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  1. Better mesh for many mountainous regions is really needed. Canadian Rockies are of poor mesh quality, European Alps are not much better. But we don't yet know how much and in which quality MSFS/Asobo is going to deliver. I'm very willing to pay a fair prize for that. I have FSGlobalUX for P3D which covers the whole world. Let's hope that this developer can provide it for MSFS too.
  2. I agree with you. It was only a short math just to be aware that world wide mesh would be 500 times more than NZ mesh. Of course, prize and size won't be linear.
  3. NZ land surface = 0.18% of worlds land surface.
  4. Currently I fly KLAS to KSFO (737NGX over ORBX TE). It is close to MSFS experience but with a study level a/c.
  5. I would be happy if we were able to create different graphic setting profiles which can be called during a flight.
  6. Many thanks for this comprehensive post. I have all this ai helper add-ons except F.S. AI Separation. From where can I get it?
  7. I would also be happy if ASOBO would provide historical weather, like Acive Sky does for P3D. It would be beneficial for repeating some training flights under identical RW weather conditions. But what is more a concern, when loading a saved flight, I can't even access the weather settings.
  8. Someone repeating this im MSFS? Maybe I'll do, but I'm not a video maker ... Edit: Oops, just realized it was created with MSFS. I was just a bit confused because of the mix with RW videos.
  9. I don' see any obvious mistake. Maybe you should add probabilities. <Probability>1.0</Probability> But this was not necessary in former versions. But who knows ...
  10. I don't have FSLabs so I cannot say much. It will probably work anyway but you won't be able to import PATC flight plan automatically, and you have to handle navs and coms yourself. The fact that FSL is not listed only means, that PATC co-pilot functions are not available for this product.
  11. ad1 stable on my system ad2 more or less, see discussion above. I get vectors and transitions, but cannot estimate how close it is to real world ATC. ad3 no voice recognition, only keyboard/mouse commands
  12. I've not yet observed this issue, maybe it is airport specific or you have a faulty config.xml. Did you observe it at every airport?
  13. Yes, several flights with both active. So far no issues.
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