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  1. Very disappointing that they didn‘t really talk about the tile swapping bug. In my perception this is one of the most widely debated and highly voted issues of the last couple of months and not addressing it leaves the impression that they don‘t want to talk about it, maybe because there‘s no easy universal fix. Tin foil hat on: Maybe fixing it takes a complete replacement of the imagery so they’re just waiting for new imagery to come in which they then implement as part of the world updates (cf the latest WU which seems to have fixed it in that area). If that was the case, it would be a long wait.
  2. I hope to hear more about new MSFS 2024 features and a proper explanation of the tile changing bug and how/when they are going to fix it.
  3. Let‘s hope. It would be disconcerting if they left this unaddressed. This has been one of the most widely discussed topics of the last few months.
  4. This program looks very promising and I really hope this will finally be a valid alternative to Vatsim. I understand that Vatsim is probably the most realistic ATC experience for flight sim, but it’s just not for me. Not only because it‘s a bit daunting to get started but also because I don‘t want to spend a full flight monitoring my flight. I prefer being able to do other things while on cruise altitude. A good offline alternative would be great.
  5. According to the moderators over at the official forum, they are aware of it and could reproduce it, but we don’t know if they‘re working on a fix. As far as I know the devs have never communicated anything related to this issue.
  6. Hmmm I thought there would be one in September. Not sure where I read or heard this though.
  7. A350, modded by talented folks like FBW That would actually be enough for me. But since we're asked to list three aircraft: AgustaWestland Da Vinci to play rescue pilot in the Alps Harrier to mess around
  8. I wouldn‘t be surprised either. Unless they‘ve already made some changes or have planned to do so. Let’s just hope they don’t prefer it the way it looks now🙄
  9. No. My post was just about the sky colours. Their silence on some other issues such as the tile swapping bug for instance annoys me as well.
  10. As much as I agree with the rest you write, it was only posted last Thursday night. That’s 2.5 business days ago. Maybe we should cut them some slack.
  11. It‘s also very useful when flying in VR. Makes it much more convenient and immersive.
  12. My visual improvements wish list: No more tile popping/swapping and, if possible, better imagery resolution in general No more / massive reduction of terrain morphing / better mesh shape retention (also goes for photogrammetry) Night lighting improvements: Much further draw distance of the lights at night and no more sepia masks. And more realistic light orbs, esp. for VR. Photogrammetry: procedural flattening and replacement of cranes and similar structures with 3d models, like they will do with trees. Cliffs/coastlines: The coastline „fix“ implemented a while ago may prevent water from running up the cliffs, but it also led to some weird looking coastlines. I hope they find a proper solution for this, eg by implementing better DEM together with better shape retention. Snow/ice: Use of high-res snow data and decoupling of frozen water from snow data, i.e. no more frozen lakes as soon as there‘s a little snow. Moreover, frozen sea based on meteorological data rather than snow coverage as is currently the case. More realistic sky colours at dusk and dawn. More and better rain/snow effects around the aircraft and ground vehicles: spray, wheels leaving traces in snow and slush, wiper wiping away the rain etc. Better looking clouds / more types. Also better effects when flying through clouds and cloud surfing, i.e. reflection of aircraft lights, better feeling of speed etc. I‘m sure there are more things that could be added to the list but these are the ones that first sprang to my mind.
  13. Fantastic work! I really hope this gets adopted by MSFS. It looks so much more realistic. I usually skip the sunsets/sunrises in the sim because of how unrealistic they look.
  14. Maybe they keep it for another update. UK cities or London only with some additional POIs. They already have new photogrammetry data as can be seen in Bing Maps.
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