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  1. Experience tells me not to give too much on Mathijs Koks opinion ...
  2. It's not only JN who does not want to understand the benefits of historical weather.
  3. I don't expect miracles due to the MSFS/Meteoblue restrictions, but I will support AS anyway. Historical weather is a big plus for me. Finally, I can fly in AU, NZ, ... under daylight conditions with appropriate weather.
  4. Ah, thanks. This appears to be a very useful advice. Normally, I don't use MSFS flight planning features. But I will try it, especially when I know that the wind conditions at the destination airport are not clear enough to decide which runway direction is going to be used by MSFS.
  5. Thanks, but not many useful answers/suggestions here. The problem remains: With low winds or crosswind conditions at the destination airport, it is not possible to find out which runway (direction) will be assigned by MSFS when you're on a longer flight and you want to program the FMC shortly after TOD. The only good alternative seems to be PSXT/Real Traffic. But that's a different story, because it takes out the MSFS traffic handling.
  6. I did that today on approach to KORD. FR24 showed all a/c landing at 27/28 runways. When I arrived, FR24 was still showing these runways in use, BUT, MSFS decided to use the opposite runways. The problem only exists when winds are very low, or when we have crosswind conditions.
  7. I cannot reach the tower from that distance (usually 80-100nm).
  8. ...especially at low wind conditions. I'm mostly flying PMDGs 737 and usually, I start programming my approach and runway when I've passed TOD. How can I find out which runways MSFS would assign to ai traffic (FSLTL) at that stage of the flight? There is nothing worse than ai using the opposite direction.
  9. It should be added Reverse Thrust does not work with several aircraft (not only PMDG but also MSFS/Asobo)
  10. Are you absolutely sure. I have both Beta 37.12.0 and PMDG .93. F2 does definitely NOT engage the reverse thrust. Please could you confirm again. Which 737-800 are you using?
  11. Yes, it was known in a former beta, some weeks ago. But now the issue seems to be back, because last two or three betas betas did not have this issue.
  12. I cannot engage the reverse thrust of the PMDG 737-800. Because I have installed both updates (MSFS and PMDG) today without flying in between, I cannot say which one causes the issue. Before today, everything worked fine regarding the PMDG a/c. Could anyone confirm this issue?
  13. Very good explanation, even for me easy to understand ... Thank you!
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