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  1. I thought about an EV before buying the IC BMW. However, I still think about "range anxiety" as being pretty real still. Additionally, the availability of charging stations seems to be a concern, along with the speed of the charging itself when you are in a hurry to be somewhere. I see Teslas parked outside a local restaurant for the better part of an hour charging while their owners are either "having" to eat at the restaurant or find a way to use the time constructively. Until super fast charging, charging station availability, and range anxiety are overcome, I will stick with an IC vehicle. Stan
  2. As we speak, there is a BMW 540 ix on the Marguerite Ace (car carrier ship) just off the coast of the U.S. with my name on it. It left Bremerhaven, Germany on the 23rd of April after being built to my specs in Munich. I've waited about 8 weeks for it...it seems the chip shortage hasn't affected BMW like it has Mercedes and other manufacturers. Although I've enjoyed Audis, Mercedes, and other cars over the years, I'm really looking forward to this BMW. It's 4.6 secs to 100 kmh (60 mph) and it has the MSport package. Actually uses a mild hybrid system that is 48 volts and adds 11 additional horsepower to the car. Stan
  3. I just bought it, and I'm extremely impressed. The STOL capability makes me "forget" about the burning desire I had for a helicopter. The low and slow flight coupled with the quick rotation made for a wonderfully satisfying first flight around Frankfurt. Seeing the airport from this ultralight's perspective makes the experience so rewarding. I'm looking forward to flying it in SO many places in this world. In the words of the infamous comedic couple, Cheech and Chong...."We don't need no stinkin' helicopters"! Stan
  4. I'm interested in Traffic Global based on what you are saying. I've read some pretty negative reviews of it also. I see it's available for p3dv5 and want to know if you're using if for that version. I'm currently using UTLive and it works well for me; however, I'm looking for a traffic program that doesn't affect performance, is easy to set up and provides realism. Would you say that Traffic Global would pass that test?
  5. Driver 461.92...hard to beat. Works flawlessly. Stan
  6. I click on this P3d Forum every day (several times a day) and look forward to seeing a message..."It's OUT, 5.2 available for downloading"! I sense that something is near, but I'm not totally convinced. My sim is running quite well in that I'm completing more and more flights without some kind of intervention. Usually if things get stuttery or something, I just click on the TIME menu and change the time by one hour. That brings the sim back to normalcy for the duration of the flight. I don't always have to do that, but I guess the memory (and DX12) gets overworked. Whatever, I still fly P3d so much more than any other sim and really enjoy it. I do believe, though, that the time is nigh. Oh well, half the fun is checking the forum for that message portending that flights will be smooth, beautiful, and somewhat predictable. Enjoy your weekend. Stan
  7. Love to have a HondaJet for P3dv5! There is an old one for FSX, but can't find anything for P3d. Anyone working on one? Stan
  8. I posted here, Pete, because there has been quite a bit of discussion regarding P3dv5 performance. I also thought I'd reach quite a few more forum members here who otherwise might not be connecting performance with FSUIPC. If UTLive obtains data from FSUIPC, then I guess it's possible that may be the reason I'm flying so smoothly. I certainly can re-engage FSUIPC and disengage UTLive. That would be a good experiment to confirm that. Stan
  9. I agree. I will continue to run objective tests. Believe me, I want to know the truth from my tests. I fly p3d EVERY DAY under all types of weather and various settings. I delete configs and delete shaders and do all the things recommended in this forum and elsewhere. The ONLY thing I’ve never done was deactivate FSUIPC...until yesterday.
  10. Not using NCP to force 30 hz. I’m using NCP to force 30 FPS. I’m running at 60 hz.
  11. I’ve also noticed that without FSUIPC my scenery doesn’t spontaneously “blur” as it has in the past. It didn’t blur all day yesterday during my flights. Perhaps if FSUIPC has an effect on scenery loading, as you say, it can also cause stutters to occur. That seems logical to me! I still have more experimentation to do. I’m not ready just yet to give this a ‘signed, sealed and delivered” judgement.
  12. Hi Ray, Here's the info for which you asked: Hardware: Jetline System (2 Years old) Windows 10 Home Edition (64-Bit) Chassis: NZXT S340 Elite Mid-Tower, Black Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 5, LGA 1151 Processor: Intel 8th Gen Core i7 8700K (4.8GHz Overclock) Core Six Core CPU Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Liquid Cooling System Memory: 32GB Corsair DDR4 SDRAM 3000MHz Graphics Processor: 11GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, PCI Express 3.0 System Power: 850 Watt Corsair RM Series Power Supply Sound Card: 7.1 High Definition Integrated Audio Primary Drive: 1TB Samsung EVO 860 Solid State Drive (SSD) NVMe SSD: 1TB Samsung EVO PLUS 970 Solid State Drive (SSD)NvMe NVMe SSD: 1 TB Sabret SSD Secondary Drive: 2TB Mechanical Drive LG Monitor 4K 32" running at 60Hz Vsync and Triple Buffering OFF Ai is UTLive (love it) 8 MSAA 2048 Resolution 3842x2160 monitor resolution Terrain and Scenery almost fully right Unlimited set in sim. 30 FPS set in NVCP The AIRCRAFT is cancelled out because I use the SAME aircraft when I'm having the high stuttering and extreme pauses. Tonight I flew the Virtualcol CRJ 700. I love this package with 200's, 700's, 900's, and 1000's. I am not flying PMDG type aircraft here, but I wasn't flying them when I had issues either. So that's a "wash"! Tonight I flew the CRJ from Krakow to Warsaw. Landed. Flew from Warsaw to Tegel. Landed. Flew from Tegel to Frankfurt. Landed. ABSOLUTELY NO stutters, pauses or anomalies. I am getting more and more convinced that I am on to something here. I may be going against the grain with this, but I'm having one great time flying with zero issues. I will continue tomorrow. If I have the same issues, I will report quickly. Honest! Stan
  13. I hated to bring this topic up, of course. I know most will say everything is fine when they use the utility. Again, I NEVER use AutoSave in FSUIPC. All I did today was fly without FSUIPC, and on my rig....I noticed a difference and very smooth flying for hours. We'll see. If it works for you, fine. It's an experiment! Experiments succeed or fail. We all have the same common goal when flying in P3d. Stan
  14. I love FSUIPC and I've used it and all its versions for many years. I even use it to "toggle airport names" so that I can identify airports throughout the world by editing the CONTROLS folder in P3d. However, today, I tried a little experiment suspecting that FSUIPC "may have" an impact on P3dv5 performance (FSUIPC ver.6). I will keep my experiment going every day to see if I can replicate my conclusions. I disabled FSUIPC today and answered "no" when P3d asked me if I wanted to enable it upon start. I can honestly say that I flew from Philadelphia to Burke-Lakefront, Ohio (KBKL) in Active Sky horrendous real weather including winds, rain downpours and fog (Allegiant Airbus 320), landed, and turned around. I flew then from KBKL to KBOS, and back to Philly. I then changed planes and took off in an Embraer 145 and headed to Buffalo (KBUF). Again, all flights encountered weather that was extremely challenging. I landed in Buffalo and throughout the entire series of flights, I did not have a single extended PAUSE, or any STUTTERS. I cannot remember flying P3dv5 with at least a single episode of stutters or pauses...some of which make me have to start P3d over, because the pause extends for many minutes. I know I've read where FSUIPC does not impact performance; however, I truly believe it seems to for me. As I said, I will continue to experiment with this exclusion until I'm positive the impact is real. If it does not hold up, I will be very quick to acknowledge it to this forum. I try to think of all programs that I use, and my goal is to have pleasant, error free flights. I still cannot believe how beautifully P3dv5 performed today. Stan Ps. I have NEVER used Auto Save in FSUIPC...so that is not the reason for these results.
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