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  1. I am downloading this as we speak. I believe it would be more productive if users that actually own and use the product make constructive specific comments so that a. potential users know what does not work or does work and b. the developers can continue to improve it. I will document any issues as I fly. No need to bash a company. Your wallet can do that.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have not seen any topic in this forum on this new release. That surprises me considering how many people flew their 757. Since I long left FSX for P3D and I know it has not yet been released for P3D V4, I was wondering what the people that took the leap to purchase this think. I have not seen any reviews or demos...Thank you for your time.
  3. Umberto, Happy Birthday! I wish I could run out and buy something I did not own. But I own them all. Thank you for making such great products that have brought me satisfaction for over 10 years.
  4. Where is KINF. I can not pull up the ICAO? Thank you
  5. I also would be interested. I went to the website and there was nothing said about P3D versionX it said a major upgrade for FSX. Where did you get this information
  6. SimBrief is free. I have PFPX how often are you going to take 30 mins to fully flight plan. You are using Flight Aware that tells me a lot. Try SimBrief and if it does not do enough for you then go after PFPX. I don't take the time to do all that PFPX offers me. SimBrief is more accurate when it pulls runways for weather....Just my opinion. have a great flight day
  7. Has anyone noticed the same thing. I go from 60 FPS to 32 FPS when this is ticked.
  8. Look up under AVSIM file library. I found two skins that work with new colors.
  9. I use to spend more time trying to figure out how not to get an 00M on a given route with a given plane. I even created a database to track the different settings so I could drive data decisions. Now I spend most of my time flying. I forgot how much fun that is. Thanks to P3D V4!
  10. I have 57 scenery add-ons but I don't use a tool. I do it manually no problems
  11. For those that already own EGLL or EGCC like me, Gary has updated the installers so that they can install in P3Dv4. I recommend that you head over to the UK2000 Forum and see if what you own is updated. He will not sell V4 until all sceneries are converted. I only found out because I went out and checked. I have loaded EGLL and EGCC not all of his usual features are there but it works and I find it good enough until the next upgrade cycle.
  12. Kyle, Since I started this thread and I have been doing my own troubleshooting. My assumption is I did something wrong. Since when I follow the checklist exactly as defined, I can not recreate the problem. So my recommendation for anyone that is having this problem is to follow the checklist exactly! Since I have done that it has worked flawlessly. Lastly, what I believe is the cause is one of three things. 1. Using a Cold and Dark Panel (no mods), 2. Either I hit activate flight plan before the flight plan is complete or 3. I failed to properly input the trim before leaving the ground. These are the only three things that I could have messed up. When I use the default model when it starts and follows the checklist no problems. I have not tried to see if I could break it again because I am enjoying flying this wonderful airplane...Thank you PMDG. I have read many times the importance to read the manuals, however, I am impatient and sometimes try to do it my way... Gigabyte GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 (rev. 1.1) , Intel I7 6700, MS Defender Anti Virus (TUrned off during installs), Orbx (all regions), FS Dream Team, Fly Tampa etc, AS16, ASCA, Logitech G970 throttle, pedals and Joystick. I have had a Hash crash but I believe that could be connected to weather...Can't recreate that either. As a software engineer what Kyle is saying is critical. He needs to be able to recreate the problem in order to fix it. Hope this helps Mark T. Masterson
  13. Go the Orbx website in the top right corner there is a button to download Central V3...
  14. Chris...Default have not ever made a custom panel....
  15. Chris...No idea but I was not using time acceleration. Also, I stopped P3D reloaded the tutorial flight from scratch so it was a completely new environment....It is either the aircraft configuration (I downloaded repaints only from the PMDG Operations Center) or something I missed in start-up or flight planning. I want to recreate so that I can understand and then share with everyone...