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  1. I've started seeing a blinking black square (4x4 pixels, give or take) in the center of my screen. That's while running DX12 and the FG mod on.
  2. Oh hahaha, I had my hopes high. It's the only plane I haven't been able to carry on from FS9. No problem, thanks for your reply!
  3. Well, we've got the sims for learning and/or tweaking. What better mental gym than that?😝
  4. I think I never touched that: I use FSUIPC for calibrating my controls (as in all my sims since FS9). But, because you asked, I double checked: all my stick sensitivities and dead zones (for pitch, roll and also yaw) are at 0%. Neutrals are also at 0%, while reactivities are set at 100%.
  5. Still no fix for "runway in use" stuck at calculating...😔
  6. That's correct: as soon as I got wrist forces down to a value I liked (by using lighter springs and moving the joystick from the desk to a mount below), it all started feeling natural for me.
  7. When I changed to my current controllers (from an X-52 to a Gladiator NXT L), I had a bit of hard time adjusting to the stick in the left hand. I'd like to say how much did I take to get used, but actually, I never noticed. I simply stopped thinking about this. I only cared about wrist forces (which coud have easily affected either hand).
  8. Hard to take this article seriously when the author is named Rick Astley 😂
  9. What do we get there that we don't get in the included EFBs (both P3D and MSFS versions)?
  10. ATC in FS9 had something that FSX didn't: the relaxed ATC mod. That's what I used before going to PF3.
  11. Sorry for hijacking the thread, but which A380 is the one you use?
  12. Not sure about the price point: I paid $50 in 2020 for the Blackbox widebodies (I wanted an A330-200 and an A340 a lot). While the VC was horrible, the 2D panel could make up for this (I still miss 2D panels in MSFS). What matters more: is the LVFR A340 actually better than thee BBS one, regarding systems and flight dynamics? It's clear the LVFR one is a lot better regarding visuals.
  13. IIRC, the old UTOPIA app allowed you to create your own takeoff data. I never tried doing so, but I still use this app for the PMDG 747 and 777 in P3D (no way I'm paying $77 for just some takeoff calculations and a flawed C*U law). Maybe these Simbrief calculation parameters can be uploaded by third parties (i.e., dedicated enough simmers)?
  14. Yay! Several of my planes in all my sims (from FS9 to MSFS) don't have any takeoff calculator or a profile in UTOPIA...until Simbrief implements this at last 😁
  15. I used to prefer Flight1, until they discontinued their 30-day refund policy. Now I have no preference at all: simply anything but Simmarket (I've had very unpleasant issues with them).
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