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  1. Ray Proudfoot

    Runway selection under controller info

    Larry. Those entries for EGLL are fine. 091 = 09L and 092 = 09R. Your FSUIPC5 is okay but you should get 4.864 of MakeRunways. if both entries are greyed out in scenery.cfg then they appear to be inactive. Didn’t the installers give you the option of installing as an Addon? I suggest you download and install Lorby’s Addon Organiser. This is a freeware program that shows both Addon airports and scenery.cfg entries. It’s the preferred way to control and change scenery entries. http://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html Install it and ensure both scenery entries are enabled. Then run MakeRunways and you should get entries in r4.csv for them.
  2. Ray Proudfoot

    Runway selection under controller info

    Larry, it’s impossible to advise without more info. Firstly, What sim are you using? If P3D v4 do you have the most recent MakeRunways exe from Pete Dowson’s site? It should reside in your main P3D folder. Do you have the latest FSUIPC5? Please advise version number. Are these two airports 3rd party addons? If so, how are they installed? Add-on or entry in scenery.cfg? RC4 know nothing about AIRAC cycles and doesn’t need to. In r4.csv the first four characters should be the airport ICAO followed by the runway designator. Look for an airport like EGLL and you should see 4 entries like 09L, 09R, 27L and 27R. I’m surprised you don’t see anything for the airports you mentioned.
  3. Ray Proudfoot

    Runway selection under controller info

    Larry, Runway data is stored in a file named r4.csv (possibly r5.csv now) in the data subfolder. Open it with Notepad (never Excel) and search for those airports. There should be an entry for each runway end. Report back with your findings.
  4. Rick, having tried them I can vouch for their excellence. I thought my CH Pro Pedals do a decent job and for the price they do but once you’ve tried the TPRs you realise just how much better they are. Yes they are pricey but less than half the price of a 2080 Ti and will probably last you far longer!
  5. I'm guessing you're referring to the pedals that have been out for a while and not the new Thrustmaster TPR ones. Not cheap but a friend who is a 747 pilot was so impressed he felt they were the closest thing to real world ones. http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/tpr-thrustmaster-pendular-rudder
  6. As someone who recently bought a new system I would suggest 2 x 16Gb rather than 4 x 8Gb. Easier for overclocking apparently. I bought G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB DDR4 3000MHz Memory (2 x 16GB Sticks). If you're still mulling over a monitor consider the 32" BenQ PD3200U UHD (3840*2160) and does 60Hz and 30Hz. Quality is stunning.
  7. Ray Proudfoot

    PFPX V2

    JUNK has been removed. 👍
  8. Ray Proudfoot

    PFPX V2

    @barramundilure, good post. Perhaps the moderators could amend the topic title.
  9. Ray Proudfoot

    PFPX V2

    Have you asked that question on the PFPX forum? No point complaining here as the authors don't visit this place.
  10. Ray Proudfoot

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Then by default the contents of the shaders folder were deleted.
  11. Ray Proudfoot

    Considering a monitor upgrade..... thoughts?

    But it’s a headset isn’t it? The OP specifically asked about monitors / TV.
  12. Ray Proudfoot


    Mike, I’m pretty sure that file is part of the VB Runtime collection. Google that and you should be able to find it. Then follow the pinned instructions to register it. You may need to de register it first. That’s done with the /u switch I think. Alternatively, reinstall RC4 over the existing one. That should install the missing file. Sorry I’m a bit vague but it’s been a few years since I last did it.
  13. Ray Proudfoot

    Considering a monitor upgrade..... thoughts?

    See my sig for system details. I’ve had a BenQ PD3200 UHD monitor for a week now and couldn’t be happier. Performance is stunning with fps matching the refresh rate of 60Hz. Crucially it can also run at 30Hz so I will switch to that when I add an Ai package. The 1080 is the minimum for UHD but you may need to adjust your settings to keep decent fps. The BenQ is expensive but it’s a quality display. A TV is an alternative but for good quality text you need one that supports chroma 4:4:4 or HDR. Not all TVs do so do your homework. The greatest benefit is cockpit gauges. Every subdivision is visible. It’s greatly increased my enjoyment of flying.
  14. Ray Proudfoot

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    I agree it makes absolutely no sense but when I think back the Lear was okay with v4.3. So it had to be something involved with the update. Clearing the shaders folder was more in hope than expectation. All my engine controls are done with FSUIPC5. I double checked those and they’re fine. The Mixture level is not assigned to any action for the Lear. Very odd but I’m very relieved it’s fixed.
  15. Ray Proudfoot

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Did you delete the contents of the Shaders folder after updating to 4.4? If so that's why you had no problems. That was what solved my issue.