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  1. crosswind

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400

    During development, we decided not to have a livery interface and made only a few specific liveries (which come with the original installation) in anticipation that many of the talented re-painters within the community would be creating their own liveries. Feel free to remove the liveries that you choose not to have from your mjc8q400 folder and add the ones of your liking. Cheers
  2. crosswind

    Lightning bug

    Very likely that TomatoShade may be causing an issue. I have noticed that this utility does have some glitches regarding night lighting - (long and short ...does not appear to be a Q400 issue).
  3. crosswind

    Lightning bug

    This is a rather uncommon event. Are you using any third party utilities like TomatoShade?
  4. crosswind

    C-310 surprise!

    The only other thing that may have happened is you AV software causing an issue with the installation. I would start with un-installing the C-310, disable your AV, and then re-install. Be sure to use Admin Rights by right clicking on the MIVIZ C-310 installer - and choose Run As Admin.
  5. crosswind

    Official Majestic Software Forum Update

    We thank you immensely for the link to the snapshot of the forum, we'll have to find a way to make the link accessible to users of the forum. Cheers
  6. *********FORUM UPDATE*********** Fellow Majestic crew members as many of you may recall the Majestic Software Server experienced some technical difficulties over a month ago rendering the forum inoperable. So the good news - We have re-instated the forum which we have been testing for about two weeks. several users have caught on to this and have "re-registered". Now the bad news - Unfortunately the old forum user database could not be restored properly which has forced us to have all previous users of the Majestic Software Forum re-register. Yes, you read that statement correctly - If you were a previous account user on our the previous forum, you "will have to" re-register on our new forum, since the old accounts could not be transferred. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, but this was out of our control. We are not happy about this either but found it the best solution in moving forward. There are are however some issues while attempting to access old threads (this circumstance is beyond our control and this was the best that could be done to retrieve data after the server crash). 1. Do not attempt to access old threads from the "All Categories" header as this will result in asking one to "sign in" which is not possible for the old forum database. 2. It is recommended that when attempting to look at older threads user the following categories to view previous topics: a. Operational Questions b. Customer Support c. Repaints 3. Although topics are accessible via the previously mentioned headers, due to the damage done from the server crash some of the data is when attempting to view some or most threads are not visible. We know that there were hundreds of valuable discussions created over the years, and we are devastated over this as well, but we'll have to rebuild on this new forum moving forward. 4. Many users in the past were not too pleased about the invitation system, so we have removed this protocol allowing for a easier transition for registering. As always we have a few simple rules/procedures in place that everyone is kindly asked to adhere to. a. Before posting, please check the Frequently Asked Question section located on the Majestic Software website.. b. Do not post the issues related to orders, software authentication, or installation exhaustion, etc, kindly send us an email via our Support system "support (at)majesticsoftware (dot) com" c. Respect other forum members Now that the forum has been addressed, there is at this time no current update(s) regarding the TRAINING Edition or the Q300 v2, needless to say, we lost some time for development due to the server issues, but we are back on track and hopefully I should hear some good news from the Boss in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime while this is not really an update the following interview was conducted a few weeks ago with DirkaGaming FlightSimExpo 2018 in Vegas. We thank you all for your patience and continued support. Turboprops Rule!! The Majestic Team -kroswynd
  7. crosswind

    Adding new pages on system panel

    Yes, there is a limitation on the SYSPAN pages as the TRAINING Edition is more geared to what you are attempting to accomplish, but we decided to allow users to create a few system failures of their own. Cheers
  8. crosswind

    New Majestic Official Forum

    We are still in the rebuilding phase of the new forum, which we are hoping to have up and running in the near future. It appears at the moment that some of the previous posts that are still accessible do not display correctly, and we are hoping that as the migration process is implemented we'll be able to rectify the issue. More information regarding this will be discussed when we are ready to put the forum back online.
  9. crosswind

    Q400 in P3Dv4.3

    The Q400 does not require an update for the recently released Prepar3D v4.3. If you come across any anomalies please be sure to post them here in the forum. Cheers
  10. Bogdan, It could be a simple fact that the brake axis need to be inverted. "-" the use of a minus sign, tells the connector that an axis or a button press must be inversed. The Special Features document provided with the MJC Q400 PRO speaks of its use. Give this syntax a try instead: J0_Y=-FlightControls_->sensors.BrakeL0_ADC J0_X=-FlightControls_->sensors.BrakeR0_ADC
  11. crosswind

    Majestic forum down?

    Well, it'll be down until we find a valid solution to the issue. In the meantime, topics are available now as READ ONLY on the MJC forum, but if one has to post/or seek assistance the use of the AVsim forum will be required at this time. In my official message on the MJCQ-400 page, I did not give a return to service date especially not knowing what we were up against when the server failed. Bear in mind that the site/page you post on frequently is not the Official Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 Facebook page, which is not affiliated with the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 page......sounds a bit confusing, but the official page has the full title Majestic Software, where the unofficial page us just Majestic Dash 8. Cheers
  12. crosswind

    Majestic forum down?

    I agree it is ashame that the information is not mirrored, but bear in mind that this Unofficial forum was granted to us when we first launched the Q400 and had a server meltdown. We were certainly thankful to Tom Allensworth for jumping to our aid, and this forum has been a go to spot for many who prefer not get onboard with the MJC forum, plus its easier especially if you are an AVsim user. Now you state "why are we not fixing the problem", has someone told you this from Majestic? I nor the Boss have made an announcement of this nature, and if this were the case we would have come forthwith and made an official announcement about the permanent closing of the forum and or of potentially closing our doors if there was a financial issue. The Forum: We have been working on re-instating it, but have run into some issues with platform that we used originally. We are looking into possible alternatives to get this up and going hence the reason lengthy delay. Cheers
  13. crosswind

    Why do yoke and throttle makers not use Hall Effect sensors?

    Where PFC really should hang their heads is the cost of repairing the item (its almost the same as buying a new product from them). I bought a defective yoke from them and sent it back 3 times before they could get it right, and I had to pay for shipping both ways on top of the repair costs. While their products are well built for the most part, and will last for eons to come, they certainly do not entice simulation enthusiast to come back for upgrades or re-purchase. The only time I will purchase stuff from PFC is if I am doing a professional build for a client. PFC however, does offer hall effect sensors in their yokes (but you must specify when placing your order -which can now be done online), not sure about the throttle quads and rudder pedals. Another solution is a fairly new competitor VirtualFly, makers of the Yoko yoke and throttle quadrants and they use hall effect sensors. The price range is comparable to PFC's, and I think that the quality is just as good or even better. MFG Crosswinds also makes a set of rudder pedals which has gotten rave reviews among the flight simulation community as well, and they to if I am not mistaken use hall effect sensors. Cheers
  14. crosswind

    Flaps not in sync with FS

    Will have to test this - thanks for pointing it out.
  15. crosswind

    Majestic forum down?

    No-one from Majestic has stated anything about authentications being affected. The main reason the website was re-instated first was to ensure the use of our authentication system for new purchases and re-installations. There really isn't any silence, the forum simply is not up and running, and the Facebook page has advised that the AVSIM forum be used in the meantime. When the forum is returned to service, I'll be sure to make another official announcement.