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  1. Two people decided to ignore my advice and continue debating off topic. Locked.
  2. If you all want this topic locking you’re going in the right direction. Get back on topic NOW. Any further chat about anyone’s abilities will result in a lock. First and last warning.
  3. This is inviting comparisons. Nothing positive can be gleaned by it staying open to debate. If you want to discuss the pros and cons with a fellow member do it privately. Locked.
  4. @Kalnon, I imagine any without an ICAO will be non-operational. Look at EGCD Woodford. Historically a very important aerodrome as the Lancaster and Vulcan bombers were built there. But it closed around 10 years ago. Still shown in P3D. Probably not in v6 though. The airport / aerodrome data isn’t updated in every major release. England is rich in military and aviation history. The US operate out of several military airfields in the SE. Here’s the full list of operational bases. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Royal_Air_Force_stations And yes, it is a beautiful country, thank you.
  5. @Kalnon, RAF Oakley closed for flying in August 1945. Hence why it has no ICAO code. Local people use the runway informally for cycling and running. All operational airports / airfields in the UK have an ICAO starting with EG. More info here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Oakley
  6. The difference is the Canada / USA situation is temporary. The Indian sub-continent one is more or less permanent.
  7. India has major air quality issues during most of the year. That Canadian smoke won’t have got anywhere near India yet. More likely it will be picked up by the jet stream and arrive in Western Europe in the days to come.
  8. I remember that. How could you not understand the limitations of one set of weather?
  9. Have you all forgotten this announcement from Jorge just a couple of weeks ago? Nothing definitive but it sounds like they’re seriously considering it… https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/634034-msasobo-and-opening-weather-camera-sdk-to-3rd-parties/
  10. They are working on a Lear for MSFS. https://www.xtremeprototypes.com/default.asp PMDG 737 NGXu, Carenado PC12 and Vertx DA62.
  11. The detail of the VC of the XP Lear is astonishing and having recently benefitted from cataract ops I can finally enjoy that detail in 4K. It’s also a very good flight model. The Lear 35 is a much newer model of course but whether its flight model is as good I really couldn’t say. I’m very fussy about 3rd party aircraft. I only have five. If you stay with P3D it’s compatible with both v4 and v5. Moving to MSFS means you would have to rule it out. Decisions decisions! 😉
  12. But it’s available free of charge here. https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/free-wx-radar-gauge-for-popup-or-vc-integration-x64-p3dv4-v5-build.8594/post-54031 Roland has the skills Rex and Milviz lack. Or perhaps it was just a matter of being interested more in P3D.
  13. Agreed none of us lives forever but hopefully I’ve still got a few years left. 😉
  14. When you post remind yourself what the title of the topic is. I’ve just hidden a post because it didn’t answer the question in the topic title. Sniping at MSFS is not a valid response. State your reasons why you continue to use P3D. It’s not rocket science.
  15. Yes, I omitted that important point. I tried copying FlyTampa St Maatens instead of installing a while back and it just ate all available memory until none was left. A clever anti-piracy tactic. I’m sure other scenery won’t have that feature but time is not a problem when you’re retired. 😉
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