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  1. Since day 1. Just waiting for PMDG 737. I have QW, CaptSim, Aerosoft Busess. Lots of scenery all works without problems.
  2. Gordon, I am getting the exact same error with the Nvidia 1080Ti normally with the Capt 767 Version 2. Now that you have posted this I believe we should both post our logs in P3D forum. We have different hardware and getting same message.
  3. I was going to post the same. Key consideration from moving from 1080TI to 2080TI would be your Monitor and if you plan on doing 4K. If not stay with the 1080TI. Also wait and see what Nvidia will introduce in the near future.
  4. I have the 1080TI with 11gb memory. That is what you need is VRAM. Unless it breaks no reason to move.
  5. I have the same issue as you in P3dv5 with no issues in P3dv4.5. I hope that LM fixes this bug. Also who ever has this "I use Thrustmaster Pro Rudder", now with CH pedals. Sounds like a bug. must be a bug
  6. Wow, I have the exact same problem except I am using Logitech G940 with T-Rudder pedals. I thought I was going crazy. I deleted my complete P3D v5. Did what Killthespam recommended work? I have just loaded a clean install with with no addons. I still have this problem.
  7. With all the people who remarked that they were not going to move to this version...Amazing that the system is clogged with people that were not going to buy it who did:)
  8. Same with me I have the purchase done but can't get to download it.
  9. I believe Subscription pricing (SaaS) model keeps revenue year over year and enables you to continue to support and build new functionality. I vote for that.
  10. Let me know how you like this monitor. I was going to get it but it was so big....
  11. Hello Fellow Flight Simmers Has anyone purchased LATINVFR's redo of KMIA now version 5. I have version 4 and I would like to know if there is a visible difference in either performance or quality of the airport.
  12. Has anyone updated their system on windows 19 May 2019 ver 1903. Is there any issues in P3DV4.5
  13. I would venture to say that you have multiple AFCAD at this airport. You need to identify the offender and change the .bgl to .passive
  14. Like all FlyTampa's products, it is an excellent scenery. Please keep in mind this is older it is P3Dv4 compatible but as Fly Tampa completes new scenery they get better with each rendition
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