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  1. FS Force is awesome. I've been using it since the FSX days and it has been upgraded all the way to P3dV5. Never used the built in FF in the sim....not realistic. FS Force adds tremendous realism. You have to turn OFF the FF in the sim for FS Force to work. They don't work well together. I was on Russell's beta team over 15 years ago. Stan
  2. Doesn't work with Russell Dirks' FS Force software. That's what makes FF2 joystick work perfectly...not violently. Russell emailed me and said his software will NOT work in P3dv6, and he's retired, so he is not going to make it compatible.
  3. Sorry. I have been quite vocal in many other threads on this forum, but in a "nutshell"...V6 was not revolutionary; in fact, it was not even evolutionary in my opinion. So very much that I and others have purchased over the years doesn't even work with V6. In Version 5.4+, I believe that EA with Active Sky and Cloud Art has truly gotten to a point where the weather and clouds are absolutely beautiful (definitely not checkered as in the past). I also enjoy my Microsoft FF2 joystick which works perfectly in V5 and MSFS, but absolutely not in V6. I also believe that the myriad of tweaks and fixes necessary for V6 to be relatively presentable is over the top! I am not going to mess around with my registry for a so-called brand new simulator. V5 is so superior with many addons including ORBX, that it will take quite a while for V6 to catch up. I also believe that LM should have not labeled this a brand new version. I, along with others, was expecting something akin to MSFS competitively. Something like Unreal Engine was being talked about. Should V6 have been a TRUE completely new Version, I would have been completely satisfied working with it. As it is, I did buy V6 on day 1 and have it residing inactively on an unimportant drive (X) where I have no programs actually running. I didn't return it for a refund. I guess I have hope that someday V6 will be what I envisioned. Version 6 looks like an anemic version of V5. The lighting was supposed to be better, but if you read this forum, you will find out that the lighting is NOT better. So many promises were made for this new version, yet almost everything I read in the forum regarding this version is about simmers trying to make it fulfill those LM promises. I hope that my explanation isn't "inconsequential". All of the above is of course, my "humble opinion". Stan
  4. Because I feel that strongly about it!
  5. 5.4 is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE sim. It is significantly better than 4.5, and especially V6! Stan
  6. 30 years ago! This is 2023, and we have no clear images after 30 years?
  7. UFO footage is NEVER clear...always "grainy". You would think that with the camera technology we have today in this world, that one time, 1TIME, we would be able to discern the UFO with clarity and EXTREME DETAIL! I don't get it! Stan
  8. EA with Active Sky and Cloud Art is pretty hard to beat in 5.4. Add to that all the great airports, ORBX, and so many planes that work perfectly in this version, and you have the perfect sim.
  9. Wow. That looks like a very early version of the simulator! Good luck with getting the help you need to fix that. In V6, I don't have the answer for you. But in 5.4, all the necessary airport enhancements and ORBX combine to make KLAS a beautiful place to fly in to or out of.
  10. P3d V5.4. Absolutely awesome and can accommodate many planes and scenery. Don't even think twice about it! If you have a lot of time, and you're into "tweaking" and are patient, and able to handle stress and anxiety in your flying experience, then get P3d v6. Stan
  11. I, too, am a little MORE than sick about P3dv6. You may have read my few posts on this new version. Although I downloaded it, it went into storage on my X drive in suspended animation on the first day and will remain there UNTIL it becomes a viable sim. I am using P3d V5.4 every day and it is a beautiful sim that I enjoy very much. LM came out with a sim that they should NOT have given (sold) us. Unless there is a completely new sim (Unreal Engine or something else), I will not re-animate V6. A lesson learned! How dare they call this a NEW version of P3d? It is not, and it requires so very much to make it acceptable according to the posts I read here on Avsim. I thoroughly enjoy all the planes and scenery and ORBX and my Microsoft Force Feedback joystick that I cannot foresee the day that V6 becomes part of my daily flying. Again...this is only my PERSONAL OPINION. Stan
  12. The LG C1 OLED 77" is my main TV. It's absolutely awesome. Never thought of using it for gaming. It's in the Family room! Stan
  13. Hope you're listening, Lockheed Martin!
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