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  1. Luis Hernandez

    FS9 Ultimate Terrain

    Have you tried using the F1 Purchase Agent for reinstall, or using Compatibility mode?
  2. Luis Hernandez

    FS2004 miss some functions

    Jorge, make sure you've installed FS9 anywhere but at C:\Program files, C:\Program files (x86) or (judging from your username) C:\Archivos de programa (x86). Win10 security settings are overzealous. With that, you'll need only to run installers as admin. For running FS9 itself, you won't need those permissions. Now, the important question what did you install "one month ago"? Or do you have any Windows Update from that date?
  3. Luis Hernandez

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    If you have no money to spend, try Radar Contact. It's PF3's main competitor. Since the developer was not able to support it anymore, he decided to release it as freeware.
  4. Luis Hernandez

    iFly 747-400 Service Pack 3

    Yeah, qué bajón. I replied them in a thread letting them know my disappointment. They replied that there were some features that were not compatible with FS9, and locked the thread 😥 The funny thing is that the 748-specific features (IAN,RNP/ANP and VSD) are aleady available in the iFly 737 NG for FS9. Go figure...
  5. Luis Hernandez

    Ultimate 146 Collection released for Prepar3Dv4

    Am I reading correctly? Looks like the FSX+FS9 version is also $19.95...
  6. Luis Hernandez

    best option for A320 in FS2004 in 2018/19?

    For FSX I use Wilco Airbus Evolution. For FS9 it's too buggy, so I use instead a merge of the Project Airbus model and FDE with the PSS panel.
  7. Luis Hernandez

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    PF3. I have no idea about ProATCX...
  8. Luis Hernandez

    Wilco product re-activation delays?

    Update: they have just replied some seconds ago. The thing is that, since they changed their methods somehow, they didn't take Tuesday's attemmpts but the one I did last night. So, this would mean they took 10 hours to reply, while I had to wait 34 since my first request.
  9. Luis Hernandez

    Wilco product re-activation delays?

    Yesterday I've tried reinstalling Wilco Airbus Vol.2 into FSX, but I've got an error message saying "The maximum allowed installations is reached". I filled the form at the Wilco homepage, as indicated by the installer. That was over 24 hours ago, and I haven't yet received any feedback from Wilco. Last time (back in August/2016) it only took 70 minutes. In comparison, Leonardo SH took 17 hours and Flight 1 is almost immediate. Has anyone had any recent experience reactivating any Wilco product?
  10. Luis Hernandez

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    Not exactly: is just one simple program that connects to either FS9, FSX (no matter if Boxed or Steam) or P3D, as long as it has FSUIPC running. I like it, the vectoring is better than with FS9 default ATC. I also use it for FSX-SE in the same computer.
  11. Luis Hernandez

    Searching for a good A330

    Steam has the Wilco/Feelthere A330 and A340 there. At least for Argentina the prices are tempting; specially if you purchase the whole Airbus bundle (I didn't, I've purchased mine 7 years ago for FS9). External model is awful, but you can merge it with Thomas Ruth's model and then you get something decent until Aerosoft releases theirs.
  12. Luis Hernandez

    Exciting approaches

    SKBG, my hometown airport: cliffs in 3 of the 4 sides of the runway 😮
  13. Lots of wrong facts about US1549. Almost spoiled an amazing compilation...
  14. Luis Hernandez

    David Durst CRJ-700 Panel

    I'm not using the panel, but just ask, please.
  15. Luis Hernandez

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Wow, lots of suggestions. Perfect for watching on this long weekend (Monday is public holiday here in Argentina). Following... My preferences, in no particular order: - Airplane! - Sully - Les chevaliers du ciel - Flyboys