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  1. AnkH

    Upgrading Cpu

    How can you read from "32GB DDR4 3200MHz" that this is a "nice memory kit"?
  2. AnkH

    Upgrading Cpu

    As a piece of caution: do not expect too much from overclocking the 9900K. Intel is playing games with those CPUs. They HAD to use again properly soldered IHS for this generation, as it would have been simply impossible with the approach they did in the last few years. Furthermore, Intels TDP specification of 95W for the 9900K is simply for the base clock of 3.6GHz, as soon as the turbo kicks in, 95W are an illusion. I doubt that with a normal standard cooling solution that 5.0GHz on all 8 cores is as easy to achieve as many here think. I guess, the heat produced will be at least comparable to a 8700K running at 5.0GHz on all 6 cores, and this you do not get cooled using a standard cooling solution. Certainly you can Forget 5.5GHz on all cores, this will be never the case for normal users.
  3. AnkH

    Affinity mask simstarter NG

    And you made sure that also the .bat files had the tick for "run as administrator"?
  4. AnkH

    Affinity mask simstarter NG

    About what addons do we talk here? In my case, I had only one issue using the Batch file method: for ActiveSky, both the batch file AND the executable had to have the tick marked "run as administrator". Either one (batch file or .exe) not running as administrator resulted in using all cores available.
  5. AnkH

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    Well, honestly, if I turn the settings of my P3D down until it looks like this sim, I easily get as well over 100FPS. As long as they do not show something visually complex with their 90FPS cutoff, I am not impressed. Aerofly FS2 shows how eye-candy and good looks do not exclude low FPS numbers in general... We will see..
  6. AnkH

    List of AI planes

    Or you simply contact one of those repainters. As you have a working LH texture from Joel Branchu and a non-working, lag-inducing Pegasus texture also from him, I would contact him directly. You will find his email in the readme coming with the textures.
  7. AnkH

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Instead of wasting 1300€ for a novel GPU that provides you maybe 5% more FPS in FullHD, I would seriously consider investing the money into a bigger screen with a higher resolution. But that's just my opinion...
  8. AnkH

    List of AI planes

    Some kind of stutter is normal, yes. But while I also experience a 1-2 second monsterstutter when the AI traffic is initially loaded, I never see FPS drops down to below 10FPS when AI is injected later on. The situation reported here is abnormal, and as it can be somehow narrowed down to some textures, there might be a solution for it.
  9. AnkH

    List of AI planes

    I would still try to change the title to a variant without the ' symbol. Is your AI .bgl based? Then you would need to recompile the flightplans as well. As a first test to really pinpoint it to the textures, Rearrange the sequence in the flightsim section as such that it starts with the SAS paint, LH paint last. This does not need to recompile the flightplans. If then, the SAS paint still gives worse numbers, you can be absolutely sure that it is the textures. Or: copy paste the LH textures into the SAS texture folder. It really sounds like there is something wrong with the textures, but as you have an LH texture from Joel Branchu not resulting in problems and a Pegasus paint from Joel Branchu that gives you problems, it seems strange. Usually the texture artists use the same approach for all of their textures.
  10. AnkH

    ProATC and GSX parking

    And how is it ensured that the gate you select that early is not used by an AI aircraft at arrival? By chance? Or is ProATC/X or GSX capable of keeping this gate free?
  11. AnkH

    List of AI planes

    Ok, bummer again. I hoped that all other liveries used another model. Not the case. Then I am basically as lost as you, sorry. Only thing: I would avoid those ' symbols in the title of any aircraft. Not the reason here, but still. Then: I see that you have three LH paints. You are telling me that all three LH paints do not lead to a FPS loss, while all others do? Strange. Last: I am not going to ask what "AiLinus" is, better not knowing it...
  12. AnkH

    List of AI planes

    Do you mind posting the aircraft.cfg of this specific AI model? The FLTSIM section is sufficient.
  13. AnkH

    List of AI planes

    Ok, bummer. Did you try to use another repaint for SAS? Or is this the only one? Another question: you said you added LH and you did not see any FPS hit. Then you add another LH, again no FPS hit. Then you add SAS and FPS down to 3. Did you remove the two LH A320 before adding the SAS? What happens, if the SAS is the very first A320n you add? Same FPS drop?
  14. AnkH

    ProATC and GSX parking

    Did you properly align ProATC/X with your current sim scenery setup? Otherwise, ProATC/X might use another database than what you have in the sim, resulting in different names for the gates. However, I also end ProATC/X the moment I leave the runway, there is no need for me to have ProATC/X guiding me on ground after arrival. As soon as you left the runway, you can switch to the default ATC, which does a pretty good job in ground control (avoiding crashes with AI) and gate assignments. Or, you use no ATC at all but only GSX with the risk of colliding with AI traffic.
  15. AnkH

    List of AI planes

    Are you talking about FAIB A320N? Did you check if there is a texture.cfg inside the texture Folders? Might be, that the texture.cfg of the SAS paint redirects into nirvana and this leads to the FPS drop.