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  1. I agree, all in all I think this was a good update. While the first year was a bit of a roller coaster ride they now seem to have got their act together and we finally see the fruits of their hard work. Of course, there‘s still a lot to be done but my general feeling is that we‘re on track.
  2. It makes one wonder why they changed it in the first place, when apparently no one is happy with this hideous sepia mask. It‘s a mystery to me really. But it‘s good to see that they‘re improving it.
  3. Agreed. That‘s one of the great things about XPlane. It really adds a lot. IRL cars are very visible at night.
  4. On my first post-WU6 night flight I was disappointed. Madrid at night looked just as awful as before. This morning I woke up early and couldn't sleep anymore, so I decided to fire up my computer for a short morning flight. When I took off from LFSB in the CRJ it was still almost completely dark and wow - what a difference! I'll have to check out some more places but what I saw this morning was one of the best night sceneries I've ever seen, even in VR. I couldn't take a screenshot at that moment because I was busy being amazed but here's one from a later stage of the flight when the sun was already above the horizon. Sometimes this sim looks absolutely gorgeous.
  5. First time they mentioned they were considering to do something about terrain popping/morphing other than just getting better data and giving us more LOD options. That‘s good to hear, because better DEM data alone doesn‘t seem to do the trick, as Switzerland has shown.
  6. Maybe it's just Madrid that looks rubbish. I'll do some more testing tomorrow.
  7. Maybe the location. I took mine over Madrid at FL360. LOD slider at 200. I‘ve just tried it with 400 and don‘t see much of a difference.
  8. Not sure but it doesn't look any or much better than before. At least the sepia mask's still very visible.
  9. Is that even a bug? Isn't it rather just not implemented yet? But I agree, I would love to see this soon. Proper wiper effects add a lot to the atmosphere.
  10. Looking forward to the Switzerland airport and LSZH in Germany 🤔
  11. I agree with all the points concerning night lighting mentioned in Tom_L‘s post. Last week I flew to Madrid (nice city by the way) and the flight back was a night flight. It occurred to me once again that the sepia mask and the size of the orbs give it a rather unrealistic look. Although there was some sort of faint glow over settlements in the distance (I guess it depends on humidity), it looked nowhere near what we see in the sim. Everything that was not directly illuminated by a light source was pitch black, also from close distances. And the orbs look much smaller of course. The lights of the road traffic was very visible too, that was nicely done in XP. I‘m sure the update will improve things a little, but reading the patch notes I don‘t believe it‘ll be the ultimate night lighting update many of us are hoping for.
  12. Me too. I use Navigraph charts and they‘re a real pixel fest at the moment.
  13. Looking forward to this update, esp. fixed aliased menus and ingame panels in VR. That is really annoying when using charts.
  14. Looks like it, but it most likely won’t be the next one since Neumann said in an interview that the next WU would cover a place far away from Europe.
  15. A screenshot would help. There are 3 types of bridges: photogrammetry, handmodelled and procedurally generated (see screenshots below). I guess what you are describing has to do with photogrammetry (1st screenshot). There‘s no space under the photogrammetry bridges, it’s solid, like a wall with water or shadow texture on it, so the shape is „wrong“ and hence the shadow is not realistic. The shadows of the other types should be okay. Is that the issue you mean?
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