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  1. It is certainly is a looker - nice shot
  2. Heading to Wadadli (Antigua, West Indies) Holding for RW25 into V.C. Bird International as storm moves away from the field. Getting vectors from ATC for RW 25 - TAPA Full Frontal!! Fighting a few gusts on the approach Welcome to V. C. Bird International Enjoy
  3. Thanks for the heads up will have to check it out
  4. Always great seeing the older SIM platforms holding their own - great shots.
  5. This the video I reviewed for the cloud fix, but it will walk you through where the file is located.
  6. I had this happen a few days ago as well, and found the solution here: https://questions.x-plane.com/11373/the-view-became-tilted-in-a-direction
  7. This may not be of help in your case, but, did you by chance make the user.cfg file "read only"? I did so for trying to address the grainy looking cloud issue and then found out that this was the cause of my graphic settings not being saved.
  8. Nice fictional representation...scenes are epic
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