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  1. jabloomf1230

    Switching between fsaerodata AIRACs

    Due to Jeppesen's and Navigraph's copyright restrictions, it is not possible for any company using their products to release out of date AIRAC data. As a result, fsaerodata stopped providing AIRAC 1611.
  2. jabloomf1230

    VoxAtc and Active Sky Next

    vadriver is correct. If one has disparities between the most recent AIRAC used in VOXATC and the data in the airport's ADE file, odd ATC instructions could occur. VOXATC works best with 3rd party airports which are maintained with current AIRAC data. As to stock airports, fsaerodata updates all the comms and approaches to the latest AIRAC. One other point (although not one raised by the OP) the ASN option should be set to not alter the wind on approach, else VOXATC might assign the user and AI aircraft to conflicting runways when there are variable light winds. I should add that all the 3rd party ATC add-ons behave the same way. They are only as good as the data that are fed into them.
  3. jabloomf1230

    VOXATC and SODE jetways work

    Here's an example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgbhpapy4pqokar/SWA.jpg?dl=0 Unfortunately, when VOXATC starts up, SODE does not have enough information to dock the jetways with planes parked at gates. But if a new plane arrives at an empty gate, the jetway docks properly. When that aircraft leaves the gate, the undocking process is instantaneous, because there isn't enough information available to SODE on the AI aircraft status.
  4. jabloomf1230

    ATC controllers no voice

    PM me. I'll send you a file on how to install a couple voices and you can use that as a template. I'd post a link but than some people will break their Windows 10 installation by accidentally messing up the registry. The process has been posted in detail before on this subforum.
  5. In simple terms, it is a software development kit (SDK) that is used by 3rd party airport developers to create more realistic jetways, movable hangar doors and windsocks that have animations that respond to the wind.
  6. jabloomf1230

    Trade Wars: Round One to Boeing

    This is more like Round 2 since Boeing lost in it's effort to prevent Bombardier from selling its new CS regional jets (now Airbus branded) in the US.
  7. As any VOXATC user quickly notices, the default P3d4 jetways do not respond to the VOXATC AI aircraft. This is because only the sim's own ATC-controlled AI aircraft have the correct states (taxiing, landing, starting up, etc.) to activate the jetway. I noticed while testing the new SODE 1.63 beta, that SODE jetways are aware of VOXATC AI aircraft and will dock and undock correctly, even with a gate that has dual jetways. I hope this isn't a quirk in the beta. I just updated my personal version of KALB using the SODE placer utility and the results are great.
  8. jabloomf1230

    VERY irritating Fatal Error

    Leo, It shouldn't matter where the airports are stored, as long as the Indexer is correctly finding all of them and not the stock versions. Other people have reported problems with the runway updater utility when there are a lot of add-on airports installed. I assume that it must be a bug in VOXATC. A subscription to fsaerodata will change how VOXATC refers to airport runway numbers, but it won't change either the geometry of the runway or how the numbers show up in the sim. Jay
  9. jabloomf1230

    VOR Discrepancy/ Prepar3dv4 NAVAIDS

    Once LM showcased fsaerodata on the official P3d website, you just knew that it was going to be a long time, if ever for LM to update every airport's airspaces, waypoints, approaches, comms and navaids in the world and keep them maintained forever for free. The choices are to either endure the inconsistencies by staying with the stock airports, use the partial freeware solution referenced above or just fly in and out of 3rd party airports that are kept up to date with the latest AIRAC cycle. As has been mentioned here previously, the developer of fsaerodata is working a new add-on that will also update the runway geometry thousands of airports worldwide to match up against the latest AIRAC, in a manner similar to what Burkhard Renk did with My Traffic 6.
  10. jabloomf1230

    ATC controllers no voice

    My advice is to stick with SAPI5 voices (Win10, Ivona, Cereproc, VE, etc.) and not use the VoxPop voices. I will tell you something else about VOXATC. You should make sure that when you uninstall both the app and the voices, that all the hidden files associated with both are deleted also. I offhand don't remember where the VoxPop information is stored, but I'm guessing it's in: C:\Users\Jay Bloomfield\AppData\Roaming\Internal Workings Also, take a look with Notepad at: C:\Users\Jay Bloomfield\AppData\Roaming\Internal Workings\VoxATC P3D 4\VoiceSettings.xml and see what it looks like. Are the correct voices listed with non-zero volumes and speech rates?
  11. jabloomf1230

    Yesterday's Windows Feature Update and Chrome

    I almost always delay the automatic update to a new version of Win 10 until all the dust bunnies that MS has stirred up settle and they've had a chance to release patches. It's not really MS's fault as they can't foresee every possible hardware and software configuration that's out there.
  12. jabloomf1230

    Traffic 3d Sounds

    Actually, I think that they both may impact the sounds, depending on the view chosen. Within the User's VC, the Environment slider seems to control the volume. Choose a view of a specific AI aircraft and the engines slider seems to control the volume. I'm totally confused.
  13. There are probably other ways, but I just renamed <drive:>\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\ASCA\AS Cloud Art.exe to ..\AS Cloud Art.exe.old This way ASN can't find the ASCA executable and just moves on. When you want to use iASCA again, rename the exe file back. Personally, the Rex Skyfore cloud textures are much more realistic looking than those in ASCA, but others may disagree. Combined with the ASN cloud effect, I almost forgot about the need for true 3D clouds.
  14. jabloomf1230

    Traffic 3d Sounds

    I could wrong about this but I always thought that the engine sound slider in P3d controls both user and AI aircraft engine volume.
  15. jabloomf1230

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    But unfortunately you are also unlucky because live ATC streaming in specific European countries is prohibited by regulations. The result is that the ADS-B generated AI are like good children... seen but not heard.