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  1. Turboprop:D eHavilland Dash 8 series 100/200, 300 & Bombardier Q400 Jet Boeing 757
  2. Making a decision to continue to its final destination could have been an option, but not necessarily the best. It would very likely be cheaper to have the aircraft return to the US since the event happened just after takeoff, and swap out the aircraft and or repair the item. Very likely a thorough inspection of the mainwheel assembly would have to be done. Doing this in another country can sometimes lead to the repairs being lengthy especially if the airline has a contract company or other airline that handles their maintenance instead of their own mechs.
  3. Ray, It is a pity we cant get RC v4 to work in MSFS 2020 - for a program that old to still be leaps and bounds ahead of MSFS 2020 ATC. I too use some GoFlight pieces which have served me well over the years since 2007. I also use a column yoke from time to time, but PFC's customer support is atrocious after they sold me a lemon (I paid for shipping both ways along with repairs twice which amounted to twice what the yoke cost), so I have moved on to other yokes. they'll never get my money or my clients money again. I also have some low-end gear which works quite well on a back up machine: CH Products - Yoke, throttle quadrant and pedals (some occasional maintenance required on pot replacement) Software: Well the Majestic Dash 8 - I still use the Q300 on FS2004,
  4. I won't hold my breath. I will wait to see what this WU16 has to offer since in their initial review many of the islands has misrepresentated locations for Antigua and the water masks are/were not even close to what we have on the island. Time will tell.
  5. https://www.virtualisoftware.com/images/fsdt_update_288.jpg Version 2.8.8 – December 13th, 2023 GSX PRO New: Cargo Airplanes that don’t use ULDs, will now show Packages being loaded with the Conveyor Belt loader, instead of Luggage. GSX PRO Change: Skin textures for some GSX Crew characters tweaked to appear less shiny. GSX Pro Change: The PMDG integration will not set Payload or Fuel automatically if the existing value is already very close (within 10 kg) of the planned quantity on Simbrief. GSX Pro Fix: PMDG integration will default to Imperial Units, to prevent conversion error from Simbrief planned Payload/Fuel, when no saved configuration for that loaded airframe is found. GSX (FSX/P3D) Fix: Airplane stuck with simulation Disabled at the end of a Pushback when using a Towbarless tug with the “Pushback Raise” option enabled in the airplane profile. GSX Pro Fix: Added exception to prevent removal of support ground vehicles in MK Studios airplanes. GSX Pro Change: Some optimizations in VGDS text displays to improve responsivity. GSX PRO New: The “UPS man” character used at Cargo Stands in FSDT KSDF has been remade from scratch for MSFS, replacing the previous version which was converted from FSX/P3D. An update to the airport will follow up to make the feature fully usable as it was in the FSX/P3D version. GSX PRO New: Added SWS PC12 to GSX Internal Airplane Database. GSX (all versions) NEW: Added the following Handling operators: VIAGS Handling (Vietnam), Thai Lion Air, BAGS (Thailand), Uplift Aviation Services, Romanian Airport Services, GlobeGround (Romania), LGS Handling (Cyprus), United Ground Express, Flight Services & Systems, United 1970/1990/2000 (USA), Leipzig-Halle Airport (Germany), Corporate Air, Altitude Island Logistics (Australia), UAB Handelshus (Lithuania), Roscosmos (Russia), Sagat (Italy). GSX (all versions) NEW: Added the following Catering operators: Airo Catering Services Lietuva (Lithuania), Cabin Services Australia, Air Gourmet Hellas (Greece).
  6. Understandable, as these obstacles can and do present themselves during any phase of development.
  7. Hi Steve, how's it going? i sent you a message on Avsim. Hit me up when you have a moment plz.
  8. @Silicus You are correct, and thanks for the correction on Richard Harvey. Dealing many developers over time you kind of loose track.
  9. And the support from Richard Harvey (I think that was his name) was stellar. Unfortunately I think he passed away to cancer if my memory serves me correctly. These guys implemented things such as taxiing too close behind a larger aircraft providing warning messages from atc about jet blast affecting your aircraft or atc screaming at you if you veered off the taxiway. If I recall they also implemented PCL (pilot control lighting). Awesome sim for it's time FU1 that is.
  10. By all means Ray, of course they take the Flightsim community into account, but my statement was that the community is not LM's primary focus. They are a great team to work with and they do listen to simmers and developers, and fix and or implement changes when able to.
  11. What's the rush? Many folks fail to realize that while flightsim enthusiasts are not LM's primary focus, it's main bread & butter is from military and commercial contracts. The flightsim community is merely a testbed arena for their platform. Commercial and Military clients do not have the time to perform product testing unless they are looking for specific features within the simulation platform. Whereas the fltsim community is able to expand on the multiple configurations with hardware, scenery, etc. So of course, it would make sense to sponsor an event for a community upon which they. Just my thought on the issue. Cheers
  12. MSFS 2020's representation of the Caribbean regions is "poor" at best
  13. Apologies, I posted the incorrect link which was intended to be the Baron link
  14. I would too...but it is still in development
  15. I'll be on the lookout for it. Good point, however, I bought the bundle as I had not time to pick up the Bonanza when it was released. Busy wekend for me.
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