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  1. Nice review, and not too long. Bought this specifically for Neofly. Perfect for VFR puddle jumping.
  2. Nothing noticeable. Also use Avilasoft EFB (not at the same time) and performance seems the same whether they're running or not. Specs are below.
  3. There goes my vacation. Can I get my deposit back before they're vaporized?
  4. Delete your "prepar3d.cfg", reboot and then start P3D without changing or tweaking anything. Nothing .... leave it alone.
  5. I was looking for it as I approached my arrival airport but it was nothing more than a momentary glitch, not the 4-5 second freeze/pause. Only one flight though, so hardly reliable.
  6. True, but I don't have a complete understanding of where and how many and what's their names yet so loading the program (which you have to do) and letting it do all the work is my chosen method right now. Together with MSFS Addon Linker it solves the problem easily.
  7. Nothing is available like SimStarter yet (that I know of.) I take pictures of the different settings screens and adjust to my needs. Old school but it gets the job done without Rube Goldberging the whole process. You only change a few of the settings anyway so it's fairly quick.
  8. Oh no! Is this before or after today's (May 6, 2021) mandatory update? Another one step forward, two steps back?
  9. PAUN is in my Little Navmap scenery library so it must be in MSFS2020. Rwys 9-27 and 15-33. Is it possibly an "updated" airport not included in some versions? And BTW, PANU is there too. Edit: it came with the Navigraph beta.
  10. If you have IFR Academy update to v1.2 or higher.
  11. So the Windows folder structure (directories) doesn't protect a filename clash? Which one of the Asobo wizards thought this one up?
  12. Not sure if this helps with the FBW A320, but the CJ4 (with the WT mod) has some buttons and switches which can only be changed "in" the airplane. ie: you cannot bind the action to any key on your joystick, yoke, etc. I don't fly the A320 but this does sound familiar.
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