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  1. No. I completely removed DD Seattle and did then re-install the Seattle Airports only. (DD Seattle has two installers, one for the airports one for the city).
  2. It appears to me that I'm missing a lot of NVCP entries: No "MaxFrameRate", no "Low Latency Mode" no "Sharpening" ... I knew that I've seen all those entries very recently. Maybe it has to do with the latest Windows10 feature update (2004). I'll do a driver check or driver re-install. Edit: That was it. Windows feature update replaced my driver with a fairly old one. Now I have all entries in the NVCP back.
  3. Stan, where do you adjust your frame rates? I could not find any frame rate limiter within the NVidia Control Panel? Do you use the NVInspector? I also realized that "Sharpening" is no more available in my NVCP.
  4. I guess this assumption is only based on the fact that TE Washington was first released for XP. If you think this way, FlyTampa Copenhagen was a port-over from P3D to XP or Active Sky was a port-over from FSX to P3D and then to XP ... I have removed DD Seattle area but kept the airports. IMO, this is currently the best combination for this area and you don't have only Seattle, you have the whole state. I also see more details with TE WA than with DD Sea but I think this depends from settings too.
  5. I've purchased the Western Canada package some time ago for P3Dv4.x but don't use it since 4.4. I will not install it for v5 because I try to stay away from mediocre add-ons. Calgary airport was acceptable but the rest I did not like too much.
  6. After an update of ORBX ObjectFlow (now 3.03) I did several flights above and towards the usual suspects around Seattle ... no more CTDs. Some airports do still have some graphical issues (e.g. 0S9) but now I can at least enjoy my scenic flights in PNW without any CTD.
  7. Thanks. Just updated. I still don't like their Operation center ... too much clicks and ticks and bad scrolling behavior. Anyway, don't need it very often.
  8. That's exactly how it works with Win10(2004).
  9. Yes, fastlane is active. There was an objectflow update, but a week or more ago, if I remember correctly.
  10. You're flying now in 4.5 or 5.0? With 4.5 I did not experience CTDs in ORBX PNW. But now with v5 ... I get them quite frequently. As you say, framerate is a different story.
  11. Not yet. Central does not show anything to update.
  12. Just another CTD. This time at ORBX KTIW (Tacoma Narrows) approach. Maybe it was coincidence, but it happened exactly when I changed the radius in the F1GTN 750. Sim was at 6.8 GB vRAM (from 10.0). Sometimes it appears to me that if I interact with aircraft gauges and a so-called long frame happens at the very same time I get a CTD.
  13. Interesting find. ORBX xyFlow is nice, it is not the most important thing for me (except objectflow). Unfortunately, it is extremely cumbersome to convince ORBX developers that it might be one of their products that's causing trouble. They usually shift the responsibility to others.
  14. Did you update your A2A C172? There is a new one just a few days old.
  15. Maybe the ORBX PNW scenery itself is not the problem but the one or the other add-on airport could be a trouble maker. At least S43 is one. But I have many others in this area.
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