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  1. You need to read up a bit more about so-called green hydrogen. As an option in consumer vehicles, it is basically dead. Toyota backed the wrong horse and now they have to play catch-up in the BEV race. https://insideevs.com/news/482386/us-hydrogen-fuel-cell-car-sales-2020/ One of hundreds of recent articles with a similar conclusion.
  2. Same here. I don't understand what all the whining is about. The good news is that the MSFS version of the gauge stays current with every Navigraph AIRAC. The XP11 and P3d5 versions don't. Is the latter situation "realistic"?
  3. The number of GA aircraft is dependent on the content of the flightplans contained in the AI schedule BGL files. There are three options for creating those schedules since AIG only provides airline and corporate BGL files: 1. The HTAI Cessna package provides models and schedules but one has to convert the models to P3d5 format. You can find converted models at the AIG website. Here's the HTAI package: http://htai-models.com/projects.html 2. My Traffic 6 also had a worldwide small GA schedule BGL file but you'd have to use AIFP to edit the schedule to use P3d5 compliant models. 3. ORBX has a NA freeware GA package but it doesn't cover all airports. The good news is that it is a source of converted HTAI models. 4. You can also use AIFP to edit the default P3d5 AI traffic BGL file and delete all the commercial models and schedules. Then save it as a new BGL file.This is tedious but it doesn't require finding models that work in P3d5 as it uses default AI models provided with P3d5. Unfortunately there are no easy solutions to getting more small GA aircraft to show up. It seems like the more AIG corporate GA traffic that is added, the less small GA traffic that shows up.
  4. https://twitter.com/ElonJet/status/1389376090876129286?s=20
  5. I voted and it's up to 138, but I'm not holding out much hope.
  6. That's my impression also. The MSFS SDK doesn't adequately support 3rd party AI traffic in the fashion needed by AIG. The temptation is to bypass the SDK, but then a 3rd party developer is at the mercy of what Asobo does with every one of its updates. REX took that route with its weather injector Weatherforce for MSFS and supposedly HiFi finally decided to do the same with Active Sky for MSFS. I can tell you that as a beta tester for VOXATC, its developer is having the same issues as AIG is with VOXATC for MSFS. It's pretty clear that realistic ATC, weather and AI traffic is not a high priority for Asobo and IMO none of those items should be, given the target audience for MSFS.
  7. Live weather is still hit or miss, based on multiple active threads on this topic.
  8. No the RXP gauge is vastly superior to the one available in beta for MSFS. That's because of the SDK being so limited. But it uses the Navigraph database, so I'm not sure what your point is. Are you saying that Navigraph has problems with their database or that you have a problem with that one airport?
  9. I also didn't understand this issue for a long time, but I read a bit about how to update the Navaid database in the Garmin GTN Trainer and realized that the trainer and the RL GTN 750 unit share the same data format. RL Pilots pay a lot for their GTN 750 navigation database subscription so I'm sure that they would be happy to pay a lot less by using the Trainer's version. The solution unfortunately, is to not use the GTN Trainer as the basis for a flightsim gauge. That's what happened in MSFS.
  10. I gave up on this approach several months ago because MSFS attempts to maintain one set of UI settings for both devices. Let me know if this has changed as it was very nice to be able to switch between my laptop and desktop computers.
  11. As they say, "Hope springs eternal ..."
  12. I think that @JRBarrett clearly explained above why this can't happen.
  13. I want to take issue with these nonsensical results. People that buy cheap cars are less finicky about quality. People that buy Audis, BMWs, Mercedes and Porsches expect perfection and are far more likely to complain. If you think that a Suzuki is more reliable than an Audi, then fine, go buy one.
  14. https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=67987 Scroll down and you'll see an entry about A2A's contract with the USAF for the T-38a Talon trainer.
  15. Continents have always been defined by convention rather than any strict criteria: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continent By some of the logic used in this thread there are only 4 continents, America, Australia, Afro-Eurasia and Antarctica.
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