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  1. Big discounts on many TropicalSim products until 31 May. https://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-2.mhtml
  2. Fulcrum have just announced their new throttle quadrant. 6 levers so it can handle 4 engine aircraft. Same size as two Saitek quadrants together so much smaller than the Honeycomb. Magnetic sensors instead of pots so it will never wear out. More info on the support forum here at AvSim.
  3. I just checked BBC pages. One year ago it was 154 to 1 GBP. Today it's 159. So it's another reason. I always found his choice of company curious. Technobrain?
  4. Just signed up for one. I know Chris is a perfectionist so we'll be getting a great unit. In the meantime I just hope the pots in my two Saitek units last until this is available. I spoke to the designers of the VirtualFly TQ6 at the Lelystad show back in 2018 and pleaded with them to tweak their TQ6 for Boeing / Airbus. They said it wasn't viable. That had variable tension and Hall-effect sensors but it was designed for twin engine props. Then the Honeycomb came along but although it has a large number of switched the size makes it a non-starter for me. And it still uses pots. I've waited a long time for a decent throttle quadrant and the Fulcrum ticks all the boxes.
  5. Fulcrum have announced their Throttle unit. Six axes; magnetic sensors; tilting mount to match real aircraft position and variable tension adjuster. https://fulcrumsim.com/product/fulcrum-one-throttle-pre-order/ There's an option to fund the program via KickStarter. I've happily done that as I already have the yoke and know Chris is a perfectionist when it comes to design. It is exactly the same size as two Saitek / Logitech throttle quadrants so far smaller than the Honeycomb unit. For those of us who have used Saitek quadrants for years and then become frustrated when the failure of a tiny potentiometer means you have to junk it this offering looks an ideal replacement that will last a very long time indeed.
  6. I have hidden the post containing the link to AIG aircraft as it is a violation of copyright. Anyone else who posts it will be subject to disciplinary action.
  7. @alexbz, there is a dedicated support forum for FSUIPC here. https://forum.simflight.com/forum/183-fsuipc7-msfs/
  8. This has been discussed over in Hangar Chat or Letters to AvSim. I’ll say nothing more.
  9. 😁 that’s too much effort, sorry. My weather station (link below) shows wind in mph. Nice and simple. 😉
  10. Thanks! I still prefer mph for wind. Easy to understand when speed limits on our roads are in mph.
  11. Several mods have posted the same as me. 😉 I made another donation last month too balance things out. Don’t worry about off topic. I’m sure normal service will resume quickly.
  12. Sixty years ago the French and British formed two teams to design Concorde. The French worked in metric, the British in imperial. They also had a language barrier to overcome. It didn’t prevent them building a magnificent aircraft. And they didn’t have calculators, just slide rules and a desire to succeed. 😉 With my long term interest in the weather I can instantly convert any temp in Fahrenheit from 0°F to 100°F to Celsius in my head. Vice versa too. Rainfall in mm to inches just divide by 25. The only one that I cannot cope with is wind speed in metres per second. ☹️ I’m an old git which might explain why I can cope with both systems. 😁
  13. Adblock Plus works fine on my iPad. There should be a version for Android.
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