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  1. Yep, But I'm petty much optimistic about the future. Probably, with 5.2 or 5,3 version we'll get a stable sim. So far, enjoy flying with 4.5hf3
  2. G-YMML1, could you please explain how you solved the KORD ILS 28L/C frequency issue. The original ADE that comes with the airport works fine. As you said, after modifying it using ADE, the original freq for 32L (IRVG) shows up for 28C. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


    Jim B.

    1. G-YMML1


      Actually, i did not even though I thought I did, so I'm practicing RNAV approaches in KORD mostly these days

    2. sticky1202


      Thank you for the quick response.


  3. I have it already! 🙂
  4. Seriosly? the second screen is horrible
  5. Going back to ORBX....If I have Global and LC products...will they work without Vector?
  6. ...really sorry for UTX 😞 At this point, it depends on how hard it will be to support P3D V5 and how much popularity it is going to get. For Flight Sim developers, nearly the entire industry is currently at a stalemate with no sense of real direction. Everyone, including myself, is kind of in a wait and see situation with everything. At the same time, this also appears true for customers and potential customers. XpressSim was configured to make it pretty easy to add support for new versions of P3D. UTX is not and would require major repackaging. FS 2020 of course will completely eliminate vector-based scenery products and possibly even eliminate cityscape-type projects for the 300 cities that use photogrammetry data. The question is, how many people will make the jump ? Some for sure will stick with FSX/P3D because of the investments already made. P3D is an awesome product. I hope it can still carve out a nice niche of the market. I have personally been a FSX commercial scenery developer for 16 years now. It has been an incredible run. But, for the first time in 16 years, I don't know what the future holds or if there is a future for many scenery developers. Many questions won't be answered until FS2020 is eventually released and the trickle down effect can take place regarding other simulators. To those still here, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a customer all this time. I have been extremely blessed. We have had a huge amount of customers in the last 16 years come and go. I can probably count on one hand the number of people that have been troublesome. That is amazing. Anyway, to get back to P3D V5. I probably won't know how hard it will be to support until the product is released and we see how well it is received. Of course, I would like to see it supported.
  7. Thank you, folks. Just wondering what response F1 UT developers have for V5. Perhaps it's worth to switch to substitute Vector
  8. I'm reading conflicting reports on various forums that Vector is no longer needed in the V5 as LM did a good job with various road networks and coastal lines, but cannot find a solid source (ORBX). Could someone please shed a light on this situation. Thanks
  9. Am I correct that even LM themselves stated that TrueSky is in beta? WOuld appreciate some clarification
  10. If clouds' shadows calculations were fully reworked , I wouldn't expect quick updates from either TS or PTA. Especially from PTA.
  11. I agree, let's wait for ActiveSky, then we'll talk again.
  12. No FPS gain, but faster start-up and loading times
  13. Why it's so difficult to wait 3-4 weeks, while the things with add-ones settle down. Then the same gang of "early adopters" will be crying river of tears blaming developers etc.
  14. Wondering about the possibility to have historical AI Traffic similar to AS historical weather.
  15. Stop asking questions - go and grab it. Constantly flying in and out of BIKF since day 1, and cannot stop doing it. In fact, as FlyTampa and Flighbeam went into hiding, MK Studio is becoming new industry standard for scenery products. EIDW, LPPT and BIKF are just gorgeous. Cannot wait for EFHK if it's ever will be made.
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