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  1. spilok

    Installed Toposim. Nice, but.....

    OK. Will do that. Stan
  2. spilok

    Installed Toposim. Nice, but.....

    I'm familiar with that tool. I've used it even before I started using Toposim. Thanks. I'll keep track of the airports that bother me, and run the tool for each. Stan
  3. I installed Toposim mesh for the entire U.S. and Europe. I must say that I really enjoy what it's done for mountains, valleys, and land overall. However, so many airports are now on what looks like man-made elevations. Before Toposim, my airports looked more natural and somewhat more even with the land they sat on. I heard this was normal after installing mesh, but I was wondering if there is a universal fix for this. I'm OK with everything, but I'd like to correct this so that the airports are closer to the way they really are supposed to be. Stan
  4. spilok

    Desktop Speakers

    Bose Companion Series 3. Absolutely awesome. Stan
  5. spilok

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    Yes. 1 Terabyte SSD. About 8 minutes when putting in Orlando airport (KMCO). ORBX admits it's a problem. AND this is my system: Operating System: Windows 10 Home Edition (64-Bit) Chassis: NZXT S340 Elite Mid-Tower, Black Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 5, LGA 1151 Processor: Intel 8th Gen Core i7 8700K (4.8GHz Overclock) Six Core CPU Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Liquid Cooling System Memory: 32GB Corsair DDR4 SDRAM 3000MHz Graphics Processor: 11GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, PCI Express 3.0 System Power: 850 Watt Corsair RM Series Power Supply Sound Card: 7.1 High Definition Integrated Audio Primary Drive: 1TB Samsung EVO 860 Solid State Drive (SSD) Secondary Drive: 2TB WD Black 7200 RPM Mechanical Hard Drive Optical Drive: 20x DVD/CD Burner Drive (USB) Networking: Wired High-Speed + 802.11ac (WiFi) Wireless Ready Stan
  6. spilok

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    Love the scenery. But WOW....the loading time for KMCO was outrageously long. I'm hoping after the initial load, it might get faster, but I can honestly say I've never experienced loading times as long as this addon. Hopefully, in time, ORBX will upgrade the airport in Orlando. That would be welcome, indeed. The airport ( I know, it's not about the airport!), is truly anemic and surely doesn't seem busy. Stan
  7. spilok

    European airports

    Love the Polish airports by Drzewiecki Design. Warsaw and Gdansk are beautifully rendered. I'm a little biased since I flew there in person last May. Also love Romania and Bulgaria. Additionally, I just downloaded the Toposim Mesh for Europe and that makes a huge difference in the topography. ORBX offers so many great areas of Europe. Northern and Southern Germany, Ireland, and many smaller airports make Europe come alive. Start small and just enjoy. Stan
  8. spilok

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    W2DR, Now that sounds like a great idea. It also sounds like it will work. Did it!!! Stan
  9. spilok

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    That was my problem too. Intercepted pdfs! Why that happens, I have no idea. For a few months, it didn't do that....now all of a sudden, it's back to those unnecessary downloads. Stan
  10. spilok

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    I am humbled too. 950 gigs! INCREDIBLE. Stan
  11. Many downloads in Flight Sim are quite large....and I was wondering if you use a specific Download Accelerator for Flight Sim. I was using IDM or Internet Download Manager, but I started having some issues with its performance so I'm now looking for one that is "automatic", in that when I click to download anything, it defaults to the accelerator. Just curious if you have a recommendation for a good, simple, fast, and intelligent accelerator. Stan
  12. spilok

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Will get the Europe Package Today! Stan
  13. spilok

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Sun Devil, Your suggestion worked perfectly. Added North America to my Addon Scenery folder and installed it into the Scenery Library. Just flew a short flight from KLAX to KLAS and the mountains I saw were beautiful, and certainly not there before. Absolutely stunning seeing the peaks above the clouds. Looking forward to some other adventures tomorrow. I will probably get Toposim for parts of Europe that I fly frequently. Thanks for your help. Stan
  14. spilok

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Just North America this time. Includes 7 downloads from the East coast to the West coast.
  15. spilok

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Downloaded Toposim. Seems there are 7 folders in the North America download. Each one, however, looks identical with (1) Toposim folder (2) Continents folder (3)North America folder (4)Scenery folder, and then different BGLs in each. Little confused after reading docs as to how to install in P3d. Do I create one North America Folder, let's say in my Addon scenery folder, and put all the BGLs in the Scenery folder, and then load into Scenery Library? Would like a step by step on this so I do it right. If you can help, I would appreciate. Stan