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  1. I re-added the cache file (a new build, same size) once FS came back up. Forgot to add that above.
  2. Found the issue. For some reason FS stopped playing well with my Rolling Cache file. Deleting it resolved the issue. 😶 Found the answer on the Official forums.😐
  3. Anyone know what's going on with a Syncing data screen when FS is first launched? I'm getting this now and it's just sitting here with no progress. Can't launch the sim at this point.
  4. I always liked the Longitude; at times it seems people preferred the CJ4 instead of it which I never understood. 😳 Outside of the BBJ it's the longest range private jet we've ever had in any version of Flight Simulator. I whish Asobo did more with it (working HUD, Cabin, etc). Not sure why this has been a step child in so many aspects if FS2020. In it's current incarnation with the Darkfly Mod it's not a bad aircraft and one of my main goto's until the AI issue is fixed in the sim making airliner flying not so much of an eye sore when flying in/out of major world airports.
  5. To be fair Eaglesoft never released a fully long range option and the technology of their models was beginning to show their age. Carenado is another option that has really good models but again no long range Business Jet options.
  6. Because that's what the developer wants and has access to in the real world. We're along for the ride for much of this. It's totally up to access and love of the aircraft from the creator.
  7. I agree on all but one point, demand. The reason many of us bought the PMDG 737 was for the BBJ. A long range corporate jet. The dilemma in FS is AI is still screwed up so simulating the airliner environment where you would fly into airports with realistic AI at the terminals is not there yet. I halfway was hoping AI would get addressed first before we started seeing detailed airliners. The cart came before the horse in this case which is the reason I haven't really been flying my new Fenix A320. I've been flying the heck out the BBJ though. So demand is there it's just developers need to realize that. The small jets are cool but we need more options that'll get us across the pond.😏
  8. Thanks. That was a head scratcher at first as I couldn't find it anywhere...😏
  9. I'm having the same problem. I contacted their support about the issue.
  10. Anyone know where I can get that Juneau scenery I keep seeing on AvAngle's reviews?
  11. I did this on approach to the airport not by choice. FS pops up that 'Low Bandwidth' screen over detailed cities and in many cases force turns off photogrammetry requiring me to turn it back on from the menu. I had this a couple of times on approach to the area and still had the same results when I got to the airport.
  12. Rolling out on runway 36 the taxiway to the left that takes you to the executive ramp is covered with trees. The whole area is shot with these round globs of trees everywhere that's misplaced. This is what's affecting the airport. One glob happens to cover an active taxiway.
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