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  1. No one has asked Robert a very important question. What resolution will he be running P3D v4. If 4K then the extra power of the 1080Ti will be an advantage. But if he’s going to run at 1920*1080 then the 1080 should suffice. I also agree that a small SSD for the OS and a much larger one for P3D is best. Perhaps 250Gb / 1Tb combo.
  2. I'll leave others to look at that. I have my solution.
  3. It's not the type of control that this topic is all about. I don't really understand why you would want to change any of that anyway. This topic was raised because I wanted to find a solution to Ai being generated hours before their departure time. The discussion has drifted into multiple threads. They should have had their own topics.
  4. Sorry but how can you control the Ai if removing it via Oliver's utility results in the application reinstating it? The simple answer is you can't.
  5. But you're not naming any 'higher quality plans'. There probably aren't any given the number of airports and airlines these packages are trying to cope with. It's a pipe dream. The difference between MTPro and UTL is the former is controllable, the latter isn't.
  6. They exist for 20 seconds before Oliver's utility removes them. What is the problem with that? It's not the traffic that's the problem but the schedule. Can you name a package that doesn't inject any Ai that don't depart within 90 minutes?
  7. Not for me they don't! Oliver's utility is the business.
  8. Some very good news. Oliver (Lorby) sent me a new Remove AI Sleepers program this morning and not only is it removing all Ai aircraft with a departure time of current + 90mins (user-adjustable) it's also updating whatever Super Traffic Board is reading and the changes are reflected in that within 30 secs. All 'deleted' Ai now have a status of Departed nn:nn where nn:nn represent the time of the deletion. I am now adjusting my Ai settings in both P3D and the limiter in FSUIPC until I can get a decent frame rate. Initial experimentation shows Ai Traffic of 70%, no limiter used in FSUIPC gives around 70 aircraft to depart EGLL in the next 90 mins and frame rates are around 24fps. This means far more ground movements instead of gates being hogged by aircraft that won't be departing for up to 9 hours. He'll be updating his site soon and will also be posting here when time permits.
  9. Hi Rick, Very interesting point. I'll try this tomorrow after a test flight I'm performing today. Sounds very logical.
  10. Unfortunately yes. And you'll see that Oliver has withdrawn his utility because of the way it interacts with P3D. So unless David or anyone else can provide a solution the status quo will have to remain I'm afraid. My appreciation to Oliver for his efforts and help today.
  11. Thank you David. Always appreciate when people supply these utilities. Strange that Lorby's didn't either. Hopefully he can investigate and advise.
  12. Hi Pete, He was here last evening. I think Saturday is his only chance to fly. Maybe later. I posted a message on his site. He should be around in the next 24 hours.
  13. Pete, Running RemoveAiSleeper for P3D v3.x but it's not removed any Ai. Odd. Trying a second time at Heathrow... Nope, not removing any of the 506 Ai at EGLL. I'll visit his website and see if there's any discussion about it.
  14. Confirmed 100% that SimCMain.dll is causing P3D to crash. Include it in DLL.XML and it crashes P3D. Remove it and P3D is fine. Here's the breakdown of Ai traffic and departure times at LPPT 11:44 local. Departing within the hour: 10 Between 1-2 hrs: 11 Between 2-3 hours: 8 Over 3 hours: 24. Ideally I'd only want to see Ai traffic departing within 2 hours. So 21 Ai instead of 53 would help enormously in terms of available gates and also fps at the more complex airports.
  15. Hi Pete, Sitting here at LPPT (11:38 local) there are 13 aircraft not due to depart until 17:00 or later. Ridiculous! No wonder there are no gates available for arrivals. You've probably seen my earlier message to David about P3D crashing presumably because of this DLL. The loading progress bar had reached 100% and it was when the scenery was being drawn I got the stopped responding message. Remove the DLL and everything is fine. Odd. You should invest in SuperTrafficBoard. An excellent utility for spotting Ai movements. Without it I'd be none the wiser about how far ahead the Ai is injected.