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  1. Ouch, looks like both planes almost lose their tails... And something is not clear: was the Cirrus pilot doing his first solo flight?
  2. Just in time: I've ordered a new rig that should be up to the task. Now I need another $270* just for these beauties. *$140 for base model, $50 for the A319 and $80 for the A320/A321 sharklets. I don't care about the A321 Wing Tip Fence (as they call it in their forums hehehe).
  3. What if, for saving for one, you have to do the whole opposite? I.e., saving in crypto and then, when you saved the required amount, you cash it back and purchase? That's exactly what I did: because of inflation here, I had no choice but saving into BTC and ETH. Last night I cashed them back and ordered a new rig 🙂 albeit with a 1650 which will have to be enough until the GPU crisis ceases (or until I can save again the same amount, just for a decent GPU). Sadly, it's just a case of "if you can´t beat them, join them"...
  4. At least it's a bit more accurate than somewhere between 90ºN and 90ºS 😛
  5. Usually I tend to do the opposite: I tend to avoid the movie after reading the book. Almost always I end up disappointed.
  6. You'll need to use the Intel Graphics Control Panel, instead of the Nvidia one. Go to Display and there you may see the available refresh rates. In some laptops, the integrated display is connected to the Intel GPU, but the DP and HDMI ports may be connected directly to the Nvidia GPU. Before buying an external monitor, try with your TV.
  7. I'm considering a desktop (finally, after 8 years of flying in laptops). While for GPUs I had to settle for a 1650 (not willing to pay today's prices), I'm trying to decide between an Ryzen 7 3700x and a Ryzen 5 5600x. While both appear to have the same performance, the former is 8-core and the latter is just 6-core, but apparently has better single-thread performance: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i5-8300H-vs-AMD-Ryzen-7-3700X-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-5600X/3254vs3485vs3859 There's no 5700x AFAIK, and going to a 5800x is out of my budget. Cost here is around $50 less for the 5600X. I intend to use it for P3D4, FSX-SE and maybe maybe MSFS (if I give them another chance). Which one would suit me better?
  8. Have you tried changing mice? Looks like the left mouse button is somehow stuck and registers a double click when you only meant to click once.
  9. This explains it all. Very well deserved for FS!
  10. Are you sure you want 2021 AI packages? At least in this part of the world, traffic is still below 2019 levels...
  11. I read somewhere that the best camera was the one you had in hand. Since then I started using mid-high range phones: I jumped from an old Moto G3 to my current Samsung S10. Not looking back...
  12. Back in 2013, I went to a flight school here in Argentina. I was surprised to see them using FS9 for training. I was more surpised to find that my old laptop (i5-2435M neutered to 2.4 GHz, 6 GB RAM, and just an Intel HD3000 integrated GPU) was running FS9 better (regarding both image quality and FPS) than their training rig. I guess some of them (the ones with more budget) may have already P3D. I remember they sacrified almost all scenery details. Barely had the runway layout correct, and I think they had the scenery level set to either Normal or Sparse (default SACO in FS9 is so poor...), and no autogen. Forget about weather or texture enhancements. However, I felt they had left the FPS slider to the default 20 FPS. That in a 1366x768 19" screen. My 13" laptop had the same resolution...
  13. If you are into 2D panels, you got 2 payware options only: either BlackBox or FSL. Blackbox simulates the old CRT displays, while FSL (and Aerosoft) simulate the new ones. Blackbox simulates the whole lineup (A318 to A321, without sharklets), while FSL is available in FSX for the A320 only (i.e., no A319 or A321), and won't have sharklets. Aerosoft has no 2D panels, just a VC*. That's why I'm sometimes thinking about upgrading to FSL. Well, there's also Wilco, they simulate also the whole lineup, also have 2D panels, but that's a port from FS9. I left them for BlackBox for the widebodies, and for Aerosoft for the narrowbodies. *but they simulate the newer LCD displays, and do have sharklets (although just for appearance).
  14. Thanks, Ray. You've got a PM. This looks even more interesting than the actual AIG page, specially for airlines with no OCI (for example, Aerolíneas Argentinas). So, make it double thanks!
  15. Now that you say that, the flightplans for Virgin have been affected by COVID: the ones available in AIG for OCI are Summer 2020, barely 2 FPs. Does anybody know of a way to install older flightplans via OCI?
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