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  1. Base A320 $140 A319 $50 A321 $60 (but why would you buy this since it's essentially superseded by the 321 sharklet) A320 and A321 Sharklet Package $80 So essentially, $140+$50+$80 = $270 (A320, A319, A320SL, A321SL) or $330 if you really, really want the base A321 also.
  2. Nope. No issue with Paypal in conjunction with SimMarket here. Works every time.
  3. The pricing structure completely benefits someone who does not have the standard A321. Not so much for current A321 owners.
  4. Why would you go to v4? Why not entertain v5?
  5. I finally just bought it, so yes, it will be on sale shortly. 🤣
  6. For faster support, I would e-mail Shaun from SXAD. Always gets right back to me via this method. sxad (AT) outlook.com
  7. You're probably thinking of Resizable BAR, which is different.
  8. 100%. The feed was awful yesterday.
  9. Do you detect any difference compared to your old PC builds?
  10. Thanks! Been waiting for a good price.
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