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  1. I'm currently flying for Cape Air in APL - regional airline mainly in the Northeast USA. Lots of options with APL.
  2. I agree with all of this, including me growing old.
  3. I have both, but FlyTampa's version is much better. The only think it lacks at the moment is the newly updated Terminal E, but it is promised in a future update. Feelthere's version does have the new Terminal E modelled. Rich
  4. Mine doesn't look like this, either, but I do have the flickering (which I can live with).
  5. I just picked it up myself and it does look great. Did not notice any issues with the bridges at all. Remember to uninstall the Asobo KMCO in the content manager. Rich
  6. I have no issues if I do POS INIT and then load my FP before loading fuel/pax/cargo.
  7. So, I think the EFB freeze might be tied to trying to load the weight/fuel before completing the initialization in the MCDU. After doing a POS INIT and entering a flight plan I then adjusted the payload and the EFB did not freeze.
  8. I've seen two issues with this so far: - EFB locked up twice when trying to load the weight & fuel - Releasing prop brake did not work. Light remained on and prop did not spin.
  9. Here's a new upload that looks pretty nice: https://flightsim.to/file/55431/kjax-jacksonville-international-airport-jacksonville-florida
  10. Reinstalling Orbx scenery and purchases from the marketplace seem to work OK (although this will be a lot of work). The community folder is broken, however. I renamed my Community folder to Community-bak and created a new, empty one. I then installed the FBW A320 into that folder but it did not show up in the sim. I also installed another freeware airport into that folder and it is not in the sim. It seems there is no linkage to the community folder at all.
  11. Yeah, already tried that with add-on linker and it did not change anything. I'm going to try to re-install the ATR next from the marketplace.
  12. So, here is my experience - Just updated to the beta and none of my addons/purchases are there. Everything is in my community folder or linked with addon-linker but all add-on aircraft & scenery are not visible in the sim. Content manager shows all of my purchased addons as 'not installed'. Any ideas?
  13. Try this playlist from 737NG Driver
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