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  1. I used to love EZdok in FSX, but after numerous attempts to get it to give me what I want in P3d....and many, many communications with EZdok, I have been unable to get what I want. ALL I want is the "movement" of the cockpit like EZdok and Chaseplane give, and I don't care about "Camera views". I just want to use my #7 and #8 buttons on my joystick (Microsoft FF2) to TOGGLE through my normal views (A and S) for views within the category and new category for EVERY plane in my stable. I've updated EZdok to their 2.89 update, but I cannot set it up to do what I want. I'm not stupid about this since I've been simming for well over 20+ years, and I've been able to get these realistic movements in EZdok when I flew FSX. Now I'm exclusively flying P3d 4.2 and everything I've tried does not let me toggle through my normal views in EVERY airplane. I feel it utterly confusing and difficult to get what I want. I've installed and uninstalled and installed and uninstalled several times. QUESTION: Is there a program out there that gives me dynamic movement and realistic head movement that has nothing to do with setting up camera views? That's all I want, and I thought I'd ask the forum if such a program like that exists. OR is it possible to get just that from EZdok or Chaseplane? Stan
  2. After much research, and help from you simmers, I FOUND THE RIGHT GAUGES TO MAKE MY RADIO STACK APPEAR: 737-400.dll Bendix_King_Radio.dll BoeingGeneric.dll After putting these into the gauge folder.....I got RADIOS! Thanks. Stan
  3. I am in need of the FSX 737 Radio panel (gauge). I'm getting a black panel when I hit Shift +_2. I have my FSX disks, and I just need to know what CAB (?) file it is so that I can reload it. Everything else seems good, except the Radio panel. Please let me know the easiest way to re-install this important gauge. Stan
  4. I now know what I did wrong. Very simple; stupid mistake. Downloaded 4.2 from Prepard site , but tried to run the client; content, and scenery from the download folder. I should have moved the files in the download folder to another folder created on the desktop or on a drive. Ive reinstalled flawlessly now and I’m using today to install the aircraft, scenery and other necessary pieces. Thanks for your help. Stan
  5. Thank you all for your help. However, the worst fear I had...happened. After trying a repair on content and scenery in control panel, I got error messages that couldn't find a root folder where P3d existed. I found it under Users, but it still did not install . I tried a RESTORE but that failed too. I have no alternative but to reinstall ALL of P3d. I'm uninstalling all relevant folders and files now, and tomorrow I will start the long process of a re-install. ORBX is my biggest nightmare because I have so much of that product. Something was messed up in Registry, perhaps, but whatever the reason, I'm glad I'm retired...because my work is cut out for me. Thanks again. Stan
  6. Can I install the new Content and new Scenery OVER the old without uninstalling? Stan
  7. I did do client first. Then content which gave me the message, and then tried scenery which gave us he same message. Perhaps I’ll uninstall NEW client, and then try to uninstall the others ( after a computer restart). We’ll see. Stan
  8. Hi everyone. I am enjoying a successful update from 4.1 to 4.2....but ONLY with the CLIENT upgrade. When I go to Control Panel and try to delete the CONTENT or the SCENERY from 4.1, I get a message that "The specified account already exists", and the uninstall aborts at that point. I WANT to install the new Content and Scenery, but this glitch won't allow it. What am I doing wrong, and how can I do a proper uninstall of these 2 areas and clear the way for the new segments? Thanks, Stan
  9. 2.0 WAS EVEN BETTER! Stan
  10. Thanks. That was what I was looking for. Stan
  11. Downloaded a 737 pack from Rickoooo and it has many liveries of 737 300,400,500. However they don't seem to be powerful enough. Climb power is weak, and can't get top speed past 305 knots. Had to climb at only 1400 fpm to keep from stalling. I know these are not PMDG quality, but I like them none the same. Is there a config edit that I can make to make these jets more powerful when it comes to horsepower , climb and top speed? Would appreciate your help. Stan
  12. Check out ARLO. Incredible. Stan
  13. FSX-SE

    I have not had an OOM since switching to P3d v4.1. I was at a point that EVERY flight in FSX was ending or being interrupted with an OOM. I was ready to give it all up, but pulled the trigger on P3d. I've never been happier and now I fly every day with scenery as far as the eye can see that is clear and non-blurry. Above all....I fly the whole flight and have satisfaction like I had back in the good old days. Stan
  14. Interesting. I didn't have to do that in FSX. My assigned joystick button (let's say button 8) would toggle me through all the views .....including the VC. Seems like this version of EZdok and/or P3dv4.1 doesn't allow that. Is that correct? Stan