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  1. Thanks for this find - It worked for me as well! Rich
  2. Bert, just curious - does it work with the FSLabs Airbus? In v4.5 it works with the Bus if I load a default aircraft first. In v5.1, it does not cap the FR at all on the FSLabs Airbus, period. All other aircraft are fine.
  3. I tried installing this in P3D v5.1 but the exterior model is incomplete when looking out the window - I see the props and part of the wing, but there is no leading edge or engine nacelles visible. Haven't tried a flight yet.
  4. Anyone know what the v5 discount price is if you also purchase v4?
  5. This has not changed anything for me regarding the FSLabs Airbus. In P3Dv4 scanlinesync/2 works properly if I load a default aircraft first (I load the Mooney). In P3Dv5 it does scanlinesync/2 does not work at all with the FSLabs Airbus. It works fine with all other aircraft.
  6. I'm seeing the same thing, but it seems to work OK with FSLabs if I load a default aircraft first then switch to the Bus at the gate - I load the Mooney Bravo Retro.
  7. Strange, I just tried KBOS, KATL and EGLL. No problems at all for me.
  8. Just checked 3B3 and flew south toward KORH along 190 at 1000'. Plenty of trees for me. What are your settings?
  9. It appears that the cause for me was running the beta Navigraph data. I uninstalled that and the crashes disappeared.
  10. I just noticed a similar issue with certain airports/regions in the US as well. Haven't been able to load KSBA, KBUR in California and KORL in Florida. Northeast seems to be OK. Will give this a try. UPDATE - sadly, this did not solve the problem I'm having. CTD right after starting the flight - this time in KMRY.
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