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  1. I run TrackIR5 on the specs listed below in my signature. Only situation I ever had stutters was exterior spot view looking down at approx 45 degrees. That was fixed (or it just went away) when MSFS SU8 was released. Hopefully never to come back.
  2. While not humorous, I find this funny. The PMDG User to User Forum hasn't had a single new post since April 29th this year.
  3. This version went live on the 26th of April. Is it coming out again?
  4. What is a "hand crafted atlanta?" Is it on flightsim.to?
  5. As of this writing their Discord channel shows Weather Force in testing but still incompatible with SU9.
  6. General Options> Misc. You can change the pilot, copilot and instructor avatars which change their voice too. To me they all look like extras from "The Walking Dead."
  7. How does this work if you're using the MSFS2020 Map Replacement instead of the native Bing data?
  8. Shift-Z Stats https://flightsim.to/file/16358/shift-z-stats
  9. I always liked what Rdpresets did for P3D shader settings and noticed their Guide v2 for MSFS2020. I remember how Nick's Bible helped in both FSX and P3D and this guide was doing the same thing, tuning the flight sim to your hardware. Price was reasonable, Nick's was free. Long story short, I followed the guide like a religion as I did with Nick's Bible. Took a sim that was running good and helped it to run great. Explained a lot of the different sim settings, too. Current beta v1.25.7 does not seem to have broken any of the suggested settings. FPS locked at 30 before, 45-53 unlimited now. I use TrackIR5 and always had micro stutters when in Spot Mode looking down at approx 45 degrees. No longer a problem after going thru the guide. Easier to find golf courses now.
  10. I don't, I'm retired. And who's dying? This is not about people dying or it being a beta video game. It's all about being paid real money to do a job and then not doing it properly. Workers get fired for not doing their job all the time.
  11. This was not a bug, major or minor. It was incompetence and the only person delusional was the person entrusted with putting the updated files together into the beta release and then releasing it into the wild. Doesn't matter if users had to reinstall MSFS, windows or any other programs on their computer. Or if it took 4 hours or 4 days to fix. It should not have happened ... period.
  12. The Thursday (4-14-2022) morning Beta update disaster. Someone didn't do their job and found yet another way to embarrass their employer. Image is just as important to a publicly traded company like Microsoft as the actual products they sell/develop. I doubt there were any happy faces when the higher ups got wind of what happened. I can only speculate, but I'm thinking someone lost a job over this.
  13. CRJs will now compile (or whatever they have to do on first load) with the v1.25.7 update. Small victory, but hey, they all count.
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