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  1. Any improvements on FPS? I'm still reluctant to install THE THING again in V4 as I had my share of pain and suffering in V3. Gladly enjoying PMDG-style comfort flying so far, but eager to switch back to FSL
  2. Perhaps you should stop your poisoned marketing right here. It doesn't help. "Lower your settings" agenda would work, if other expensive planes perform at the same level as FSL bus. It's not "lower your setting" anymore, it's "fix your freaking code for a sake of Buddha" with the price tag of $140.
  3. Personally, I'd like to see what Nyxx would say about the release, as he's avid Bus lover and experience simmer. His conclusion would be much appreciated
  4. Thanks again, Chris. Unfortunately cannot test it myself until Friday, so I'll be reading the reports.
  5. It all comes down to the whole bucket nevertheless. If I cannot use it in UK2000 EGLL with 100% AI like I do with PMDG birds, than why should I suffer, right? :-)
  6. Thanks Chris, Did you test in vanilla P3D Or with the sceneries/AI traffic/ASN weather? PS. Anyway, I will give a try later this week, since it's free upgrade and money was already paid for V3.
  7. That's correct, FSL Bus was lower on FPS than PMDG birds even in P3Dv3.
  8. Please post your impression folks
  9. Thank you, Dave!
  10. Just wondering if any update is requiured for v4.1. Still on 4.0 waiting for some software to be updated, but there is no word from REX Thank you
  11. Big mistake is not using PTA - that's what I meant initially :-) For me, no PTA = no P3D, it's a primary add-one perhaps before the FTX Sandwich
  12. Big Mistake, Carlo. A huge one. My friendly suggestion is to reconsider
  13. Other people presets could serve as a technical guidance for your own presets. That was my story with PTA since Day 1
  14. Now I need my Bus to fly in EU. Only KL/F9/DY/SK fly boeings these days :-(