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  1. I hope it would be released via some reputable dealer such as Orbx or Contrail. Hate stand alone installers these days
  2. I agree. FSDT has lost it's prime level as a scenery developer many years ago. KORD is good though, since it was made from the scratch. KIAH and KCLT are FSX/P3D derivatives.
  3. Sorry for hijacking the topic, but what exact visual change would be noticed due to decrease of TLOD from, let's say 140, to 100? Thank you in advance.
  4. Since Nov-22 I have completed 89 flights in MSFS without CTD, however in a recent few days I have experienced 2 CTD in a row with the same pattern. First, there was increasing crackling sound started in my headphones, then (after 10 minutes) a freeze occurred, and finally - CTD. I'm flying exclusively PMDG/Fenix on 3rd party airports only with PSXT/RT/AIG traffic combo. Please don't tell me to turn OFF AI traffic - I've completed almost 90 flights with it without CTD. Also, I have not added any new sceneries/tools/planes in recent 3 weeks I did some research and found out that crackling sound is a sign that GPU is overloaded. For now, I decreased my TLOD to 140 from 150, turned OFF Vsync and switched headphones from USB to old-fashioned cables. My system is 9900k@5.0 with 2080Ti and 32GB RAM, DX11, 2k monitor, Win10 Pro. Would appreciate your input/advices.
  5. I think I ran in the same problem yesterday with KDEN. PSXT/RT had been showing one of its best showcases with 35 live and 40 static planes on the ground and plenty of others in the vicinity. Then I noticed that sound in my headphones began to crackle and within 10 min I gout my first CTD in 7 months. Apparently, the only solution for large airports is the reduce a percentage of static planes.
  6. Well, I think it's impossible as Fenix's internal module checks the conformity of all related files on each start-up and correct them if needed. It should be addressed to the developers.
  7. I have the same message with Fenix. Nothing to worry about with the flyable planes, I guess.
  8. Just move PSXT "behind" the sim and that's all. If you need to change parameters in PSXT, Alt-Tab is your friend. If you run MSFS in the windowed mode, you don't even need Alt-Tab.
  9. 90% of North American airports for which 3rd party sceneries exist, operate perfectly in the RT/PSXT environment. There are few instances (KTPA, KDTW) that have problems with historical data, but I'm trying to help Balthasar to find a source of the issue now. KORD with its three parallel landing operations - magic!
  10. AIG + PSXT/RT Pro = the best AI representation, including 2 years of historical data
  11. Just curious whether "greater than" requirement is mandatory or merely a suggestion, as I'm still way below 52X with my 2080Ti. No problems with CTD or whatsoever.
  12. Could you please elaborate on this? No more historical data 2 weeks from current date?
  13. UPDATE: Toggling GRND TRF On and Off several times helped, although it was done out of desperation 🙂
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