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  1. Ok, misunderstood this obviously. Does this mean, all I have to do is loading up the v4 AFCAD into the ADE software, select "import stock data" and then it will generate the microexcludes on it's own? I do not entirely get the description in your link...
  2. Ok, my bad, I thought you have to install also the effect files coming with YSSY, but that is not needed. With just the DL library and the .bgl file alone for YSSY, everything is fine.
  3. Yep, but at several airports, for example at YSSY, the AI planes are still dark and from certain angles, I see funny coloured small squares flickering around where the lightsource is and performance is totally ruined.
  4. Do the inibuilds dynamic lighting patches work in v5 on your end?
  5. Why? I only do it for my addon airports where I currently want to use an old v4 AFCAD not excluding everything in v5. I do not see how you got to this huge number...
  6. Do you have ADE v1.79 or newer installed, configured and ready to use? If yes, it is really rather simple: 1. Open ADE, navigate to "open stock airport" and then select MKJS. It opens the default stock airport with all facilities etc. 2. Open "lists" and click through all possible lists. Delete everything you can (some stuff like runways and ILS designators can not be deleted) 3. you will end up basically with a fully stripped down airport just showing the runways and the ILS designators. This stripped down airport you now compile into a .bgl 4. Rename this newly compiled .bgl to something recognizable, for example "MKJS_stock_removal.bgl". Now, if you have an MKJS addon, simply put this .bgl in the same folder your addon ADE resides (usually the "scenery" folder of the addon). Done. This should now eliminitate everything from the stock airport. As written, I have not seen the remaining runways bleeding through, but my testing was not so deep. This is a rather quick and dirty approach, but so far it does the job. If you do not use an addon airport but just a modified v4 AFCAD for the otherwise stock airport, it gets more tricky. You would then need to layer those .bgl correctly and as others explained above, you will probably miss several things nevertheless, because the v4 AFCAD tries to call stuff that is not there anymore or named differently in v5.
  7. I dont know, obviously they did adjust this and it did not go the way it was supposed to? You only find rather criptical comments about this from the LM devs over in the LM forums. Sadly no clear commitment that this gets fixed in the next HF...
  8. As far as I learned over the weekend in a quick and dirty approach is: most current v4.x AFCADs use exclude polygons to get rid of the default stock buildings. However, this method with exclude polygons seems not to work anymore in v5. Or, another possible issue: the exclude polygons define to exclude default buildings that are now either named differently or positioned differently in v5 and as such the exclude is now simply missing those "novel" stock buildings. As I am no expert neither, the deeper details I do not know... One interesting example though: the Aerosoft sceneries for v5 do not show default buildings even when using an v4.x AFCAD with them. So Aerosoft most probably already included another exclusion file (or approach) in their v5 scenery variants that gets rid of the default stock stuff. Anyway, the hand-made approach works really well for me, it takes about 2-3 min (max.) per airport, I can easily live with this until those AFCAD gurus release v5 adjusted variants. If you create a fully stripped down stock airport, you do not even have to care about layering, simply put this .bgl next to the AFCAD from the scenery and you will be fine. The only potential bad outcome would be seeing the default runway bleeding through, as I was not able to remove them (as the only visual aspect, also non-removable were ILS etc.).
  9. Gosh, what should anyone do with this question lacking fundamental information? - Do you use an addon for LEMD or is this with the default airport? If an addon, which one? - Did you install any addon that modifies airport AFCADs, such as some AI Traffic Tools? - Do you see a similar bug on other airports or is it just LEMD? As a matter of fact, v5 has greatly reduced amount of gates on almost any default airport. I am not aware about the reason behind this and I do not know if something can be done about this. Also AFCADs designed for v4 usually lack some exclusions when used in v5, that's why I can not even recommend to use such a modified AFCAD.
  10. Simply open the stock airport of v5, delete everything you can including taxiway signs and compile this stripped down "airport" as .bgl. I call them for example "ymml_stockremoval.bgl". Then you add this to your addon airport scenery folder and all stock components of the airport are gone. Works like a charm.
  11. Nope, just reinstallen ASP3D and FSReborn. Everything else did not ask for reactivation, also P3D itself worked without reactivation.
  12. Updated to Windows 10 2004 last weekend and the loading times were halved. Now waiting for HF2 and it should be back to normal.
  13. No one, is Pro ATC/X working for you all without any issue in v5?
  14. True, but accessing the same amount of files (AI Traffic in my case) takes less than half of the time in v4.5, so there is clearly something different and maybe fixable in v5.
  15. I changed the paths to v5, yet asking for clearance results in nothing, also no ATC background chatter hearable. What else to do? It is also somehow not capable of adjusting the COM frequencies in the QW787 in v5?
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