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  1. Yes, but isn‘t TNCM in the Dutch part of the Island?
  2. I'm not sure, but I can imagine that the reason why they didn't handcraft that many points of interest for the US (only 12 according to the map) is that almost every bigger city has photogrammetry (277 in total) and so POIs are already part of the scenery. Dallas and Washington DC are an exception. I don’t know what their reasoning was, but photogrammetry coverage might have played a role here. In Asia, for instance, there was not a single city with photogrammetry before the Japan update but well over 80 handcrafted POIs (now it’s 104). In Europe many major cities do have photogrammetry (52), but still nowhere near as many as in the US. This would explain why there are more POIs in Europe (40, 12 of which in London and Paris). But this theory only holds for North America, Asia and Europe, as the numbers below show. Here are the numbers of POIs I counted on the world map (no guarantee that it’s all of them) and number of photogrammetry cities in []. Asia: 80+ before the update (not 100% sure) [6 after Japan update] Europe: 40 [52] Africa: 16 (12 in Egypt) [0] North America: 12 [288] Middle and South America: 6 [0] Australia and New Zealand: 3 [11] Cities with 2 or more POIs: Beijing: 9 Paris: 8 Cairo: 8 (depending on which pyramids you include) Tokyo: 8 (before the update, but not 100% sure) Hong Kong: 7 Shanghai: 7 Macau: 6 Singapore: 5 Dubai: 5 NYC (photogrammetry): 4 London: 4 Istanbul: 4 Kuala Lumpur: 3 Washington DC: 2 Rio de Janeiro: 2 Warsaw: 2 Amsterdam: 2 Moscow: 2 Based on these numbers I think we can see that there is a certain focus on North America, Europe and Asia, which probably is where their biggest markets are. I understand the frustration of some who like to fly in other regions (or Washington) to some extent, but the great thing about this sim is, I think, that this doesn’t mean that other regions look bad. Not at all. Much of Africa, for instance, has excellent imagery. Moreover, this is an ongoing process and I’m sure we’ll see some great updates in the future that also cover areas that previously weren’t given that much attention. Back to your question. Since they only had the resources to model a limited number of POIs (say 200), they may have come to the conclusion that it made more sense to focus on regions that aren’t as well covered by photogrammetry as the US and thought 2 POIs for Washington were enough.
  3. Thanks for confirming! I just tried it again as well, same result. Thanks for the link. I‘ll report it.
  4. Ah yes, forgot to mention that. Sorry. It was the a320 with the latest mod (stable version).
  5. Just did an ILS approach into Rwy 26R. At first all seemed well. The autopilot captured the ILS and followed the glide slope. Then I noticed that the heading was slightly off and that the autopilot wanted to land me a mile or so off the runway. Eventually I had to disable it and land manually. Although it all worked fine and was quite fun, I’d still like to know what happened. The magenta diamonds worked correctly, only the autopilot didn‘t follow the lateral one. Is there an offset localizer or something like that or is this a bug? Has anyone experienced the same?
  6. I can only guess but I‘d say it‘s because they already confirmed seasons a long time ago. Same with VR and helicopters.
  7. My vendor told me he expects the Reverb to come out in early November. No idea how reliable this info is.
  8. Purchased it. Nice work and great price-performance ratio! Looking forward to LFSB Basel.
  9. As far as I know that has nothing to do with the actual world updates (such as Japan). It‘s just a series in which they showcase various regions. At least the order doesn‘t correspond with that of the world updates.
  10. I‘ve never had this problem and I have no idea what could cause it, but since quite a few of the AP bugs seem to be related to peripherals and sensitivity, have you tried flying with keyboard only?
  11. The team have just apologized for the „press-any-key-debacle“. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/press-any-key-to-start-still-exists-after-being-labeled-as-fixed-in-the-dev-update/300684/21
  12. Not to my knowledge. The only thing we know for certain is that it‘s going to include a new DEM, which, according to the last q&a will be „crazy good“. I personally hope that it will also include better imagery for Alaska.
  13. There‘s also a wishlist with a voting system on the official forum. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/self-service/wishlist/163
  14. As far as I understood it Google and Apple don‘t own the aerial imagery but buy it from third parties, same as Bing. Apparently they bought better imagery for many places. Theoretically Bing Maps could have the same quality. I used to share your fear, but since the Japan update and the devs’ clarifications concerning world updates I‘m much more optimistic. They already acquired better mesh, imagery and photogrammetry for Japan and more updates are planned.
  15. Had I always listened to ATC, I would have bitten the virtual dust dozens of times. I do it similarly as CJ. As long as ATC‘s instructions are reasonable and in line with my flight plan, I follow them. If ATC tries to kill me, I ignore it. The constraint view is very useful. Just make sure that your programmed flight plan is flyable. I noticed that sometimes the built-in planning tool comes up with descent rates that aren‘t possible to fly.
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