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  1. spilok

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    Got my new Jetline computer. However, I did solve the BSD on my old Jetline by removing Malawarebytes. Stan
  2. FF2 is the best there is. Have been using it for many, many years. MUST use Dirk's FF2 software because it makes all the difference. I buy several on Ebay because I'm afraid of unavailability in the years to come. I have 4 of them ready to go. Stan ps. I can't imagine hitting the runway with NO FEEL at all! ONLY FF2 gives you a feel on taking off and feeling the tarstrips and landing and feeling the force of the landing. NO joystick available other than the Microsoft FF2 gives you the feeling of take-off and touchdown.
  3. spilok

    Prepar'd 4.3 compatibilty questions

    I would think that the New York scenery is ALSO NOT compatible at this point. Stan
  4. One of my favorite sceneries is the Drzewiecki Design for New York City. My new installation of Prepar'd 4.3 doesn't seem to recognize it to be installed. I know I was using it in 4.2. Same is true for Celosim KJAX. I was wondering if these were working for any of you have upgraded to 4.3. Upon trying to install, I get a message that Prepar'd isn't recognized in my Registry! I've done a lot of installing of planes, other sceneries, all of ORBX and have had ZERO PROBLEMS. Why is the sim not being recognized by some of these programs? Stan
  5. "If.... if....if" When Microsoft gave up on me, I gave up on them and went to the wonderful world of 64 bit simulation. That would be P3d, now version 4.3. Constant improvement. That works for me and I will never understand the diehard FSX'ers who haven't gotten the message yet. Stan
  6. spilok

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    CC cleaner seemed to help, and I got a day and a half with no blue screens....but, alas, they came back. So far, over 5 days without Malawarebytes, and no blue screens. Go figure! Stan
  7. SOLD! Thank you for your interest, fellow simmers. I know the simmer who purchased this will be very happy with it's performance. Stan
  8. spilok

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    Not a single BSD since I removed Malawarebytes. Thank You. Stan
  9. My new computer is coming next week, therefore, I will reduce the price of this great flight sim system to $500. DELIVERED. Stan
  10. spilok

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    Yes....that's interesting. Malawarebytes was installed prior to the blue screens! Hmmm? Stan
  11. I would think that $850 is a fair price....delivered in U.S. free. This is a response to a recent inquiry. Stan
  12. That's OK Zmak…..although you're right, I know that this system works beautifully for P3d 4.3 (using it now until my new system is built). I NEVER have OOM's, and the scenery is crystal clear while the planes fly with fluidity and rarely do I get stuttering. I have tons of addons including most of ORBX, UTLive, Rex4 Textures, Active Sky for P3dv4, and scores of planes. I can honestly testify that whoever buys this system (beginner or not), they will be very happy with it. Also, some simmers have a budget and may not have the funds for the ultimate system. This is the best alternative for that. Give me a price and you may get a system for a "Bargain"! Stan
  13. Yes, you're right BUT I believe this is beyond a "starter system". Although there are bigger video cards, and other enhancements available today, this system "rocks" and can handle P3d with almost all sliders to the right. Stan
  14. spilok

    v4.3 Mesh All over The Place

    Force a MIGRATION in FTX Central and all will be OK. Stan
  15. spilok

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    I thought so too.....but, that wasn't it. After a day or so, we had a couple of blues. I downloaded CC Cleaner yesterday and after an analysis, there were a ton of cookies and various other temp files, etc. etc. I deleted the recommended files and had NO blue screens all day. In the 2nd day now, so I'll keep you informed. Everyone points to a "hardware" issue when blue screens appear. I believe them, but I also think that cookies and unwanted files can create havoc with a computer. We'll see. Stan