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  1. Each ORBX region has so many added airports that a few errors slip by. Most of the errors that I've encountered are orphaned taxiway links. The good news is they quickly fix what's wrong if a user can demonstrate the problem. Or alternatively, editing the faulty airport with ADE does the trick. The stock EGVP has only one runway that even remotely matches the real world airport, so with all the work needed to create the airport from scratch, ORBX could have flipped the heading of 17 and 35. Although with ADE that's pretty hard to do.
  2. Here's what fsaerodata shows for the entry for EGVP: A;EGVP;MIDDLE WALLOP;51.149358;-1.57025;297;3000;0;3800;;;;;;;4713010789;; R;08;85;3596;148;0;0;0;51.145808;-1.574725;264;3;40;2;;4713010790;2; R;17;175;3875;148;0;0;0;51.146256;-1.573642;288;3;40;2;3;4713010791;2; R;26;265;3596;148;0;0;0;51.146772;-1.560406;269;3;50;2;;4713010792;; R;35;355;3875;148;0;0;0;51.135711;-1.571706;260;3;50;2;3;4713010793;; But if you are only using the stock EGVP, it is considerably different than that in ADE: ID Heading Length Feet Width Feet Surface Cross Wind Comments 02/20 017.0 2400.0 30.0 DIRT No 08/26 077.0 2400.0 30.0 DIRT No 13/31 127.0 2400.0 30.0 DIRT No In Little NavMap, what is displayed as the source file for the airport data? Do you have any 3rd party versions of EGVP installed? In any case, it's probably not an fsaerodata issue as that only updates SIDs, STARs, comms, approaches, waypoints and navaids. EGVP has no SIDs and STARs.
  3. It's not only MyT 6 but rather any big AI package that will cause performance issues. For the Ultimate Traffic series there is a built-in frame rate target option that limits the total number of AI aircraft within the user's reality bubble. For MyT 6, one needs to use the FSUIPC traffic limiter options to get the same result.
  4. Who is painting LM as a bad guy? IMO, they have the most capable and responsive flight sim development team. The rest are not much more than cottage industry operations, not that there's anything wrong with that, as long as their products are good. But it's disingenuous to say that LM is overly concerned about 3rd party developers who don't follow the SDK, 100% of the time. A statement about "hacking" is to discourage anyone from requesting official support from LM when and if a "hacking" type add-on causes P3d4 to go belly up. But my experience with LM's official technical support is their first response to any consumer support request is to ask about 3rd party add-ons, whether they follow the SDK or not. I will give them some credit though, since recently they have been responding to CTD complaints by directing users to follow the Visual Studio debugging approach. In the past, problems caused by the interaction between P3d and a 3rd party add-on were left in software purgatory, since basically, it was up to the 3rd party developer to provide a solution. Look how long the NTDLL.DLL CTD persisted with My Traffic 6. And that add-on didn't use any "hacking"
  5. I usually use Simbrief, but it does provide a lot more information than a casual flight sim pilot needs. FlightAware is satisfactory for flight plans.
  6. Well, of course LM is going to say that. But if the official SDK does not support an "official" way to implement a particular feature, then what is a 3rd party developer supposed to do? Quit and move on to XP11? Maybe if LM improved some of the default features, like for example, ATC and weather, there would be no need for those third party developers at all.
  7. Just run the installer again as Administrator, with any anti-malware app temporarily disabled. I don't remember if the Windows Control Panel program applet shows a repair option for VOXATC, but you can check that too.
  8. I checked the ORBX ADE file for KUAO and the weather comm type listed in the file is ASOS: Type Name Freq APPROACH PORTLAND 126.000 ASOS 118.525 CLEARANCE PORTLAND 119.950 DEPARTURE PORTLAND 126.000 UNICOM AURORA STATE 122.700 CTAF AURORA STATE 122.700 I think that the default ATC never says "tune ASOS", but rather it always says "tune ATIS", no matter which way that the comm is coded. I have a feeling that VOXATC doesn't use ASOS as a comm type. I'll test a few more "ASOS" airports and see what I can figure out, but your best bet is to turn on error logging in VOXATC. Upload err.log to the cloud. Then contact the developer via the official website and send him a link to your log file.
  9. Here's what I PMed another user:
  10. What's funny to me in hindsight were all the negative comments by potential CRJ customers regarding the parallel open beta of a comparable aircraft, the TFDi B717. Most claimed that they would rather wait for a polished product than to endure testing a half finished aircraft. As it turned out, with the CRJ we got a BOGO deal. I'm not sure that there's a lesson to be learned here other than a small software team (Yeah, Aerosoft is "big" but the CRJ team was just a few people) never can develop a complex product from scratch without the assistance of a diverse beta team.
  11. You're welcome. If the light is too focused and/or bright, you can edit it with the tool. I can't say that I've seen any wing ice yet.
  12. Flight1 maintains a checklist repository and you should upload yours to it.
  13. Didn't you post the same issue with KUAO with a previous version of VOXATC? It's either that there is something wrong with the ORBX version of KUAO or VOXATC inconsistently recognizes ASOS. I suppose that you could try editing the ORBX version with ADE and change the ASOS to ATIS. I can look into this further if I have some free time. The ORBX KUAO has a bunch of orphan and open links in its taxiway network but I doubt that would cause the ASOS issue with VOXATC. The ORBX version uses a "Delete Airport" syntax, so it overrides the comm frequencies contained in the stock airport: <DeleteAirport deleteAllRunways="TRUE" deleteAllStarts="TRUE" deleteAllHelipads="TRUE" deleteAllFrequencies="TRUE" deleteAllTaxiways="TRUE" deleteAllAprons="TRUE" deleteAllApronLights="TRUE" deleteAllControlTowers="TRUE" deleteAllJetways="TRUE" deleteAllBoundaryFences="TRUE" deleteAllBlastFences="TRUE" deleteAllApproaches="TRUE"/>
  14. First, edit the Turbine Duke's aircraft.cfg files so these four lines in the [LIGHTS] section looks like this: [LIGHTS] ... light.1 = 9, -8.50, 0.00, 1.70, fs_Duke_Mod_VCLight //RASDukeTv2_VcLight light.2 = 9, -12.50, 0.00, 1.70, fs_Duke_Mod_VCLight light.3 = 7, -6.20, -13.20, 1.03, fs_Duke_Mod_VCLight //de-icing boots left wing -- set to recog light to match light coding. light.4 = 7, -6.20, 13.20, 1.03, fs_Duke_Mod_VCLight //de-icing boots right wing -- set to recog light to match light coding.RASDukeTv2_Wing Make sure that you first save a backup copy of aircraft.cfg. Next download this FX file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2zo6y63crkqtl77/fs_Duke_Mod_VCLight.fx?dl=0 and place it in the folder: ...\RealAir\Turbine Duke V2 P3D3\Effects Now run P3d4 with the TD with a scenario at night. If everything works okay you're done. Else, open the P3d Visual Effects Tool, load the FX file that you downloaded and edit it until you get the light effect to your liking. Keep in mind that the light effect's (x,y,z) coordinates only impact the display in the Visual Effects Tool. Those numbers then need to be transferred to the equivalent coordinates in each light.x statement in aircraft.cfg. I might have forgotten something else, but that should be enough to get you started.