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  1. How did you assign the buttons? Via FSX or FSUIPC? Maybe I never saw this issue because I used FSUIPC for these assignments.
  2. Hello Jon. It's nice to see someone hanging on to and (more importantly) enjoying FSX 17 years after its release (or 9 if we count since the release of the Steam Edition). I keep it for my laptop; for my desktop, I completed the transition to P3D. I have some questions: 1) Which edition of FSX do you use? The boxed one (either Standard, Deluxe or Acceleration) or FSX-SE? 2) If you don't have FSX-SE, have you tried using it? Sometimes you can get it for just $5. 3) What are your system specs? 4) And if I understood correctly, you aren't using any levers for throttle, but buttons?
  3. Do you need a lie-flat bed for a 3 hour flight? Or better said, for a 3-hour long fancy dinner? Last year I went onboard G-BOAD, legroom was not bad at all. Certainly a lot more than the 32" the majority of legacy airlines offer down here... or the 28" LCCs do.
  4. Thanks, Joseph. Did you see any improvement regarding default airport parking positions? There's nothing in the changelog about this. Since I fly the FSL planes, I can't yet update.
  5. Whaaat? I've just reinstalled v5.3 two nights ago (after a couple of months back to 4.5) 😂 I can neither see anything about this. Has anyone checked in-sim?
  6. Congratulations, Noel, that's a powerful beast. If you're gonna do MSFS, check your T- Mobile data plan fine print. Or ask your guru to do that for you. Hope you enjoy it!
  7. 1) A night approach to EDDF. Somehow the lighting feel very different to what I was used to in other sims. 2) Cañón del Chicamocha (30-40 NM south of SKBG). In real world, I've crossed it several times, and I always wondered how would be to fly through it. Now I can do so.
  8. I remember that day. I think your plane was the first one ever I've purchased on Day One. So, thank you very much!
  9. Adding a "site:avsim.com" to your Google search usually works a lot better.
  10. As far as I know, no. The latest one I've seen released was the HJG one for FS9/FSX. I hope I'm wrong.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one: not many people understand this, not even cat/dog lovers! When my Luna (a 11-year old female Beagle) passed away (less than a year after I came here to Argentina), I was baffled with the attitude of some people when I let them know about her decease, people that I knew had dogs. Since then I felt like an outlier...until this message. Thanks, Noel, somehow I know your feeling!
  12. This video could have been a paragraph! Kudos to the uploader for making a summary in the description. I'll copy it here: So, in a shorter summary, all I have to do is to convert my custom views to instrument ones! Gotta try it tonight, looks promising. All I need now regarding views is to remove the transitions.
  13. Maybe OP's on Xbox or cloud gaming?
  14. I use Chrome with Ghostery. I don't remember if I had FS.to whitelisted, but I never got these messages. I'll check tonight, but I'm sure it's whitelisted. I was a die-hard Opera user until version 12, when they started to be a Chrome copycat (and dropped all the functionality that set Opera apart). From then I went to Firefox and several of its forks, until... I used it for some years. However, since I'm an Android user, the integration between devices was too good to let pass. Vivaldi had a similar integration, but I had a couple of issues with it that sent me running to Chrome. I may give it a try later...
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