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  1. tttocs

    Vertex DA62 and strong winds

    Ground ops in high winds are tricky in light aircraft. IRL, if there's a 32kt wind blowing, I'm leaving a plane like the DA-62 tucked safely in the hangar. Scott
  2. tttocs

    Need help - KAP 140

    Ahhh... Now I understand your issue. Sorry Frank, I didn't realize the Cessna model was so different from the standard one. Scott
  3. tttocs

    Need help - KAP 140

    Frank, is there a reason you don't use the up/down rocker that's just below the hat switch? That switch is positioned much the same as RW GA yokes' electric elevator trim and I'd bet you find that most of us have it set up that way. Seems to me that's by far the best solution to your issue, as the chances of moving into another axis with the hat switch will always be high. BTW, I think the hat switch is really an 8 way (4 axis) controller (up/down, left/right, upper left/lower right, upper right/lower left). Scott
  4. tttocs

    C310 Redux Update

    I have to admit it's always bugged me a bit that the trim wheels turn white when in direct sunlight too. As for the size, with all of the various 310 models over the years, this may come down to differences between model years. Scott
  5. tttocs

    Drones back but now at Heathrow!

    A classy response, Howard. For the record, it was of interest to me as noted earlier and I thought completely relevant to the discussion at hand given the direction some of the conversation had taken. Scott
  6. tttocs

    Drones back but now at Heathrow!

    As I've been researching, I've found a morass of conflicting and overlapping laws between state, federal and local governments here in the US. Here in Colorado, for example, some cities have extremely restrictive rules effectively banning drone flight, national parks pretty much completely ban flight (there are exceptions, but for all intents and purposes, they're banned), national forests are OK, but not near campgrounds or over roads and trails or over any designated wilderness areas. Similar rules exist for BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. Also banned in Colorado state parks other than in a couple of small designated areas. Claims that restrictions are few simply don't, well, fly based on the research I've been doing as part of my pre-buy decision making. The real issue - as shown with the situations at Gatwick and Heathrow - relate to enforcement more than actual legal restrictions being in place. In practice, law-abiding pilots have to be pretty careful to keep things legal. It's the scoff-laws that cause the problems. Scott
  7. tttocs

    Drones back but now at Heathrow!

    Finally had a chance to view this at home, and I am DEFINITELY impressed. Some very nice work there Howard, thanks for sharing! Scott
  8. tttocs

    Drones back but now at Heathrow!

    In addition to a wide range of other completely legitimate fun and creative uses. Believe me, I have no desire to play voyeur or interfere with other's lives. My own personal desire to own a quality video drone is due to my love for all things that fly, coupled with my years as an avid amateur photographer. Combining those two would, I believe, be a great deal of fun. I'm afraid, however, that the regulatory atmosphere is going to change almost as rapidly as the increasing number of places where flight will be banned outright due to those who always seem to pop up and spoil a good thing for the majority of conscientious users. Scott
  9. tttocs

    Drones back but now at Heathrow!

    Leaving aside the fact that flying one is just plain (plane 🙂 ) fun - in a word - photography, both still and video. Take a look at the Phantom 4 that Bob and I both reference. The opportunities for incredible aerial photography are endless. A shame that a few bad actors spoil the show. Scott
  10. tttocs

    Drones back but now at Heathrow!

    My wife bought me a cheap drone for a fun Christmas "toy" this year which has definitely caused the drone bug to bite. The Phantom 4 is one I've also been drooling over the last few weeks. Like you, however, I'm hesitant to invest in more serious hardware given recent activities and increasing regulation, with a strong possibility of far more to come. Scott
  11. Thanks Rob. I'll have to take a look. Nice to know there's even more to come. Scott
  12. I believe that Flightbeam/Bill Womack's just released KPDX is using material scripting to simulate things like wet surfaces during wx events. Haven't picked it up yet, but looking forward to seeing this. Scott
  13. tttocs

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Howard I think it's a case of danged if you do and danged if you don't. As I'm sure you know, many here think that FSDT's Addon Manager and Couatl are tools of the devil 🙂 so FB made the decision to move away from them, but as I understand it those are the mechanisms that allowed the demo mode. That is a little bit surprising, but as I've opined elsewhere, I think there's more going on in SoCal for some users than just the Orbx region. I've got a good, but not spectacular system and fly regularly in Orbx SoCal (With LatinVFR's KSAN and KSNA, FSDT's KLAS, 29Palms' KTNP and every Orbx SoCal airport made - other than KSAN of course) with no issues whatsoever. The worst I see is a very occasional stutter and MAYBE (generally only when I have a lot of wx going on) a 1 second or so pause in some arbitrary location, but that's pretty rare. For the most part, it's just nice, smooth flying. What I don't have is Orbx Global or VECTOR. Just sayin' 🙂 Scott
  14. tttocs

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Howard, I think this went away when FB moved off of Couatl. Scott
  15. tttocs

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    According to the FAQ, there are no issues whatsoever. It is said to meld seamlessly with Orbx products, including Portland Cityscape and the nearby KVUO. Scott