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  1. I’ve never understood the need for developers to lock their addons to a specific point release/build. Literally, one of the biggest pain in the asses surrounding P3D.
  2. I’m seeing the same, Dom.
  3. A MSFS DX12 crash bug was introduced in Nvidia driver version 531.41 and silently added to the Open Issues list. Personally I would run a driver version before 531.41, since the DX12 bug would also be present in 531.79. Or if you run DX11, it doesn’t matter. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/518199/geforce-grd-53179-feedback-thread-released-5223/ *[Microsoft Flight Simulator] Game may randomly crash when playing in DX12 mode after updating to driver 531.41 [4051526]
  4. It’s simple. Games run without GFE. All of them. The better question to ask is what does GFE add to the gaming experience? Driver updates? Nah, can do that myself. Profiles? Nah, I can adjust my own game settings.
  5. No, it’s not. It’s an open forum. He can give his opinion.
  6. I picked one up to mess around with. I’ll try and get it installed today. Yes, I’m going “backwards” from a 3080. Frankly, I’m tired of Nvidia’s arrogance, pricing, low VRAM for the money, and garbage drivers. I realize Intel has a ways to go with their drivers, however they’ve made great strides since launch. The 16GB of VRAM doesn’t hurt either. I’m more than happy to support a third video card option and if they can get their bleep together, hopefully it drives overall prices back to a reasonable level over the coming years.
  7. These guys are on a roll. Just amazing.
  8. The dev has released an update for KSTL: -V2.0 features completely reworked textures increasing performance 200% -reworked terminal lighting -optimized for maximum fps -Highly detailed accurate model of St. Louis Lambert International Airport for MSFS -Correct and working AFCAD - 2023 airport layout - functions for all runways for ATC direction for both user aircraft and AI -PBR textures for both buildings and ground -full dynamic HDR nighttime lighting -Ground clutter modeled after the actual photos -Over 100 custom modeled buildings
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