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  1. That did the trick. - uninstall 2700 - install database setup from 2700 zip file - run the two installers in the previous link Thanks!
  2. Nothing, I did a full uninstall of 2700 through add/remove programs.
  3. What step am I missing regarding the instructions above? - Uninstalled 2700 - downloaded the trainer setup and GTN setup from above. When I click on either of them it says please wait while it configures the launcher. Nothing else happens after that
  4. I uninstalled 2700 then tried running those installers but it didn't seem to do anything.
  5. Funny, I'm also experiencing the slowdown with the F1 GTN, but the Reality XP GTN 750 does not suffer from any such performance issue with 2004. I uninstalled the 2700 GTN trainer and ran the MSIs tagged in earlier in this thread but was not able to get it to work so I went back to 2700. Reality XP had a significant discount on their packages so I decided to buy those yesterday. I do hope F1 gets this sorted out, though as the RXP GTNs are not supported by all A2A aircraft.
  6. Same for me here - ordered through Simmarket.
  7. I've posted here and on LM forum regarding Narragansett Bay. Many others have posted other similar anomalies elsewhere, as well. I tried making a flatten BGL to fix it using ADE 1.79 to no effect. Definitely a step back from v4 with Vector.
  8. I wonder if the underlying system is different in v5 as well. As I mentioned above, I used ADE 1.79 in an attempt to flatten the PVD area to no effect.
  9. I tried to make a flatten file for this using ADE 1.78 but it did not work. I'm stumped. Others have reported similar issues in other locations as well. Rich
  10. I posted this on the Prepar3D forum as well and others have chimed in as well.
  11. Flying around southern New England today in P3Dv5 and came across this tidal wave about to hit KPVD 🙂 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-WhMJ9l_GwnUfLoMNfogRsurmS9zjK6-/view?usp=sharing
  12. I see 2.16 as available in the purchase agent and downloaded it but when I try to run the installer it says 2.14 and does not give me a P3Dv5 option. EDIT --- disregard. I needed to delete my previous download even though it said it was 2.16.
  13. I'm in the middle of doing this now and it seems that it does take up twice as much space in the library - one for v4 and one for v5. I am unsure if I've done anything wrong.
  14. Stan, I'm about to do this myself. Did you notice any issues with V4 after migrating or are things good?
  15. Has anyone created a new P3Dv5 profile separate from V4? Does this method work with coexisting v4 & v5 installations?
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