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  1. Sorry to go there but lets cut trough the nonsense and (not trying to go off topic) we need X-Plane or DCS type ground handling and physics in MSFS and all the planes from G.A. to Heavy Airliners would seem to feel (LOOK) more realistic.
  2. ?Maybe just maybe Fenix will release their A319/321 this year? ???
  3. I caught the last 10 mins of the stream and it was pretty underwhelming to me a lot of "its coming soon" or "we will talk about it later" what the heck is that.
  4. Sorry but I meant I will not be using MS2024 until those products are full compatible with it. My bad for the confusion. I also think calling MS2024 so late in the year does not make much sense either so close to 2025.
  5. My prediction for MS 2024 is that it will be delayed until 2025 when the likes of Fenix, PMDG and Leonardo will be compatible for it and until then I will not be using it. SDK for MS2024 is not even ready yet and we are nearing August 2024.
  6. Little pricey but looks very good to me. Most people would be concerned with performance.
  7. No not by default which is a shame. One thing that many love in legacy sims as is a more serious replay system witch many folks that fly fast jets and commercial jets use to create video content.
  8. One thing for sure is I don't care that CL650 in the other sim is superior to anything in MS but at that selling price of $120 U.S. will be a hard pass for many folks in this market.
  9. They are sticking with P3D and have no interest in MSFS. I asked that question on the P3D forum to their developer over a year ago on their possible new development for MS and they said no.
  10. I find discord awful as some people there can't control themselves from nonsense chatter that is off topic to a discussion. Its clunky messy and FOS. But that is the way things are going these days (dealing with discord) and I'm not patient or ready for it yet.
  11. Because short hauls in a A350, B777, B787, A330, B747, A380 would be more realistic in real time rather than flying at warp space shuttle speed completing a ridiculous long haul flight in an hour. That is my opinion. You worried about saving time doing a long haul don't do it in the first place.
  12. Exactly as I find shorter flight's better immersion than doing some BS X8 simrate flight what is the point in that if you can't do a flight in real time?
  13. I know it's for Toliss which it needed a soundpack to replace the default. I'm just saying Fenix don't need that enhancement that is all. No more to say from me here.
  14. You make a bad salesman and I don't believe your hype but I have my own ears and fly the Fenix and I fail to believe that Fenix along with many streamers that includes RW airline pilots ever saying the Fenix needed an pawyare addon for sound improvement but again that is my own opinion. They are simply not needed but if you want to pay another $30 for sounds you need go right ahead, be my guess.
  15. Sorry but I find Boris from FBW and Dave from Fenix superior to all the other sound sets out there for airliners. One thing Fenix don't need is a payware sound set my opinion of course.
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