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  1. Sure has come a long way since Jane's F/A-18!
  2. Why "Full Dynamics" instead of "Global Automatic" in ASCA?
  3. This is fantastic news. It'll be my first purchase from them so I'm very interested in the quality.
  4. Jeroen, How about taking pics of plain-jane P3D clouds (without ASCA, ENVTEX, and SF)? That would be a good indicator if SF was installed or not in your earlier screenshots.
  5. Congrats, Shaun! I've been looking forward to this airport.
  6. Fellow simmers, the sale ends tomorrow on the 3rd.
  7. Also, iFly's 737 is on sale TODAY for $56, which includes the following models: 737-600/700/700ER/800/900/900ER/BBJ/BBJ2/BBJ3
  8. Yes, and very reasonably priced. They had a disaster of a launch exactly a year ago, but have improved the plane immensely with frequent patches/support since then. Stay away from the Aerosoft CRJ. It's still not ready for prime time. FSLabs A320 would also fit your needs however it is a bit more expensive.
  9. And they also promised "enhanced airports". They've released exactly one: KSLC. KDCA has been "in development" since 4 DEC 16. They also insinuated that many more were to follow: "There are a number of airports within the simulator that were originally developed containing custom terminal graphics. Although these airports will now globally benefit from REX Worldwide Airports HD, some terminal textures will not be affected. We are re-developing these airports with proper detail and customized textures throughout, and as they become available we will update this area."
  10. I thought the exact same.
  11. You sure are getting worked up over someone's opinion about a virtual airplane. Think about that. I, for one, appreciate everyone's opinion/feedback they leave here about a new product, pro pilot or not. My initial reaction to the $75 price tag for a beta product was one of an incredulous manner. Guess I've been burned too many times (but also, I'm to blame. I was the one to press the "purchase" button). The further replies to this thread have made me realize I overreacted because it appears CS may have produced a very nice airplane.
  12. And it's also a safe assumption that many others buy the AS/ENVTEX products at a discount.
  13. This really needs to be said again.
  14. After reading the impressions today, I'm sticking with ASP4+ASCA+ENVTEX. It just works.
  15. $75.70 US ?????????? [REMOVED]