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  1. Sure, but the part "reduced vegetation density" gives me headaches regarding the rest of the world...
  2. Pretty sure this "fix" applies worldwide resulting in changed vegetation worldwide... hope I am wrong
  3. Same here, some folks obviously are just unable to differentiate... one can love the sim for what it already provides and offers, but this does not mean we have to praise everything no matter how obvious the issues are with Asobos internal quality control. As a matter of fact, they always amaze me with stuff I thought was finally ironed out, like bad communication (WU trailer anyone? Statement to the tree issue?). It is simply annoying, that is all...
  4. A very good question... not for the first time. But hey, I bet Jorg will smile this away in the next Q&A session...
  5. Do they actuallx once at least fly above their stuff themselves before releasing it? Seriously...
  6. DX12? You cant put this half-baked stuttery implementation on the list seriously... the other points: as I said, nothing about the core sim. Flying (!) in MSFS is not affected at all in most aspects from those things you listed. Performance: I do not see any difference on my rig since release, it was smooth and still is (which is great of course). Dont get me wrong, I love flying in this sim, but as the TS asked, for me, besides the addons of course, the sim is basically still the same compared to release, sadly with most of the shortcomings that annoy me (personal point of view) still not resolved or even being worked on...
  7. The only funny thing is: each time those valid questions of the TS are asked, they do not get answered but instead the whole marketing blabla of Asobo gets recited. Annoying. If you actually DO a comparison of the sim now against release and ignore the addons and the world updates, what is left? Some CFD aspects added to some (not all!) of the default planes, prop simulation added to some (not all!) of the default planes, micromanagement of the ATC, a bugged METAR implementation, navdata updates and... well, and nothing much more. Fact. Still no physical water interaction, still no proper cloud variety, still quiet buggy weather in general, ridicously wrong snow coverage with roads still totay white, still no functional AI traffic system, still ridiculous bugs for thesground equipment, no proper implementation of DX12, no seasons and and and. A quick look on the bug list and wishlist reveals many things still open... Verdict: the TS is basically right. And none of the marketing blabla answers so far DID actually answer his question: what does MSFS do better today in regard of the core sim elements compared to the release version?
  8. Ok, then maybe this was reduced/resetted in SU9 without me recognizing it
  9. Is it just medor is the panning inside the VC way slower compared to other addon planes?
  10. Hi all, I created a votable question regarding this for the next Q&A session, if you are as keen to see this question finally being addressed, plz vote up: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/will-snow-coverage-ever-be-improved/517283?u=ankh828072
  11. Actually I DO have a real life, and because of this, my time in MSFS is very limited atm. And those minimal hours I want to go flying in MSFS, not spending with checking if there was an update for my addons that were broken due to the last patch, re-compiling all WASM addons again, checking if snow coverage is now good enough to use real weather and and and. The last few months, that was basically all I did... then, as of now, everything is set up and ready, I might do one or two flights the next few weeks and bam!, World Update X and the whole story starts from scratch... Verdict: it is exactly opposite to what you implicated. With a RL and limited hours, this fast pacing update schedule and breaking things and fixing it via patch is only acceptable if you use the sim a lot, e.g. on a daily basis or even sveral hours a day...
  12. The problem is, that this thread is basically not about the wrong snow coverage... those few threads that are really on topic have only roughly more than 50 votes, telling me that due to whatever reason, most users do not use live weather, simply ignoring the wrong coverage or only fly in regions that are not affected.
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