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  1. spilok

    Nvidia 416.81 Drivers. Excellent.

    Why do I go to the latest driver? That's simple. I always upgrade my software when requested on my LG or Samsung TV's , my DVD Blu-ray, my printer, my Router firmware, my iWatch, and my iPhone (I'm actually a beta tester for software on the iPhone and iPads for Apple). In just about every case, the software upgrades have improved or added to the features of the older software. Besides, with NVidia, I CAN ALWAYS GO BACK. I do clean installs and save all my old drivers in a folder on my one hard drive. In the words of Bill Gates....."If it ain't broke.....BREAK it! " After all, progress can only occur if we break with older methods, and attempt to try the new methods. Stay with the old if you like, but I'll keep attempting to curiously "investigate" the new developments in my hobby. I'm glad I didn't stick with FSX. It was running alright, I guess. But the vast improvement promised by P3d attracted me to try it, and boy, am I glad I did! Stan
  2. spilok

    Nvidia 416.81 Drivers. Excellent.

    Thanks for the "heads up". I WILL check it out. Stan
  3. Downloaded the new 416.81 Nvidia Drivers yesterday, and I love them. Very smooth and very clear. Hope others feel the same way. No jitters or stops. Everything looks good. Let me know if you agree. Stan
  4. NO MORE TWEAKING! How does that sound? With P3d v4, and all P3d's before, there is NO MORE TWEAKING. You don't use Nvidia Inspector, you don't use bufferpools, you don't use or NEED anything. The 64 bit program runs flawlessly and I've never tweaked a thing. Actually, it's discouraged! I was an FSXer for many years. After the switch about 2 years ago, I've experienced ZERO OOM's and I've never had to tweak anything. The scenery is crystal clear as long as the eye can see, and the smoothness....ah, the smoothness, it's unbelievable, even in dense airports. Flight Simulator was meant to run on 64 bits...not 32. I just can't imagine spending a hard earned dime on anything that is literally antiquated. This is my humble opinion, but I can back it up. I do every day when I fire up P3d. Stan
  5. It's just sooooo refreshing and less stressful to have no crashes or memory exhaustions. P3d has made flight simulation extremely rewarding. FSX (32bit) gave me so many OOM's in the last days that I used it, that I simply concluded that this program DEMANDS 64 bit. I've never looked back. The vote of the OP confirms this. Stan
  6. spilok

    P3d replicates my life! Wonderful!

    These sim flights are especially meaningful if you use Active Sky and Rex Textures and set your time to the time of the actual flight. Love it. Stan
  7. spilok

    P3d replicates my life! Wonderful!

    Flightradar 24 is a phenomenal app. Use it all the time. Stan
  8. spilok

    P3d replicates my life! Wonderful!

    I do the same, Dave. If I can do it....the pros can do it better! Stan
  9. What do I mean by that? Well, in the last 6 months, my wife and I have traveled. We've flown the 787 (LOT Polish Airlines) from Newark (KEWR) to Warsaw, Poland (EPWA), and the LOT Embraer 175 from Gdansk, Poland (EPGD), back to Warsaw, and the 787-800 back home. That was in May. So, P3d has provided me with many hours of replicating these flights and enjoying them much more than if I had never visited this country and these cities. I now enjoy the 787-800 LOT plane in P3d, and I enjoy my new Poland scenery of Warsaw and Gdansk in a much more meaningful way. This month, in October, we traveled to Frankfurt on a beautiful 747-800 Lufthansa, and traveled on to Sophia, Bulgaria (LBSF) on a Lufthansa Airbus A-320. We toured Bulgaria, and coached to Romania and Transylvania ("In Search of Dracula and Vlad the Impaler tour). We flew to Munich on Lufthansa A-320 from Bucharest Romania (LROP). We boarded an Airbus A-340-600 for our return trip to Newark. We enjoyed these countries and cities so much that when I returned home, my enjoyment continued on and on by acquiring these airports and planes and REPLICATING my memories of it all over again. What am I trying to convey? Well, the VALUE of Flight Simulation in our lives is amplified so much more if it can be paralleled to our real lives. Vice-Versa, if you enjoy flying certain routes in simulation, perhaps you can replicate it in real life some day by going on a long awaited vacation or just going somewhere exciting for a "bucket list" check off. I now enjoy flying in EUROPE more than I ever have. I used to fly (in simulation) in the U.S. almost all the time, and now....Europe and all its wonderful countries has a very special appeal to me. EVERY day, I find myself flying from perhaps Sophia to Frankfurt or Romania to Warsaw...or whatever! It's really quite meaningful now. So in April, 2019, my wife and I will be going to Berlin, Germany for a week, and in September, we'll finally do a bucket list item...…OCTOBERFEST in Munich! Life is fun, and tying it to Flight Simulation makes it so much more fun …..for me, anyway! Stan
  10. spilok

    FSDG Cape Town Released

    Peter, My wife and I visited South Africa several years ago, and we flew to Johannesburg. Took multiple short flights into the bush where we did 2 game drives a day (photographic) to see the most beautiful animals we've ever seen in our lives. Unlike a zoo, these animals were clean and inspiring. Seeing an elephant in the wild for the 1st time actually brought tears to my eyes. We never got to Cape Town, and someday I hope to get there. What a beautiful country. I would take the 20+ hour flight back in a heartbeat! Stan
  11. spilok

    Want CORRECT sounds!

    Thanks for all the input. I often fly with wing views when possible. I just want to hear that unique whine when flaps are deployed or retracted. I hope developers will hear my request. Of course, all other sound (engine, etc) should also be as realistic as possible. Stan
  12. spilok

    Want CORRECT sounds!

    My wife and I flew to Warsaw (EPWA) from KEWR in May on the wonderful 787-800 (1st time on that plane), and we loved the flight to and from Warsaw. Very comfortable and smooth. However, I noticed the sounds of the flaps being a "whine" that was very distinctive. I would love to have that sound along with the other 787 realistic sounds. Now, on Monday, we are flying Lufthansa 747-800 to Frankfurt, and then on to Sophia (Bulgaria) and we will be there and Romania AND Transylvania for 10 days. I don't know the sounds of this plane yet, but will be very tuned in to the differences over the other 747's that I've been on. MOST IMPORTANTLY, is the trip back to Newark. We will fly to Munich from Bucharest and from there board the brand new Airbus A-350 for the trip home. On all of the YouTube videos that I've watched, the flaps on the 350 have a similar "whine" when extending and retracting. I hope to find the sounds that are realistic for this plane too. Are any of you in possession of accurate sounds for the 787, 747-800, and the A350? I know I'm being picky about this, but it certainly would make the sim more real. I've searched the various sites but have not found realistic sounds for these planes. Using P3d version 4.3. Stan ps. Perhaps my inquiry here will be a catalyst for sound developers to produce these sounds if they don't already exist.
  13. Really love these drivers. All stuttering has seemed to diminish. Stan
  14. spilok

    A change of sim?

    Those are absolutely friggin beautiful! Stan
  15. spilok

    Should I get P3D?

    I made the move about 2 years ago because of VAS issues. I've never had another one, and I just can't imagine why anyone would spend 1 dime on any plane, scenery, or whatever on FSX. To me (as a former business owner) that's spending good money after bad. P3d is the future. Accept it. Stan