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  1. Reminds me of good old days when people were trying to merge POSKY VM with LDS767 VC and PA VM with PSS VC....I thought those days are gone forever, but i looks like I was wrong 🙂
  2. +100. and sometimes people confuse the wear/tear + maintenance expenses (which aren't cheap and unavoidable) with the reliability related expenses. Yes, the new set of brakes could bite a wallet,
  3. Yes they are and the range is bigger. They even have "baby" Land Cruisers.
  4. The rule of thumb for the things like this - google for the service costs first (the parts aren't expensive, but the cost of labor is). Also, if your car is out of the warranty, then do yourself a favor - find a reliable after-market service shop and get friendly with its owner. You will save between 30-50% comparing with the prices of the official dealerships.
  5. Folks, Has anyone used the ATCAIP with a conjunction with the latest version of PROATC? Any issues?
  6. I assume that an user know how do deal with the ADE. Open LFPG_A4. bgl file with the ADE program and you will find many grey triangles called SPOT3_T2G.fx. These are DL effects. You may copy these effects as objects and place them anywhere at the airport, especially where lighting poles are present.
  7. The DL is set via effects that can be seen in the ADE file. You can copy and paste those effects where you feel appropriate.
  8. Not a word regarding the update on the ORBX
  9. Folks, DO NOT forget to delete the old SODE file from 11bPilot Folder before installing the new scenery. Should save you a lot of time
  10. If you're still with the 4.5HF3, PTA has an ability to increase both intensity and brightness of the existing lights and autogen.
  11. Maybe I'm both blind and dumb, but I barely see any difference between those screens
  12. Folks, I'm too lazy to go through the 125-pages thread on the FSLabs forums, could you please hint whether this new update will be available for the 4.5HF3? Thanks
  13. I'm still with the 4.5 simply because I have a ton of add-ones and I'm a bit lazy to switch. Honestly speaking, I'm waiting for the V6 😉
  14. Lack of PTA in V5 is one of the main reasons I'm still with V4.5HF3. PTA can do literally everything with sky/cloud/lighting environment.
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