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  1. G-YMML1

    FIX coordinates. P3Dv4.4

    Understood, thank you
  2. G-YMML1

    FIX coordinates. P3Dv4.4

    Dan, I'd like to have 400/800/1200 radius circles for ETOPS airports while flying over the pond. Have zero issues with NGX/777, but 747's FMC does not allow me to do that. Dimitriy Troporov
  3. Hello, Recently, I just have reinstalled P3D and 747 on the new system and ran into quite unusual issue - I cannot type the FIX distance coordinates further than 499 miles. For example, for CYYQ I can type 003/400, but when I type 003/800, I'm receiving "Invalid Format" error. Any ideas why? Thank you in advance Dimitriy Troporov.
  4. G-YMML1

    747-8 CTD

    I'm also having util.dll crash when exiting P3D with 747. Solved this issue by temporarily disabling FSLabs both modules.
  5. G-YMML1

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    Yep, brand new 9900k with 5.0@1.300 voltage, HT =off. Stable 60C with spikes not higher than 74C. With HT=ON everything is 10 degrees hotter.
  6. Just a quick update. Have been running the machine on 5.0 Oc with 1.300v and HT off for about 1.5 week. Max tempts are 74C with PMDG/FSL/AS2016/ORBX Stuff/FT/FB/T2G and, most importantly, with my own custom made 100% AI Traffic in heavy hubs such KLAX, KSEA or CYYZ. I'm running 2k resolution monitor, all settings to max with exception of autogen for buildings (I have it set to 60%) and autogen draw distance (Set to 80%). Typical FPS while approaching KLAX 25L is 22-23FPS, KFSO 28R/L - 32-35FPS. Use NVI with 4xSGSGAA (2x while at night). Also, I don't know why it's happening, but I have ALL cores constantly working in P3D despite that HT is off, pretty much in the same manner as David Roch posted in other topic....and H150PRO is SO quiet. Total silence 🙂 Bottom line = very happy with the upgrade coming from 6700k@4.6 Thanks to all, especially to Larry and Martin
  7. I don't understand why people cannot enjoy healthy and stable v4.4 platform and create a drama out of nothing. I don't need V5 in 2019. Maybe 2020 with a large list of truly new features.
  8. Thanks. I'm checking your theory later this evening. My highest clouds' drawing limit was about 250 when I wrote the original post and lowest 150. Dialing back to 120/150 and upper visibility 150 (to match with with cloud's depiction high limit) and report later. I also opened a ticket on HFSim
  9. Jack, If you theory would be correct, then neither visibility nor other weather parameters would have changed. As I mentioned earlier, only the clouds' depiction has been affected
  10. Hmmm...what are your current min/max figures for the depiction?
  11. How to do you know? Nope, I have Historic Weather Selected. I have always been flying with that option.
  12. Folks, Please do not move it to AS support area. Nobody visits it. I have already opened the topic in AS support closed area. HEre is the link to my original post.
  13. Here is a link to freshest log file https://www.dropbox.com/s/7403pi5hef7zvcc/AS_P3Dv4_Log_Export.txt?dl=0
  14. I have recently installed ASP4 with P3Dv4.4 on the brand new W10 machine and ran into problem that I have never faced before since old AS2005. The ASP4 stops to depict clouds' coverage once I leave the 100nm radius area from departure airport. In continue to accurately depicts winds, visibility, fog layers, barometric pressure, but not clouds. I have reinstalled the software two times already, but it did not help. Restarting ASP4 in-flight does not help either. I use REX for the clouds only and REX's weather engine is disabled, hence there should be no conflict. In ASP4 I have "Suppress Local Weather" unchecked and "Prevent Downloads in approach" unchecked too. No ideas what's going on, thus help of the community will be much welcome. Thanks