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  1. FSX-MS

    I for one appreciate everyone that gives to this hobby. I normally don't reply to these posts. There is nothing like going to your favorite airport and feeling like you are there. Without the "Artists" both builders and repainters, I would never enjoy this hobby as much as I do. I started with the first MS Simulator through SimLogic to P3D4. Realism in these years has come so far. All those that give and even those that sell I appreciate your art and enjoy it everytime I fly...Keep making this a great hobby!
  2. I am having problems starting engines. Even in the only tutorial on line video they had problems. Followed Captainsims tutorial and same problem. I don't think this is minor. FMS works great. Flying is as captainsim to date. But if you can't star engines from cold and dark scenario they gave us then.... see capt forum.
  3. Look at CaptainSim their 732 and 727 are compatible to version 4.1
  4. I agree, very good artwork...For all of us who fly and sometimes don't pay attention to the "Who" does the great work we enjoy. I thank you. I hope you have a great holiday and hope to pay attention to more of your work now that I found it!
  5. Steve, All I can say is wow...I searched AVSIM but did not have the right keywords obviously. Your work is greatly appreciated!
  6. Well I took the plunge....Not so happy but I thought I would update everyone so they know what they are in for. Wing lighting does not work. As they stated taxi and take off lighting is very light. Certain functions have not been coded for example setting flaps etc. On the positive side if you bought McPhat textures for the FSX version they work on this one also. At the end of the day this add-on is just slightly better then Vcols at almost triple the cost. Plus there is no PaintKit so there are alot of repaints that are not covered. I wish some publisher would take this project on and do service to it. The 175 and 195 are great aircraft.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would purchase because this is a missing spot in my Jet Hanger...I have the FSX version and all the repaints. If someone buys this what Repaints come with it? Will the old ones work? Thank you for your consideration
  8. I believe I paid USD 32
  9. After many years of using UT2, switching to MT6 after Prepar3d, I am now back on UTLive. I could not be happier. I don't look up a schedule to see if flt353 is leaving on the same schedule as real life. I look at a couple things: 1. Models 2. Paints 3. Performance. For me I had MT6 at 25% to keep it usable. In UTLive I have it at 100%. The Models are better (Better than the stick gear on MT6), Paints are alright (Still better then MT6, but what I like more is a can install better models, and paints (Finding them are hard with Redcarpet75 being down). I am a happy customer. If you owned UT2 this is a no-brainer for the price. If you don't then I recommend it
  10. I am downloading this as we speak. I believe it would be more productive if users that actually own and use the product make constructive specific comments so that a. potential users know what does not work or does work and b. the developers can continue to improve it. I will document any issues as I fly. No need to bash a company. Your wallet can do that.
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have not seen any topic in this forum on this new release. That surprises me considering how many people flew their 757. Since I long left FSX for P3D and I know it has not yet been released for P3D V4, I was wondering what the people that took the leap to purchase this think. I have not seen any reviews or demos...Thank you for your time.
  12. Umberto, Happy Birthday! I wish I could run out and buy something I did not own. But I own them all. Thank you for making such great products that have brought me satisfaction for over 10 years.
  13. Where is KINF. I can not pull up the ICAO? Thank you
  14. I also would be interested. I went to the website and there was nothing said about P3D versionX it said a major upgrade for FSX. Where did you get this information