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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the response and your continued support of a great program. - Rich
  2. When using any method to control tilt up/down, when the upper or lower limit is reached the view resets to the opposite limit and stays fixed there. I don't recall seeing this before and it doesn't seem to work that way for pan or roll. Pan just continuously sweeps through 360 degrees of travel, while roll seems to reset and keep rolling if the input is still there. Can the tilt be made to tilt through 360 degrees of motion like the pan view?
  3. Although I have not seen any official announcement yet, simmarket has LatinVFR's TXKF v2 for P3D v4 available. It's discounted if you purchased the original version from their store.
  4. richbonneau

    KB4100347 and KB4343909 Updates

    Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with P3D v4.3 after applying these two updates. I updated late last week and experienced the following - P3D would immediately CTD with no error message when loading any A2A aircraft with GTN750 installed. I also had a P3D crash mid-flight with a different aircraft. I uninstalled both updates and have not had any problems since, but I have not seen reports of anyone else having issues so I'm wondering if I'm the only one. Rich
  5. richbonneau

    F1 B200 in V4 - Opinions?

    I've only noticed issues when using the pop-out screens. No problem in the VC at all. My system is very similar to Mark's above, except that I'm overclocked to 5GHz.
  6. richbonneau

    F1 B200 in V4 - Opinions?

    I've had no issues with it and highly recommend it. There was one nav update that did not work, but it was quickly fixed.
  7. I purchased from Simmarket in December and got the update notice today. I just downloaded it and it is version 1.1. Nothing new...... Must have been a mistake by Simmarket.
  8. I received notification today that a new update is available at Simmarket for the CJ2. Does anyone know what the changes are?
  9. richbonneau

    fsl 319 released

    You need to update your A320 prior to installing - FYI.
  10. richbonneau

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    🤣 Thanks!
  11. richbonneau

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Has anyone tried the Flight1 King Air yet with 4.3?
  12. My new card has 3 DPs and one HDMI port.
  13. I just purchased an EVGA 1080ti Black Edition directly from the manufacturer for $899. I did an auto-notification with them back in January and got an email last week indicating they were back in stock so I quickly scooped one up and posted in this forum. I also did auto-notify for few different ones at newegg, but none of those worked out. I have a 3770K running a 4K 30Hz monitor which I will be replacing with an entirely new build soon - the 1080ti was holding me up. After installing the 1080ti in my system, I was able to crank up the AA a bit and noticed no performance degradation in clouds. Not much of a difference otherwise, though. I am usually able to hold 30 fps in most places unless the weather is bad (1080ti helps with that), or at the big airports (JFK), where it still drops below 30. Need to pull the trigger on the 8770K setup next! Good luck!
  14. Just got a notification that the 1080 Ti Black Edition GAMING card was available for $899. Happy hunting!
  15. richbonneau

    F1 King Air G1000 problem

    Hi Mark, This works for me. Can you post the steps you're taking to enter the flight plan? Rich