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  1. IRl, the obvious choice is the SR22, really a great plane for a personal use. But it's so automated, not as much fun to fly in MSFS. That's why a lot of folks chose planes with more traditional instruments, more of a challenge and easier to read the gauges.
  2. I have to put in a word in for Half Moon Bay, Khaf. Just a short trip over the hills to San Francisco. Several nice payware versions out there. IRL, it's always windy there and makes approaches and landings difficult. And the various Bonanza 36's for small GA planes.
  3. Bonanza V35 and the airport is Vilshofen, EDMV. It's a beautiful spot along the Danube with a scenic town, church steeple, and a castle on the hill and an interesting approach along the river.. Available at https://flightsim.to/file/19937/edmv-vilshofen-airport-germany. Here's a video of a circuit around the real area in a DA62. The Comanche is great and a more complete plane, but the V35 is sexier.
  4. Can someone remind me if the the .90 version works better than the earlier versions? I am using an earlier version.
  5. This only applies to the profiles for the keyboard and Joystick profiles, not other settings like LOD, etc.
  6. When I downloaded the Dune update, all the control settings were set for the Ornithopter profile, I had to go back and restore the original ones in the profiles I had made for myself. This included the keyboard and joystick settings.
  7. With the mrtommymxr mod (https://flightsim.to/file/2733/da62x-project), at flightsim.to, the DA62 seems very similar. They both use the G1000nxi, have similar cockpit, Fadec, a similar interior, and similar exterior profile. The flight model and the systems for the DA62 have been improved by the mod including ECU test funtionality. So the differences mainly boil down to working circuit breakers and doors that open, and I guess wear and tear. It appears that the DA42 may have better visibility, one of the downsides of the DA62 IMO. I've never been in either so I can't begin to judge the flight model. IRL, the 62 has more useful load and a roomier interior...and costs more.
  8. I'm sorry...venting and heating?...what are they talking about? and why do I care?
  9. Somehow I don't see them as much as I used to anyway. I think some airport mods remove them. I agree it would be nice to place them just as you pick a spot when you first create a flight plan.
  10. Ok, I guess 1000 feet is enough. I don't think RNAV 31 is used very often but I did look it up. Most common RNW at KFMY is 05 anyway. sort of parallel to 06 RSW.
  11. I happen to visit right under the flight path to RNW 06, and planes land in many different configurations and different speeds. 1000 feet doesn't seem like much. Especially with the jetwash coming off the planes. And they sometimes land every 5 minutes or so. Thanks for the precise info Ryan, I'll try it tomorrow night. I have to learn how to set this up in the approach part page of the G1000.
  12. I'm looking at the RNAV chart for Page Field, KFMY, Runway 31, and as I read it, the FAF is almost on top of KRSW, a large local airport in Fort Myers Florida. And not only that, but it appears right in line perpendicular to RSW runway 06 at 1500 Feet. I will look up the airspace for KRSW, but it sure seems like this is right on the approach for commuter jets landing on runway 06, which is a very common approach. There is only one runway at KRSW. The chart is here: https://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/2313/00154R31.PDF So before I work on setting up the approach to runway 31 on the SR22 NXi , I'm wondering if I'm reading the chart correctly. MSFS atc vectored me to use this approach.
  13. Thanks guys, I guess the Learjet has a nostalgia aspect too. Sounds like both good choices.
  14. I know they're both small business jets, what are the differences in Rl and in the sim in terms of flight model and systems?
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