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  1. @bmaik, Were you the person that figured out that the FSAD FIR BGL file needed to be located in ../scenery/world/scenery and renamed as bvcf.bgl? Jay
  2. Before this thread goes off the edge of the page, it may not be possible to add charts, but it is possible to update them via this method. The fca files can be opened with any ZIP-based decompressor. And they are in fact, TilePic format images which can be opened with the "Swiss Army Knife" of image conversion, XnView. So, to update the chart, one has to convert the PDF to TilePic, Zip it and rename it with the original file name.
  3. It make take you awhile to find out what the answer is. ICAO has recommended airspeed limitations contained in some of their airspace definitions but it's up to each individual country to set its own policy.
  4. SimConnect. Your spell checker must have tricked you.
  5. Actually, every so often, Tegwyn does respond to my emails. You have to consider that most problems encountered with VOXATC are not bugs, but rather caused by scenery issues. My experience has been that if an airport has any kind of serious error, VOXATC will stop working correctly, despite that fact that the default ATC in P3d (which has an IQ just north of 50) would just ignore the error. The same can be said for having multiple versions of a 3rd party airport installed. There are a myriad of add-on airports provided by both ORBX regions and My Traffic 6 and these can easily conflict and cause havoc in VOXATC. I can honestly say that I have had three 3rd party versions of a specific airport installed and I wasn't even aware of that situation. Another big issue is when an airport is so out of date that it doesn't match the current navigraph AIRAC and fsaerodata. The airport database in FSX and P3d can only be updated to only a certain extent by fsaerodata. fsaerodata can't revise the airport geometry. But in real life when runways and taxiways are either added or closed, this type of mismatch also causes VOXATC to choke. I noticed that the developer of fsaerodata is working on a separate add-on to correct these stock airport geometry errors for many major airports. As to version 7.41, it is quite stable, at least for me. It works day in and day out with P3d V4.1 under Windows 10 with a whole host of HQ 3rd party voices installed. Then again, my PC is less than a year old and was high end, at least when originally purchased. As to the format of DAT files, I have tried on a number of occasions to decode them to readable text. It is possible to do, but I've come to the conclusion that there's really no point in wasting all that time and effort, because there's nothing to be gained by doing so. It would be nice of VOXATC used a standard database format like SQL Server Express instead, but that's just wishful thinking on my part.
  6. The traffic activity sliders were a bad idea from the start as they only limit the total number of AI flights worldwide. In areas around large international airports, even a lowered activity level may allow generation of far too many AI aircraft within the user's reality bubble. It is better to also limit the maximum number of AI aircraft within the reality bubble. BTW, traffic limiters can work properly with AI aircraft that are not BGL-based. VOXATC works fine with the FSUIPC traffic limiter. It's just UTL and its proprietary approach to AI that doesn't work. This really isn't an issue since UTL has its own built-in traffic limiter.
  7. Does it use Doug Dawson's 64 bit sound gauge?
  8. The DAT files are simple Microsoft Windows string collections. Unfortunately, without the header information for the basic structure, it would take a lot of work to decode the DAT files. I suggest that you contact the VOXATC developer and ask if he would provide the structures for each collection. Also, you must be referring to VOXATC 6.x, since VOXATC 7.41 does recompile bglcenters.dat, albeit it does it incorrectly for any file other than the stock ARTCC/FIR file, bvcf.bgl. That bug has been reported to the developer.
  9. Here's what I discovered. If you are using the My T 6 version of KABQ, disable it. It has too many errors. As to the stock version of KABQ, it has one serious flaw and that is it contains a runway 17-35, which is no longer in service and hence will conflict with the Navigraph AIRAC and also fsaerodata. I used Airport Design Editor and updated the stock airport, just for testing purposes and it works fine with VOXATC. PM me if you would like a copy of the edited KABQ to test.
  10. I've tested at least two voices from the following HQ payware packs: Ivona Cereproc Nuance and they all work correctly with VOXATC 7.41. The Nuance voices sound the most natural to me.
  11. The most recent version of ADE (1.75) works fine for editing P3d4 airports. Check out the ADE sub forum at FSDeveloper for more information.
  12. And all this time I thought that it was only me.
  13. I beg to differ. The market in a year or so from now will probably be equally split between P3d and XP with less than 10% divided among FSX and the rest of the pack.
  14. But you have to admit, most people who are serious about flight simulation probably have a subscription to Navigraph. Other measures like those used by Steam, tend to measure casual flight sim users. The results in this thread tend to match up pretty well against polls on other flight sim websites, with FSX variants and P3d variants having about equal shares with XP variants just a bit behind. The key point that I see is that the rest of the market shares are insignificant. And 3rd party developers have taken notice.
  15. If I have some time today, I check this out with the stock KABQ. The only other version of KABQ that I have available to test is the My Traffic 6 version, which has separate user selectable versions for FSX and P3d. I should add that the P3d My T 6 version has multiple faults according to Airport Design Editor, including duplicate parking numbers, orphan taxiway links, poorly placed hold short nodes and bad jetway placement.