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  1. Same here. Currently, I stay with UTL which is also still in (maybe advanced) beta imo. I'll give JF TG another try when I have updated to P3Dv4.3.
  2. You should better go for 4 RAM Sticks (4x8 with higher CLS) as the LGA2066 for CPUs from 7820 upwards are used with four channels.
  3. Nemo

    What add-ons modify the terrain.cfg file?

    Ulltimate Terrain Series, Tongass Fjords, I am aware of.
  4. Nemo

    Rex Skyforce 3d confusion

    It will work with AS, replacing ASCA clouds and you have to disable the SF3 weather engine. Quite a lot has been written in this forum. - google it.
  5. Nemo

    Cargo vs Pax

    Thank you guys. I will try this. Seems easy enough.
  6. Nemo

    Cargo vs Pax

    I am not sure if I completely understood. Could you please explain it at the following example of China Airlines (which I took from UTL). [fltsim.4] title=UTLive_74Y.CAL.CAL sim=74Y model= panel= sound= texture=CAL.CAL atc_airline=DYNASTY atc_flight_number= atc_parking_types=CARGO atc_parking_codes=CAL,CAL ui_manufacturer=Ultimate Traffic Live ui_type=Boeing 747-400 Freighter ui_variation=China Airlines ui_typerole=Commercial Airliner ui_createdby=Ultimate Traffic Live / Craig Crawley description=Repainted by Boris LeVeve
  7. Nemo

    Cargo vs Pax

    I am wondering if the user can modify the airport files with ADE to get better usage/assignment of cargo parking, why doesn't the developer? Is it so much work?
  8. Nemo

    Cargo vs Pax

    Does this mean that airport developers don't care enough about these parking codes and the amount and size of the parking lots. I am using UTL and see wrong parking of their cargo a/c at KLAX (FSDT) and RCTP (PacSim) for example. The aircraft.cfg files of UTL cargo a/c seem to be correct, though I did not check all.
  9. Nemo

    Cargo vs Pax

    At many add-on airports I see cargo ai a/c where pax ai a/c should be and vice versa. Is there anything what we or developers could do against this? If I recall correctly, aircraft.cfg defines whether it is ia cargo or pax machine, and the airport layout (airport file) defines where it should park. Sounds easy enough, but why does it not work correctly?
  10. Nemo

    Framerate Mess- Sudden Change

    Did you delete the prepar3d.cfg to let the sim rebuild it. Also delete shader cache.
  11. Nemo

    Black texture Squares... how to fix it

    I had these problems too. A closer inspection identified those black textures as night textures which are loaded during day time. I found two solutions: 1. As already mentioned a re-install of FTX OLC and FTX Global may help. For me this helped in only some cases. 2. Other LC textures which were installed during add-on airport installation can be problematic too. In my case, terrain files by FlyTampa CYYZ and YSSY were the culprit. After I disabled them in the scenery.cfg the problem was gone.
  12. I just came across this military ai package It seems to be pretty new. Is anything known about it?
  13. Nemo

    New airport from Flightbeam

    Perhaps, because they are embedded in ORBX FTX regions.
  14. Is it at night or during daytime? Check Antialiasing: 4xSSAA. Unfortunately, this is a real performance hog if Dynamic Lighting is active at night. With PMDG at a large add-on airports like KLAX or EGLL FPS decrease dramatically. You can also disable HDR, which helps a bit.
  15. Nemo

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    My 7820x runs at 4.8GHz (all cores) and I cannot imagine to get a better performance with a 8700K @ 5.0 GHz..To many parameters go in, especially MB design and memory connection (4 channels) and not to forget two additional cores.