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  1. As others have noted - absolutely love your work and definitely looking to have a quality KGPI. I'm interested to see what things look like in a "P3D native" airport! Scott
  2. There must be something wrong with us Jacek. I did the same thing with the same results. The only thing a forum search turned up for me was Shez saying he would NOT be doing KORD (along with a few other airports). Lots on the impending KDTW, but... Scott
  3. There are options to install sets in ASCA as well because... I dunno, I guess some people like to work that way. But if you're using dynamic, you just choose that and ignore the sets. Looks to be a similar setup in SF3D. Scott
  4. You shouldn't need anything extra to get RXP working. I've implemented it in the Turbo Arrow fairly easily. Basically you configure as though you were going to use the F1 unit and then use the RXP v2 tool to get the RXP version sub'ed in. The only gotcha that I ran into is that you have to turn on the underlying nav/com first and then switch over to the RXP unit via the in-sim add-on menu or the unit won't drive the CDI or autopilot. See this post for more details: Hope that helps, Scott
  5. Indeed. I own the existing KLAS and yet I'm still looking forward to the upcoming new release with its much enhanced surrounding area and will be buying it. Looking at FlyTampa's website, it's pretty obvious that a lot of folks feel the same way. As for the whole "what to develop" thing, some of the criticism here seem to be based on personal desire rather than any real market viability. Devs aren't going to do airports they can't make money from, plain and simple. There are a lot of reasons they might feel they can't make money, including things like higher development costs, lack of good airport information and/or imagery or a simple case of the market being too small. In most cases it's going to be a combination of these things. If a given airport is really a slam dunk gold mine, somebody's going to eventually do it. If an airport has really been over done, developers are going to stop being successful with their new releases and will rethink their strategies. Scott
  6. OK, I think I found his change. I'll give it a try. Scott
  7. Hi Bill, Thanks for the response. However... I'm not finding the EGT fix from Bert that you mention. I see you referencing it in the thread you linked to, but nothing from Bert. I'm guessing that's in another thread so I'll do some additional snooping around. Scott
  8. That was AWESOME! Scott
  9. For all the talk of "3D" clouds, the thing that interests me most is their claims of greatly improved thunder storm depiction - something that no wx engine, including AS/ASCA which I otherwise love - gets right. As an example, last night I was flying the Turbine Duke from KSEZ to KDEN on a typical summer day (historical wx from last July) featuring warm temps and widely scattered "fair weather" cumulus over most of the route. Approaching Colorado's Front Range from the west I began to see a thickening of cumulus clouds in front of me. My biggest clue that these were actually significant buildups at that point? The lighting that started to appear underneath, as otherwise they simply didn't look very threatening. IRL, at the point I diverted, the threat would have been both obvious and ominous. If someone could somehow solve that problem and make such buildups look like the monsters they are, I'd be thrilled. Scott
  10. I probably shouldn't have used the word "default" as that's a bit misleading. The buildings used aren't fsx/p3d default, but I believe are from their own Orbx Libs, just as many freeware packages depend on others' custom libraries. So they're not FSX/P3D default, but they're generally not fully custom buildings either. In some cases this works pretty well - for example, I've flown into KAPA in metro Denver many times and taxied up to the Jet Center for a $100 hamburger at Perfect Landing and darned if the Jet Center they've built doesn't represent that pretty well. In other cases where there's nothing in the library that matches it will be just OK. I think the freeware global airports and the modified fields in regions are a substantial upgrade over default and not to be dismissed. But they're still no substitute for a good payware field, and an airport like PANC deserves a 1st class treatment. Scott
  11. RXP offers a very slick tool which helps with integration making it fall-off-a-log simple in most cases, and Ryan B. has put together a gauge which handles GTN button integration in the VC bezel. In short, most planes that offer F1 integration should work fine with the RXP equivalents. Don't have the PC12 so I can't speak to that directly, but I do have the RXP 750 integrated into the Turbine Duke for example. Everything works fine, including coupled LPV approaches. RXP will be releasing a G500/600 package soon as well. FYI, not affiliated in any way with RXP, just a satisfied customer. Scott
  12. KTNP is a really nice, atmospheric airport. If you've ever been in the area you'll know what a great job the 29Palms guys did on it. As I've said elsewhere - wish these guys would do some other small airports in the SW US. Scott
  13. They do, but you have to recognize the limits of those enhancements. While they generally try to correctly place structures, the structures used are standard library objects, not custom replicas as you get in a separate payware airport. And of course, any airport is a snapshot in time and may no longer be correct following mods. In short, Orbx enhanced airports in their regions are certainly better than default, but they're also nowhere near standalone payware quality. Scott
  14. And every once in a while, the hype turns out to be true. Look at what ASN accomplished when it first released. It solved issues that had existed in EVERY wx engine to date (and yes, I've used pretty much all of 'em - wx is important to me). To my mind it actually DID end up being a gamechanger. I like to keep an open mind and wait and see what actually comes out before getting too carried away either pro or con. Scott
  15. Which are you referring to? The RXP stuff was 40% off over Thanksgiving. Scott