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  1. The date of this file is 03/30/24 and it looks like there have been no changes since then.
  2. Well...I'd very happy if this feud would stop, and BMW concentrate on KATL/KDFW and FB complete KDEN in it's current shape. My five cents.
  3. Still here. Saw DLH 787x2 in EDDF this morning.
  4. Hope that Nico from PSXT would create the profile rather fast. One of the most anticipated scenery releases for MSFS.
  5. I'd rather go with the approach from North...the KSEA, CYVR, KPDX outbounds 🙂
  6. You are correct. Until recently, the outbound was present as well and it's still present on the RT radar, if you want to look into it by yourself. It looks like this outbound traffic was generated with errors in ICAO code, so Nico disabled these streams. Balthasar has promised to fix it. but there is no ETA.
  7. The question is still open. Some people are paying ~$150 per month for garbage like Netflix/Prime/Hulu and buying $5 daily starbucks drinks called "coffee", others can spend these monies on hobbies, such as MSFS. I personally see no issues with paying more for the software like this as for me the traffic coverage is essential. Maybe adding "RT/PSXT premium" tier would help. Just my 5 cents.
  8. I'm watching ESSA right now and I have 8 live parking for a short period of time. The most recent qf for ESSA is 3/27. Very weird. UPD: 11 live updates for ESSA for 30 minutes. Something is wrong with qf reading. KIAH will be tested next. UPD2 - 10 live updates for KIAH for 15 min.
  9. That was not my question. ESSA, KIAH, RJAA have improved as well, but not their qf. KIAH is rocking, but it's qf is about 14 (!!!). Hence, files for the static planes have not changed. How this is possible?
  10. Ok, Looks like KIAH, ESSA, ENGM, RJAA and others still have qf attributed to 06/08/24 database. No changes reflected on 06/12 update
  11. April-June 2025 for me, unless miracle happens and all my add-ones from MSFS2020 will be available immediately with MSFS2024.
  12. When do you think KIAH and others would be available too?
  13. Nico, As the DB has been updated, KIAH and other airports affected by recent RT changes still show outdated qf. KIAH, for instance, still has 4/46, while in fact there is a lot of action now in the airport.
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