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  1. You mean that you've never cleaned something that didn't need cleaning?😉
  2. Same here. I had to update the Nvidia audio driver but that was the only glitch. I haven't seen any benefit though.
  3. A minor update with the usual "no impact on flightsims" logo clearly displayed. 450.99 is the latest Windows insider WDDM 2.7 version. Will ithat driver break everything? Stay tuned.
  4. Even though that worked, that is not the correct way to fix the issue. Those OBX, CVX and APX files contain a lot more than just information for one airport. You will find that all the adjacent stock airports are now missing, as JRBarrett stated previously.
  5. I make typos all the time trying to use the mobile AVSim version on my phone.
  6. High speed rail traffic will be added to all flightsims to make up for the lack of intracontinental air service.
  7. I think you meant OBX52140.bgl which contains objects. CVX files contain vectoyrs and polygons.
  8. I've seen the thread time overrun warning in the VOXATC logfile even with P3d4. This means that a thread is not completed before the next thread is scheduled. Usually this condition results in the thread either being allowed to finish and the next thread delayed or the offending thread is terminated. Thread asynchrony is a problem with multithreaded apps but an app is commonly designed to handle this condition. The warning is displayed for the developer in order to locate where this issue is occuring.
  9. I'm just wondering if anyone is still using VOXATC with P3d5 HF1? There are reports of problems with SimConnect and P3d5 on the official LM forums, so the random lack of AI aircraft with VOXATC could be caused by P3d5 itself. Also, fsaerodata has been updated at no adidtional cost for P3d5, as has ASP3D, although both releases still in beta. Most likely more problems might occur with P3d5 this week as it is due the release for Hotfix 2 (according to LM) and the new nVidia WDDM 2.7 driver ( the developer version is 450.99, so expect a higher main version number) will be officially released for Win 10 version 2004.
  10. I answered 50-200 range in the poll, but I have Spectrum and even though I pay for 70, much of the time it's only 30 to 40. That may lead me to using a late night sim rather than a flightsim.
  11. https://www.windowslatest.com/2020/02/16/windows-10-v2004-hardware-accelerated-gpu-scheduling/amp/
  12. Stop confusing the term rendering with simulating. Again, if it was so easy to simulate the whole globe, every game would do it. Most video games are limited fantasy lands. Flight simulators are virtual realities.
  13. It makes one wonder if hacking into weather.dll might allow more layers. Eh, by the time someone figures out how to do that, LM will have probably added formal trueSky access via the PDK.
  14. It's funny that you should focus on LODs for objects, since the trend has been to reduce the number of LODs. In FSX many of the AI aircraft had 5 or more LODs, but as screen resolutions increased in P3d, developers realized that loading and unloading that many LODs was less efficient than having just 2 LODs. Just let me know when a mainstream video game simulates the whole earth. It will eventually happen, but not soon.
  15. That is what the setting does. Here's more detail on the registry keys https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/display/tdr-registry-keys
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