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  1. Huge fan of everything ORBX, and really can't fly without it. Now....my "shameless" plea: Would ORBX consider adding KABE (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton International Airport), my hometown airport, to it's North American Sceneries? KABE is close to New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey airports, and an important one based on its location. Looking forward to a positive response from ORBX. Please! Stan
  2. spilok

    How much do you spend on addons?

    Just donated $20. BEST $20 bucks I've ever spent. GO AVSIM! You've helped me so much over the many years, and I'm truly grateful! Stan
  3. spilok

    Carenado Saab 340 thoughts?

    Does the new Saab 340 have the default GPS available? Stan
  4. Looking for some forum members opinions on the new Carenado Saab 340. If you have it, I would appreciate hearing your opinion about the plane. I've always loved this commuter since I've flown on it several times. Also want to know if it uses the default GPS from Microsoft. Stan
  5. spilok

    Ultimate Traffic Live using P3d v4

    Downloaded UTLIve today, set my traffic at 50% and loved it. No perceptual difference in Frame rate or performance. Good to have airplanes around instead of empty airports. Using P3d v4. Stan
  6. spilok

    Latin VFR Miami V4 Update Released

    Not only are my runway lights bouncing, but I now see the airport trains flying above the airport. Anyone else see these flying trains? Stan
  7. spilok

    Just Flight's C152 released!

    I have the Carenado 152. Wonder how this one compares to it? Please let me know if you have both. Stan
  8. Mark. I just downloaded it . Thanks. Secondly, Milviz emailed me and gave me a link for the 4.2 beta version for the MD530F. Works great but requires very little throttle. Too much throttle makes the engine die, and she crashes to the ground. Easy throttle seems to be the only solution to smooth flight. But it WORKS in 4.2 Stan
  9. Actually....I meant the MD 530F. Sorry. Stan
  10. I bought the Eurocopter AS350 ASSUMING I'd see a P3dv4 in the executable. No. Paid for it and now I don't have the right version. Hopefully, I'll soon see the correct version from Milviz. I picked version 3 when I bought it but again, ASSUMED I'd see a p3dv4 when I hit the exe. You know what they say about A-S-S-U-M_E. Stan
  11. spilok

    Chaseplane (ezdok) question

    tBoy, have I been through this! Whew! I used to use EZdok in FSX and was very pleased. ALL I want are the "effects" on the cockpit. I was not interested in all the camera views. After months of talking to EZdok, they finally said that I could not do that. My default camera views were all changed and I couldn't even get back to my VC view. They wanted me to set a keyboard key to get back to VC. It worked for one plane, but certainly not all the others. I tried so very many suggestions by EZdok, but nothing worked. They are more interested in the views than the effects when it comes to their new version for P3d. I've bought Chaseplane, and even though its better, it's still a bit of a challenge to JUST GET the effects on every plane without going through the myriad of setting adjustments to just get what I had and loved in FSX. If only someone would come out with a program to give me the wonderful moving effects in the cockpit and not MESS with my default views, I would be happy camper. Seems it doesnt' exist. I want to set up my default plane and have it work on ALL other planes in my stable without me having to adjust each one. I've uninstalled both EZdok and Chaseplane because neither gives me what I want. All I want is for every plane to experience the effects, and I couldn't give one d_ _ _ about all the camera views. I'm happy with my default views. Stan
  12. spilok

    FlyTampa's Boston Released!!

    Rafal, Thanks. That link worked. Stan
  13. spilok

    FlyTampa's Boston Released!!

    I, too, cannot activate the Boston Rebooted download. Seems I get this message: "Data File Missing, please ensure you also downloaded C:\Users\ (name)\App Data\Roaming\IDM\Fly Tampa\Boston_Rebooted.dat" I've tried to download what I see as Dat program I SimMarket, but it comes up as gibberish. What's the secret to putting these 2 files together so that I can activate my purchase? Stan
  14. Thanks for the clarifications. Stan
  15. I read somewhere that if the need for re-installing P3d were to be necessary, that you could save your ORBX file and transfer it into the P3d folder after the re-installation. Is that true? I say this because the only "painful" part of reinstalling the program (should something happen to make that necessary) is re-downloading all the ORBX stuff (Vector, Global, PNW, Rockies, Etc, Etc. Etc.). Something may have happened that may require a reinstallation of version 4.2. If I have to do it, I would like to be able to just transfer the whole ORBX file and not have to redownload all the ORBX sceneries that I have purchased. Stan