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  1. Big frame rate hit on v2 vs. v1 for me. I uninstalled and went back to v1.
  2. Update finally completed and all seems OK. The default did change to windowed mode for me instead of full-screen so I needed to change that, but nothing else changed. I had 10 gig of temporary files from the aborted first update attempt in my D:\MSFS2020\Official\OneStore folder that I deleted.
  3. I killed the first ongoing update and restarted - confirmed that the install folder was my D:\MSFS custom location. The new update said it was 17GB, but it is now working through 13GB and progressing. Very strange.
  4. I'm having the same issue as the original post - I have a 304 MB update that is taking forever to get through. It looks like it is constantly restarting the download but the downloaded filename is changing (now on fs-base-0.1.163.fspatch.003.... Haven't gotten to the 17 gig update yet, but I suspect that it's coming. My install is on my D drive.
  5. Because it uses the Garmin trainer, are there any compatibility issues with the P3D Reality XP GTN which also uses v6.62.x of the trainer with cycle 1909? I still fly P3D and use the RXP 750 there.
  6. My FlyTampa installation looks fine - no double arrows on 26R.
  7. This has been resolved - traced to an incompatibility with the Cape Air repaint I was using. The author has uploaded a new version which fixes the issue with 1.5.0.
  8. After uninstalling 1.4.3 and installing 1.5.0, MSFS no longer starts up. The loading bar takes much longer to get to the end and once there, the sim menu does not open - it just sits there at the loading screen. Uninstalling 1.5.0 allows the sim to start and run properly. I reinstalled 1.4.3 and everything also works fine. Any ideas? - Rich
  9. Just Flight Real Taxiways USA takes care of that. Pricey, though, at $39.99.
  10. I'm waiting for my parts to arrive for a new 12900K build with a 3080 ti. Really looking forward to it!
  11. It looks like a temporary workaround for me is to delete the /Program Data/Virtuali folder or run the FSDT Live Update before starting P3D.
  12. Since running the updater this morning all my FSDT add-ons are in trial mode and re-registering with the serial number does not activate them. Any ideas? UPDATE - after a quick check on the FSDT forum, it looks like others are having similar problems. I'll keep an eye out there.
  13. Run the TFDI addon manager. It should find that there's an update available and install it. Rich
  14. I have no issues with the 757 & 767 ACE with P3dV5 HF1. Rich
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