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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED. No more Big Red X's! I decided that it was indeed a SODE issue as Ray and others have said. So, I went into C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml. There was an xml file in there that belonged to an older Heathrow version (UK2000) I had purchased a few years back, but wasn't using. I had actually deleted it from my system. I still use UK2000 products like Manchester, Liverpool, Luton and London City, but I no longer wanted Heathrow...but something better. When I purchased the Simwings version, I was impressed with it except for the red X's. The UK2000 Heathrow xml was STILL in there. I deleted it, and now everything looks beautiful without the X's. Thanks for all your direction. Stan
  2. I don't believe you get an option to CHOOSE SODE jetways during installation. Stan
  3. The config exe in EGLL does allow for runways and lighting, etc. but nothing regarding SODE. I'll keep looking. Stan
  4. I bought and installed Heathrow (from Simmarket). I got a "beautiful Serial number too! However, Heathrow is filled with big RED X's on every jetway and most planes. I've never seen this before. Anyone else have this? Stan
  5. OK. Today, I filed a dispute regarding the charge for this product from Simshack. My money will be credited. Now, I'll buy Heathrow and all future products from SimMarket (with whom I've done most of my business in the past) or any other company than Simshack. Stan
  6. Yes. I did so last night. Thank you. Hopefully, I will hear from them soon. The Support Ticket goes to this email: support@flyawaysimulation.com
  7. It IS Simshack's page where the message appears regarding the PIN number. There is no serial number on that page. Yes. I do have an account there. My download before Heathrow was Brandenberg Airport. The serial number for that airport is still on the Simshack page. So, it is only this download where the serial number is not listed. It also says on this page the following: SimShack is unable to provide technical support or assistance for using this product or any problems you may encounter after download. Please contact the developer directly using the following contact details (either email or web address). Stan
  8. I bought it from SimShack! Sorry. Stan
  9. I ordered, paid for, and downloaded EGLL from Simwings. I cannot install it because the SERIAL NUMBER was not sent. I have received all the post purchase emails from Simwings but when I click on the link that supposedly has my serial number it just says... PIN_NOT_AVAILABLE My email indicates a successful purchase. I have emailed Aerosoft because it indicated that they handled support problems. They emailed me back and said I should email Simviation...which I did. They indicated I have to contact Simwings directly. I cannot find any email address for Simwings support. Very unusual. I hope to get this solved, but it really is weird. If you know how to contact Simwings support, I'd love to know. Stan
  10. Yes. I assumed that this was the only one that was a viable option at this time. Thanks for the confirmation. Stan
  11. Is there a particular version of Heathrow scenery that is recommended by P3v5 simmers? I googled it and the one that comes up most frequently is the following: Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional Scenery for P3D. It's by Simmarket. It costs around $33 or so and if it's good, I will buy it. I see that UK2000 has Heathrow that was developed in 2014 but supposedly is good for all versions of P3d. Looking for a recommendation. Stan
  12. I downloaded and installed the Enhancement Mod, but I have one question: In the "readme file" it says that "The Working Title G1000 NXi is required for the G1000 styling changes to work properly". What does this mean and how do I make sure this is done? Stan
  13. Looks like it hit at the "knees" of the plane, so I say it was Tanya/s Tesla! Stan
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