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  1. Milviz C310 REDUX and RXP GTNs

    Just to confirm - the GNS gauges appear to work natively, which is quite nice and something I thanked them for. As for the GTN as Bill notes the usual process applies and seems fine. Note I'm not sure I'd bother to ask about native GTN support. Colin from Milviz has some strong comments in the P3D 310 thread I started indicating he was done with adding new 3rd party GPS support for any of their products. You can read the first of his comments here: Scott
  2. New 310R from Milviz

    Discovered last night that the 310 appears to natively support RXP's v2 430 and 530 in P3D. To my knowledge this is the first airplane to include such support. A big THANK YOU to Milviz for including this. I should point out so as not to confuse that getting RXP v2 working in planes built to support v1 (or for that matter F1's) is generally not a difficult task, but it IS nice to have it working right out of the chute in P3D! Scott
  3. New 310R from Milviz

    Interesting... If I try to launch any avionics variant which includes the wx radar in 4.1, I crash P3D. Looks like I finally need to move to 4.2. Scott
  4. New 310R from Milviz

    Nope, I really don't feel bad about the whole thing and I'm happy to have the plane sitting in my Vhangar ready to go. And yeah... I've never done anything like this before either. No, never. <Hah!> Scott
  5. New 310R from Milviz

    I did a "duh" last night and ordered when I saw it available rather than waiting for the new discount email to come so I payed full price. Hey, it was late, it had been a long and frustrating day at work, I was tired and I JUST WANTED THE DOGGONE PLANE! Looking forward to getting it in the air later today. Scott Edit: FYI, I've still not received the email either. I did get the previous 50% off email.
  6. Dynamic Lighting issue at LatinVFR KMIA

    FYI, that same patch is also valid for LEBL and KSAN. A one time execution of it is all that's required if you have 2 or all three of these installed. Scott
  7. New 310R from Milviz

    Can't imagine why it wouldn't. I agree with Frank that the manual is a model for how to do good, complete documentation. Particularly appreciated are the images detailing switch/control location and function. As for the plane - sounds like you basically stayed with the existing FDE, which has always been excellent, and brought everything else up to 2018 standards. Very much looking forward to the release. Scott
  8. New 310R from Milviz

    I understand where you're coming from - really I do. Your point about a good SDK and appropriate 3d models is a good one. Seems to me that the vendor who did a good job here would put themselves at a solid competitive advantage, making support of their product far easier for plane devs, thus increasing their market penetration. However, please consider your customer's POV as well. You clearly see this as you being required to assist another vendor. From my perspective, your (and other vendors') planes become better products as a result of your support of these gauges. Put simply, I am FAR more likely to buy a GA plane which supports these 3rd party GPS's. Scott
  9. New 310R from Milviz

    Interesting. I am a current customer, and I did receive the email, but when I go to the link, ordering is disabled and still says "Coming Soon". Scott
  10. KGPI now in BETA... more shots

    Oh, man... Flight1's KA is finally out in P3Dv4, Milviz is releasing a revamped 310 and now KGPI is getting close? Pure GA bliss. Looks great, Russ! Scott
  11. New 310R from Milviz

    It seems Flight1 isn't the only vendor with a bit of an "under the radar" new airplane. Milviz' 310 has always been among the best GA planes available, but suffered a bit from a rather dated VC and so-so integration for RXP/F1 GPS units. All of that appears to have changed with the "310 Redux" as interior and exterior graphics look to have received significant upgrades to more modern standards. The GPS integration appears to have been greatly improved as well - at least from the panel shots. They've also included an airplane-locked version of the Rex/Milviz wx radar unit :-)! This is a new product, but existing 310 customers are being offered a 50% discount (current customers check your email). The product page is up - not sure when it'll release but it looks like soon. Pretty exited about this one! Scott
  12. How to get RealityXP GTN 750 working?

    With respect... It's all about how you approach an issue when one crops up, including being able to separate the idea of what's working for you, vs what the product is actually capable of doing and in fact IS doing for many others. I've been a user of RXP's V1 and V2 GNS products as well as the newer GTN going back for years. I have them working in multiple aircraft from a diverse group of developers including Just Flight, Carenado and RealAir without issues and am a huge fan. I previously had them working with A2A planes as well, but have not (yet) purchased the P3D versions since moving from FSX. The majority of my installations have "just worked" using the tools and documentation included with the products. Those that have not worked right off, have generally been due to issues relating to quirks in some of the planes I've installed to and all have been resolved with the help of the community and Jean-Luc from RXP. I understand that you experienced issues, but what would have served you best would have been to realize that there were likely solutions out there for your problems and people who would have helped you had you not put up constant roadblocks to that help. Note, for example, that there are multiple posts on the RXP forums describing in some detail how to implement the new gauges into A2A planes in P3D. Reading your posts someone could be left with the impression that these products don't work and that's simply not true. They're working beautifully for me and many others. Scott
  13. You guys were right

    I'm a fairly recent convert as well, but not because I had any doubts that P3D was were I wanted to go - it was more a case of waiting for a number of key events. I really needed a new sim computer before making the jump, there were a handful of add-ons I considered key and, oh yeah, the 64 bit thing. Last fall all of the stars finally aligned and I made the switch from FSX to v4. It was everything I expected and more. Sure there were some conversion pains and a bit of cost to update/replace a few add-ons but that part wasn't as bad as I expected. I still have FSX installed on the old sim computer but that's only because I haven't bothered to remove it yet. It is nevertheless retired. Scott
  14. Alternative to SPADNext?

    In P3D v4? Scott
  15. Alternative to SPADNext?

    Agree with some of the other comments - the only problems I've had in P3D v4 and Saitek have to do with Windows USB power issues and the Saitek hardware, NOT SPAD.neXt. I'm using the multi-panel, rado panel and switch panel with no issues since sorting out the USB power issues. One other note - in addition to the Windows power management problems, the Saitek gear runs right on the ragged edge of USB power useage. Step two (following Windows USB power management) in troubleshooting issues with the panels should always be the purchase and use of a high quality powered USB hub. These are not terribly expensive and can really make a difference. While I agree that SPAD isn't the most intuitive app on the planet, it is powerful and generally does its job. I liked the simplicity of the old SPAD, but that's not an option for current P3D. Scott