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  1. tttocs

    Pilot license checks

    As the other Scott mentioned, in the US we have the concept of ramp checks, where the FAA may show up and randomly check for the pilot's certificate (they're not actually referred to as a license, bur rather a certificate), valid medical and logbook (to show currency), as well as aircraft airworthiness certificate and logbooks. These are not common, but do happen. Otherwise, you'll need your documents if you have have any sort of enforcement action or otherwise mess up - the dreaded "please call the tower", after landing - or if there's some sort of accident. If you own a plane, you'll likely need to provide documents to the insurance company in order to get insurance, including information on things like time-in-type, flight hours in the last year and so on. Upon presenting these, the insurer may also require additional training and the CFI who provides that training will need to see your docs. Similarly as a renter, the renting agent will want to see your paperwork as well and if you're just starting out with that organization will likely also require a checkout flight as above. While it's certainly possible to get in the air without proper certification, medical or currency, you'd risk a lot do so, including some pretty hefty uninsured liability, Scott
  2. So much variability here. I fly GA exclusively - right now mostly the RA Dukes and Milviz 310 redux - and I have AS turbulence scalar set at 80 with what seems to me to be realistic results. I also fly JF's Arrows (former Turbo Arrow Owner/Pilot) and when flying those I set turbulence to 70, the default, with good results. No A2A planes - had several in FSX but haven't (yet!) picked any up since moving to P3D so I can't speak to them. I can't imagine turning turbulence settings down as far as has been suggested. I wonder what else is involved here to account for such drastic differences. Scott
  3. tttocs

    RealAir Customer Support *Please Read*

    Not sure why this ended up in a RealAir thread, but just for the sake of balance, the new 310 is now one of my three favorite GA planes, the other two being the piston and turbine Dukes - it's that good. Glad you got your T-Duke working in V4. 🙂 Scott
  4. I expect you're right about it being too late, but still worth a shot. Scott
  5. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here Ray. IRL elevator trim is usually on the left side of the yoke so that it's easily available when the right hand is busy on the quadrant. This setup makes me either choose to live with it being on the right (ugh), or have to map up-down, to left-right in my head (double-ugh). I really don't care about rudder trim (and in fact, I've never flown a RW plane which even HAS electric rudder trim on the yoke), but I care A LOT about elevator trim being available and realistic. If this is the trade-off for moving the hat switch, I'd gladly vote to leave it on the right. That said, this was something that even Saitek managed to get right. Scott
  6. Hmm. I'm completely in agreement on moving the hat to the left side, but were folks really asking for the left side rocker to be horizontal? The most common use for this would be for "electric" (elevator) trim which should be vertical. This one I truly don't get. Scott
  7. tttocs

    Ground Handling Woes with Redux

    I do use FSUIPC, so this is perfect. It's been a while since I calibrated since I've had these two quadrants forever, but I don't recall doing things that way. Will give it a shot - thanks! Scott
  8. tttocs

    Ground Handling Woes with Redux

    Glad to hear you got things sorted. This plane has rapidly risen to the top of my "most flown" list as well. One question? Could you clarify what you did with your quadrant? I'm not sure I understand adding "about 18 sync's". TIA, Scott
  9. tttocs

    Ground Handling Woes with Redux

    Put me in the camp of wondering why some are struggling. I find holding centerline on takeoff in the 310 no more difficult than most other high-performance GA twins (thinking in particular of the piston and Turbine Dukes here). I have run-of-the-mill Saitek Pro rudder pedals and really don't have issues unless I'm not paying attention and let myself get behind. In that case, the plane does what it should do, reminding me that I need to pay attention. One thing I have noted - since my Saitek throttle quadrants are beginning to wear out and are getting prone to occasional spikes, I'm sometimes getting some brief imbalances between engines on twins when changing power. The 310 is definitely a handful with asymmetrical thrust on the ground or in the air. Could this be more of a throttle issue for some users? Just a thought, Scott
  10. tttocs

    Another Window Broken

    The more I read news, the more I distrust media outlets. I understand the media can't be experts in every field but c'mon! This line from the linked MSN report: " event eerily similar to the Southwest Airlines 1380 incident last Tuesday." is simply ridiculous. If you understand even the basics of what happened on these two flights, you realize they had almost NO commonality. On the other hand, if you want to generate clicks and spread FUD, well... Good grief. Don't mind me. Just cranky on a Monday morning, I guess. Scott
  11. tttocs

    RealAir Duke

    The process should be fairly straightforward. First, be sure you've selected the appropriate configuration first in the Duke's configuration program. This will put the RealAir 750 structure in place for the F1 gauge. Once you've done that, fire up the plane and use the RXP tool to replace the 750 that the RealAir tool placed there (use the no Bezel option). There should be no need to do anything with the panel.cfg if you do it this way. Worked flawlessly for me. Once you've done this, the touchscreen "buttons" will work, but if you want bezel knobs and buttons to work, you'll have to use Ryan's gauge. See: Scott
  12. tttocs

    Piston twins

    4.2 is the only version of P3Dv4 supported by the 310 Redux, and I can verify that in 4.1, the wx radar will cause CDT when the plane loads. I'm also running 4.2 and not only do the lights work, the cockpit lighting is probably the best I've ever seen in a GA plane. Are you running the latest version (which is only a few days old)? Did your install properly run the Reallight installer? I'd echo that you should wander over to the Milviz support forum and get some help, because this plane is too good to let an install issue stop your enjoyment. How good is the 310R? GA twins are my first love and since its release, the 310 is the only plane I've flown. Scott
  13. tttocs

    C310 Redux N3288M

    Another beautiful effort Sir Ron! DL'ed, installed and now the livery of choice for this evening. Scott
  14. tttocs

    V-Tail Bonanza by A2A

    The V-tail certainly has some unique handling characteristics, but as much as anything the rep came from it being a desirable, high-performance step-up plane that was often being purchased by users with more money than flight-time and training. And of course the V-tail just naturally lent itself to the ominous sounding sobriquet of "fork-tailed". Thus the "Fork-tailed Dr. Killer" legend was born. I ended up purchasing my Piper Turbo Arrow IV from an MD who was selling it to buy a V35, but many were making a far bigger jump when they bought their V-tails. I'm also very-much interested in what A2A does with this one. I have the Carenado with the "optional" Bernt Stolle FDE which isn't bad, but it's dated at best and I rarely fly it. My first hour of logged instruction came in a V35B. The owner was a casual friend and CFI who knew I was about to jump into training so he offered to take me up and give me some initial flight instruction in his plane before I started my program with a local flight school. Sure made the 152s I finished my training in seem slow, small and primitive. Say what you will about the V-tail, but the V35's handling will put a smile on almost anyone's face. If A2A can come close to duplicating that feel, I'll be a happy simmer. Scott
  15. Double post - pls ignore.