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  1. Looks like you got it.
  2. Ray, Flew from Manchester to Brandenburg this morning,and treated myself to a big A380 (British Airways) for the 500 or so mile flight. I love the flexing wings and big Rolls Royce engines. However, about 140-130 miles from Berlin, at 30,000 feet, the plane hit some heavy winds, lightning and really stormy weather. My wings were rocking and rolling quite beautifully. Landed in Berlin with very nice weather and seemingly sunny skies. Good Luck to your team! Stan
  3. No. Just turn it off. I just do the OFF, not the super OFF.
  4. Have ALWAYS shut down before going to bed every night. It stays on all day for both my wife and me. Whether we agree or not, I do believe that starting it up helps load all the proper drivers the way they are supposed to be loaded. To attest to this belief, I notice that even simple RESTARTS during the day helps solve any issues I might be having because of the numerous travels I have made through all kinds of websites throughout the day. I often just do a PROPHYLACTIC restart before flying P3d every day because by the time I'm ready to fly, I've already visited numerous sites as has my wife. I just like to start clean before a long flight. I've found (right or wrong) that my flights are more trouble free after a restart. Thus, shutting down at night with all the complexities we have NOW in 2024 on the internet and other programs, makes a lot of sense to me. For me...it works! Stan
  5. Whew! That's a lot of dedicated work to make a simulator work. Sorry...I'm not willing to do that. 5.4 is superb and accepts EVERYTHING!
  6. Wow. I would say you're quite qualified to be objective. I certainly can accept your opinion. I'm sure others do too. I just see it differently for me.
  7. MSFS excellent for "eye candy" and slow VFR flying. That's how I use it! However, P3dV5.4 is my absolute "go to" simulator. It's absolutely awesome with its incredible addons and just pure enjoyment when flying long distances and ease of operation (especially with the AP). Can't wait to fire up P3d tomorrow. I just flew from Estonia to Frankfurt for real because my wife and I took a vacation to the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) and as I was flying into Frankfurt, I noticed that the skyline was incredibly beautiful and it looked exactly the same when I flew into Frankfurt in P3d. Perfect!
  8. I use Chrome Google or Microsoft Edge. It works great for me. Whatever works!
  9. When that first commercial comes on before your requested video, hit the F5 key. Computer only. Mobile devices require an adblocker or something like that. See if that works for you. Stan
  10. This too, is what I hope can someday happen. I will think "positive" with you and many others, I'm sure. LH definitely has the where-with-all to make this happen. I would completely support a brand new platform, and if many others would do it as well, the developers would likely follow.
  11. Looks like the majority of responses to this question are what I expected when I posted this. That's unfortunate, and I would hope that Lockheed Martin is reading this and does something about it.
  12. So, just curious, what is the verdict on V6 of P3d? I'm still using V5.4 very successfully and it's very compatible with just about everything. Is V6 a product still developing, or is it something that still has compatibility issues? I bought it when it first came out but it's residing in "suspended animation" on my X drive. I do want to activate it at some time in the future IF it becomes an improvement over 5.4. I don't seem to see that happening from what I'm reading (not reading) on the forums. I truly believe it should not have been released unless it was more of a threat to MSFS. Maybe V7 will be that...I'm just not sure. Stan
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