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  1. Gotta wonder if you bothered to run thru the tutorial or even glance at the PDF manual. I can't comment on the doors as I don't bother with them. Feelthere provides a complete set of V speeds for the E175 and E195 based on temperature, altitude, engiine derate and flap setting. Yes, you do have to manually enter the speeds. I don't have the 170/190 series. Fuel loading is done thru P3D by reading the defaults in the aircraft.cfg, just like every other aircraft. It can also be changed thru the FMS once you have entered and confirmed the various PERF INIT settings. Read up on the "FUEL" cheat in the manual. With that said, it is overpriced IMO. But so are lots and lots of other aircraft, scenery, etc. Wait for a sale. Youtube videos by an E175 pilot are very well done and informative. 5 or 6 of them doing a short flight from Milwaukee to Chicago. They were done before SP1 was released and I don't know if they've been updated.
  2. I'll start by saying I have no experience with Game Pass. I can guess that if I stop paying the monthly charge then I lose access to any game(s) I have been playing. If I buy it, it's mine. Curious to know how many of the 100s of games on Game Pass require a constant and continual downloading of data (scenery, clouds, precipitation, traffic, etc, etc) to show a real world in real time with current real weather conditions? Is this included in the $10/month or is there another tier of pay once you go past XXX number of GBs? Flying from KORD to KLAS showing the level of detail in the pre-Alpha Sept. 2019 videos is going to eat up lots and lots of GBs. Round trip that data, three times a week for a month. I really don't think Microsoft is that generous.
  3. Tried 30 for the braking scalar at KMSP 30L and the plane finally stopped just south of St. Cloud. I'm exaggerating, but it did go off the runway. Trying 15.0 now. Not sure if this matters but I am using the AIG AIM program for traffic BGLs.
  4. I can see thru the mud. Great explanation which now needs one more thing to carve it in stone. I'm using P3D v4.5hf3. If Achilles is still hanging around this thread can he give the above quoted sentence a "yes" or "no"?
  5. What else are you running along with P3D? Have you tried disabling all your addon, dll, exe xml to isolate the problem? Creating a new prepar3d.cfg and not touching any settings? What did you add/change "a couple of days ago."
  6. Worked in v4.5 HF2 and is also working in V4.5 HF3 (Client only install.) I believe it loads thru an addon.xml method in the "Documents\Prepar3d V4 Addons" folder.
  7. Monday morning, 8:45 CDT and the sale is still going. Can't find anything that says for how long this will last.
  8. What he said, except for the "moral" part.
  9. It's a beta and Active Sky did not leave you "no choice than to update." ASP4 still works fine in P3D v4.x
  10. https://shop.flightbeam.net/ Just saw this. Looks like all of their airports are 33% off. Website says they are P3D v5 compatible. Don't know for how long this goes.
  11. The absolute only way to get rid of these "device hung" error messages is by doing a complete OS install and reinstalling everything from scratch. I do this once a year in February and (knock on wood) have not had this error since I began doing it (P3D v3.something.) PITA, yea, you bet. Takes about 2 days but then this thread is already 2 weeks old without an end in sight. You're already staying home, staying safe, so why not. Install everything fresh, not updating an update that was previously updated. Clear out those useless gotta have utility(s), scenery(s), etc I also give the computer case the once over. Reseating memory, cards, cables, etc.
  12. Negative. The ASP3D installer will ask if you want to remove the *.xml entries of ASP4. Answer "yes" so you don't get two versions of Active Sky running.
  13. It is confusing. New product is called "ASP3D" and works with v4 AND v5 of P3D. It's in open beta and be sure to read the installation notes cuz there's lots of hoops to jump thru. I haven't found anything definite but I'm guessing ASP4 has reached the end of its development life.
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