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  1. G-YMML1

    QW 787

    Never mind - I found it
  2. G-YMML1

    QW 787

    As I have already mentioned - those who don't own the product couldn't read QW forums.
  3. G-YMML1

    QW 787

    Any chance to elaborate on bugs? I'm considering buying this one for the Thanksgiving. Their forums are locked for those who don't own the product. Thanks Dmitriy
  4. Hello, I'm reading some contradicting reports regarding the possibility to save a panel's state during a flight (PMDG's style). Some say that this feature hasn't been implemented yet, but others, such as FSElite insist that it's already available. Please see the link https://fselite.net/news/qualitywings-simulations-q12018-update/. Here’s the full list of P3DV4 exclusive features (although one element does state FSX and others saying P3D only): TrueGlass rain effects (P3D only) Dynamic lighting (P3D only) High resolution displays (P3D only) ND: Airport Map taxiway, runway and gate highlighting Config Page entry for PauseAtTOD and 1xAtTOD Panel state automatically saved whenever the user saves the flight in the FSX menu Support for key assignments for autopilot / autothrottle events Config option to set location of Activesky Snapshot files Could someone please clarify? Thanks Dmitriy
  5. I own about 80+ sceneries from the various respected developers and NEITHER of them have been able to recreate the correct ADE/AFCAD at the day of initial release. This is the objective limitation you should accept. Moreover, the airlines are swapping terminals all the time, hence if you want a sense of realism regarding parking spots' numbers and coding, familiarize yourself with ADE utility and edit parking spots codes, numbers and radius yourself. In fact, it's not difficult after all. ....OR visit AIG forums where people share highly sophisticated ADE/AFCADs for the recently released payware airpors
  6. Is it so difficult to edit AFCAD yourself after posting +5,000 posts on AVSIM?
  7. Ed, Do you have FSLA320 installed? If you do, then disable it in the add-one menu when you don't fly it. The problem will go away
  8. G-YMML1

    Ucrtbase.dll CTD

    Thanks. I'm going to follow this advice as I'm experiencing the same issue on exit from P3D and with 747 only
  9. G-YMML1

    FlyTampa Amsterdam Schiphol

    Then I doubt that it will be fixed. The developer is busy with bringing KLAS to the sim, not mentioning that original EHAM hasn't had full P3Dv4 treatment (only a minor patch).
  10. G-YMML1

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    + FSL all the way. You have to have some knowledge how to correctly set AV exclusions for the folders though
  11. G-YMML1

    FlyTampa Amsterdam Schiphol

    It's EXTREMELY EASY to fix by yourself. Much faster than the time you spent on writing your original post. No offense 🙂
  12. G-YMML1

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    So...there is no "save flight/save panel state" feature, correct? That's a huge disadvantage for long-haulers
  13. G-YMML1

    AI traffic problem

    Folks, For duplicate ADE/AFX files (and ORBX is a usual suspect with this issue), I would suggest to use SAS (Simple Airport Scanner). It has saved me a hundred of hours of work
  14. http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=28396.0
  15. Folks, the problem has been solved two days ago on a specific forum. Do you want a link?