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  1. jabloomf1230

    I'm missing something in configuring my rig

    Only one item tends to bottleneck at a time. Generally, in P3d4 it's the CPU, but looking just at the overall CPU utilization is misleading. P3d4 generally maxes out its main thread which runs on Core 0, whether you have hyperthreading either on or off. Try running a utility that shows CPU usage by core. Also, try turning down the setting for building autogen. You can also search AVSim, as to how to move add-ons like Active Sky to a higher core. You didn't say if you are using either an ATC or Ai Traffic add-on. I used to get the same results that you stated for XP11, but now that I added a bunch of third party stuff (AI Traffic, ATC, weather and payware airports), I can't run maxed out anymore.
  2. jabloomf1230

    Active Sky for XPX Released!

    Since I've been stumbling along with FSGRW and SMP, I'm going to wait and see what xEnviro brings. Thanks to everyone else for testing and posting their experiences with ASXP, though.
  3. jabloomf1230

    If/How much the simulation is realistic ?!?

    Chock has succinctly covered not only why a desktop flightsim is only good for understanding aircraft systems and not ifor learning to fly a real aircraft. Unfortunately, one just doesn't get enough sensory feedback in a sim to allow it to correctly simulate complex activities like landing, stall recovery, etc.. It's also why I laugh at those discussions about which sim and which aircraft have the most realistic aerodynamics. It's equivalent to thinking that either Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri would make a good wife.😉
  4. jabloomf1230

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    I could see LM producing a Linux version, but it would probably be marketed to the US military and US allies. The Mac OS X is Unix and has been certified as such, with the exception of a few versions.
  5. jabloomf1230

    Active Sky for XPX Released!

    There's a degree of turmoil in the XP weather add-on community. I just got an an email that not only is Skymaxx Pro 4.7 available as a free upgrade, but also FSGRW is on sale for 30% off. There's still no release date for xEnviro 1.10, but I suspect they are working feverishly on that. Competition is a good thing.
  6. jabloomf1230

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Is this thread still going? Vulkan is the successor to Open GL and only provides an advantage to a developer if the game is designed for both Linux and Windows. That's why there are hardly any Vulkan-based games 3 years after its initial release. Almost all game developers are focused on consoles and smartphones. Games are also ported to Windows. But rarely is Linux a target OS. That's why if a game is being ported to the desktop, it will most likely be designed solely for Windows. Unless LM is thinking of a Linux version of P3d, there is no performance advantage of Vulkan over DX12.
  7. jabloomf1230

    AI traffic now uses traffic schedules?

    AI traffic is different in 7.41 and 7.42. 7.41 used a snapshot at a fixed time of day for all schedules. It also did not use the flight numbers contained in the BGL traffic files. 7.42 supposedly uses the actual schedules and flight numbers.
  8. jabloomf1230

    AI traffic now uses traffic schedules?

    Dave meant that even though the AIG schedules are all set to a 1% activity level, one can use AIFP to randomize the activity levels within a range of values. In other words if one selected 10-50% in AIFP, then all the flights within that recompiled schedule would then range from 10 to 50 %. This makes the sim's UI traffic level setting actually affect traffic levels with AIG schedules. I initially thought that VOXATC 7.42 also used the activity levels in BGL schedules, but it seems more like it just increases and decreases the number of flights that are used within a traffic BGL file. In other words, a VOXATC UI activity level of 50% uses half the flights. Without guidance from the developer though, there is no way for users to know for sure. Maybe Kevin Firth can find out the answer.
  9. jabloomf1230

    AI traffic now uses traffic schedules?

    It depends what schedules you are using. My Traffic 6 would be set at about 30-40% in VOXATC (and of course 0% in the P3d4 UI). I've never played with Traffic Global for a long enough time to figure out what to use in VOXATC. As for AIG schedules, all flights are set at 1% in the file. That normally makes the sim use every flight, unless the setting in the sim's UI is set to 0%. However, it is unclear to me how VOXATC uses the information in the AIG traffic BGL files, as unlike P3d4, it seems to vary the density of traffic based solely on the VOXATC setting. All I'm sure of is that with AIG schedules, setting the VOXATC value to 100% will give you real life traffic densities. So for AIG, 100% is real world densities, 50% is probably half that. In any case, I would use the traffic limiter from FSUIPC5, so that performance is not totally degraded at major hub airports. One last point, the VOXATC configuration file has a setting that allows one to manually change the maximum number of aircraft on the ground at all airports: <MaxParkedAircraft Value="120" /> <MaxParkedHelicopters Value="40" /> <HelicopterTrafficDensity Value="60" /> The file is VASettings.xml and is located at: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Internal Workings\VoxATC P3D 4
  10. jabloomf1230

    LVFR Key West (KEYW) Update in the Works.

    Great! That's a beautiful little airport already.
  11. Once the Adobe suite was fully converted to 64 bit, there didn't seem to be a need to buy newer versions. They really don't substantially enhance the average workflow. And Photoshop has multiple competitors now.
  12. Considering that's 10 out of 21 responders and most of the bad reviews are the recent ones, I'd say it's not a good sign. I don't know if the EVGA forums are behind a sign-in wall but the last time I looked there, there seemed to be a higher level of hardware complaints than I can ever remember for previous generations of graphics cards. I've had EVGA graphics cards for about 9 generations now, to go along with their PSUs and mobos, all of which have been bulletproof. At one point in time, EVGA had a lifetime replacement warranty. But then it kept getting shorter and shorter. I guess that the good news is that the 2080s seem to be failing earlier rather than later. https://forums.evga.com/EVGA-GeForce-20-Series-f107.aspx
  13. I would guess that they may have lost interest in it because it's a Photoshop add-on and Adobe's subscription policy has probably cut down on the lower end of the Photoshop user base. I would assume most corporate Adobe users don't care about paying a subscription, but freelancers and hobbyists are probably still using CS6 or earlier. I hope that the mods don't mind me posting the purchase page for you to check: https://shop.quixel.se/collections/frontpage/products/quixel-suite-2-0
  14. It still seems for sale and the Facebook group is still there.