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  1. Nemo

    Using Pro ATC X

    How do you avoid conflicts with ai a/c. In my experience, about 30% of runway assignments by PATC are "wrong". It means that in such cases, ai traffic take offs/landings are in the opposite direction compared to assignments given by PATC. It happens mostly in low wind or crosswind conditions.
  2. I bought it, installed it and uninstalled it. Now I am waiting for more positive reports. Until then I am using UTL. I am still dreaming from a user friendly ai program which covers airliners, bizjets, freighters, military and GA (and helicopters?). Together with a perfect ATC program this would be a combination I would probably spend quite a lot of money.
  3. Nemo

    P3D Huey UH-1 Reloaded 2018

    Is this the Milvis or the Aerosoft version. Where is it sold?
  4. Nemo

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    FSX and P3D are not in the focus of NV driver architects and you won't find it mentioned in many driver release notes if at all. Does this mean that P3D/FSX cannot profit from any new NV driver? IMO there is nothing wrong to install new drivers as long as I know how to roll back.
  5. Isn't it much easier to use the P3D "Refresh Scenery" option. You have to assign a key for this command in the "controls" section, I do do it always when I get t blurries or slow autogen loading. It works in most cases and takes only 20-30 seconds. No need to save/reload a flight.
  6. Nemo


    You are right. I got the information from one of the ongoing PMDG/HGX threads where it was only short mentioned by "Scandinavian Guy". Then I opened PMDG OC and saw that two new updates were available. InSim-check: All is good again. Indeed, PMDG could work on their communication regarding updates. Perhaps the recentlly announced new OC version will improve it. Cheers,
  7. Nemo


    All clear: New updates (via OC) are available. Everything works again.
  8. Nemo


    I assume the latter is true.
  9. Nemo


    I just got a message, that another update will arrive very soon (1-2 days).
  10. Nemo

    Latest Update - Roll Back?

    That was quick. Thank you so much. For sure I can wait ...
  11. A word of caution: Just in case you do not follow PMDG forums on a regular base: The latest PMDG/NGX update (via Operation Central) seems to have some issues (Saved Flights, FMC, flight plan import). PMDG is aware of it.
  12. Is this possible? I am frequently loading saved flight situations, but after the latest update this is not possible anymore. I've read somewhere that only a small amount of files have been changed. As I have a full backup of my system (all drives) I could replace the updated files with the older ones to roll-back. I just need the file names to do that. That would be only an interim solution until the problem gets solved by PMDG. Thanks
  13. Nemo


    It is true that PATC plans are not so good. That's why I always edited them (with data data from simbrief or related). What I really miss now, is the very easy procedure to load the route after PATC flight clearance.
  14. I also have problems with saved flights since the latest update. Loading and Activating "Co Routes" into the CDU seems to be problematic too.
  15. Nemo

    Too much scenery add-ons?

    How would I recognize if sth is wrong? I cannot see any tool like "check scenery integrity". Or does it mean that, if there is no message, that everything is correct.