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  1. Luis Hernandez

    How To: Trim like a Pro

    Thank you very much! I've been simming for 13 years (the 3 last months in FSX and all the rest in FS9). This tip is very useful for me, even after all that time flying!! When I set my attitude, and I release while I trim (cheating with Real Trim, I admit), it stays more or less how I had it before trimming.
  2. Luis Hernandez

    How much space will I need...

    Wasn't Bill Gates the one who said that 640 kB should be enough for anybody?
  3. Luis Hernandez

    Missing Ultimate Traffic 1 Airline Repaints Query

    Have you tried looking there for the old Project AI website? I understand that UT1 uses the PAI models.
  4. Luis Hernandez

    TDS Boeing 757-200 released

    Did you add the VC textures and edit also the panel.cfg file?
  5. Luis Hernandez

    Where Simmers hail from

    From Bucaramanga, Colombia. Since 2013 living in Córdoba, Argentina.
  6. Luis Hernandez

    Aerosoft boxed PMDG titles 20% off

    I'm not sure: I remember having purchased last year the boxed Dreamfleet 727, just 6 € in shipping costs to Argentina. The thing is that I added the product from the German site...
  7. Luis Hernandez

    Sentimental KDCA STAR

    Yes, amazing find! See the chart here for KDCA NUMMY2 STAR:
  8. Luis Hernandez

    civa ins manual

    That's for X-Plane. In case you're looking for the FS version, I understand there are some manuals at FS*\Civa\Docs * meaning the folder where FS9, FSX-boxed or FSX-SE is installed.
  9. Luis Hernandez

    FTX Global - Base and Vector... your comments?

    I've just purchased, downloaded and installed both Base and Vector packs. After disabling all road traffic-related things (cars, traffic lights), tertiary roads and frozen water surfaces, I'm still dazzled with the improvements to my sim. I mean, I can even find my house by following the roads!😁 The free Orbx mesh for South America is a godsend, taking into account the flags in my signature (and the fact that 90% of my flying is there). Now I need some good landclass, at least for Latin America...
  10. Luis Hernandez

    FTX Global - Base and Vector... your comments?

    Understood.. the hard way: I installed the Iceland demo, and I've found that I can't even keep my framerate stable. Is it there a way to configure the ORBX Iceland demo, specially the vector features? The control panel appears greyed out...
  11. OK, there's right now a 50% discount (I don't know if this is common for Orbx), and now I considering purchasing both the Base and Vector packs for FSX-SE. What do you think about those packs, regarding VAS and FPS impact? I understand the visual impact is very good, this is not to be discussed 😉
  12. Luis Hernandez

    How to flare in the TDS 787?

    Some time ago I did some flight testing with the 788 based on this information. Sadly, I don't remember well the pitch, and the spreadsheet where I did the calculations was corrupted. But I still keep the results: Landing weight:Vref20/Vref25/Vref30 130 tonnes: 157/136/132 172 tonnes (MLW): 182/157/154 Obviously, these values shouldn't be used for landing a real 787 (or even the QW one 😋). Hope this helps.
  13. Looks like not many people realized, but TDS has done it again: now they've released the 757-200 for both FS9 and FSX 😁 As taken from the other site: Support available at their Facebook page: I've already downloaded and merged it with the Just Flight 757 VC. Not much else that I can ask for (not for the price I've paid) 😁 To TDS, thank you very much!!
  14. Luis Hernandez

    Weather for FS9

    I run 2 weather programs for FS9: - FSRealWX (sometimes I find it buggy in FS9 but no issues in FSX). - FSMetar (originally developed for FS8, but still runs in Win10. Apart from the window flickering, no issues).
  15. Luis Hernandez

    Current FSX state of the art, performance-wise?

    Thanks a lot, Vortex! Your direct link did not work (error 404). However, I've been having fun making some system setups there.