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  1. Looks great. Enjoyed their A310 and will enjoy their A330 in FS2024 and this one too.
  2. Maybe I need to get to used to the FBW system. I use the Honeycomb Yoke and the 738/A310 feels fun whilst the 777 is like meh.
  3. Yep. I leave both monitors on and the room light/fan/aircon on when I go out and grab a hamburger whilst driving my SUV only about 5km's away (3 miles). I'm doing my part.
  4. I'm just not really excited by this plane I feel like I'm "flying" more with the 738. The sounds are still terrible and is the cockpit geometry correct? Also the plane just feels like when you're interacting with it there's no life to it. Anyways I didn't pay full price for it as I still had store credit left. I'll give it a few updates and see how I feel about it again. I'd rather do longer flights with the Fenix A320/738 as it's more exciting... Was looking forward to a big boy plane to fly and honestly the A310 feels like how a big heavy long hauler plane should be.
  5. Fair enough a good route would be RJAA to ZSPD tho due to good 3rd party airports and nice scenery (Mt Fuji)/weather to fly around. I'm more interested in the MAX myself I'm sure you're the same?
  6. Never had an issue running 2k Ultra settings @ 60fps. It's just one of those things hey.
  7. Enjoying this plane a lot. Just an issue with take off rotation you need a lot of pulling the stick back compared to Fenix/FBW any reason why?
  8. Flying the Ini now very impressed with it. Not getting any FPS hits at all (running O/C i5 13600k @ 5.2 with 4070ti). Flies very smooth only issue I found atm is take off rotation needs a lot of stick pull back.
  9. Well in the Fenix you have to turn the packs off 20s before take off and turn them back on 10s apart. It's not that easy for some!
  10. Planes without auto throttle. GA I found Black Square King Air more hands on.
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