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  1. Carenado Fokker F50 - Battery issue

    It's Carenado.
  2. New 310R from Milviz

    On FB, Milviz indicated they found a bug and deactivated the sale. They also said it will hopefully be back on sale next week.
  3. Purchased (upgraded). Can't wait to take her up.
  4. DELTASSSSS dogs (23 4K images)

    That paint job on the 717 needs some love. I've never cared for the default Tfdi Delta livery. Looks too generic and clean.
  5. Well, that snuck in under the radar! Thanks, OP. A very reasonable upgrade price also.
  6. ORBX 50% SALE

  7. Aerosoft Bronco? For P3D v4 - a new purchase?

    Not new per se, but they did create a P3D4 installer for the Bronco. If you owned a previous version, the v4 installer is free.
  8. PMDG moving to own forum platform

    I'm sure they are working on a transition announcement that everyone will see, not only here but at multiple outlets.
  9. Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    "We're going ballistic, Mav !!!!"
  10. Business Jet for P3D v3.4 - help needed please

    Only with Bert's mod on the Phenom 300. The S550 has integration out of the box.
  11. Business Jet for P3D v3.4 - help needed please

    In my opinion, "no" due to the reason I listed. Please do not think I'm venting on you, Ray. I'm just tired of that site's "reviews" because simmers like yourself will think they are buying an excellent product, when in reality the "review" has left out half the information. I have both of the jets you mentioned, however I use the GTN750 in both. I have not tried the Phenom 300 in its plain vanilla G1000 state. FS Mania has a wonderful 3-part video series that details the Phenom 300 with the G1000. Here is part 1. It is well worth the watch. Edit to add: I concur with most here. Go with the XP Lear.
  12. Business Jet for P3D v3.4 - help needed please

    Of course it did since Mutley's refuses to mention systems/avionics accuracy and performance. Why do they continue to ignore this important aspect in every single review? At that point, it's a non-review. Honestly, with the Carenados you really need the GTN750 along with Mr. Pieke's mods. They bring the planes and jets to near perfection. (The S550 v2 being the exception since it does work right out of the box with the GTN750.)
  13. I flew on that 8am LAX-SJC flight once a week during the summer of 2001. AA2764
  14. Flythemaddog is released.

    TSS has a post on FB from a few days ago that indicates they are working on a new MD-8X HD sound pack.
  15. Flythemaddog is released.

    I think I'll give TSS a shout to see if either: It works out of the box. If not, are they updating the sound pack?