam folder. This is an ongoing problem for me ever since I joined Avsim some years ago. Just rechecked that my email address is correct in my 'account settings'.
  7. Thanks for that advice HOWEVER the folder C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator does not exist on my system. If have a folder named Microsoft in the Roaming folder but not Microsoft Flight Simulator. I am NOT using the steam version. Searching for (say) \Asobo_A320_NEO on my C drive finds it at C:\users\[username]\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects\Airplanes And if I attempt to copy from there I get message 'Your organisation does not allow you tom place this file here" hence the reason for this thread.
  8. Sorry. I didn't scroll far enough down the forums page to see that. BTW what do I need to do to get emails advising that I have replies to read. I have 'notify me of replies' set ON and I have a correct email address but never get emails advising of replies.
  9. Is there a utility or method which will allow all the different aircraft camera.cfg files? I tried to copy all the folders containing but MSFS will not allow that. It seems every time there is an MSFS update all the camera.cfg files get reset.
  10. I downloaded and installed and ran it with MSFS running but it doesn't seem to do anything unfortunately.
  11. Thanks but where do I find that? I have never heard of 'Lorby' and was surprised to find the web site after a search.
  12. When I start a new flight at a dock and the wind is blowing, my floatplane either gets blown away from the dock or onto the dock. Is there an 'anchor' like there is in Xplane which will prevent a floatplane from being blown away from its 'mooring'?
  13. Thanks anyway. Using the XBox app I have found the pest (FreeHandLyric3 who constantly sends request to be a friend) and found that I can BLOCK him. I would rather NOT but I am tired of constantly seeing his request in MSFS and I cannot accept or dismiss that request. Hopefully that will stop the request in MSFS.
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