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  1. I don't recommend Reshade simply because there are a tonne of options with the freestyle game filter and that comes with Nvidia software and so nothing extra to install.
  2. I Do Not recommend ReShade. I recommend the in-sim Nvidia Freestyle game filter popup (alt-f3). Can do wonders with color, brightness and contrast etc etc.
  3. Also using DX12 with TAA (for now) Main points: 1. Better CPU/GPU utilisation and temps. 2. Much better sharpness now. The text on the small buttons on the WT G1000 always used to be blurry, now it's sharp! 3. Performance has improved quite a bit, however it's always important to use moderate settings for AIG traffic as it can eat FPS. 4. Bonus Feature Nobody talks about -> they have dramatically fixed the sun glare. It used to white out the entire view but not anymore. 5. The next biggie would be if they can work on the landing physics and slippery steering issues when touching down.
  4. It comes to all simulators that feature seasons, including driving sims, farm sims, city sims and flight sims.
  5. It would be good if the Ortho guy updated his program to: 1) include option to download tiles only (no mesh) 2) include option for transparent roads, 3) improve shore lines where possible.
  6. Looks like I have picked up about 5 fps more in Benchmark tests, 38-43 approx.
  7. The youtuber made it oversaturated. It's all personal preference.
  8. I have the studio driver. The filter options work absolutely great. Watch this!
  9. Definitely time to wait. You want all that DLSS 3.0 goodness in your sim. Next generation FPS ultra perf.
  10. Latest version of STP is really great. I have been using it on every flight. I find it most useful for: depature and arrival details in one summary page with tabs, airport map with taxi info, integrated charts, nice map with flight route and follow me mode, simbrief flight plan loading, Vatsim filing, logging of flights. There is detailed analysis including a picture where you touched down. And a tonne of additional useful stuff! I am looking for android apps which have maps, taxi info and follow mode etc.
  11. Well this is definitely good news. It would be good if the program was modded to just generate the Ortho and not the Mesh also. Or at least have an option to do so. I never understood why you can use Ortho4xp and point to the mesh (ie HD Mesh v3) but then it generates the tiles including the mesh. The resulting download is massive.
  12. The cloud pixelation is almost completely gone now. I would like to see some better cumulus though.
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