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  1. And let’s not get started discussing how US people write cooking recipes with cups/tablespoon/whatever lol
  2. People. Multiple and divide by 10 is as easy as moving the decimal point on the number
  3. Same. Incredible to sayt this but the 737 is the best in terms of FPS for me. What an irony to say that because the DC6 sucks, even with the NanoVG
  4. No news from the devs regarding the unrealistic fuel/oil consumption, CHT temperatures and oil pressure/temp?
  5. Thanks for the profile link. Saving this for later!
  6. Its the AT servos sound the thing that drives me crazy. And they didnt include a way to adjust them in the Load Manager (the p3d version has it). First impressions: Love the plane, hate the sounds in every aspect (bland exterior sounds, annoying servo sounds)
  7. The noise that the pressurization makes (this thing) on the md80 is driving me crazy. Is there a way to mute it?
  8. You have to be approved by a moderator or whatever. Be smart.
  9. Yes. And verification is a manual process. In 2022. It makes me wonder if I should support this developers with 1998 mindset. I will hold off my purchase until things settle down. Maybe even wait for the 737 and see the price difference
  10. Lol. I am fluent in Spanish and I can understand Italian. So far, so good. My only complain is the sounds, but we already knew about it. Seems to be exactly the same thing as the P3D version. On the italian stream the guy say something in the lines of: `We have been many BETA releases on MSFS, but the Leonardo is the exception. Everything works perfectly, no surprises there` You might want to bookmark this
  11. Are you serious? You have no idea what you are talking about. This has nothing to do with phone security setup. you would see the same thing if you where using your desktop without adblocks. Safari doesn’t have that on iPhone. And no, I am not downloading another browser just to get into avsim on my phone. This is an issue with the forum
  12. Hey Tim, do you mind sending me a PM too? 🙂
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