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  1. You might be right but hey we got FS2020 which no one thought would happen especially like this (cloud based global scenery).
  2. The earlier model who's flight deck matched more closely to the flight deck on the CRJ's is what I was thinking of: global express cockpit - Bing images Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express, Qatar Airways JP7321029 - Bombardier Global Express - Wikipedia
  3. Thanks, I thought it was a more similar setup. The cockpit's look very much alike to a point it would still be easier for them to do a GExpress versus going to Citation X for example.
  4. I totally disagree. Like the 737NG series, make the whole product line including the CRJ200 and not half do it. That's how PMDG did and iFly with their 737 series. Also all ideas and suggestions are welcomed and it's up to the developer to decide what they want to do. There's a void in long rang business jets in Flight Simulator plain and simple. Going by what your saying I'm sure people would love to have KPHX and KMSP done in FS2020 but it seems like every little out of the way airport is currently priority with developers. Airports I've never heard of both freeware and payware are the priority and the glaring obvious airports are still default (KIAH, KHOU, CYYZ, etc). Orbix and Flightbeam refuse to update 'all their current work' in favor of new ones in the same geographical area (Europe). FlyTampa is another one as they aren't doing the obvious, 'Tampa' for example. Go figure that one. The one thing I like about Carenado is they are actively bringing their current hang to FS2020 which is common since, most developers aren't operating with that same logic. So I don't feel out of place or line asking for a plane that's in a series already worked on considering offerings are all over the place elseware. This is a plane in a class that's been sorely overlooked since add-ons became a thing in Flight Simulator and now is a perfect opportunity to have that void filled... I believe people would love having the option to have a Global Express in the sim. 😶
  5. No matter their next project this would be a nice add-on to the current CRJ family they just did. All the work has already been done in the cockpit. All these jets share similar flight decks. We've never had a long range corporate jet in any version of Flight Simulator and this would be the perfect opportunity to get one. I already posted in the Aerosoft forums to hopefully get them to think about it. Who knows we may even get a working HUD (unlike the Longitude). Bombardier Global Express XRS: Watch a Private Jet Walk-through with ACS - YouTube
  6. I’ll post this in the Aerosoft forum but after speeding so time in the Longitude we really need something that can comfortably get across the pond that’s corporate. Stops in Gander is fine but it would be nice to takeoff from a smaller airport around the Atlanta, DC, or South Florida area and make it directly to Luton for example . We’ve never had a corporate jet in FS with that kind of range. Gulfstream shut the FS community down years ago but seeing as Aerosoft has done the CRJ the Global Express has essentially the same flight deck. It took PMDG years to consider the BBJ hopefully a shorter time frame could be had with Aerosoft for this option.
  7. I'll pass on this one. Unless your taking the bird up past 10,000ft there's no difference in performance. I was hoping they've move on to another more interesting aircraft. I guess there's more to squeeze out of this turnip.
  8. Saw the same thing with the Atlanta area yesterday. The official weather there was reported sunny/partly cloudy but in the sim there were major thunderstorms covering a wide area... Asobo needs to ditch whatever service their using.
  9. I had to make a rudder adjustment that ended up working out for all aircraft I use.
  10. Any comment about smoke when the engine starts? Is that possible yet?
  11. I haven’t used it much since the latest patch and the JF release. I’ll have to check out it’s stall behavior. That being said their 182 is worse in a stall as it enters a spine you can’t get out of. Now that’s bad. The model is bad as well as you either sit so low in the cockpit to see your turn in taxi or adjust to proper height and see nothing from side to side. The nose is pitched too high on the ground. I saw one at my local airport and the owner let me check it out. There are some similarities but the Corenado model is overdone. Chock said it best in the above post. I find most of their work decent with a few exceptions.
  12. I would equated this issue to flying on Spirit or Frontier Airlines. If you don't pay the extra fees your legs are all but hanging out the aircraft...
  13. They've never been study level but decent just the same. They actually exceed that tag line you quoted especially with this latest rendition of the Seneca in FS2020. I skipped FSX because that sim was a hog on day one and never ran right even on later hardware. The development of that sim had future hardware requirements totally wrong when it came to CPU multi-core versus dual core. The tweaking requirement was the worst we've seen in the hobby. Then came P3D. It was better based on FSX code requiring an insane hardware requirement for things like the video card. What you got in return was not that much different from FSX but it was more stable. Much of the aircraft I purchased from Carenado was for FS9. So yes you could say I've been under a rock for the most part until now as I wanted a platform first and foremost to run decently let alone the add-ons on top of it. Carenado has always delivered. Even today all their birds to me are decent and look great. The Arrow has it's place right along side the JF version. Both are two different generation of the Arrow and the nuances of both are nothing more than you would see in the real world. What Carenado is doing now is outstanding for FS2020 especially looking at what's in store in their hanger. I can't wait for most of those birds to be transferred to FS2020. It's the same as looking at FlightBeam's and FlyTampa's offerings and wanting to see those renditions in FS2020. The new sim makes things shine more than what we saw in older versions of Flight Simulator. So with a new well running sim (advanced features, supported, and taking advantage of the latest hardware) much of this stuff will shine more than we saw before. Carenado has way too many amazing titles to sit back and judge them on past mistakes or oversites. I'd rather look at how bad FSX was in general versus holding anything over our add-on developers. We need our community to advance this hobby and keep elevating the standard. We wouldn't have the quality of the default planes in FS2020 if it weren't for the standard developers like Dreamfleet, Carenado, and Eaglesoft laid out so many years ago starting with FS9 all the way up to today. Holding on to sour grapes only get's you left behind... 🧐
  14. I'm talking about the fixed wing AI 172 aircraft in the sim. My aircraft is fine but when taxing on the ground looking at other GA aircraft the Cessna 172's always look like they pulled off and dragging some unfortunate ground crew who forgot to get out of the way. The legs stick out from the center of the aircraft like the Flintstones.
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