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  1. Thanks Martin. The reason for the higher Scan prices is because they will build a PC for me as oposed to just supplying them for me to do it myself. Still unclear whether the 9700K or 8086K will be best. As P3D is essentially relying on 1 core then CPUs that perform best on the first or second are favourites. I'll leave it to either Chillblast or Scan how they best overclock where necessary.
  2. How about the 9700K Turbo Boosted to 4.9? https://www.scan.co.uk/products/intel-core-i7-9700k-s-1151-coffee-lake-refresh-8-core-8-thread-36ghz-49ghz-turbo-12mb-1200mhz-gpu-95
  3. And mine. I'm looking forward to Rob's tests.
  4. I think you were just unlucky Martin. I bought a BenQ 27" from them and it was fine as has everything else. Well except some bad memory but they swapped that out without a murmur.
  5. They built my current PC and it's been fine. They're within an hour's drive so very convenient. I don't trust myself with overclocking and in any case if you build a PC yourself there's no warranty except on individual components.
  6. Scan UK seems to favour Corsair but I’ll do some research, thanks.
  7. Thanks Martin. I watched early reviews of P3D v4 that suggested 32Gb was ideal. But as most of my flying is IFR then I’m happy to go with 16. And as I want the max overclocking (it will be professionally bench-tested for 24hrs) that advice makes sense. I assume this would be suitable. Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 3200.
  8. I am another following this topic with interest as I have a buyer for my 5 year-old i7-4770K with a 1080 added a year or so back. I want the fastest CPU within reasonable cost that doesn't require serious cooling options. A Corsair H100 cooler has looked after my i7 very well. Still chewing over either a 2080 or 2080Ti. Regarding memory I'd like 32Gb but not sure if 4x8Gb or 2x16Gb is best. Would appreciate advice on that please.
  9. Ray Proudfoot

    Looking forward to this movie

    I bet not a lot of people know that Concorde had a cosmic radiation meter. It flew up to FL600 and was exposed to rays far more than subsonic aircraft. I believe it never got high enough for action to be taken.
  10. Ray Proudfoot

    new key

    Robert, What is the version number of RC4 you have? Neither John or Doug visits this forum. It’s left to Ron and me plus a few other enthusiasts to answer questions. We receive no thanks from John or Doug for our efforts. I sometimes feel like a mug. They take the money and leave us to do the support. If you have the same email address as when you bought RC4 the process should work. Check you are doing everything correctly. But first I need the version number.
  11. Ray Proudfoot

    Moving Map required for use with P3D v3.4

    I won’t and I suspect he’ll struggle with the subscription option. I understand he’s simply passing on the bill that is charged by Bing for access to the map. But given LittleNavmap uses OpenStreetView - a free alternative - I’m afraid I won’t be taking up the offer. I did buy the earlier versions for FS9 and FSX but you don’t even get a discount as a prior customer.
  12. Ray Proudfoot

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    I’ll ask but I’m pretty sure I know what the answer will be. What type of change were you imagining the captain might ask for? Other end of the runway? 😁 I can’t see him requesting a different SID since that would be at odds with his company. Same with ATC.
  13. Ray Proudfoot

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    Here's the reply from my friend who is watching the discussion... Yes basically the company flight planning dept files the flight plan with ATC and this includes the SID they, the company, would LIKE you to fly. When it comes to the actual operation it’s ATC who will issue the actual SID or departure to be flown. This for us is normally issued via PDC ACARS ( pre departure clearance). A couple of weeks ago for example the MCT VOR was out of service and although a EKLAD 1Y departure was filed it couldn’t technically be flown so ATC issued a bespoke clearance of climb straight ahead to 5000ft. You were right Oliver in saying the company provide the SID but of course ATC have the final say dependent on weather conditions. And exceptional circumstances will also require non-standard instructions as the second para shows. Now when it comes to ATC programs in P3D etc. it would be a brave man (or woman!) who enters the plan including the SID into the FMC before contacting Clearance.
  14. Ray Proudfoot

    cannot start rc4

    Andreas, RC is written in Visual Basic so there may be changes to some supporting files. As this is the unofficial support forum I would ask you to write to Doug Thompson at dthompss@comcast.net. He and John Dekker are the owners and really should support their program.