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  1. The mistake that MS has made was shutting out a large portion of the installed base even though most of those PCs are powerful enough to run the OS. I installed Win 11 on my laptop and after playing around with it I see zero advantages in upgrading either my desktop PC or my wife's laptop. I'll wait until Windows 12. 😉
  2. People that fly GA aircraft in MSFS mostly do VFR sightseeing because the sim is so beautiful. There's a percentage like myself that consistently fly IFR, but I think that this is the exception. As such, there is not a lot of concern about realistic weather, navdata, AI traffic and ATC. But someone who's going to buy the Fenix Airbus or the PMDG 737 is going to care about these features and also that airports have realistic parking and gates. I only mention the latter because most of the MSFS international airports have poorly sized gates with virtually no attention to where each airline parks. In a year and a half, you'd think that MS and Asobo would have fixed all those features, but alas they are still in beta versions. The live weather occasionally resembles real world conditions. AI traffic, despite AIG's best efforts, is still a mess. It's still necessary to pay for accurate navdata. And for sensible ATC one must rely on online services and often there are no controllers where you want to fly. Does this mean that I would go back to P3d or XP? Heck no, they inferior are from a visual perspective and aren't going approach MSFS in quality unless LM and LR decide to invest resources that they don't have.
  3. You might to ask Kai from AIG. VOXATC doesn't read AIGFP format flightplans unless the author of VOXATC snuck in that option without telling anybody. By the same token AIGTC can only inject flights from AIGFP format flightplans. The "easiest" way to get duplicate AI aircraft in P3d5 is to use VOXATC and not set the P3d5 AI sliders to 0. Both the sim and VOXATC will inject AI aircraft from any flightplan BGL files found in the sim's scenery library.
  4. VOXATC only uses flight plans in BGL format. If you inject traffic with AIGTC, VOXATC will not communicate with those AI aircraft. If you use AIGFM you need for it to install BGL flight plans and not AIGFP flightplans.
  5. I also recommend both the Turbo Arrow and the Turbo Bonanza. You can't expect the default GA aircraft to be anything but a gateway to flying in MSFS
  6. Neither should show up. The DLL is part of VOXATC, not P3d5. You should contact VOXATC support as they're may be issues with P3d 5.3.
  7. I don't trust any articles in the media about Elon Musk. Tesla doesn't advertise and that angers media outlets and causes them to direct its writers to author a constant stream of clickbait hatchet jobs about Musk, Tesla and/or SpaceX. The worst offender surprisingly is the eco-green NY Times which regularily runs anti-Tesla articles. The most recent was a piece by Cade Metz, a well known Musk hater. The article was so fraught with errors that I was surprised that it passed editorial review. There is also is large bunch of people that shorted Tesla stock and now are wearing nothing but a barrel. These low lifes also author anti-Musk articles out of spite for losing billions.
  8. If they are such "talented developers" why can't they author original models and liveries? This thread is going in circles with no resolution. Let's wait and see what the product looks like when it's released.
  9. I use the unread option for my streams and there are a few threads in specific sub forums that clog up the stream. It's a minor point but I think AVsim should investigate this as an option.
  10. I'm sure that you've all heard of NFT for artwork. Here's NFT for 3D objects: https://cointelegraph.com/news/taking-the-nft-gaming-concept-forward In the long run, the issues raised in this thread will be irrelevant because blockchain technology will be used to mitigate intellectual property conflicts. Piracy of digital assets always leads to increased protection of content. Just look at what happened to the digital music industry. A few big players such as Amazon, Spotify and Apple cop most of the proceeds. At least there's Tidal which shares its revenue more equitably with the artists.
  11. You're a sensible poster, but maybe you better reread what you wrote. Erez Weber produced (at the time) groundbreaking models for FSX for Boeing and Airbus aircraft. And all at no cost to the user. These models are and remain free to download. Mr. Weber has also given a few people permission to modify his models. But he seems content to have people download the models from the FAIB website. That doesn't seem too hard to comprehend.
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/2/530646080866254806?l=german&ctp=3 There's nothing new under the sun. You apparently also believe that these freeware AI packages were also legal.
  13. It's irrelevant whether an offering is freeware or not. If it's original work, then like many others I will try it. If it's not original and doesn't have the proper permissions for using other's work, then it shouldn't be made available (just like the myriad of other freeware AI traffic add-ons that were based on pirated material). Attacking anyone for pointing this out is inappropriate.
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