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  1. Dillon

    Eric Ernst

    I remember emailing Eric back in 1999 before 9/11, I forget what now but he was a very nice humble guy. He'd love it when he was on the job with American Eagle and someone from the FS community would recognize him and talk. He was devastated by the events of 9/11 and dropped out of the FS community feeling the terrorist took his work and was able to pilot those 757's enough to cause the attacks. None of that was conclusive yet he took it personally anyway. He was a great guy whom I'm shocked is gone so soon. It's sad it seems many here don't realize who he was and what his work has brought us to today.
  2. Dillon

    767 PIC Creator Eric Ernst Dies

    Wow, the creator of the first real serious airliner in Flight Simulation is gone at 51. So many first in his work. Very sad to here this. Does anyone know what happened to him to cause such and untimely death? I too spoke with him years ago during the glory days of his original efforts. I remember the airline moved him back to the MD series which he was not too happy about. He just made captain after all this time last year. He will be missed.
  3. Dillon

    Sunset Lover

    Amazing shots.
  4. Dillon

    Top Secret

    Must be iFly as the wings have no flex...
  5. Dillon

    More simming than I used to

    Enjoying life and the things you love is key for recovery and long life (stress and unfulfillment produces the opposite). Flight Simulation is therapy for those that love flight but can't get out and do it in real life for whatever reason. It's an alternative like the nicotine patches. Here's to a full recovery for you and I'm envious you have the time to build your simulation up the way you want it. I haven't had that kind of time since the days of FS9.
  6. Windows 7 64Bit. Was working before but it stopped. Hadn't noticed it until now.
  7. This is a long shot as it appears Active Camera support is no longer in existence. The external wind sound in AC is no longer working. I've tried to reinstall a few times to no avail. I made sure the correct sound files are in the AC sound folder. I also have AC sound checked on. Not sure what happened... Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give. I'm using the latest version of the software (2.1 for FS9).
  8. I hate when people take a part of what your asking the hijack the thread to a point it get's locked. They should have gave it more time or at least let me clarify myself before jumping the gun. The good thing is after a little research here I found P3D is being developed 5 miles from my house here in Orlando. If an opportunity comes up work with these guys as a tester or whatever I'm jumping on it. Now that NASA is in full swing again along with all the other cool aviation events going on down here (Lakeland, Flight Aware, Flying Magazine, Emery Riddle, etc.), P3D is in a prime location to thrive. I moved here two years ago at the right time. Avsim should have a convention down here.
  9. Great post Chock. I have to agree with you on every point. Let's see how it all goes.
  10. With the official recent announcement of a few major developers to abandon FSX in favor of the better 64bit platform by Lockheed, DT is in serious need of a different stance on 3rd party work in FSW. Pushing everyone to Steam in order to sell/install their products in FSW is a failed concept out the gate and will relegate FSW to irrelevancy. I hope their watching the wave that's happening and make themselves competitive. With serious competition I'd hate to see the FSW project die for lack of support. This community drives the base product and just like Microsoft couldn't understand (a.k.a. FLIGHT), alienating the driving force behind a simulation in any way is bad for the future of said platform. If FSW was the only game in town they could dictate standards but seeing as their not people will go for the more common since option that works more in the way we've been doing business for years. If major developers are walking away from your product you need a change in thinking and fast...
  11. Thought I'd ask this as I don't remember this fully being discussed. Where is development of P3D housed, what state, address, etc (we knew where Aces was, just an idle question)? I live in Orlando where Lockheed has a few major factories. Simming in various ways is huge down here, is it here in Central Florida? Is there an end game with LH or this long term? Why would a company like Lockheed take on FS in the capacity of embracing this community for a professional level simulator? Is this just a nitch project for Lockheed where as a new CEO comes on board who could kill the series seeing no serious military contract advantage to it? Are the developers old Aces members as the strides being made seem to be from people with more than a passing inside knowledge of the code? These are just questions we've normally known about our core platform development in the past. Seeing as this community is 'full on' embracing of P3D to a point if they pulled the plug (like Realair for example) there would be no where to get the base app like we have had with FSX/9 and the whole community would come to a halt. It's good we have a sister product with FSW (which has a horrible marketing strategy at this point concerning third party developers) if the plug is pulled meaning third party add-ons can be brought over. I love the fact two development houses has took up our platform I just wonder how far ahead in the future we can count on Lockheed. Seems we know so little about the people behind the scenes and the long game. If I missed something already discussed let me know. I'd love to be able to count on Lockheed well into the future and if they ever get a crazy CEO shacking up things will this new platform still be available for us to download and new users have the option looking to get in the hobby down the road. Lack of new simmers can kill our hobby, it's bad enough most don't know about P3D like they did the FS series. XPlane has a bigger audience both professionally and hobbyist combined.
  12. Time for a new era to finally begin.
  13. Dillon


    Do all the liveries work in v4? Also what is the performance like on your end?