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  1. That will continue to work. You just point it to the v5 location same as you did for v4.
  2. @djbully, using the Registry hack appears to be the solution for installs, thanks. But what works for PMDG may not for Vertx. It reads the build number of the v4 executable so that needs to be present probably in a dummy folder. But my question was to those who copied things over from their v4 install to v5 and then uninstalled v4. Will the DA62 still work? Currently it’s fine for me in v5. Regarding XMLTools64.dll, I copied the one from my v4 install. Are you saying that isn’t the ideal solution?
  3. @djbully, I suspect it looks for a P3Dv4 entry in the Registry and won't install if there isn't one. But maybe it also looks for the existence of a Prepar3d.exe in the v4 root folder and then checks the version number. Unless it's v4 it won't install. I'll physically move the P3Dv4 folder to another drive and see what happens when I load it in v5. If it doesn't work then it's looking in the Registry for the path to the exe which is now different of course. If it does work then I'll have a think about what to do next. Moving an unused P3Dv4 to a 2Tb HDD isn't a problem really.
  4. Looking through the Registry all the registration info is held in this location... Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Vertx Flight Simulation\DA62 P3D4 So logically changing that path to P3D5 should satisfy the code running the aircraft. I'm not sufficiently brave enough to uninstall P3Dv4 just yet. My P3D software is installed on a 931Gb SSD and v4 is taking up just 34Gb or 3.4%. I have 60% still free so space is not the issue. But my tidy mind would like to remove all trace of v4 given I still have v3 installed. It would be nice to hear from anyone who has uninstalled v4 and still has the DA-62 running in v5. LATER: Looking at the info in the Config App it holds the version number of P3Dv4. So if I was to uninstall it that info would be lost. It would seem v4 has to remain.
  5. Having installed the Vertx DA-62 into P3Dv5 I am in the process of uninstalling P3Dv4 and all its addons and scenery. No problem with the scenery but I'm concerned that if I uninstall P3Dv4 that will affect the licence info for the Vertx. Has anyone who installed it into v4 and then copied files and folders to v5 successfully uninstalled P3Dv4 without it impacting on the Vertx DA-62 in v5?
  6. Thread drift chaps. This topic is about Concorde in MSFS.
  7. Sounds like an awful lot of work for developers. I only asked out of curiosity as I’ll be buying the FSL Concorde for P3D.
  8. I’ve been aware for some time there are hacks such as that one to make supersonic flight possible but I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams any serious developer would go anywhere near them. It’s still some way off it would appear.
  9. Is supersonic flight possible in MSFS? Last I heard it was on the to-do list. In any case I’m afraid that will not be a serious offering but should satisfy the casual pilot. Talk of PBR but nothing about the flight model or even a few shots of the virtual cockpit. I’m patiently waiting for the FS Labs one for a different simulator.
  10. Welcome back to AvSim. This bit of your post caught my eye. The Concorde produced by Microsoft was dreadful. However, you’ll be pleased to hear a 64-bit version is in production by FS Labs and is due to be released later this year or early next for P3D v4 and v5. It is as close to the real thing as it’s possible to get. There are no plans for a MSFS version.
  11. If you're using AS and ASCA that combo is probably as good as you can get. Maybe report it to Hi-Fi if you feel it is not a correct depiction. Working out the cloud type from a METAR report will never be 100% correct.
  12. Maybe that was a layer of stratus which does have a relatively flat profile. Clouds come in all shapes and sizes from cirrus through cumulus to cumulonimbus and the aforementioned rather boring stratus. 😉
  13. Free translators courtesy of Google. Welcome to AvSim. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=turkish+to+english
  14. Yep, sorry, missed it when replying.
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