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  1. Vincent, You were right on target. I removed ShadersHLSL directory (In the P3d5 main sim folder...I did not know where that was initially). Reinstalled client and AIG works like it did before. So why that you have reinstall the client twice confuses me. No regard. Thank you for your recommendation. Still feel this is the best version yet.
  2. I don't have Envshade? If you reload the client don't you have to do content, and scenery again?
  3. Update. I have up to 4K with most configurations either ultra or close to Ultra. Flying with ORBX NorthernCalifornia out KSFO (FlightBeam). Amazing. Smooth 30FPS locked by Nivida Control. No pauses (This is the biggest difference). Ok so I have no traffic. I love AIG. But if I get this experience I will be patient until someone figures out what is wrong with AI. I don't think it is AIG with Joseph29 reporting hand loaded AI. Must be the engine (AI) in P3D
  4. Need to add the Content or else you will not see the Shift z. Prepar3d Forums
  5. I see the same thing with AIG. Without I am 30FPS Locked with any traffic drops to >5FPS. Something is up. I loaded the client, content, and scenery not complete reinstall. I left everything at P3D presets. I only moved AITraffic to 50. I use AIG
  6. Since I am a long time customer of Navigraph, this seems to be a good acquisition on their behalf. SIMBRIEF is the go-to tool and you should be proud of what you have developed for the community!
  7. Manny, Just run the updater it will update the files correctly. I have been using it in P3D and MSFS for over a year, never a problem. If there is a major release they will tell you to uninstall in the release notes, and download a new installer. Also you can check the box to include beta releases under options.
  8. AIG's AI Manager has a tutorial (Written) in AI Manager forum. I agree that this is the best way to get more AI from all over the world continually updated with outstanding models. I particularly like the FSPXAI models (Opt in paid models). Very good, and also are updated very frequently. If MSFS is missing anything (Besides everything working everytime), it is AIG. I have hope for MSFT but now I spend 90% of my time with P3DV5. I used to use Ultimate Traffic, and couple others. Once I found AIG's AI Manager. Nothing matches this. Of course this is my opinion and others also can differ.
  9. I have the same processor. Heat is the key and motherboard controls that drive throttling. Intel is trying to protect you 🙂
  10. I went to Orbx also and see nothing on sale. I own all of their P3D scenery. So who is this special sale for?
  11. Thank you for your help. Using 7zip helped...Go figure
  12. 177b. Not sure of the difference of the winzip and this installer. But it worked. I Cleared also in Treetops45 post. But this time I used 7zip. Worked. Thank you for your help
  13. I removed everything out of my community folder except for the bredok3d-boeing 737 v1.1 I still don't see it as a 4th plane? Am I doing something wrong...Open to anyone that may have solved this. step 2 I added the Airbus mod back and livaries and I see those in MSFS. So I know I am using the right folder.?
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