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  1. I'm just curious...is uiautomationcore.dll still required for P3D v4.1?
  2. Thanks Dan, Disabling FS2Crew iin the T7 will be my first choice for test-run. However, I have also scanned FS2Crew forums and haven't found anything that would reminiscent my problem. Anyway, I will report later Best regards
  3. Good evening, I'm having random, but frequent crashes of P3D when I click on T7 pop-up panels in VC. There are no signs of an error in the Event Viewer, P3D just crashes without a sound. The two most recent "incidents" occurred today and yesterday when I clicked on right MFD and right Radio-Stack pop-up panels. Yesterday I completed full T7 reinstall just be sure that I have the most recent version. Such behavior does not occur with ether NGX or 747, it's mere T7 that has been affected. Also, I'm aware that T7 was suffering from left PFD pop-ups crashes in the past and I presume that this problem has been fixed since then. However, in my situation it hasn't been a case. I have P3D 4.1, Win7Pro, 1080Ti, i7-6700, 2TB EVO SSD. Also, I have FS2Crew enabled, but RAAS disabled. Would really appreciate your thoughts, ideas. Thank you in advance Dimitry Toropov
  4. Ok then...As a customer, what benefits I will get with EVNSHADE over PTA? I have PTA already, kind of happy with that
  5. So, AS EGLL all the way?
  6. Thanks for your input, folks!
  7. Still considering on buying their EDDL and EDDH to fly FSLA320 finally? Any thoughts about these scenery products? Quality of textures, details, performance? Thanks Dmitriy
  8. Any improvements on FPS? I'm still reluctant to install THE THING again in V4 as I had my share of pain and suffering in V3. Gladly enjoying PMDG-style comfort flying so far, but eager to switch back to FSL
  9. Perhaps you should stop your poisoned marketing right here. It doesn't help. "Lower your settings" agenda would work, if other expensive planes perform at the same level as FSL bus. It's not "lower your setting" anymore, it's "fix your freaking code for a sake of Buddha" with the price tag of $140.
  10. Personally, I'd like to see what Nyxx would say about the release, as he's avid Bus lover and experience simmer. His conclusion would be much appreciated
  11. Thanks again, Chris. Unfortunately cannot test it myself until Friday, so I'll be reading the reports.
  12. It all comes down to the whole bucket nevertheless. If I cannot use it in UK2000 EGLL with 100% AI like I do with PMDG birds, than why should I suffer, right? :-)
  13. Thanks Chris, Did you test in vanilla P3D Or with the sceneries/AI traffic/ASN weather? PS. Anyway, I will give a try later this week, since it's free upgrade and money was already paid for V3.
  14. Same here,
  15. That's correct, FSL Bus was lower on FPS than PMDG birds even in P3Dv3.