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  1. Congrats! In this climate deals are there to be had. I had a young Delta pilot who backed out on training my son due to his re-qualification from the MD-80 to the A320. After Covid he's available again.
  2. Love the shots. I'm sure glade PMDG re-did that 737NG VC...
  3. Sad to hear. Great guy who's been around here for years. My condolences to his family.
  4. What put me off with the iFly 744 model is the external wing flex is so unrealistic. The flatten wings in flight totally turned me off much the same way as the PMDG 737NGX's virtual cockpit did. Oversights like this ruin the whole appeal for some of us especially when we already have a comparable option. So it's a flip with these two developers for me. I'd rather fly the iFly 737 (with my own edited sound package) versus the PMDG 737NGX because of the virtual cockpit. The reverse is true as I passed on the iFly 744 in favor of the PMDG option which I already owned because of the faulty external model (plus they didn't include the 744F). The new PMDG 737 is on a whole other level and I will purchase it once FS2020 is released.
  5. The Leonardo MD80 PMDG's 744 was better than iFly's version. Sadly it's no longer available like the PMDG MD11.
  6. I have the pax loader. Send me an email I can use to get this over to you.
  7. 1. Disney World 2. Cap Canaveral 3. Tampa area
  8. Reading so many good things about this sim and I know this has been covered, I'd like to add a couple small things I hope makes it in the default sim: 1. Serious Contrails - Seeing as with our sims today to get this to look realistic in the sky we need an add-on. The effect can be so much better if it was in the sim by default. Case in point the contrail effect in the real world only happens around the 31,000 to 41,000ft range, they very depending on weather conditions, and the look of the default effort (FSX, FS9) is so much better than the third party solutions. 2. Fly By view in the air - After realizing we can no longer get Active Camera (not sure of other solutions as I gave up on this), the need to have this in the sim became apparent. It's much better than the tower view locked from you departing airport.
  9. Shooting at the US messed up and hit an airliner... I figured as much when they didn't want to release the black box.
  10. After PGA Tour bit the farm I'm in agreement with the OP. It would need a phone app as well so we could play on the go.
  11. At this point that would be 90% of this whole Flight Simulator 2020 forum. Until the sim is released we are all just talking around the limited information we’re getting.
  12. Just to clarify I’m just speculating based on the sketchiness of info released on key details that was standard in past versions of Flight Simulator and past experience this community has had dealing with MS in these development cycles. If they don’t talk about it it’s most likely not there (at least not in the way we would want it)... On a positive note I hope I'm wrong.
  13. I don't think it will be like FLIGHT but rather XPlane with a subscription fee and similar rules like FLIGHT was for add-on developers. I can't see MS freely letting third party developers produce on top of their content ever again, they're going to want their cut. It'll have great graphics (no add-ons required) and better flight dynamics from what we can see now. Outside of that everything else (ATC, AI, Season, etc) is down the road if that even happens much the same way FLIGHT was. I believe that's more of the comparison some are referencing.
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