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  1. Sorry for necroing (I hope being the OP will cut me some slack). Recently I've started seeing lots of blurries in my setup. My current setting is with FPS unlocked + RTSS in Scanline x/2 (thanks to you all). It's smooth, but easily goes blurry. After not bearing the blurries anymore, I tried the following: 1) 30 FPS lock + RTSS in Scanline x/2: crisp, but stuttering a lot. 2) 30 FPS lock + FFTF=0.10 + RTSS in Scanline x/2: crisp, and almost as smooth as in my current settings. However, the other day I ended up in fullscreen mode and saw some serious tearing that RTSS did not fix at all. I decided to compare RTSS in Scanline 1x with D3DOverrider (with Vsync and Triple Buffer set). Leaving FPS unlocked in both, not only D3DOverrider was actually smoother than anything I may get with RTSS, but also the tearing disappeared. So, in conclusion, this is actually the very first time I've ever seen actual Vsync in action. Now, although now I have a good option to live with (#2 in my list before), I insist: does anybody know how to force true 1/2 Refresh Rate Vsync in a Win10 laptop for FSX? Nvidia Inspector does not achieve anything, and I can't change my laptop display's refresh rate to 30 Hz.
  2. Thanks. Too specific to be able to compare with a METAR
  3. In my laptop display (60 Hz) it looked choppy at full screen. After casting to my Samsung 32"TV (using Chromecast), it looked smoother. I don't know why...
  4. What are the minimums for liftoff? This is a forecast of Cocoa Beach (some few miles south of the launching pad), and I don't like it: https://www.windguru.cz/206988
  5. My parents won´t like that: they have been stuck there for almost 2 months (since the original trip return date, now reprogrammed for July... unless a repatriation flight is available).
  6. Check if the CLS 767 VC model is done using FS9 or FSX SDK. If it's the former, you're limited to merging the 2D panel.
  7. Right now I'm using Windows Defender + Malwarebytes (but only for manual scans). For reference, NickN recommended using NOD32, but he wrote his guide back in 2013. As of today, which antivirus program do you recommend (preferably free)?
  8. Does it have anything special, when compared with the current GPS (the one available since FS9)?
  9. I'm actually Colombian, but living in Argentina. I'm not as sensible as some people here, that get offended because someone uses "Falklands" when speaking in English (really?). So, no offense taken at all 😊 I'm also looking forward to fly this plane!
  10. Steam reports me 212 hours in FSX. I guess at least 180 were since I purchased my laptop 8 months ago. I didn't keep any logs for FS9 since I started flying in 2005. By rule of 3, make it 3500-4000 hours flown.
  11. Gracias José Luis! I had seen this PDF before, the one that covers how to fly the 777. Thanks a lot. However, what I'm trying to find is the part explaining how to setup the plane and FSX, regarding performance. This is what I'm actually looking for.
  12. After skipping all the politically-charged parts (of which I don't feel like discussing), it turns to be a very interesting documentary. Thanks for sharing, Bill! I didn't even know about the Pulqui. Maybe the fact the only surviving Pulqui is not stored here but in Buenos Aires explains why I was never aware of this until now. For reference: the plant where all these Argentinean aircraft were developed is just 8 km away from my apartment. Just search for Fábrica Argentina de Aviones (or simply FAdeA). They still do exist, although now they are more a MRO and a component supplier (for the Embraer C-390 mostly) than an aircraft factory. Too bad I can't go and take a look during this lockdown.
  13. Hello everyone. I've stumbled upon this thread: However, the page linked there does not host this guide anymore. I messaged the author, but he no longer keeps a copy of this. Googling resulted also in broken links and Error 404 everywhere, and the Wayback Machine was useless for this. Does anybody still have this document?
  14. I had uninstalled the Texan because I didn´t feel its handling as comfortable as the PC-21. Now your pictures made reinstall the plane.
  15. Ouch. There's no TCAS requirement for GA, right?
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