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  1. I'm using it with FSLTL sometimes. No conflicts so far.
  2. Offline GA traffic does not change any official files, Michael. It is like any other add-on sitting in the community folder but it uses Asobos GA a/c. I'm using it here and then. It does not add too many GA ai flights but at least I see some GA take offs and landing at smaller airports which are empty otherwise.
  3. Sometimes I wish that I could see MSFS like Bob. 😉 Never a problem no issues no immersion breakers. I enjoy MSFS anyway, but here and then there are these flaws and (for me) not tolerable issues.
  4. It then seems that MS/Asobo has sacrificed many distant details (LOD) in favor for performance/XBox and other things. Too bad for those with a good hardware. Unfortunately, they don't provide a slider (setting) to correct this somehow.
  5. When I load FSLTL most a/c do not show any wheels. The fact that other airport vehicles driving between the a/c even show rotating wheels makes this looking very strange when the a/c has none. Is there any setting that can cause this, or is it just another MS LOD issue?
  6. Regard me as a first hour customer when a HiFi weather add-on arrives.
  7. I have situations in congested areas with lots of add-ons where my RAM usage is between 18 and 20 GB.
  8. Unfortunately, I had to remove Mamudesigns "powerlines" and "chair lifts" freeware (Fsim.to) after SU12. That helped a lot.
  9. The safe flight function is pretty useless imo. Loading a saved flight misses some cockpit settings etc. as far as I remember .Weather menu is also not available when loading a saved flight. But maybe that has changed, I haven't tried quite a while.
  10. I had this too. In my case it was a faulty AirportServices/services.spb which has caused the disappearance of the ground services at every airport.
  11. This thread is about the new version 1.3. with new voices and other important features announced. Why do so many pick on the voices of the current version? Can't you wait until it is out before starting with product bashing?
  12. A short performance report.Terminal interiors and Terminal people were disabled: Landing with PMDG 738 at 31L and taxi to the gates: Stable 30 FPS, RAM 15-16.5 GB, VRAM 16-19 GB. Other active add-ons: FS Traffic (JF), KEWR (DrzD), KLGA (Feelhere) NYC (SamScene), NY Bridges (rkBridger). Edit: and a CTD while writing this message ...
  13. Are you sure about this? Why would MS/Asobo allow settings from 100 to 200 if anything above 100 would have no benefit at all?
  14. That sounds very good. One can only hope that MS/Asobo doesn't foil this with one of their updates.
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