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  1. As long as it is capable of depicting at least two fully independent weather types on one sky using live weather.g, e.g. with a weatherfront, they will get me as a customer. So far, only the internal weather engine is capable of doing so...
  2. I got myself a copy, not really happy with it and setting all axis up is somehow a real hassle. Has anyone a good opentrack profile I might use as a start?
  3. First, as others wrote: in MSFS under heavy load conditions (usually at big hubs where FPS are lowest), the limiting factor is in 90% of the cases not the GPU, but the CPU and when your CPU only manages to provide 30FPS, not even a 4090 will help. BUT: frame generation can help. you have to turn it on inside MSFS. Only works in DX12 though and you need to have HAGS turned on in Windows first.
  4. The more people say this does not make it more right or relevant. Assuming that people working over at Asobo are not super-specialized donkeys capable of only working on one single assignement, you could easily re-assign the people from the addon team to the bug fixing team (or at least some FTEs). At least in regard of a timespan of several months to more than one year like certain bugs exist. It is a matter of will, not of could or wish. If Asobo would prioritize those bugs high enough, they could solve them in an acceptable timeframe, they simply do not priorize like some of us want to, that is all and this can be criticized. But I doubt they will change their priorities due to us guys at avsim...
  5. I had that two or three times since I use AIM, very annoying, especially when having a full install. Good reminder to run my backup again these days.
  6. This. And somewhere I read that 4K works better. And then there are webcams being better in low light conditions than others. So I would really love to see some recommendations.
  7. Any recommendations for suitable webcams? I just checked my usual hardware parts reseller and a good quality 4K webcam is easily on the same price level as Tobii, making it basically obsolete to go for Beam Eye Tracker instead of Tobii...
  8. Looks beautiful, but the price tag is waaaaaaay to high for what you finally get. Even in the trailer several scenes will only look good with ORBX Cityscape Sydney installed, so it is basically an enhancement of this addon making the price tag even more absurd. Sorry to say...
  9. While the sim feels and looks jerky when sitting on Inibuilds KJFK with just roughly reaching 30FPS, it seems perfectly smooth using FG doubling those 30FPS up to 60, most probably simply because FTV going from 25 to 35 FPS is noticable while 50 to 70 is less noticable. Another doubling, jumping between 100 and 140FPS, it would be even less noticable. Behind this lies (imho) the fact that if you get 25FPS, this equals a novel image every 40ms, going up to 35FPS means an image every 28ms. This 12ms "lag" is just more noticable than the 6ms "lag" at 50 vs. 70FPS and even more noticable than the 3ms "lag" between 100 and 140FPS Means: yes, higher FPS do indeed compensate for bad FTV. In reality, FTV does not even increase linear as in my example, but more like when running at 120FPS, the FPS do not jump between 100 and 140, but only between 110 and 130FPS, reducing the "lag" further down to only 1.4ms. Hardly noticable.
  10. Doubt it, my wife prefers me not always complaining that my rig is not up to date 🤣 And my wallet? Well, there are hobbies way more expensive than flightsimming 😉
  11. Or, those not having enough money to buy proper hardware continue to to claim that the human eye can anyway not see more than 30FPS 🤣
  12. I easily pay for those products the moment I know what is different from the freeware variants. Not very wise from the dev to not make this clear right on top of his homepage...
  13. And this works fine? You do not see massively reduced variety in models and liveries doing this approach? Have to test this once. BTW: could not care less about loading times, I do not really see a noticable difference between FLSTL only, AIG only or both. I also have the full GAIST installation, so my loading times are anyway huge 😉
  14. Interesting, how do you achieve this? Simply remove the FSLTL model library? The injector then basically uses the fallback for each and every plane? I currently have both FSLTL and AIG fully installed and I still think that the fallback does not really work well comparing the variability of textures and models of both FSLTL and AIG on a given airport at a given time.
  15. To be honest, and of course it is slightly in defense of my purchase, but with Frame Generation, the 4080 does almost an equally good job compared to the 4090, simply because baseline FPS are mostly limited by the CPU anyway. Only the relatively small VRAM speaks against the 4080. Besides that, I bet I get more FPS per Dollar 🤣
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