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  1. FSX-MS

    A380, the only freeware I've seen is the FS9 one done by Project Airbus. The version with the PA gauges is all XML (actually based on Ken Mitchell's Airbus panels), so I guess it should run on FSX without problems. It even has some kind of FBW (or at least the autotrim).
  2. I confess I haven't read the whole thread. How many parts is right now the download, apart from the DM VC10 itself?
  3. Installed in my laptop, did not like the lack of joystick support, and uninstalled. It was a hard discussion, but they refunded me the amount I paid... all of the $0.00 paid I admit it will be good for a quick flight on the cellphone/tablet. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. PFE and vectors, except for some terrain-constrained airports like SKBO (their STARs are valid for all landing runways, but I'm familiar with that airport).
  5. Good to know, Eddie. Please let us know how is your flying after installing the card.
  6. I understand this addon evolved to the SSTSIM Concorde (for FS9 only, available at Flight1) and then to the FSL Concorde for FSX and P3D3.
  7. Sorry for hijacking the topic, but beautiful SBGR scenery. Which one is this?
  8. Oh, I thought it still worked. Anyway, I've been browsing Github and comparing with what I have here. The contents of this folder are what you may be looking for: Download all the files into a folder, and then execute InjectorUIBasic.exe. This will get you by until you get a discrete GPU.
  9. This is the problem. Which one do you have, exactly? There's a known bug that the driver utility (at least up to the HD4000) can't force AF, no matter how high you set it. You have 3 options: 1) In the Intel GPU control panel, set AF to the highest multiplier (I guess is 16x). 2) If this fails, you'll need to download 3DEnforcer (by cdahmedeh, should be available at, and run it everytime with FS9. This is what I do on my laptop. 3) If your PC is a desktop, and you can afford it, add a video card. Any current Nvidia will be better than the Intel you have.
  10. I have installed it, but replaced all airport and tree textures with the ones from Zinertek (bought them last year in a bargain). I can recommend it too.
  11. Where did you find them?
  12. Je suis désolé, mais ici nous parlons anglais. Si tu veux une réponse, il faut que tu écris en anglais... ou tu peux utiliser le sub-forum français (é-francophone-de-simulateur-de-vol/). Tu as cherché des reviews dans Google? Et une autre chose: je n'ai pas ce panneau, ne peux pas te répondre malheureusement. Sorry, English only here. If you wish, use the French forum or write here in English.
  13. Well, being Bucaramanga my hometown, let me tell you that the mountains were always there. Well, there were 7 hills and 6 ravines that had to be levelled, about 14 million m³. For reference, Hong Kong had to move 90 million m³ for an airport 10 times bigger (and we didn't build an artificial island). The only artificial thing in Palonegro is that the terrain is flat enough for an airport. Still, the airport is 230 m over the city, and 400 m over the bottom of the valley that separates Bucaramanga from the airport. You'll need a good mesh to appreciate this fact (and to learn why I hate the hill that sits to the right of the runway 35 threshold). If you want some additional details (and a view of the terrace that started my love for aviation), and if you understand some Spanish, see this post:
  14. How did it work before? I have my current phone since last August...