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  1. Yes, I did that and found that link. I'm looking for a better setting. I've tried increasing the ARS to 0.050000 and changed it back to 0.000000. I'm trying to just brighten my VC...NOT the outside scenery. 0.05 is way too bright and 0.00 is too dark. I am playing with numbers in between. Is there a way to just brighten the VC and not the outside scenery? It may be something else in the config that helps...that's why I'm asking. Stan
  2. When I "investigate" this setting, what should I find, and what should it be? Stan
  3. I went BACK to 445.98's after experiencing blurries at FL30 over and over again. I had to change something in Graphics settings (usually autogen density) to return to normal. Had to do it several times. Maybe just a coincidence, but I've had good luck with the 98's. Stan
  4. Yes. Thanks. That was it. Found it and all fixed. Feels and looks great....just like in P3dv4! Stan
  5. Thanks. I did the same thing, and moved it to V5. It works great; however, when loading P3d, it does show about 10 airlines that "objects have the same name". I'll figure out how to remove them. Stan
  6. Regarding UT Live.....I don't have V4 on my computer. I want to use this for V5. UT Live doesn't recognize V5. Where do you install it and what about Simconnect which is required to use it? How do you get it to point to V5 (which I have on a separate hard drive all by itself)? Thanks. Stan
  7. I was a happy user of UT Live for P3d. Are there any simmers using it in V5? If not, do you recommend another traffic program for V5 that doesn't kill the sim on frames? Stan
  8. Really enjoyed this conversation. Glad that it created some interest among some loyal football fans. I must have kept Chock up last night, because he was still answering my questions at around 9PM my time. It had to be about 2AM in the UK. I should have been more considerate, but I really didn't think about the time until afterwards. Thanks again....plan to do some flights in and around Liverpool and Manchester today! Stan
  9. Very interesting, indeed. I will pay attention to your channel vids. What scenery package do YOU use for Liverpool and Manchester? Just curious. Stan
  10. Chock, Just used Lorby's and it sure did exactly what you said it would. Moved Liverpool and Manchester to the top and they looooook good! I really like Liverpool (John Lennon) airport, perhaps because I'm such a fan of the Beatles, but also because I find it in an excellent proximity to the rest of England and Ireland. It's not intensive on the frames and take offs and landings are quite picturesque over the cool looking bridge and various industries. I would like to visit Liverpool and the Cavern once the traveling restrictions are lifted and it's safe to travel again. Also love the sitcom, "Bread" which is placed in Liverpool. Perhaps one of the best British sitcoms that I really enjoy. I've seen the entire series, and I was hoping they'd renew the concept, but they haven't. Thanks again, Chock. Problem solved. Stan
  11. Thanks Chock, You're always there....and very helpful. Thanks again. Just downloaded Lorby Organizer. Stam
  12. I have a problem with one part of the world. LIVERPOOL, England! I purchased Digital Design's Liverpool when it came out for P3d4 and I recently purchased UK2000 Liverpool as well. Here's what happens and I'm totally perplexed by it: It doesn't matter which Liverpool I install ..... it works right after I install it, but it disappears 1 or 2 days afterwards. It's still in my P3d Scenery Library, but the scenery reverts back to default Liverpool after about 24 hours. I have installed this scenery no less than 20 times, and it still disappears. When I used Digital Design Liverpool in P3d4, it did the exact same thing. Now in version5, UK 2000 is doing the same thing. The scenery is also greyed out in the Library, and that is another issue which bothers me. I bought Manchester and Liverpool from UK2000 at the same time, and Manchester always stays there. Liverpool, like the Beatles, disappears! If you know why this is happening or have a clue for me, I would appreciate it. Stan
  13. Make sure you SAVE it after you set it. Stan
  14. Happy that it worked for you. It works for me on all flights so far. I'm enjoying this setting. Stan
  15. I don't fly without my Microsoft FF2 joystick. I've even bought additional ones on EBay because I fear that someday they won't be available. AND are they priced high on Ebay. There are many devotees of this stick. WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME FOR MICROSOFT TO INTRODUCE A BRAND NEW FORCE FEEDBACK JOYSTICK! I will be first in line for one, and I'm sure it will sell heavily in the simmer market, as well as other markets. Stan
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