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  1. AnkH

    Hyperthreading for P3D. Yes or no?

    Otherwise 5.1GHz would not be possible...
  2. AnkH

    8X SS A new Fan

    No, 1440p. 4xSSAA is a killer. I use it most of the times, but if FPS drop to hard due to the cloudy conditions, I switch to 8xMSAA instead. To me, MSAA is greatly improved in v4.4, but that might be Placebo...
  3. AnkH

    Autogen disappearing... caused by unlimited frames?

    There comes the individuality and the list of other addons running alongside P3D and how you treat them. So, no generally valid answer can be given. In my case, since the first days of using AffinityMask, always limiting the sim on the logical cores served me best. In your case this would mean AM=85. Since I now restrict my externally running addons such as ActiveSky, REX Skyforce and ProATC/X to cores 5 and 6 only, my sim is almost stutter free and smooth. Not perfect, but close. But you need to test the AM that suits best in your case. Might be that it is AM=85, might be that 252 is the way to go. Might be that it is even another AM.
  4. AnkH

    8X SS A new Fan

    I can absolutely not agree here. Using REX Skyforce Clouds and ActiveSky weather (three layers only), my performance is still ruined in v4.4 using 4xSSAA in very bad weather. And that's with a 1080Ti. So I really wonder how you can not have any impact on performance?
  5. AnkH

    Autogen disappearing... caused by unlimited frames?

    Correct, I forgot this. I have manually added FFTF=0.33 to the config, even though it might not be needed when using locked FPS and as it is the default value. BTW: I now also use FFTF Dynamic, as I was interested of the capabilities of this Little tool. So far no time for 2-3h flights, but I am curious if starting from a heavy airport with FFTF Dynamic Setting FFTF to "0.01" will have any adverse effect on autogen loading later on in the flight or not. My only problem is: I have almost no time for flying these days...
  6. AnkH

    Autogen disappearing... caused by unlimited frames?

    Howard, maybe you miss a small detail? In my case, disappearing autogen is almost completely eliminated even with a setting higher than "medium" for "autogen draw distance". But, what I use is not only the internal limiter, it includes also: VSYNC on, triple buffering off inside P3D, locked FPS to 30. An AM tweak in the config limiting P3D to all logical cores (for your CPU it would be "84"). BAT files forcing ActiveSky, REX Skyforce and ProATC/X to cores 5 and 6 only Basically no "tweak" in the nVIDIA Control Panel. The only thing I have there not already in the general profile: prefer maximum performance. Then, what SteveW is referring to: if I fly 2-3h with the AS Airbus from A to B, I usually have 30FPS until the destination with a complex airport comes in sight, there sometimes FPS drop below 30 (but rarely). If your FPS drop below the limit you set, all your overhead is gone and the rig runs at ist limits and you should lower your FPS Limit. Are you sure that you constantly have at least the FPS you limited P3D to?
  7. AnkH

    Old tweak still to be used in P3Dv4.4 ?

    Because FFTF might be tricking P3D to do so? I mean, usually changing this value gives only an effect when restarting P3D, yet FFTF Dynamic can change it on the fly. Or: how do you know that FFTF Dynamic actually uses those values? Because the GUI of the software tells you so? Do we have any proof that FFTF Dynamic really uses "0.01" and so on? Anyway, as FFTF Dynamic was on sale this weekend, I took the plunge and bought this little piece of software. And honestly, I am not really impressed (what a surprise...). Using the AGL method, I now have FFTF Dynamic lowering FFTF below 5000ft down to "0.01" (or whatever value) and above to "0.33" (that's what I always use, means default). While my current settings already provide me 28-30FPS (locked at 30) on most scenarios including my personal heavy test scenario (LSZH Professional with AI Traffic), it boosted my FPS on EDDF for example from 20-23FPS up to 25-27FPS. Means: a solid increase in FPS (+17%), but nothing that is utterly phenomenal.
  8. AnkH

    Old tweak still to be used in P3Dv4.4 ?

    Careful guys. I am not saying that FFTF has no effect and that you do not get better FPS or the impression of a smoother sim with FFTF=0.01 compared to the default value. What I am saying is that this value is not accepted by P3D and most probably automatically corrected to the next acceptable level which is 0.1 (that is the big question). Means: if you can show me a true difference between 0.1 and 0.01, I would be really surprised.
  9. AnkH

    V4.4 vs V4.3 performance

    Always the same story, Gerard: 95% of the reports talking about improved performance of a novel P3D release always come from users that did a full re-install. Sorry to say, but no wonder. Even if you keep an eye on what you install and what you do not install, a P3D gets cramped with this and that and performance suffers from this. I think of myself being one of the P3D users that try to keep the installation as tidy as possible (as you) and guess what? Not a single FPS more than with 4.3. Just the other stuff (which I do like), better texture loading etc. Fair enough for me.
  10. Don't you think it might be easier to try to resolve the "issues" you have? Otherwise it might be difficult without the full installer for 4.3, but this should be available on your LM account, no?
  11. AnkH

    Old tweak still to be used in P3Dv4.4 ?

    And another one posting FFTF=0.01... When do the people finally get that the lowest setting accepted by P3D is 0.1? I fear that we never get this placebo setting out of the simmers minds...
  12. AnkH

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    How are your settings then? With unlimited and autogen draw distance on "medium", the autogen loading late and in patches should be eliminated. With a frame limit inside P3D, you should be able to go higher than "medium", but only if your hardware is capable of. Currently, I use a limit of 30FPS and "very high" (the setting just one notch below max) and I only see autogen loading in extremly heavy scenarios and only at the very end of the view distance. So basically limiting the FPS to 30 almost eliminated the issue (it is still there of course, but not that prominent anymore).
  13. AnkH

    Old tweak still to be used in P3Dv4.4 ?

    I still have it in my config in P3Dv4.4, but just because it was there in v4.3 (I added it). However, never observed a real difference, but also no disadvantage, ergo it is still in my config.
  14. That is correct, Stefan, however I am not sure if Rob was really talking about the monitor itself doing the scaling (or the graphics card). Usually it is the graphics card that does the scaling, the monitor simply shows what the GPU delivers...
  15. I agree with the others: CPU, RAM, GPU and stuff look all ok for a reasonable P3D experience. As also mentioned by others, I would definitely add a 500GB or 1TB SSD for P3D, those SSD are as "cheap" as never before and a great addition to this setup. This 120GB SSD is just big enough as a system disk (C:\).