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  1. MindyerBreak, Yes I use it and have since it released. Configuring for every aircraft is easy and I have not had any problems. There are plenty of Youtube videos on how to configure for each aircraft. I would not fly without it.
  2. I will try to answer your questions from my perspective. I also have P3Dv4, P3dV5, P3dV6. However, I use MSFS all the time. PMDG 737 is my go-to aircraft. Orbx becomes obsolete except for airports or cities in MSFS. If you fly low and slow MSFS blows P3D out of the water from looking out of the airplane. If you fly airliners and you use 777, or Airbuses then P3D technical performance is higher and alot of study airliners have not been released or are on the way. I will say that the Horizon mods to the 787 are awesome and FBW 320 is as close to Aerosoft Airbus 319,320, 321 as you get. Fenix Airbus 320 is a study airliner, but I can't comment on it since FBW does it for me in MSFS. Again, it comes down to what you want to see visually. If you are visual flyer like I am then MSFS is the place to be.
  3. I have to agree I am all in on PMDG, I have owned versions of their plane back to FSX, through to P3D (All Versions) now I am on MSFS 98% of the time. As a platform MSFS play with PMDG is brilliant. Not to leave out the great freeware Airbus's from Horizon are they PMDG quality no, similar to Aerosoft 320 Pro series but it is FREE. Thank you to all the freeware, vendors contributors on this platform that make our hobby as exciting as it is!
  4. Me too. This was released yesterday. Already flying from there. Go to Flightbeam.net to purchase and install on Contrails.
  5. Watching you is awesome! I wish I had a cockpit like you. So real as it gets.
  6. I just updated and also updated my content. You just have to be patient. A lot of people are doing the same thing. It is slow but it is happening!
  7. I have the 13900K with an AIO cooler. I sit at 60 C and get peaks of 75 C never higher and I am getting full boost to 5.3GHZ
  8. I have a similar setup as you Dan. It comes down to Heat and how you displace that. I have the 4090 video card and a 1200w Power Supply. I leave everything in the Bios at default. No need to overclock unless you have a very custom liquid cool system on all components. I get smooth as butter results using Very Higy settings. Of course LAX tax's the system or EGLL but still smooth. Just my opinion...
  9. I believe you need to use the System Pause command. I have a special key setup so I would look at what keyboard key is setup on your system.
  10. Hello, I was able to buy the ATR but when I go into the content manager, I don't see WUXIII? Never in the past was it automatically loaded? Anyone with experience on this that can help me out? much appreciated
  11. If you taxi with braking that will happen or if you land too fast and hit the brakes for a long period. This has happened to me in real life in PHX where they sat us at the runway for 30 mins for the brakes to cool down. You can automatically cool them down in the maintenance menu. Also check to see if you have tensions right if you have pedals.
  12. Imagine that! Truly a wise calm pilot
  13. My question is there is a very good Freeware on flightsim.to that is very nice. Would love to see a review of the differences between Orbx and the freeware. Thanks in advance
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