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  1. Thanks, Scott! My comments: I used to have it that way. However, the exhaust temperatures were rather high and it started turning off. As soon as I moved it to the front panel hub (next to the mouse/keyboard antenna), the stability problem disappeared. I tried it. However, the connection still doesn't go over 25 Mbps. Anyway, such a short distance (2.5 m) shouldn't be an issue. After your reply, I guess that will be the better option. As soon as I return home, I'll check what are my options.
  2. I'm not sure if the FMS gives a distance to go. Use the old rule of thumb: 3 x (altitude in thousands of feet) = distance between TOD and destination. Add 10 miles for allowing decceleration and, if it fails, speedbrakes. Set HSI in RNAV mode. There's no magenta line to follow, but the CDI can make up for it.
  3. When I built my computer (specs in signature), I added this WiFi USB adapter: https://www.tp-link.com/home-networking/adapter/tl-wn725n/ My router is 2 m above and 1.5 m to the right of my CPU, supported by a wooden shelf. I didn´t want to clutter my desk with more wires, so I used this solution instead. With P3D and the speeds I had contracted back then, I didn´t care about its performance. However, last month I upgraded my sevice to 100 Mbps (because of MSFS, and because it was not that expensive). After some troubleshooting with my ISP, I was finally able to get the contracted speeds. The problem is that, while I can get the whole 100 Mbps with either my phone, my tablet or my laptop, I get barely up to 25 Mbps with the desktop. I'm sure my adapter is the problem, but which adapter should I use instead?
  4. Picked it up last Friday. I tried a flight yesterday from KIAH to KJFK, taking off at MTOW, but I got a CTD 15 NM away from KJFK (I guess triggered by AI). But before the CTD, I could notice I had to change my FSUIPC trim settings: if I kept the offset method I use (offset 0x0BC0), as soon as I use the trim, it goes fully nose down. Setting instead Elevator Trim Up/Dn in FSUIPC (in a 146-specific profile) gives me an excruciatingly slow trim (I don't remember having this issue in the FS9/FSX QW version). Any way to fix this, while keeping the offset method for other planes? Googling this gave me no results at all...
  5. Thanks, @Fiorentoni. Now I hope Fenix supports higher sim rates, 8x at least. FBW holds up to 2x, barely 4x sometimes. All my P3D birds support 8x with no issues at all. Fingers crossed....
  6. Looks like I'll eat my words and splurge on this plane; I can't resist. Luckily I found a space in my budget 😂 Does anybody know if they are planning to release the A318, A319 (both fence and sharklet), and A321 (ditto)? Assuming PMDG's sale model (simply because I have no other reference), it may end up being a bit cheaper than FSL.
  7. Had it today here in Argentina. I was blaming my network card, because I was fooling around with it yesterday...
  8. A simmer's wildest dream 😂 Joking aside, I'm glad they landed safely.
  9. I saw these pictures from the Miami F1 Grand Prix yesterday, and I couldn't help but think about your signature, @bobcat999: Sorry, couldn't resist 😛
  10. I need to check,@Ianrivaldosmith. But for that, I'll need the date of the next SU or hotfix...or at least wait until an update appears.
  11. I've got enough things in my life to plan it around a sim update schedule, no matter if FS is my main hobby. Now, with the update blocker someone uploaded, that looks like a good option: fly when I want, then I have MSFS updating at a convenient time.
  12. I'm tired, but not because of something breaking during an update: since SU5 (when I purchased MSFS), only SU9 broke something in my sim. What bothers me is that updates are seldom under 4 GB. With the slow speeds at MS servers, it takes a good time to have them downloaded. I've never managed to have the download speed to get up to even half of my ISP's. Sometimes I fire MSFS up just to have a quick flight around the pattern, and no, there's a required update, and there's no way to fly until the full update is downloaded 😒 There should be another way...
  13. A bit over my expectations and comfort zone. The sad thing is that now I see a clear trend, i.e., a good airliner for MSFS is $70, give or take, and no hopes of being lower. I'll wait for its release in Marketplace. At least I'm sure the price there will be comparable to a night out down here (as some people use as a reference), instead of a whole long weekend getaway...
  14. I'm not sure, but I think the 2060 would be a downgrade. Go for the 3060 instead.
  15. I forgot to add a red flag I've seen: for some servers (for example, FBW and Fenix), they pretend me to verify by giving my phone number. Isn't my email enough?
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