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  1. From a former Boeing employee: Assuming this question is how do you fly an short range aircraft to a long range destination, let me share a story. When I was still in high school (1970) I got to visit on a band new Boeing 737- 100 that was undergoing pilot familiarity training at Moses Lake, Washington (Grant County Airport) for an Australian airline that is no longer in business. As they showed me around the plane I noticed in the passenger area that instead of seats was a huge rubber bladder. When I asked about it they told me it was filled with fuel and the pilots stated they intended to fly straight through from Moses Lake to Sydney, Australia to take the airplane to its new home. This version of the 737 was intended for short hauls and use on “under developed runways” in the outback. So the way they intended to fly a normally 2500 mile range plane 8,000 miles was to fill her up with a lot of extra fuel.
  2. Vectoring is fine but it could be a bit more communication. Landing clearance comes very late sometimes. Two things that are still an issue for me: 1. The amount of ai traffic is much too low at many places (e.g. KSFO shows only 12-15 a/c after running at least 30 minutes). 2. Possibility to use a saved flight situation is still missing.
  3. I didn't use it so much in recent time because I had not much time. But with one of the latest builds I had a pleasuring flight from KLAS to KSFO. Voices are much better (not so robotic) than in ProATC-X. AI traffic has increased quite a bit compared to the earlier versions, but could be even more for my taste. What I'm missing most is the possibility to start/reload a flight from a saved flight situation, but it was promised that this feature will arrive. If so, I will abandon PATC and stay with FSHud - even for longer flights.
  4. Now we have five more = 271 votes 🙂 Just one last comment about this. It is some time ago when during a Q&A session JN asked why simmers would wish historical weather. Not sure if he got a good reply during this session because the users are asking questions and the devloper try to answer them.
  5. I support the 'democratic' wishlist. But it should not be the only (or main?) principle to decide what should be introduced and what not. Causual simmers may have different interests or fly only in their region or simply don't care what weather they fly. If software/games would only rely on wishlists, I'm not sure if this would be the best solution. Some 'leadership' by the developers is still required imo. I hope I explained my thoughts well enough and I feel a bit uncertain on this terrain when talking about leadership and voting system, as English is not my first language.
  6. I totally agree with you Ray. Unfortunately, it seems MS/Asobo simply do not understand why historical weather and save flight situation would be so important. I'm afraid we'll never get this - at least not in the near future.
  7. I wish FSL or any other quality developer would work on an Airbus A350.
  8. My max CPU Mem was close to 18 GB. According GPU Mem, sitting in FBW 320Neo at Chicago Midway 31C, with KORD (FSDT) and Chicago (Drz.D.) both active my GPU Mem went up to 21 GB with ULTRA settings.
  9. I'm still missing (for me) important updates like a comprehensive save flight function, historical weather, an improved ai engine, just to name my top three personal preferences. I mean there is still enough to update but I'm not sure that the current approach which mainly relies on a voting system is the best one.
  10. If I remember correctly, I purchased the NGXu during this promotion period. I hope they'll offer the prize reduction automatically.
  11. I've made a backup of my AIG installation and brought back AIG with BGL traffic. It took me one long evening while watching two movies.
  12. I'm using it since it came out. The developer is very communicative and is improving it step by step. There are still some issues like reduced ai traffic at larger airports and lacking "save flight situation". But I'm pretty sure that I will completely replace ProATC-X with FSHud within the next few months.
  13. Sorry, you are number three with the same topic ..
  14. two topics withe the same title ... head to head race 😉
  15. In MS Store "Digital Ownership" has disappeared from my library. Maybe that's the reason ...
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