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  1. I did another flight and the keyboard was fine. I guess I will assume it was a Hotstart glitch and move on 😂
  2. Obviously that's not an "absolutely zero chance" - because that's exactly what happened 😸
  3. XP may be buggy have bad fps and default bland scenery, it should at least function at basic level with input devices. That is not expecting too much.
  4. I was doing a flight last night in the Hotstart TBM 900. At one point the keyboard became unresponsive to XP. It wasn't the fault of the keyboard or Windows (volume key still worked etc). For XP it just went dead. Greazer.
  5. I have no brand loyalty to any company. I only call out what is facts. I have Alpha tested the other sim since the start. There are some pro's to XP. However the devs work at snail's pace in a small team. The technology of XP is now decades behind. What should be fixed immediately like cloud flickering or sudden weather redraws have been bugs for decades. It's disgraceful. Should have been fixed years ago.
  6. XP game boys confess their buggy and bloated bad performing vulkan with cartoon scenery cannot even compete with FS2020.
  7. IF you do not buy Premium version: In time you will regret it (I read somewhere it equates to payware addons at $2 extra a piece). People will eventually find out. For years you will be known as a "cheapskate rookie" like you came home with a new Hyundai automatic. Your reputation will diminish Nobody will pay any attention to you. Your server connection may be lower priority. You will not be invited to future Alpha's.
  8. I have A5 pinned to the taskbar. Just click and start testing....
  9. P3D (all versions) have the most horrible of all graphics engines. And I not just talking about flight sims I am talking about all 3d game engines in general. It's a complete dogs breakfast. Considerably worse than XP11 with OpenGL. MSFS is the best thing ever for FSX/P3D simmers, trust me on that.
  10. Can people stop with this, VR will come. Have patience.
  11. If you ever go to Australia you get ripped off on exchange rates for just about Everything! Greazer.
  12. If you saw an official video then it must be right. I only did limited flying in heavies so far. My favorite planes are the TBM and Beechcraft.
  13. The default airports are way improved over the first Alpha. Massive improvement. Obviously there are "stock" buildings, but the terminals vary at different airports. The airports buildings and terminals appear to be in the right places and have nice textures etc. The ground textures and grass is very good. More ground clutter and vehicles and cars can be added but overall it's looking good from what I saw so far. Greazer.
  14. There should eventually be a fourth tier you can buy or upgrade to: MSFS Ultimate Professional: New Aircraft (737 Max, A321, Piper m600, Pilatus PC12, Mooney M20 etc) New Airports (KATL, KDFW, WSSS, TNCM, LFMN, LIRF, OLBA, YMML, VHHH etc) Art Controls Settings (Contrast, HDR, Tone, Color Saturation, Depth of Field and lens effects etc) Better Flight Planning and import from Simbrief etc. Improved VFR Map. Greazer.
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