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  1. Haha it always makes me laugh. Go Back 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and people were always calling this. Wrong every time.
  2. Greazer

    August 15 2019 Update.

    No. Farming simulator is what the other guy said, where you ride the mower and actually cut the grass. I am just talking about appearance, and not farming jobs.
  3. Greazer

    August 15 2019 Update.

    Speaking of grass/weeds it would bring a tonne of realism if it actually grows, for instance when you came back to the same spot 4 weeks later it looks longer. And when you come back in winter it's a light brown color etc.
  4. Greazer

    August 15 2019 Update.

    There are a lot of if's and stuff we don't even know yet. However if FS2020 delivers good graphics, supports legacy aircraft and has "decent" flight modeling, P3d and FSX will go the way of the Dodo bird, and in 5 years it will be back to FS vs XP again.
  5. Greazer

    August 15 2019 Update.

    If the engine is coded Properly, and the graphics runs off the GPU, and separate multi threaded CPU cores handle: Core sim, Aircraft systems, ATC, scenery loading, traffic, animals, road traffic, weather etc, then it could actually deliver good performance. But only if the engine is done right, and it all works together, and it's a huge If. A flight simulator is actually a perfect application for multi threaded / object oriented systems.
  6. Greazer

    August 15 2019 Update.

    You're gonna need a monster rig for these graphics, a over clocked 16 core, pci express 5, Nvidia 3080 Ti, optane SSD. Start budgeting!
  7. Greazer

    August 15 2019 Update.

    "XP is not a game, it's an engineering tool". FS2020 is at Gamescom/E3, on Xbox and sold in Games stores. Its a game. Key difference.
  8. Greazer

    August 15 2019 Update.

    Thinking of the flight models and just viewing the airbus "video" gives me a bad feeling about this. I do like the weeds though.
  9. Greazer

    space simulation

    This is not space simulator.
  10. Clearly you have not read the extremely limited info that has been released.
  11. As I said many times before the new simulation with a new graphics engine can still potentially support legacy aircraft, or legacy aircraft with some (minor?) modifications, as well as potentially an all new aircraft model format. If the new sim has Killer graphics, smooth fps, ray tracing etc and the NGX is for sale, I would defintely be very keen. Conditions: 1. The plane must have a realistic flight model. 2. The gauges must be silky smooth. 3. Better sounds than present.
  12. Greazer

    Define Realism

    On par with Zibo Mod.
  13. Aug 15 Update: -Team releases detailed plan to fix the Blurries in FSX (at last!). -Finally the FS2020 schedule. It's a schedule of planned quarterly schedules of upcoming updates. -Photo shopped image of Giraffes eating leaves..
  14. They should stop with the games and for once learn from Laminar, have a youtube live streamed QandA direct from the conference room. Then we can meet everybody on the project, get some proper answers to the Big questions and maybe get a tour of the studio.
  15. But wait there's still nothing. Three updates of when in future there will be a schedule of future updates. Even Seinfeld episodes were not This ridiculous. Only thing different is there's no fake screenshot. Stop treating customers like kids.