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  1. Hey I work for QW and have been low on funds for us the bring in the 787 over to MSFS. Can you go fund me about 100$ so we can probably bring in a 787 pay me now or later by 2026 first 500 buyers will get a alpha copy in January 2024? Buy now and we will give you the extended 9000 NM version.
  2. {sarcasm} Don't worry the MSFS team have not been doing much with MSFS lately (vacation) maybe it will pick back up in the fall. {/sarcasm} I have been enjoying the summer months outside myself instead of sitting in front of a P.C.
  3. Its been a few of these bump threads lately. I think Mods needs to get a hold of this as soon as they can. They do nothing but try to stir something up and just counter productive.
  4. They are not yet prepared for the bombardment of questions about MS2024 at this current time because they know that is what most users are interested in at this point.
  5. How well did that work with 16 gigs or ram but running a 32bit piece of software and VAS limitation. FSX was an nightmare to manage without the eventually CTD of OOM.
  6. Sorry David and I like your post 99% of the time but go look at XPlane and DCS and see their Replay and Flyby views and see how MSFS replay and camera systems are seriously lacking. They should seriously open up the Camera api to let //42 and Chaseplane to do their magic. MS/Asobo should swallow their pride and while add it open up the weather api to let the "Pros" have a go at it.
  7. Totally agree fix what you have now and make them all not fly like a Cessna. Fix ground handling and takeoff and landings (not like paper airplanes) first than think about adding more gamey aircraft next. Folks don't want to pay for PMDG, A2A etc miss out on the best there will ever be on a desktop simulator as far as airplanes and expect default Asobo planes to be just as great. Ha Ha
  8. It will simply carry on over to the next Version of 2024 and so on. When is the next MS QnA? not asking scotchegg direct but what is going on here?
  9. How about you don't worry about my opinion and don't respond to me. If you don't like it block me.
  10. Thanks for the gesture Buddy, just make sure you go over to those freeware modder's and give them a modest donation for their efforts..
  11. Sorry but I am not into buying aircraft that has to be modded by freeware like FBW to get it to work somewhat properly. Not going down that road No LVFR or Captain Sim for me but you guys have a go at it.
  12. I would believe Working Title would be doing the avionics and not Asobo. Isn't that the reason Microsoft hired them in the first place which is what they specialize in?
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