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  1. New SODE update 1.6.2 (eliminating stutter)

    Folks, Does anyone notice a stuttering with 1.6.2? FPS are still good, but when you rotate cameras, there are noticeable stutters. I'm still on 4.1 and has no intention to move to 4.2.
  2. FlyTampa's Boston Released!!

    Folks, Does it work stable under 4.1? Have no intentions so far to move on 4.2. Thanks
  3. Just bought the FSL A320

    How well is 4.1 performance?
  4. SODE Jetways not working

    In my opinion, CTRL_J animation in P3D is ugly as the face of Mr. Putin
  5. SODE Jetways not working

    They are minority. FSDT, FB, T2G (Man, I love those LFPG double-jetways) work like a charm. Yes, LIRF, LIMC has problems.
  6. SODE Jetways not working

    Works perfectly since 1.4 release. More stability and options with 1.5
  7. FSL A320 update coming next few days

    Never questioned that. Let's stay on topic, pls
  8. FSL A320 update coming next few days

    I spoke strictly on A320 subject...
  9. FSL A320 update coming next few days

    Simple - a lot of fuss, zero action. If you remember, the initial update for Aerosoft A32X series was promised almost immediately after V4.0 release. Since then PMDG delivered, FSL delivered, Majestic delivered, FS2Crew delivered, Aerosoft - did not. Sometimes silence is better than 300+ pages "preview" thread. Just my opinion. And nevertheless - I will buy Aerosoft product at the DayOne. I'd like to have both heavy-simulated FSL and load-and-fly AS products
  10. FSL A320 update coming next few days

    Excellent point, Carlo. I wish Mathjis spend less time on their forums :-) He's like Mr. Trump and his Twitter
  11. Here are my files of FMC right before engines start https://www.dropbox.com/s/pmovgxocn8jdywp/p.fxml.fmc?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wh7v2e4u2xiz2gj/p.fxml.sav?dl=0 Best Regards Dmitriy Toropov
  12. Left engine bleed is also dead right after the start and I have no idea how to make it alive again. See the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/h06low3mqhf9wra/Capture7.JPG?dl=0
  13. THis is exactly what happened right after the engines' start as left engine is dead https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezzoikg2ikb1wvz/Capture6.JPG?dl=0
  14. How to attach the file to the post? Thanks Dmitriy Toropov
  15. Here we go again...this time it's 77L, KATL-LFPG. I attach panel state and FMC state right before the engines' start. Would really appreciate if PMDG stuff would look into