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  1. Funny thing. Me too. tell Colonel X that.
  2. The TD is basically stuck at P3d V3 for me, as without the GTN, it's a whole different aircraft and not in a good way. Anyway, the GTN hiatus has given me time to refamiliarize myself with the PMDG NGX, 777 and the TFDI B717, which at my advanced age is a never ending process.
  3. You've probably got entries in your Windows registry that are causing this issue. If you made a system restore point prior to installing P3d, you could use the OS feature to roll back to a date prior to the install. If nothing else was installed after P3d was installed, then nothing else will be affected by the rollback.
  4. It's a race between Flight1 and RXP to see who can release a 64 bit version of the GTN 750. RXP has experience only with linking the Garmin trainer app to XP11 and they did an excellent job there, so we know that 64 bits is not a hurdle. Flight1 has done a terrific job supporting and updating their 32 bit version for FSX and P3d, but both developers seem very cautious about releasing final products that are buggy (unlike many other flight sim developers who make users pay to test out their half-done wares). Remember I didn't say a horse race, though.
  5. Yes title. Sorry. It goes by paint as you point out.
  6. Despite its name, Ultimate Traffic Live, does not use ADS-B transmitter locations for its AI. It is "live" only in the sense that the developer has promised updates to traffic schedules.
  7. Without the folder, all the MyT 6 flight AI schedules that refer to the C172 will just be ignored, unless for some reason, your setup refers to a SimObject with the identical line in its aircraft.cfg file: sim=Cessna172SP
  8. I included VOXATC for comparison even though the Version 7.3 beta only works with P3d V3. 1a) AI...My T 6 - no support at present. UTL - pretty good support at present, but some people hold a grudge against the developer for abandoning their previous version, UT2 for a significant amount of time. Alpha India Group AI - community support, because it's DIY freeware like the old and moribund WOAI. Count on spending a few weeks setting AIG AI up, but from then on, maintenance should be relatively painless. 1b)ATC...P2ATC - excellent support by the developer right here at AVSim, PF3, ProATC/X - very good support also. RC4 - modest support, but not from the developer, VOXATC, only community support ATM here at AVSim in the unofficial forum. 2) VOXATC and P2ATC use the built-in Windows speech recognition seamlessly. PF3 can be integrated with Multi Crew Experience (MCE). 3) None control (or correctly communicate with) the AI except for VOXATC. The two live ATC options PSXseecon and Lorby's are good alternatives, since if you fly within a country with publicly available LiveATC streams, you can listen to the real ATC while flying using an add-on like LAAP. The live ATC streams are no longer available to the public in many European countries. Another drawback is that many aircraft only have their ADS-B transmitters turned in while airborne. This makes AI ground operations at some airports appear sparse.
  9. P3d has never has a default Cessna 172, either flyable or AI (unless someone else thinks that P3d V4 now has it). The rumor is that Textron licensed the original C172 model to Microsoft andthe permission was not transferred to LM. My T 6 refers to the FSX C172 and since it's missing in P3d, this model does not show up at all. However, people have made the C172 work either by referring to the version from FSX (which has the [Radios] section in aircraft.cfg). First, check to see whether you already a have a C172 in your \SimObjects\Airplanes folder.
  10. You should add that UTL has no cargo or military flights and that many of the commercial liveries are out of date. The latter issue has been addressed by the developers and they have stated that they intend to update the liveries at some point in time.
  11. Unfortunately, no there isn't. And if there's never a 64 bit version of VOXATC, then there won't be any at all. If you've used the VOXATC 7.3 beta, you realize how complicated the AI and ATC are, when they are controlled simultaneously. The lack of a VOXATC-like product is the main reason that I don't switch to XP11 altogether, but I suspect that is never going to happen unless LR includes it in the sim itself. And it's likely that LM isn't going to improve default P3d V4 AI/ATC package in the short run either. I guess I'll use the standard rejoinder. Why not use VATSIM?
  12. Time for a demotion.
  13. Here's a Youtube video describing the range of education-related flight sim alternatives from LM: Thanks to Dino Cattaneo for pointing out this video. Also, Dino posted on his Facebook page that he is reconsidering and may develop a T50-A for P3d.
  14. Doug just repeated in the post what I wrote just above his post, but I was on vacation away from my P3d PC and I couldn't provide all the details. MS did one sensible thing with regard to mixing and matching 32 bit and 64 bit EXEs and DLLs. A 32 bit EXE will load a 64 bit DLL and a 64 bit EXE will load a 32 bit DLL. In both those situations, the code in the DLL is completely ignored by the calling executable, but resources such as text strings, menus, icons and dialog boxes can still read as if the DLL was a normal data file.
  15. I don't know about you, but I am still also using the RealAir TD in P3d V3, because Flight1 has not released a version of their GTN 750 for P3d V4. If one just replaces the old sound gauge with the new 64 bit version, then the sounds such as flaps, gear, down etc. will stop working in the V3 version. It's worth a small amount of effort to comply with LM's installation requirements. The new installation approach was introduced in P3d V3, but LM really didn't start going "Nudge, nudge, wink, wink" regarding this technique until they introduced V4. Considering how they have eliminated a lot of archaic code, it it shouldn't come as a shock when the file scenery.cfg eventually becomes just an afterthought. The next step will be that the old installation technique won't work properly at all. A recent example of this progression is that FS9 AI aircraft don't work corerctly in P3d anymore. And if one has an AI plane without the [Radios] section in aircraft.cfg, the ATC won't show any communications with it.